Biography and History

The Tucker family owned and operated a shipping firm at a time when Wiscasset, Maine, was a major center of trade. The founder, Richard Hawley Tucker (1791-1867), descended from a long line of mariners. He started the business in 1827, managing the ships and their operations until his death. Richard's sons, Joseph Tucker (1821-1889) and Richard Holbrook Tucker (1816-1895), both served as captains, Joseph from 1843 to 1859 and Richard from 1838 to 1848. After leaving the sea, Richard looked after the family's interests in Charleston, S.C., (1848-1854), then returned to Wiscasset where he engaged in various businesses, many of which were independent of shipping. Joseph took over the management of the business upon his father's death in 1867, running it until the last ship was sold in 1882.

[Biographical note supplied by Bowdoin College's finding aid for the "Tucker Shipping Papers."]

Source: From the finding aid for C0030

  • Joseph Tucker Papers. 1841-1875 (inclusive).

    Call Number: C0030

    Consists of the ship's papers of Joseph Tucker while he was shipmaster of several Wiscasset, Maine, merchant ships. The materials reflect the trading activities of a thirty-year period (1841-1875) between ports including Charleston (SC), Savannah (GA), Liverpool, England, and Le Havre de Grâce (today, Le Havre), France.