Subseries 6C: Movimiento Libertad [Liberty Movement]

portions of 6 boxes

This collection is stored at Firestone Library and Firestone Library.

This collection is stored onsite at Firestone Library. Box 86, folder 25 and box 89, folders 14-15 are stored in special vault facilities.

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Collection Creator: Vargas Llosa, Mario, 1936-.

Dates: 1987-1991 April.

Extent: portions of 6 boxes

Languages: Spanish or Castilian.

Access Restrictions

The letter by Luis Loayza dated June 30, 1964, shall remain closed to the public until 20 years after the death of Luis Loayza; the letters of Abelardo Oquendo dated November 11, 1958, August 2, 1962, February 14, June 6, July 3, August 18, September 1, October 13 and 29, December 14, 1964, and January 20, 1965 shall remain closed to the public until December 2018.


Consists of correspondence with other leaders of Movimiento Libertad and Vargas Llosa's presidential campaign staff such as Luis Bustamante Belaunde, Miguel Cruchaga, Miguel Vega Alvear, Enrique Ghersi, Frederick Cooper Llosa, and Jorge Salmón Jordán.


Not arranged according to any arrangement scheme.

Preferred Citation

Subseries 6C: Movimiento Libertad [Liberty Movement]; 1987-1991 April; Mario Vargas Llosa Papers, Manuscripts Division, Department of Rare Books and Special Collections, Princeton University Library.

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    Movimiento Libertad-Frente Democrático: 1987-1990 Explore Multiple Containers
    Goals and objectives statement titled "¿Quiénes somos? ¿Qué creemos? ¿Qué queremos?"; copies of documents sent to Jurado Nacional de Elecciones (JNE) [Board of Examiners of National Elections]; draft of organization bylaws unexamined Box 163, Folder 7
    Bases para el plan de gobierno (1990-1995) : 1989 February 15-April 16 Explore Multiple Containers
    Statutes of "Movimiento Libertad" [Liberty Movement], dated 1988-1989 April Box 164, Folder 1
    Secretaría General [General Secretariat] (Miguel Cruchaga Belaunde): correspondence dated 1988 January - 1991 April Box 164, Folder 2
    Executive Committee: Agendas for meetings, and one copy of minutes for meeting on 1989 July 11 Box 164, Folder 3
    Comisión Politica [Political Commission]: Minutes of sessions held 1989-1990; letter from Acción Solidaria to the Commission; pronouncement dated on the government's economic measures 1990 August 20 Box 164, Folder 4
    Pleno [Plenary Sessions]: Agendas and minutes, dated 1988-1990 Box 164, Folder 5
    Secretaría Nacional de Plan de Gobierno [National Secretariat of the Government Program] (Luis Bustamante Belaunde): correspondence and documents unexamined Box 164, Folder 6
    Secretaría Nacional de Plan de Gobierno [National Secretariat of the Government Program]: remittance of studies, projects, letters, etc. to Luis Bustamante B., chief of the Secretariat of the Government Program unexamined Box 164, Folder 7
    Secretaría Nacional de Organización y Politica: list of provincial committees by department (political region) of Peru unexamined Box 164, Folder 8
    Secretaría Nacional de Ideario y Cultura [National Secretariat for Underlying Principles and Culture]: "Ideario del Movimiento Libertad" [Principles Underlying the Liberty Movement] approved at the First National Congress, . Drafts in Eng. and Sp. 1989 April 14-16 Box 164, Folder 8
    Secretaría Nacional de Administración (Rocio Cilloniz): correspondence unexamined Box 164, Folder 9
    Secretaría Nacional de Administración: financial statements unexamined Box 164, Folder 10
    Secretaría de Movilización [Secretariat of Mobilization]: correspondence unexamined Box 165, Folder 1
    Committee for Human Resources (Ernesto Schutz Landázuri) unexamined Box 165, Folder 1
    Tribunal de Honor [Court of Honor] unexamined Box 165, Folder 2
    Asesor Político [Political Advisor] Kurt Schultz Rhonhof unexamined Box 165, Folder 3
    Political Advisors Alfredo Barnachea and Enrique Chirinos Soto unexamined Box 165, Folder 4
    Political Advisor Roberto Dañino unexamined Box 165, Folder 5
    Seguridad Personal MVLL [Personal Security MVLL] unexamined Box 165, Folder 6
    Primer Congreso [First National Congress] held Apr. 14-16, 1989, Lima, Peru: "Sumar, Atreverse, Imaginar, y Creer" discurso de inauguración [inaugural speech] by Mario Vargas Llosa, three drafts; statutes and bylaws of conference, printed copies unexamined Box 165, Folder 7
    Encuentro mundial [World Meeting] "La Revolución de la Libertad" held Mar. 7-9, 1990, Lima, Peru: correspondence, schedules, and printed material, including some copies of speeches made by conference participants unexamined Box 165, Folder 8
    Asociación para la Promoción y el Desarrollo del Perú (PRO-DESARROLLO) [Association for the Promotion and Development of Peru]: packet of correspondence (Xerox copies) on world meeting sponsored by PRO-DESARROLLO, "La Revolución de la Libertad" held Mar. 7-9, 1990, Lima, Peru. Packet consists mostly of invitations and responses from individuals (photocopies) unexamined Box 165, Folder 9
    Jornadas para la Libertad [Events for "Liberty"]: correspondence and documents, dated 1988 Box 165, Folder 10
    Comisión Especial de Reorganización [Special Commission on Reorganization] (President Beatriz Merino Lucero): correspondence and reports unexamined Box 165, Folder 11
    Acta del Inventario unexamined Box 169, Folder 1
    Asunta de Infraestructura, Marzo 1989 Box 169, Folder 2
    Comités Departamentales unexamined Box 169, Folder 3
    Comités Provinciales unexamined Box 169, Folder 4
    Comités Distritales unexamined Box 169, Folder 5
    Comités Zonales unexamined Box 169, Folder 6
    Gremio de Administradores de Empresas unexamined Box 169, Folder 7
    Gremio de ELECTROPERU S.A. unexamined Box 169, Folder 8
    Gremio de Empresa Nacional de Puertos (ENAPU S.A.) unexamined Box 169, Folder 9
    Gremio de Ingenieros unexamined Box 169, Folder 10
    Gremio de Limitados Físicos y Sensoriales unexamined Box 169, Folder 11
    Gremio de Médicas unexamined Box 169, Folder 12
    Gremio de Trabajadores del Sector Educación unexamined Box 169, Folder 13
    Gremios (Varios) unexamined Box 169, Folder 14
    Gremios Bancos unexamined Box 169, Folder 15
    Gremios del Sector Público unexamined Box 169, Folder 16
    Juventudes del Movimiento Libertad (1 of 2) unexamined Box 170, Folder 1
    Juventudes del Movimiento Libertad (2 of 2) unexamined Box 170, Folder 2
    Libertad Estudiantil unexamined Box 170, Folder 3
    Normas para la Selección de Candidatos a Diputados Regionales por el Movimiento Liberatad unexamined Box 170, Folder 4
    Segundo Congreso Nacional Ordinario y Primero Extraordinario unexamined Box 170, Folder 5-7
    Varios unexamined Explore Multiple Containers