Series 6: Woodrow Wilson

15.21 Linear feet

This collection is stored at Mudd Manuscript Library.

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Collection Creator: Woodrow Wilson Foundation. .

Dates: 1888-1975.

Dates: Mostly 1921-1961.

Extent: 15.21 Linear feet

Languages: English.

Access Restrictions

Collection is open for research use.


Series 6: Woodrow Wilson contains primarily documentation of numerous commemorative events held and memorials created following the death of Woodrow Wilson. It also contains a few files documenting aspects of Wilson's life, such as his genealogy and letters written to members of his family.


No arrangement has been imposed on this series, the papers remain in their original order.

Preferred Citation

Series 6: Woodrow Wilson; 1888-1975 (mostly 1921-1961); Woodrow Wilson Foundation Records, Princeton University Archives, Department of Rare Books and Special Collections, Princeton University Library.

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    Title Date Container
    Woodrow Wilson Commemoration 1923 December-1959 January 1 Explore Multiple Containers
    Woodrow Wilson Memorial Service: Armistice Day 1921-1939 Explore Multiple Containers
    Memorial Plaque (Keith's Theater - Washington, D.C.) 1931 September 15 Box 36
    At Procession to Grave of Unknown Soldier 1921 November 11 Box 36
    Radio Addresses: 90th Birthday 1946 December 28 Box 36
    20 Questions on the League of Nations 1944 January Box 36
    Addresses by Smuts, Swing, and Ray Stannard Baker 1943 December 28 Box 36
    "America's Part in World Reconstruction" Address by Henry A. Wallace 1942 December 28 Box 36
    "Across the Years 1920-1942" (League of Nations Association Dinner) 1942 January 10 Box 36
    Memorial Dinner (Washington, D.C.) 1935 January 9 Box 36
    Foundation Dinner (Address by Franklin D. Roosevelt - Washington, D.C.) 1933 December 28 Box 36
    Memorial Meeting (January 10, 1932 - Washington, D.C.) 1931-1932 Box 36
    Washington Committee Meeting (January 4, 1931) 1930-1936 Box 36
    Memorial Meeting (January 5, 1930 - Washington, D.C. - Speaker: Charles Kingsley Webster) 1929-1930 Box 36
    Washington COmmittee (Formation Of - 1929, December 3) 1929 Box 36
    Memorial Dinner (December 28, 1928 - Washington, D.C.) 1928-1929 Box 36
    Memorial Dinner (December 28, 1925 - Washington, D.C.) 1925-1926 Box 36
    Abrams, Kate T. (Chairman, Committee - Washington, D.C. - Letters with Contributions) 1921-1922 Box 36
    Memorial in Geneva, Switzerland 1929 November 7 Box 36
    Various Memorials 1919-1941 Box 36
    Memorial Association 1924-1928 Box 36
    Stamp 1925 Box 36
    Birthplace Foundation 1925 Box 36
    Replies of Public Figures to Requests for Speeches on Woodrow Wilson Foundation 1921-1922 Box 36
    Various Speeches About Woodrow Wilson 1925-1931 Box 36
    Works of Woodrow Wilson: Early Mentions of Them 1909 1927-1930 Box 36
    Archive Material on Paris Peace Conference (Proposal for Publication - Jason Shotwell) 1929-1934 Box 36
    Wilsoniana Collection at Foundation (Correspondence and Memos) 1937 1951-1962 Box 36
    Addresses and Speeches of Woodrow Wilson 1919 1958-1961 Box 36
    Quotations from Woodrow Wilson 1928 1944-1955 Box 36
    Quotations Upon Request 1944-1962 Box 36
    Bibliographies of Doctoral Dissertations on Or Related to Wilson 1952-1955 Box 36
    Books on Woodrow Wilson 1944-1960 Explore Multiple Containers
