Biography and History

T. S. (Thomas Stanley) Matthews (1901-1991), Princeton Class of 1922, was an author and editor of Time magazine. The son of a New Jersey bishop and Proctor & Gamble heiress, Matthews earned a bachelor's degree from Princeton in 1922 and New College at Oxford in 1924. He joined the staff of the New Republic in 1925 and Time's staff in 1929 as book editor. He moved up to assistant managing editor, managing editor, and finally editor in 1949. Especially in his capacity as managing editor, Matthews raised the journalistic and writing standards of the magazine, and was known for his harsh criticism.

Following disagreements with senior management over the 1952 presidential election, Matthews left Time and moved to England to study the possibility of starting a British version of the magazine. Following this project's cancellation, he remained in Britain to write. Among his numerous books and poetry are an autobiography and a book on T. S. Eliot, his literary hero. He was married three times -- to Juliana Stevens Cuyler, Martha Gellhorn, and Pamela Peniakoff.

Source: From the finding aid for C1131