Series 1: Committee Administration

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Collection Creator: Princeton University. Special Committee on the Structure of the University..

Dates: 1968-1970.

Extent: 3 boxes

Languages: English.

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Series 1: Committee Administration, arranged in alphabetical order, is comprised of material that provides an overview of the activities of the administration of the Kelley Committee. As chair, Kelley maintained correspondence with administration, faculty, committee members, and various departments of the university. Included are the minutes of the Special Committee as well as interim and final reports. Also included are statements and guidelines for administrative and community services, courses of study, rules of conduct and the office of ombudsmen. A bibliography was compiled which includes subjects of the aims of higher education, financial problems and policies of universities, university personnel policies, and external relations, The organization and structure of boards of trustees, university administration, faculty rights and responsibilities, and student unrest and rebellion are also included in the bibliography. These folders retain Kelley's labeling. The materials in the remainder of the collection provide a detailed context to the topics in Kelley's files, and are divided into topical series and arranged alphabetically within each box to facilitate easier cross-referencing for the researcher.


Arranged alphabetically by topic.

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Series 1: Committee Administration; 1968-1970; Special Committee on the Structure of the University Records, Princeton University Archives, Department of Rare Books and Special Collections, Princeton University Library.

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    Title Date Container
    Ad Hoc Committee on University Investments: South Africa 1968-1969 Box 1, Folder 1
    Alumni Council: Proposals for Electing Young Alumni Trustees 1969 March Box 1, Folder 2
    Alumni Trustees: Discussion 1968 November-December Box 1, Folder 3
    Alumni Trustees: Discussion 1969 January-October Box 1, Folder 4
    Bentley Report: Course Evaluation undated Box 1, Folder 5
    Bernstein, M.: Memorandum on Conflict of Interest undated Box 1, Folder 6
    Bibliography: Bibliographical Classification Forms undated Box 1, Folder 7
    Bibliography: Complete circa 1969 Box 1, Folder 8
    Bibliography: Suggestions and Drafts undated Box 1, Folder 9
    Bibliographies: Covering Letter 1968 Summer Box 1, Folder 10
    Comments on Draft Report 1969 Box 1, Folder 11
    Comments on Draft Report 1970 Box 1, Folder 12
    Committee on Structure: Members undated Box 1, Folder 13
    Committee on Structure: Notes undated Box 1, Folder 14
    Committee on Structure: Origins undated Box 1, Folder 15
    Committee on Structure: Suggestions from University Community 1968-1969 Box 1, Folder 16
    Correspondence: Administration 1968-1969 Box 1, Folder 17
    Correspondence: Alumni 1968 Box 1, Folder 18
    Correspondence: Committee Members 1968-1969 Box 1, Folder 19
    Correspondence: Departments 1968-1969 Box 1, Folder 20
    Correspondence: Faculty 1968 Box 1, Folder 21
    Correspondence: General 1968 Box 2, Folder 1
    Correspondence: Library 1968 Box 2, Folder 2
    Correspondence: Miscellaneous 1968-1970 Box 2, Folder 3
    Correspondence: Other Universities 1969 Box 2, Folder 4
    Correspondence: President 1968-1969 Box 2, Folder 5
    Correspondence: Princeton University Press 1969 Box 2, Folder 6
    Correspondence: Princetonian 1968-1969 Box 2, Folder 7
    Correspondence: Research Board 1969 Box 2, Folder 8
    Correspondence: Students 1968-1969 Box 2, Folder 9
    Correspondence: Teller, "Constructive Uses for Nuclear Explosives" talk 1970 November Box 2, Folder 10
    Correspondence: Town Relations 1969 Box 2, Folder 11
    Correspondence: Trustees 1968 Box 2, Folder 12
    Correspondence: University Committees 1967-1968 Box 2, Folder 13
    Faculty Committee of Undergraduate Life: Proposals 1969 January Box 2, Folder 14
    Faculty Meetings: Minutes 1968 June-December Box 2, Folder 15
    Faculty Meetings: Minutes 1969 January-December Box 2, Folder 16
