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Collection Creator: Project Matterhorn.

Dates: 1951-1958.

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Languages: English.

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Series I: PM-S Reports; 1951-1958; Project Matterhorn Publications and Reports, Technical and Scientific Reports, Engineering Library, Princeton University Library.

    Title Date Container
    A Proposed Stellarator 1951 July 23 Item PM-S-1
    Survey of Possible Plasma Oscillations in the Stellarator 1951 July 31 Item PM-S-2
    Particle Orbits in a Low-Density Stellarator 1951 October 1 Item PM-S-3
    Magnetic Fields and Particle Orbits in a High-Density Stellarator 1952 January 28 Item PM-S-4
    Some Properties of Rotational Transforms 1952 February 18 Item PM-S-5
    On the Ionization and Heating of a Plasma 1953 March 27 Item PM-S-6
    Design and Construction of a Model A Stellarator 1953 March 17 Item PM-S-7
    The Controlled Release of Thermonuclear Energy 1953 April 14 Item PM-S-8
    Preliminary Experimental Results with the Model A Stellarator 1953 May 27 Item PM-S-9
    On the Pulse Method of Ionization and Heating of a Plasma 1953 October 7 Item PM-S-10
    Design of Correction Coils for the Model B Stellarator 1954 January Item PM-S-11
    Large-Scale Plasma Instability in the Stellarator 1954 April Item PM-S-12
    Heating of a Plasma by Magnetic Pumping 1954 May Item PM-S-13
    Problems of the Stellarator as a Useful Power Source 1954 August 1 Item PM-S-14
    Orientation Lectures 1954 September 24 Item PM-S-16
    The Steady State Plasma Equations for the Stellarator Under Diffusion 1955 May 25 Item PM-S-17
    Magnetic Field Design for Stellarator Scallops 1956 May 26 Item PM-S-18
    A Conceptual Design of the Model C Stellarator 1956 February 1 Item PM-S-19
    Confining Ionized Plasma with Helical Magnetic Fields 1956 May 25 Item PM-S-20
    On the Ohmic Heating of a Helium Plasma 1956 June 20 Item PM-S-21
    On the Ohmic Heating of a Hydrogen Plasma 1956 July 2 Item PM-S-22
    A Resistance Analogue Device for Studying Axially Symmetric Magnetic Fields 1958 November 28 Item PM-S-23
    Oscillations of a Cylindrical Plasma 1957 January Item PM-S-24
    An Energy Principle for Hydromagnetic Stability Problems 1957 March 21 Item PM-S-25
    Theory of Confinement in the Stellarator 1957 February 13 Item PM-S-26
    Waves in a Plasma in a Magnetic Field 1957 April 10 Item PM-S-27
    Exact Non-Linear Plasma Oscillations 1957 June 10 Item PM-S-28
    The Proposed Model C Stellarator Facility 1957 August 29 Item PM-S-29
    Appraisal Of Possible Stellarator Blanket System 1957 September 20 Item PM-S-30
    Hydrogen Discharges in the Model B-1 Stellarator 1957 November 26 Item PM-S-31
    Resonance Heating of a Torus in a Strong Magnetic Field (Individual Particle Treatment) 1958 February 5 Item PM-S-32
    The Gyration of a Charged Particle 1958 March 12 Item PM-S-33
    Stability of Hydromagnetic Equilibria with Helically Invariant Fields 1958 May 12 Item PM-S-34
    Plasma Oscillations with Diffusion in Velocity Space 1958 July 22 Item PM-S-35
    Non-Linear Electron Oscillations in a Cold Plasma 1958 August 1 Item PM-S-36
    On Vacuum Magnetic Fields in a Torus with Multipolar Windings 1958 August 27 Item PM-S-37
    Theory of Electrostatic Probes in a Low Density 1958 October 17 Item PM-S-38
    Oscillations of a Finite Cold Plasma in a Strong Magnetic Field 1958 October 30 Item PM-S-39
    Equilibrium in a Toroidal System 1959 January 7 Item PM-S-40
    Bremsstrahlung from a Maxwellian Gas 1958 November 3 Item PM-S-41

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