Subseries 5A: Diplomas

7.1 linear feet, 5 boxes

This collection is stored at Mudd Manuscript Library.

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Collection Creator: Baruch, Bernard M. (Bernard Mannes), 1870-1965..

Dates: 1918-1965.

Extent: 7.1 linear feet, 5 boxes

Languages: English.

Access Restrictions

The collection is open for research.


Includes approximately 15 honorary doctorates and 60 special appointments, certificates, commendations, memberships, and testimonials. This series may contain additional material not inventoried here.


Materials in this subseries are not inventoried according to a particular arrangement scheme. Materials are boxed by size. Researchers trying to locate one particular document are advised to request all five boxes.

Preferred Citation

Subseries 5A: Diplomas; 1918-1965; Bernard M. Baruch Papers, Public Policy Papers, Department of Rare Books and Special Collections, Princeton University Library.

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    Title Date Container
    Guilielmensis, Collegii (Williams College) 1923 June Box 731-735
    Carolinae Australis, Universitas (University of South Carolina) 1925 June Box 731-735
    Johns Hopkins University 1933 February Box 731-735
    Oglethorpe University 1933 May Box 731-735
    Carolopolitani Collegii, College of Charleston 1935 May Box 731-735
    The Citadel 1937 May Box 731-735
    Union College 1937 June Box 731-735
    Erskine College 1939 June Box 731-735
    Urbis, Collegii (The College of the City of New York) 1947 May Box 731-735
    Columbiae, Universitatis 1947 June Box 731-735
    Princetoniensis, Universitatis 1947 June Box 731-735
    Rutgersensis, Collegii 1947 June Box 731-735
    Yeshivae Universitatis 1947 June Box 731-735
    Washingtoniana, Universitas 1950 June Box 731-735
    Honorary Degree, College of the City of New York 1947 May Box 731-735
    Transcript of Bernard M. Baruch's College Grades, City College of New York dates not examined Box 731-735
    Medal, Townsend Harris, Associate Alumni of the City College of New York 1934 November 17 Box 731-735
    Medal, Bernard M. Baruch School of Business and Public Administration 1954 Box 731-735
    Medal, New York World's Fair 1964 Box 731-735
    Citation, Phi Beta Kappa Associates, Gamma Chapter of New York 1942 November 10 Box 731-735
    Citation, from the Faculty of the City College of New York for a Lecture Series 1954 May Box 731-735
    Citation, by Robert F. Wagner, Mayor of the City of New York 1955 September 11 Box 731-735
    Woodrow Wilson. Commendation in a letter from President Wilson 1918 November 30 Box 731-735
    United States War Industries Board. Grateful Acknowledgement of valuable and patriotic service 1918 December 31 Box 731-735
    Ordre National de la Legion D'Honneur. Decoration de Commandeur 1919 May 11 Box 731-735
    Society of Quartermaster Officers. Honorary Citation 1921 February 8 Box 731-735
    The National Society - Sons of the American Revolution. Election to the Empire State Society 1923 June 28 Box 731-735
    The Army Industrial College. Honorary Advisor 1925 June 30 Box 731-735
    Calvin Coolidge. Endorsed by Dwight F. Davis. Secretary of War. Citation for the distinguished service medal 1926 January 19 Box 731-735
    Franklin D. Roosevelt, Governor of New York State. A member of the commission to make a study and survey of the mineral springs at Saratoga 1929 April 18 Box 731-735
    South Carolina Natural Resources Commission. Member and Chairman of the Advisory Council 1929 June 15 Box 731-735
    Army Ordnance Association. Ordnance Medal of Merit 1935 October 2 Box 731-735
    City of New York - signed by F. LaGuardia, Mayor. Resolution of thanks by City Board of Estimate 1939 May 18 Box 731-735
    Commerce and Industry Association of New York. Election as member 1941 August 27 Box 731-735
    American Congress of Physical Therapists. Golden Key of Merit 1941 September 3 Box 731-735
    Park Association of New York City. Testimonial for Outstanding Service 1942 May 20 Box 731-735
    War Department - Office of the Chief of Ordnance. Member of the Civilian Advisory Staff 1942 June 1 Box 731-735
    Phi Beta Kappa Associates. Admitted to Fellowship in Phi Beta Kappa Associates 1942 November 10 Box 731-735
    American Red Cross. Citation 1944 Box 731-735
    Ordnance Department, U.S.A.. Distinguished Service Certificate 1945 August 14 Box 731-735
    Federation of Jewish Philanthropies of New York. Designation as a patron 1945 Box 731-735
    Harry S. Truman - Endorsed by James F. Byrnes, Secretary of State. Representative of the United States of America on the United Nations Committee on Atomic Energy 1946 April 6 Box 731-735
    The Massachusetts Committee of Catholics, Protestants, and Jews. Citation for Distinguished Service 1946 May 27 Box 731-735
