Subseries 6D: Frente Democrático [FREDEMO]

17 boxes (7 partial)

This collection is stored at Firestone Library and Firestone Library.

This collection is stored onsite at Firestone Library. Box 86, folder 25 and box 89, folders 14-15 are stored in special vault facilities.

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Collection Creator: Vargas Llosa, Mario, 1936-.

Dates: 1975-1995.

Extent: 17 boxes (7 partial)

Languages: Spanish or Castilian.

Access Restrictions

The letter by Luis Loayza dated June 30, 1964, shall remain closed to the public until 20 years after the death of Luis Loayza; the letters of Abelardo Oquendo dated November 11, 1958, August 2, 1962, February 14, June 6, July 3, August 18, September 1, October 13 and 29, December 14, 1964, and January 20, 1965 shall remain closed to the public until December 2018.


Consists of proposals, constitution, flyers, correspondence, election results, and other materials related to Frente Democrático [FREDEMO].


Not arranged according to any arrangement scheme.

Preferred Citation

Subseries 6D: Frente Democrático [FREDEMO]; 1975-1995; Mario Vargas Llosa Papers, Manuscripts Division, Department of Rare Books and Special Collections, Princeton University Library.

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    Title Date Container
    Propuestas [Proposals] 1988 Box 166, Folder 1
    Constitución [Constitution]: Includes drafts of "Acta de Constitución" with title "Unidos, para la recuperación del Peru" and correspondence unexamined Box 166, Folder 2
    Bases para el Plan de Gobierno del Frente Democrático : 1990-1995 Explore Multiple Containers
    "Objetivos Generales" [General Aims], approved at First National Congress of Movimiento Libertad . Proposal made by M.L. "for drawing-up underlying principles of governmental plan put forward by the Democratic Front (Frente Democrático)." Drafts in Eng. and Sp. 1989 April Box 166, Folder 5
    Consejo Ejecutive [Executive Council]: Agendas and minutes of meetings unexamined Box 166, Folder 6
    Comisiones Cuatripartitas [Four Part Commissions]: lists of commissions (comprised of representative of four parties: Libertad, SODE, AP, and PPC) unexamined Box 166, Folder 7
    Volantes, Mensajes y Cartas [Flyers, Messages, and Letters] unexamined Box 166, Folder 8
    Instituto Peruano de Administración de Empresas (IPAE). XXVII Conferencia Anual de Ejecutivos (CADE 89): 1989 October-December Explore Multiple Containers
    Acción para el cambio : El programa de gobierno del Frente Democrático and English version Action for Change : The Platform of the Democratic Front . Printed copies of speeches made by MVLL, dated . 1989 December Box 167, Folder 2
    Civiles y Militares en el Perú de la Libertad and El país que vendrá . Printed copies of speeches made by MVLL, dated . 1990 February - March Box 167, Folder 3
    Sawyer Miller Group (Mark Malloch Brown, Barry French et al .): correspondence and documents unexamined Box 167, Folder 4
    Comando Nacional de Campaña [National Campaign Command] (Frederick Cooper Llosa): Correspondence and organization charts, dated . 1988-1990 Box 167, Folder 5
    Comando Nacional de Campaña [National Campaign Command]: Agendas, Viajes a Provincias [Agendas, trips to the provinces] unexamined Box 167, Folder 6
    Agendas, Visits of MVLL to the Pueblos Jovenes [slum areas] and Penal de Lurigancho [Lurigancho Prison], ; Signatures of prisoners, Penal San Jorge [San Jorge Prison] 1990 Box 167, Folder 7
    Director of Publicity of the Presidential Campaign (Jorge Salmón Jordán): correspondence dated . 1987-1990 Box 168, Folder 1
    Publicistas Asociados, S.A. (Daniel and Ricardo Winitzky) unexamined Box 168, Folder 2
    Elecciones Municipales [Municipal Elections]: Election results for election held . 1989 November 14 Box 168, Folder 3
    Informes de tendencias [Reports on trends]: Monthly and weekly reports, 1989 Box 168, Folder 4
    Comando Nacional de Personeros: Elecciones presidenciales 1990, Primera y Segunda Vuelta [Polling Headquarters, 1990 presidential elections, First and Second Rounds] unexamined Box 168, Folder 5
    Confederación Intersectorial de Trabajadores Estatales (CITE): Demanda judicial [judicial complaint], 1989-1990 Box 168, Folder 6
    Comisión investigadora del financiamiento de la campaña electoral de 1990 [Investigative Commission on Campaign Finances of the Electoral Campaign of 1990] unexamined Box 168, Folder 7
    Acta de Constitución unexamined Box 172, Folder 1
    Candidatos FREDEMO unexamined Box 172, Folder 2
    Candidatos Libertad unexamined Box 172, Folder 3
    Candidatos PPC (Partido Popular Cristiano) unexamined Box 172, Folder 4
    Candidatos SODE (Solidaridad y Democracia) unexamined Box 172, Folder 5
    Comando Nacional de Personeros del FREDEMO unexamined Box 172, Folder 6
    Comités de Damas unexamined Box 172, Folder 7
    Comando de Campaña unexamined Box 172, Folder 8
    Exposición del Directorio del Plan Gobierno a los Candidatos a Senadores y Diputados (Enero 1990) unexamined Box 172, Folder 9
    "Giras a Provincias" (Campaña): unexamined Explore Multiple Containers
    Pucci, Pilar Revollar (Publicidad) unexamined Box 174, Folder 5
    Varios unexamined Explore Multiple Containers
    Comisiones 1990-1995 Explore Multiple Containers
    Informes 1975-1995 Explore Multiple Containers