Floppy Disks

Digital Folders: 127, Digital Files: 1997

This collection is stored at Firestone Library, Firestone Library and ReCAP.

This collection is stored partially onsite at Firestone Library and partially offsite (boxes 103-114; 122-226; 230-248; 265-275; 303) at the ReCAP facility. Boxes 1-11; 13-19; 22-29; 32-47; 50-56; 59-62; 64-66; 227-229; 280-291; 305-308; and 310-318 are stored in a special vault facilities in Firestone Library.

Requests will be delivered to Manuscripts Division, RBSC Reading Room .

Collection Creator: Morrison, Toni. 1931-.

Dates: 1980-2000 November 9.

Extent: Digital Folders: 127, Digital Files: 1997

Languages: English.

Access Restrictions

Files from these disks are accessible on a computer in RBSC's reading room. To view the physical disks, please consult the Curator of Manuscripts.


This series consists of files extracted from 3.5" and 5.25" floppy disks. These files include drafts from Beloved, Jazz, Paradise, Playing in the Dark, Race-ing Justice, Engendering Power, Birth of a Nation'Hood, and various academic lectures; as well as administrative databases and correspondence, likely including duplicates from letterbooks and reports found in Working Files. Disk titles are taken from original handwritten labels, and may include dates that do not match the dates derived from the actual files. Description notes for individual disks contain further notations from longer labels or disk envelopes where present, or other contextual information. Disk numbers refer to the order in which disk imaging was attempted. Some disks were unable to be successfully imaged but may be added if new machines allow them to be imaged successfully.


This material is arranged alphabetically by disk titles, or groups of disks containing the same type of material, such as "Correspondence" and "Chronological Letters". The disks in groups "DataBase Files, Indexes and Programs" and "Ronnie's Disks" were maintained as per their original arrangement, in boxes with those labels.

Preferred Citation

Floppy Disks; 1980-2000 November 9; Toni Morrison Papers, Manuscripts Division, Department of Rare Books and Special Collections, Princeton University Library.

    Request Checked Items
    Title Date Container
    Access Test File 2000 November 09 Box 228
    Beloved 1998 November 06 Box 227
    Book Complete 2.1.1991 1989 January 04-1991 March 07 Box 228
    Book Rights 1991 1989 December 07-1994 February 28 Box 227
    DataBase Files, Indexes and Programs 1980-1990 February 12 Explore Multiple Containers
    Drucilla’s essay (Foreman.Doc) 1996 May 31 Box 227
    Chronological Letters 1991 January 9-1997 August 18 Explore Multiple Containers
    Correspondence 1995 August-2000 January 10 Explore Multiple Containers
    Mail and Call Reports 1994 January 3-2000 June 20 Explore Multiple Containers
    Meditations on Paradise speech 1998 April 23 Box 227
    OUTLTRS.DTF 1987 March 17-1990 January 29 Box 227
    Paradise 1992 February 10-1997 July 26 Explore Multiple Containers
    Playing in the Dark 1990 May 10-1993 June 15 Explore Multiple Containers
    Princeton Millenium Lecture Series (Slash Time Dot Space) 1998 August 28-2000 June 22 Box 227
    Q&A Backup 1989 March 10-1995 January 4 Explore Multiple Containers
    Race-ing Justice, En-Gendering Power 1991 December 4-1992 March 5 Explore Multiple Containers
    Rene’s Backup A:1 1994 May 27 Box 228
    Ronnie's Disks 1980-1989 January 12 Explore Multiple Containers
    toniacv 5.18.92 1990 April 05-1992 May 18 Box 228
    !TMBIBLI.01B 1996 January 22 Box 228
    Toni Morrison Bibliography for Syllabus 1997 January 31 Box 227
    untitled 1982 June 05 Box 227
    untitled 1996 March 14 Box 228

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