    Busts of Woodrow Wilson 1931 1958-1961 Box 36
    Woodrow Wilson - Feet 1953-1954 Box 36
    Cartoons on Woodrow Wilson undated Box 36
    Clippings 1960 Box 36
    Genealogy of Woodrow Wilson 1955-1962 Box 36
    Chronology of Woodrow Wilson undated Box 36
    Woodrow Wilson Club (Members Who Escorted Woodrow Wilson to D.C. from Princeton) undated Box 36
    Foreign Policy (Series of Articles by Walter J. Lippmann) 1952 Box 36
    Handwriting 1957-1958 Box 36
    Honorary Degrees Conferred on Woodrow Wilson undated Box 36
    Wilson's Letter to Grandaughter, Eleanor Sayre 1921 1961 Box 36
    Wilson's Letter to His Father 1888 December 16 Box 36
    Woodrow Wilson Medal (Small Medal) 1925-1926 1952-1960 Box 36
    Memorabilia 1953-1960 Box 36
    Russian Encyclopedia Article on Woodrow Wilson undated Box 36
    $100,000 Note Bearing Woodrow Wilson's Picture 1955 September Box 36
    Plays 1942-1943 1955 Box 36
    Portrait 1953-1962 Box 36
    Press Conference 1931 1947 1956 Box 36
    Quotes (Newspaper Clippings) 1952 Box 36
    Questions on Wilson (Requests for Information About Him) 1922-1961 Box 36
    Anecdotes from Wilsonians 1956 Box 36
    Originals of American and Foreign Statesmen Remarks on Wilson Centennial 1955 Box 36
    Study of Administration 1941 December Box 36
    Radio and Television Programs 1961 Box 37
    On Religion undated Box 37
    Magnavox Recordings 1956 Box 37
    "The Preceptorial System" by Woodrow Wilson 1906 May 19 Box 37
    Signature of Woodrow Wilson 1956 August 13 Box 37
    Music Published in Wilson's Time (List from Schirmers) 1956 Box 37
    Vacations of Woodrow Wilson undated Box 37
    Wilson's Last Public Utterance (Public Declarations to State Democratic Leaders on Jackson Day Celebration) 1924 January 7 Box 37
    Birthplace Memorial (Staunton, Virginia - Restoration of Birthplace by Mrs. Cordell Hull) 1944-1963 Box 37
    Birthplace Foundation 1924 1958-1960 Box 37
    Lowther St. Congregational Church (Carlisle, England) 1955-1958 Box 37
    Wilson Home (Columbia, South Carolina) 1952-1956 Box 37
    Woodrow Wilson 1946-1954 Box 37
    Bridge (Washington) 1960-1961 Box 37
    "Association Wilson" by Mr. A. Dachert (Strasbourg, France) 1951-1961 Box 37
    Bust of Woodrow Wilson 1930-1956 Explore Multiple Containers
    Carillon Memorial (Proposal for Carillon at League - Geneva, Switzerland) 1930 January Box 37
    Memorials (List Compiled by Mr. Lewis H. Bowen for Foundation) 1946 Box 37
    Tomb (Washington Cathedral) 1954-1962 Box 37
    Church Seat Memorial to Wilson (Plans for Memorial Seat Occupied by Wilson While at Central Presbyterian Church - Washington, D.C.) 1928 Box 37
    Church in Which Woodrow Wilson Was Baptized (Staunton, Virginia) 1954 August Box 37
    School of Public and International Affairs (Princeton University, New Jersey) 1948-1961 Box 37
    Clubs (Correspondence with National Council of Woodrow Wilson Clubs and Local Clubs) 1921 November Box 37
    Photo: Grave of Margaret Woodrow Wilson (Pondicherry, South India) 1961 Box 37
    "Carretera Presidente Wilson" (Costa Rican Highway - Inaugurated) 1957-1958 Box 37
    Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation (Princeton, New Jersey) 1949-1963 Box 37
    Crypt of Civilization (Inclusion of Woodrow Wilson Memorial Film in Crypt of Civilization - Oglethorpe University) 1938-1939 Box 37
    Woodrow Wilson Prize (Princeton University) 1956-1959 Box 37
    Washington Memorial (Proposed) 1958 Box 37