    The Good Neighbor Foundation. First Annual Good Neighbor Award 1946 December Box 731-735
    The Kiwanis Club of New York City. New York's Outstanding Citizen for the Year 1946 1946 Box 731-735
    Phi Epsilon Pi Fraternity. The Annual National Service Award 1947 March 24 Box 731-735
    The Metropolitan Conference of Temple Brotherhoods. Recognition of Services 1947 April 9 Box 731-735
    Boy Scouts of America. Silver Buffalo Award for Distinguished Service to Boyhood 1947 May 28 Box 731-735
    The National Conference of Christians and Jews. Citation 1947 June 12 Box 731-735
    American Legion, New York County. Expression of Admiration, Respect and Appreciation 1947 June 23 Box 731-735
    The Jewish Club, inc. Twenty Year Award 1948 April 10 Box 731-735
    Salvation Army. Special Citation 1949 March 4 Box 731-735
    The Young Men's and Young Women's Hebrew Association. Citation 1949 March 22 Box 731-735
    "The Ticker" - Official Undergraduate Newspaper of the School of Business, City College of New York. Appointment as Honorary Editor-in-Chief 1949 April 21 Box 731-735
    People of Camden, South Carolina. Testimonial 1949 April 27 Box 731-735
    Williamsburg Settlement, inc. and the Brooklyn Philanthropic League, United Order True Sisters, inc. 1949 Gold Medal Award 1949 May 22 Box 731-735
    National Socitey for Crippled Children and Adults. Distinguished Service Medal 1949 November 8 Box 731-735
    Variety Clubs International. Citation 1950 April Box 731-735
    Robert F. Wagner, Jr. - President of the Borough of Manhattan. Honorary Commissioner of Borough Works 1950 August 19 Box 731-735
    Disabled American Veterans - Department of New York. Citation 1950 September 18 Box 731-735
    National Rehabilitation Association, inc. "Friend and Counselor to All" 1950 October 23 Box 731-735
    Old Guard of the City of New York. Honorary Member 1950 November 9 Box 731-735
    [American Legion] Grand Street Boys Post No. 1025. American Legion Annual Certificate of Award 1950 November 11 Box 731-735
    The Chancellor of New York University and the Board of Trustees of the New York University-Bellevue Medical Center. Appointment as a Benefactor of the Medical Center 1950 November Box 731-735
    Schoolmen's Post No. 543, American Legion. Citation 1951 June 9 Box 731-735
    Ladies Auxiliary of the Raymond F. Goldbach Post, V.F.W. Citation 1951 November 14 Box 731-735
    Club Eborac of the Jewish Community House of Bensonhurst (Brooklyn, New York). Edward M. Paster-John S. Campo Memorial Award for "Inspiration to Youth" 1952 April 27 Box 731-735
    The Dr. Simon Baruch Chapter, American Veterans Committee. Citation 1952 May 16 Box 731-735
    State of California - Earl Warren, Governor. Presentation to Bernard M. Baruch on his 82nd Birthday 1952 August 19 Box 731-735
    The Defense Orientation Conference Association. Citation for Significant Contributions to the Cause of Peace 1953 May 8 Box 731-735
    Junior Order of United American Mechanics. American Citizen of the Year 1953 June 17 Box 731-735
    Navy Department - United States of America. US.S. Hornet, "Plank Owner" 1953 September 11 Box 731-735
    Beta Gamma Sigma. Election to membership in the Epsilon Chapter of New York 1953 October 8 Box 731-735
    The City College of New York - Bernard M. Barnuch School of Business and Public Administration. Resolution of the Faculty thanking Bernard M. Baruch for a series of lectures 1954 May 20 Box 731-735
    Dwight D. Eisenhower - Endorsed by John Foster Dulles, Secretary of State. Member of the Woodrow Wilson Centennial Celebration Committee 1955 April 27 Box 731-735
    New York Herald Tribune. Presentation of Birthday Felicitations. "World Leaders Toast America's Youngest Elder Statesmen - Bernard M. Baruch - on his 85th Birthday today" 1955 August 19 Box 731-735
    Robert F. Wagner, Mayor of the City of New York. Citation for Distinguished and Exceptional Service 1955 September 11 Box 731-735
    United States Military Academy - Class of 1918. Election as an Honorary Member of the Class 1956 June Box 731-735
    Societas Fysiurgica Danica 1956 August Box 731-735
    The American Legion. Distinguished Service Medal 1958 May 1 Box 731-735
    The British Association of Physical Medicine. Election as an Honorary Member 1958 December 10 Box 731-735
    Park Association of New York City. Citation for 1961 1962 May 21 Box 731-735
    Military Society of Confederate Officers. The Order of the Stars and Bars 1965 March 31 Box 731-735
    American Association of Rehabilitation Therapists. Honorary Life Membership undated Box 731-735
    American Schools and Colleges Association. Citation undated Box 731-735
    United Daughters of the Confederacy. Citation undated Box 731-735