Subseries 7E: Photographs of Friends

3.0 boxes

This collection is stored at Firestone Library and Firestone Library.

This collection is stored on site at Firestone Library. Ernest Hemingway material and Box 180 are stored in special vault facilities.

Requests will be delivered to Manuscripts Division, RBSC Reading Room .

Collection Creator: Beach, Sylvia..

Dates: 1902-1969.

Extent: 3.0 boxes

Languages: English.

Access Restrictions

Original negative are restricted.


This subseries consists of images of Sylvia Beach’s personal friends who were not active in literary or creative circles.


This sub-series is organized alphabetically.

Preferred Citation

Subseries 7E: Photographs of Friends; 1902-1969; Sylvia Beach Papers, Manuscripts Division, Department of Rare Books and Special Collections, Princeton University Library.

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    Title Date Container
    Photograph: Baltrusaitis, Hélène 1950s Box 165 Folder 1
    Photographs: Bertrand-Fontaine, Thérèse undated Box 165 Folder 2
    Photographs: Bell, Louise circa 1945 Box 165 Folder 3
    Photograph: Boisen, Mogens Peter 1959 Box 165 Folder 4
    Photographs and Prints: Brion, Hélène undated Box 165 Folder 5
    Photographs: Carlotta Briggs (Welles) And Family 1930s-1960s Box 165 Folder 6
    Photographs: Anna Welles Brown and Family 1935 February Box 165 Folder 7
    Photographs: Cassaigne Family 1945-1953 Box 165 Folder 8
    Print: Clark, Charles W. Inscribed by Jessie B. Clark undated Box 165 Folder 9
    Photographs: Connolly, Cressida undated Box 165 Folder 10
    Photograph: Figari, Juan Carlos undated Box 165 Folder 11
    Photograph: Gideon-Welcker, Carola 1933 Box 165 Folder 12
    Photographs: Heutraux, Madame 1917 Box 165 Folder 13
    Photographs: Le Colleter Family undated Box 165 Folder 14
    Photographs: Litvinov, Tania 1928 September Box 165 Folder 15
    Photographs: Lorsignol, Madeleine 1920s-1935 Box 165 Folder 16
    Photographs: Van Meter, Jane and Daughter 1948-1950s Box 165 Folder 17
    Photographs: Peter Family 1922-1950s Box 165 Folder 18
    Photographs: Read Family 1910s-1920s Box 165 Folder 19
    Photographic Postcard: Rodets, Edouard 1929 Box 165 Folder 20
    Photographs: Saillet, Maurice undated Box 165 Folder 21
    Photographs: Schaffner, Perdita (Macpherson) And Family 1951 Box 165 Folder 22
    Photographs: Schirmer, Robert and Mabel undated Box 165 Folder 23
    Photographic Greeting Cards: Sloan Family undated Box 165 Folder 24
    Photograph: Speyer, Darthea 1961 February Box 165 Folder 25
    Photographs: Steinbrugge, Camilla 1902-1950s Box 165 Folder 26
    Photograph and Negatives: Tisserand, Madame 1929-1930s Explore Multiple Containers
    Photographs: De Vigan, Monique and Others 1930s-1943 Box 165 Folder 28
    Photographs: Willard, Marian 1930s-1950s Explore Multiple Containers
    Photograph: Winzer, Charles undated Box 165 Folder 30
    Photographs: Various Children 1910s-1960s Box 166 Folder 1
    Photographs: Various Pets undated Box 166 Folder 2

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