    Woodrow Wilson School of Foreign Affairs (University of Virginia, Charlottesville) 1949-1950 Box 37
    Tribute to Woodrow Wilson (Suggestions Made at Time of Origin of Foundation as Alternatives to Foundation) 1921-1927 Box 37
    University Memorial to Woodrow Wilson (Plans for Woodrow Wilson Memorial University by National Woodrow Wilson Memorial Association - Washington, D.C.) 1924-1928 Box 37
    Etching of Woodrow Wilson (Princeton Club Correspondence on Use of Etching by Newman for Bookplate) 1942 Box 37
    Hall of Fame 1955-1956 Box 37
    Hall of Fame (Woodrow Wilson Bronzes - New York University 1947-1956 Box 37
    International Labour Organization Memorial to Woodrow Wilson (Proposal for Use of Mestrovic Plaque as Memorial in International Labour Organization Building at League - Geneva, Switzerland) 1926-1929 Box 37
    Lacy, Dr. Graham Gordon (Apartment House Statue of Woodrow Wilson in Washington, D.C.) 1950-1954 Box 37
    Love Letters of Woodrow Wilson (Woodrow Wilson - Harriet Woodrow Welles Owed by Mrs. Helen Thackwell - For Sale) 1948 June 24 Box 37
    Woodrow Wilson Letters to Colonel House and Others 1883-1897 1912-1921 Box 37
    League of Nations Memorial Sphere (Woodrow Wilson - Geneva, Switzerland) 1929-1931 1946 Box 37
    Memorabilia (Library of Congress) 1952 May 18 Box 37
    Memorial Plaque to Woodrow Wilson (City of Geneva, Switzerland) 1932 1956 Box 37
    Marker for Highway Where Wilson Walked Plan of Supreme Lodge of Loyal Order of Moose (Pueblo, Colorado) 1943-1944 Box 37
    Marker at Wesleyan Memorial to Wilson (Marker Identifying Home of Wilson While at Wesleyan University - Wesleyan, Connecticut) 1942 Box 37
    Memorial Association (Union County, Illinois) 1962-1963 Box 37
    Memorial Collection (Law Library - University of Virginia) 1962 Box 37
    United Nations Memorial Library 1961-1962 Box 37
    Correspondence on Unveiling of Monument to Wilson in Prague, Czechoslovakia 1928 1956 Box 37
    Memorial Plaque 1956-1957 Box 37
    Memorial Service Performed by Reverend James H. Taylor, D.D. 1951-1952 Box 37
    Woodrow Wilson Rehabilitation Center (Fishersville, Virginia) 1950-1954 1962 Box 37
    Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation (Summer Mailing to 1,080 Fellows) 1958 Box 37
    Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation (Inquiries Received Concerning Program) 1957-1958 Box 37
    Woodrow Wilson Hall (Headquarters of Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs - Princeton, New Jersey) 1951-1952 Box 37
    USS Woodrow Wilson 1963 February 22 Box 37
    Memorial Marker to Woodrow Wilson (Pueblo, Colorado) 1956 Box 37
    Woodrow Wilson College of Law (Atlanta, Georgia) 1953-1954 Box 37
    Woodrow Wilson High School (Gift of Bust of Wilson to School - Trenton, New Jersey) 1961 Box 37
    Woodrow Wilson House (2340 "S" Street) 1953-1962 Box 37
    Woodrow Wilson World Peace Award (Given by World Federalists, New Jersey) 1958 March 28 Box 37
    Monument to Woodrow Wilson (Plans for Monument on Shores of Dalmatia, Yugoslavia) 1934 September Box 37
    Monument and Memorial College (Plan for Monument and College - Philippines) 1927-1931 Box 37
    Memorial (Poland) 1929 1952 Box 37
    Monument to Woodrow Wilson 1925 December-1935 Explore Multiple Containers
    Memorial to Wilson (Mt. Rushmore - Idea for Wilson Face to Be Carved on Mt. Rushmore with Washington, Jefferson, etc.) 1927 Box 37