    Faculty Meetings: Minutes 1970 January-December Box 2, Folder 17
    Faculty Meetings: Minutes 1971 January-December Box 2, Folder 18
    Faculty Resolutions: Approving Council 1969 June Box 2, Folder 19
    Faculty Resolutions: Discipline Committee Procedures 1969 March Box 2, Folder 20
    Report: Drafts undated Box 2, Folder 21
    Report: Drafts undated Box 2, Folder 22
    Report: A Proposal to Establish the Council of the Princeton University Committee, Manuscript for Press 1969 May 15 Box 2, Folder 23
    Report: A Proposal to Establish the Council of the Princeton University Committee 1969 May Box 2, Folder 24
    Final Report: The Governing of Princeton University 1970 April Explore Multiple Containers
    Final Resolutions and Press Releases of the Special Committee on the Structure of the University undated Box 2, Folder 25
    Human Relations Council: Proposal undated Box 2, Folder 26
    Interim Report: Draft undated Box 3, Folder 1
    Interim Report 1968 November Box 3, Folder 2
    Meetings: Board of Trustees, Faculty, UGA (Summaries) 1969 Box 3, Folder 3
    Meetings: Committee Hearings 1968 Summer Box 3, Folder 4
    Meetings: Committee Hearings (Graduate Students) 1968 Summer Box 3, Folder 5
    Meetings: Committee Hearings (Maruca, Mestres) 1968 Summer Box 3, Folder 6
    Meetings: Committee Hearings (Memorandum to Trustees) 1968 June 18-June 28 Box 3, Folder 7
    Meetings: Committee Hearings (Moran) 1968 Summer Box 3, Folder 8
    Meetings: Committee Hearings (Palmer) 1968 Summer Box 3, Folder 9
    Meetings: Committee Hearings (Pittendrigh) 1968 Summer Box 3, Folder 10
    Meetings: Committee Hearings (Rudenstein) 1968 Fall Box 3, Folder 11
    Meetings: Committee Hearings (Sullivan) 1968 Fall Box 3, Folder 12
    Meetings: Committee Hearings (Trustees, Kipp and Coburn) 1968 Summer Box 3, Folder 13
    Meetings of the Committee 1968-1969 Fall Box 3, Folder 14
    Meetings of the Committee 1968 Summer Box 3, Folder 15
    Meetings of the Committee 1968 June 14-17 Box 3, Folder 16
    Meetings of the Committee 1968 June 18-28 Box 3, Folder 17
    Ombudsmen: Discussion and Background 1969 Box 3, Folder 18
    Princeton Reports (Kelley) 1969 Box 3, Folder 19
    Princeton University Research Board: Charter undated Box 3, Folder 20
    Progress Report of the Committee of Fifteen undated Box 3, Folder 21
    Proposal to Establish the Council (Drafts) undated Box 3, Folder 22
    Requests for Information 1969 Box 3, Folder 23
    Research Board: Proposals on External Organizations 1969 Box 3, Folder 24
    Staff Council 1968-1969 Box 3, Folder 25
    Statements and Guidelines: Administrative Services (Drafts) undated Box 3, Folder 26
    Statements and Guidelines: Committee on Resources (Drafts) undated Box 3, Folder 27
    Statements and Guidelines: Committee on the Future of the University (Drafts) undated Box 3, Folder 28
    Statements and Guidelines: Communication (Drafts) undated Box 3, Folder 29
    Statements and Guidelines: Community Council (Drafts) undated Box 3, Folder 30
    Statements and Guidelines: Course of Study (Drafts) undated Box 3, Folder 31
    Statements and Guidelines: Faculty (Drafts) undated Box 3, Folder 32
    Statements and Guidelines: Governing Boards (Drafts) undated Box 3, Folder 33
    Statements and Guidelines: Graduate Students (Drafts) undated Box 3, Folder 34
    Statements and Guidelines: Investment (Drafts) undated Box 3, Folder 35
    Statements and Guidelines: Ombudsman (Drafts) undated Box 3, Folder 36
    Statements and Guidelines: Relations with Local Community (Drafts) undated Box 3, Folder 37
    Statements and Guidelines: Research Board (Drafts) undated Box 3, Folder 38
    Statements and Guidelines: The Right to Reply (Drafts) undated Box 3, Folder 39
    Statements and Guidelines: Rules of Conduct, non-academic (Drafts undated Box 3, Folder 40
    Statements and Guidelines: Undergraduate Association (Drafts) undated Box 3, Folder 41
    Statements and Guidelines: University Store (Drafts) undated Box 3, Folder 42
    Students and the University: Advisory Committee on Policy undated Box 3, Folder 43
    University Affairs (Kelley) 1968-1970 Box 3, Folder 44

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