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    Container: Box 1, Folder 14

A Hagiography of Mary Chrystie

12.0 pages

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This collection is stored at Firestone Library, RBSC South East, Cotsen.

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Collection Creator: Chrystie, Mary A., 1825-1842.

Dates: Undated.

Located In: Box 1, Folder 14

Extent: 12.0 pages

Dimensions: Sheet 1, 25.4 x 42 cm, with a 6.2 x 21 cm piece of paper sewn onto the bottom of the second leaf; sheet 2, 25.4 x 42 cm; sheet 3, 25.2 x 39.6 cm.

Physical Description:

3 sheets folded in half to create 12 pages; each sheet is loose, although two sheets show signs of having been bound at some point. Sheet 1 has 4 pages of writing; Sheet 2, 1 page of writing; Sheet 3, 4 pages of writing.

Languages: English.

Access Restrictions

This collection is open for research.


No date; at least partially written by Albert Chrystie, Mary Chrystie's father, and perhaps by her mother Frances Few Chrystie. A hagiography of Mary Chrystie. 9 written pages describing in some detail Mary Chrystie's spiritual devotion, character, qualities, and latent intelligence, as well as her loving relationship with her family--especially her extremely close relationship with her mother, who was described by Mary as being her "oldest sister. You never command me, but you tell me what is best, and you deny me nothing, without convincing me it is best I should do without it"; Mary is descibed as having begun walking "at less than 10 months old"; at 19 months she was freely talking; at 3 years of age she "could repeat in her own language the substance" of Watt's First Catechism for Children; at age 4 she read very well; and "Religious truth made a sensible impression," so much so that she prayed to be forgiven "for every sin that she thought she had been committing"; she did not associate much with friends or servants, choosing instead to invest her time in her immediate family; she was a "conspicuous" participant in her father's Sunday evening family Bible class (which the domestics were also invited to attend); while traveling to Italy Mary told her mother, "I was never so happy in religion as I am now--I never loved to pray so much," a statement that her mother interpreted as a fortelling of Mary's death; her loving character is testified to: "The last night of her life while resting her head on her Father's bosom she said Father you promised me a watch when we got to Geneva. Give it to Mother--do not forget"; very interestingly, it is mentioned that when Mary was aged 5 or 6 "a daily journal was begun to be kept of her misdeeds which was read to her at night. Nothing pained her more than this journal, she would often entreat that it might not be read & sometimes refuse to listen--but the effect was always salutary. The journal was not always kept, but if any fault seemed to be gaining strength the journal would be renewed for a week or month or longer. Some pages of it have been found and will show her early character better than any thing else (see above, item 9 of the "Prayers, Poems, and Miscellaneous Notes" series for an example). Further anecdotes detailing Mary's gentle and loving character can be found throughout these pages.

Preferred Citation

A Hagiography of Mary Chrystie; Undated; Mary Chrystie Papers, Box 1, Folder 14; , Princeton University Library.

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