• Call Number: COTSEN1_c102
    Container: Box 1, Folder 13

To Frances Few Chrystie

2.0 pages

This collection is stored at Firestone Library.

This collection is stored at Firestone Library, RBSC South East, Cotsen.

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Collection Creator: Chrystie, Mary A., 1825-1842.

Dates: 1842 April 23-24.

Located In: Box 1, Folder 13

Extent: 2.0 pages

Dimensions: In the shape of a diamond (labeled 10a), 19.3 x 29.6 cm at widest and longest points. Substantial remains of a black wax seal.

Physical Description:

One page cut in the shape of a diamond (labeled 10a) used as an envelope for item 10b.

Languages: English.

Access Restrictions

This collection is open for research.


Part 1 of 2; this part of the letter (10a) was folded into an envelope that enclosed the next item (10b).April 23-24, 1842; postmarked May 19, 1842 at Le Havre, France; from Mary Few, Mary Chrystie's aunt, to Frances Few Chrystie, Mary Chrystie's mother. A very densely packed letter--writing covers every available surface--in which Mary Few comforts her sister over the death of Mary Chrystie; in spite of her mind being "obtuse to all that is spiritual," Mary writes to her sister to tell her of various religious sentiments--and pre-sentiments--that she has had; she refers to "how tenderly little Albert Gallatin and she [Mary Chrystie] loved each other in their childhood" and mentions that Albert Gallatin was affected "most keenly" by the news of her death and "was in great danger of falling into his Catholic supersitions" but Mary's "sweet example" might "lure him into the path of truth and holiness"; she refers to a request made by Mary: "Love and remember me, but do not weep for me"; and she comforts Frances Chrystie, reminding her that Mary "chose a better portion even in the full enjoyment of all that this world could bestow--You dedicated her to God--you brought her up for him--He has claimed the free-will offering sooner than you anticipated--He has moved the tender flower--transported it to a more genial clime..."; Mary Few also adds the condolences expressed by many other friends and family members.

Preferred Citation

To Frances Few Chrystie; 1842 April 23-24; Mary Chrystie Papers, Box 1, Folder 13; , Princeton University Library.

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