    Mountain Peak Named for Wilson (Peak of Mont Blanc Painted by Mr. Gos and Offered for Display and Sale by His Son - Switzerland) 1926 Box 37
    Planetarium Memorial (Proposals for Memorial and Monument - Washington, D.C.) 1929-1930 Box 37
    Room Memorial to Woodrow Wilson (Memorial Room to Woodrow Wilson in Alumni Association Building at University of Virginia) 1929 Box 37
    School Memorial to Woodrow Wilson (Proposal for School for Orphans of Near East for Training in Leadership) 1924 Box 37
    School Memorial to Woodrow Wilson (Correspondence with National Woodrow Wilson School Memorial Committee on National Education Association Resolution) 1932 June Box 37
    Schools Named for Woodrow Wilson (List of Schools and Correspondence) 1922-1931 1943-1962 Box 37
    Ship Named for Wilson (The President Wilson of Amreican President Lines) 1948 Box 37
    Woodrow Wilson Statue Or Memorial at United Nations (Proposed by Hugh Moore) 1950-1951 Box 37
    University Named for Wilson (Idea of John Baker Opdycke to New York Times) 1946 February Box 37
    University to Honor Woodrow Wilson (Plans by Dr. Philip Nemoff for University Named for Wilson Near Englewood, New Jersey) 1931 Box 37
    Figure of Woodrow Wilson (University of Texas) undated Box 37
    "Woodrow Wilson Slept Here" (Pictures of Androscoggin Inn, New Hampshire and "Summer White House," Pass Christian, Mississippi) 1947 Box 37
    Statues, Busts, Etchings, Drawings Offered Woodrow Wilson Foundation (Offers of Woodrow Wilson Material) 1922-1931 Box 37
    Woodrow Wilson Photographs Offered to Woodrow Wilson Foundation (Correspondence and Samples of Photographs of Wilson Offered) 1921-1948 Box 37
    Woodrow Wilson Photograph (Gift of Mrs. Hammond of Photo - Autographed) 1945 October Box 37
    Woodrow Wilson Portraits Offered Woodrow Wilson Foundation (Offers of Portraits of Wilson) 1925-1937 1949-1950 Box 37
    Caricature Drawing of Delegation at Paris Peace Conference by Sir William Orpen (Offered for Sale) 1944 Box 37
    Woodrow Wilson Portrait by Albert J. Murphy (Portrait of Wilson Loaned to Library and now Hanging in Conference Room) 1934-1945 Box 37
    Woodrow Wilson Portrait by Marion Swinton (Portrait Offered to Library and Refused Because of Lack of Quarters) 1922-1938 Box 37
    Photos, Paintings, and Drawings (Not of Woodrow Wilson - Correspondence on Gifts of These to Woodrow Wilson Foundation) 1944-1951 Box 37
    "Premio Wilson De La Paz" (Spanish Book, a Tribute to Wilson) 1927 January 25 Box 37
    Poems and Plays about Woodrow WIlson (Submitted to the Foundation) 1922-1947 Box 37
    Essays and Tributes to Woodrow Wilson (Submitted to the Foundation) 1925-1949 Box 38
    Woodrow Wilson Memorial Verse and Picture undated Box 38
    Woodrow Wilson Memorial Commission 1961-1962 Box 38
    Woodrow Wilson Washington Memorial (Pending) 1959-1961 Box 38
    Woodrow Wilson Films 1922-1963 Explore Multiple Containers
    Woodrow Wilson Foundation Centennial 1925-1960 Explore Multiple Containers
    Woodrow Wilson Foundation Newspaper Clippings 1913-1950 Explore Multiple Containers
    Darryl F. Zanuck's Technicolor Production "Wilson" (Presented by 20th Century Fox - Roxy Theater) 1944 August 1 Box 51
    Wilson Chronology Associated Press Records 1906-1924 Box 52
    Distribution of Bust 1973-1975 Box 57
    Photographs of League of Nations Memorial undated Box 60
    Architectural Plans for Memorial in Geneva undated Box 60

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