Biography and History

The Gulick family was of German and Dutch descent, most likely having its origins in the Duchy of Gulick in Germany. The Gulicks' ancestors had settled in the Netherlands by the early 1600s. By the mid-1600s, Hendrick Gulick had established the Gulick family in America when he immigrated to New Amsterdam, present day New York. In the early 1700s, four of Hendrick's grandsons, Hendrick, Jochem, Pieter, and Johannes, settled in New Jersey.

Jochem Gulick, the oldest son of Johannes, moved his family to Middlesex County, New Jersey. William Gulick, the author of the majority of the documents in this collection, was Jochem's youngest son. William lived with his family on a farm near Kingston, N.J., until 1835 when they moved into a house in nearby Princeton.

From the 1810s to the 1840s, William ran a coach service with lines running in Middlesex and Somerset County and beyond to Philadelphia and New York City. The main lines were the Columbia Coach Co., Federal Coach Lines, and the New Union Line. The horse-drawn coaches transported various shipped goods as well as passengers.

Source: From the finding aid for C0436