Series 6: Sylvia Beach's Circle and Collections

31 boxes (4 partial)

This collection is stored at Firestone Library and Firestone Library.

This collection is stored on site at Firestone Library. Ernest Hemingway material and Box 180 are stored in special vault facilities.

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Collection Creator: Beach, Sylvia..

Dates: 1874-1999.

Extent: 31 boxes (4 partial)

Languages: English.

Access Restrictions

Access to the photographs is restricted because surrogates are available for reference use. Researchers who feel they have a compelling reason to be granted access to the original photographs must request permission in advance from the Curator of Manuscripts ( ).

Original Hemingway is restricted. Surrogates are available for use.


Sylvia Beach's Circle and Collections consists of items collected by Sylvia Beach, documenting two overlapping collecting activities: Sylvia Beach's incidental files on artists in her circle (not directly relating to her publication activities, which are documented in the Shakespeare & Company series), and her more formal literary and art collections. The boundary between the two collection activities is fluid, and there are several documented cases in which Beach later formalized collections that were originally created out of personal interest or for reference or business purposes (most notably, her collection of Joyce material, which she largely sold to the University of Buffalo, and her collection of Whitman manuscripts, originally keepsakes she inherited from her aunt and which she later exhibited and offered for sale). The series further contains information on exhibitions of Beach's collections and on the sale of collection items to various cultural institutions.

Due to some overlap between Beach's collecting activities and the publications and exhibitions conducted at Shakespeare & Company, researchers are advised that the Shakespeare & Company series may contain additional material Beach would have considered a part of her collection.

While a number of James Joyce items are represented here, researchers may be interested to know that Sylvia Beach sold the better part of her Joyce collection, including manuscripts and correspondence, to the University of Buffalo Library in 1959, where it is available for research.


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Preferred Citation

Series 6: Sylvia Beach's Circle and Collections; 1874-1999; Sylvia Beach Papers, Manuscripts Division, Department of Rare Books and Special Collections, Princeton University Library.

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    Title Date Container
    Antheil, George 1925-1958 Explore Multiple Containers
    Artwork 1874-1999 Explore Multiple Containers
    Author Readings: Sound Recordings 1913-1955 Explore Multiple Containers
    Barkentin, Marjorie: Ulysses in Nighttown 1959 Explore Multiple Containers
    Bennett, Arnold: Posters Advertising "Arnold Bennett on Ulysses " in Outlook undated Box 153
    Briggs, Thomas and Carlotta Welles 1933-1949 Explore Multiple Containers
    Bryher (Annie Winifred Ellerman) Typescript and Clippings undated Box 124 Folder 6
    Dodson, Owen: Proofs of "Power Long Ladder" 1946 Box 124 Folder 7
    Doolittle, Hilda 1956 September 16-1961 October 15 Explore Multiple Containers
    Eliot, T.S. 1929 November 13-1961 April 9 Explore Multiple Containers
    Exhibits 1957-1962 Explore Multiple Containers
    Hemingway, Ernest 1931-1964 Explore Multiple Containers
    Joyce, James 1905 June 16-1967 November Explore Multiple Containers
    Joyce, Lucia 1930-1961 Explore Multiple Containers
    The James Joyce Society 1956 Box 140 Folder 4
    Larbaud, Valery Notes and Clippings 1935 January 31-1957 February 8 Box 140 Folder 5
    McAlmon, Robert 1920 December-1932 March 10 Explore Multiple Containers
    La Maison des Amis des Livres 1918-1956 Explore Multiple Containers
    Monnier, Adrienne 1926-1961 Explore Multiple Containers
    Monnier-Bécat, Marie (Rinette) 1927 June 4-1935 Explore Multiple Containers
    Porter, Katherine Anne 1934 January 6-1964 August Explore Multiple Containers
    Reverdy, Pierre: Manuscript of Poem "Bonne Chance" Dedicated to Sylvia Beach 1951 January Box 155
    Valéry, Paul 1926-1957 Box 145 Folder 9
    Weaver, Harriet 1924-1961 Explore Multiple Containers
    Whitman, Walt 1885 January 17-1886 August 30 Explore Multiple Containers
    Willard, Marian G. 1936 December 19-1944 September 7 Box 147 Folder 4
    Wright, Richard 1946 December 9-1963 Explore Multiple Containers
    Miscellaneous Art Shows 1930-1960 Box 147 Folder 7
    Miscellaneous Periodicals 1928-1962 Box 148 Folder 1
    Miscellaneous Poems undated Box 148 Folder 2
    List of Books in Sylvia Beach Collection 1964 Box 148 Folder 3

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