Biography and History

Since its incorporation in 1746, the College of New Jersey (renamed Princeton University in 1896) has been governed by a Board of Trustees, headed ex officio by the Governor of New Jersey and the president of the college. The Trustees are responsible for the overarching policies that guide the trajectory of the university. Traditionally, committees of Trustees have concerned themselves with the major aspects of maintaining and running a university: finance, infrastructure, staff, curriculum, and student life.

Source: From the finding aid for AC120

  • Henry Burling Thompson Papers. 1889-1913 (inclusive).

    Call Number: AC003

    The Papers of Henry Burling Thompson, Class of 1877, (1857-1935) consist of some 500 loose pieces of correspondence (much of it incoming letters), eight letterpress copy books, and one scrapbook of printed matter relating to the Princeton Endowment Fund campaign of 1919-1920. The loose letters are dated from 1906 through 1913, and all of them pertain to Princeton matters. The eight copy books contain copies of Thompson's outgoing correspondence in about 4500 pages, about 1200 of which deal with Princeton.

  • Willis M. Rivinus Papers on the Sally Frank case. 1979-1991 (inclusive).

    Call Number: AC009

    The Willis M. Rivinus Papers contain research materials gathered by Rivinus documenting the legal case of Sally Frank v. Ivy Club, University Cottage Club, Tiger Inn and Trustees of Princeton University formally begun in February 1979 and continuing to the present. These papers contain correspondence, draft manuscripts of and notes for an article on the Frank Case, copies of legal briefs and newspaper clippings relating to discrimination in general and the Frank case in particular.

  • Board of Trustees Records. 1746-2017 (inclusive).

    Call Number: AC120

    This collection provides the most basic source of information about Princeton University's governing body. In addition to minutes of the Trustees' meetings, the collection contains related papers and reports, organized according to purpose.

  • Board of Trustees Records. 1746-2017 (inclusive).

    Call Number: AC120

    This collection provides the most basic source of information about Princeton University's governing body. In addition to minutes of the Trustees' meetings, the collection contains related papers and reports, organized according to purpose.

  • Office of the President Records: William G. Bowen Subgroup. 1940-1998 (inclusive), 1972-1987 (bulk).

    Call Number: AC187

    The collection contains the files compiled by the Office of the President during the presidency of William G. Bowen GS'58 (July 1972 to January 1988). The files consist of correspondence, memoranda, reports, speeches, publications, and other assorted material. Series 18 includes the files of three assistants to the president, biographical and photographic material about Bowen, and a card index of the files. There is some overlap between the files in this collection and the files of presidents Goheen and Shapiro. Records found here are sometimes duplicated in the records of other administrative offices on campus.

  • Office of the President Records: Robert F. Goheen Subgroup. 1924-1988 (inclusive), 1957-1972 (bulk).

    Call Number: AC193

    The records of the Office of President Goheen contain the files of the President's Office during the administration of President Robert F. Goheen (1957-1972). The collection contains eighteen series, which consist of correspondence and memoranda, reports, speeches, publications, and related materials, which were created or received by Robert Goheen and other members of the President's office.

  • Office of the President Records: Harold T. Shapiro Subgroup. 1939-2004 (inclusive), 1987-2001 (bulk).

    Call Number: AC264

    The Office of the President Records: Harold T. Shapiro contains the files generated and compiled by Princeton University's Office of the President during the administration of Harold Tafler Shapiro *64, the University's 18th president. The records consist of files pertaining to academic programs, campus building projects, fundraising, students, faculty, and staff and include correspondence, reports, speeches, and printed materials.

  • Office of General Counsel Records. 1865-2016 (inclusive), 1971-1997 (bulk).

    Call Number: AC283

    The Office of General Counsel, established in 1972, provides legal counsel to officers and departments of the University, and serves as legal representative for the University in litigation, administrative matters, and transactions. The records contain correspondence, memoranda, interview transcripts, administrative material relating to the Office of General Counsel and other departments, legal documents, grant and tax reports, legal briefs, affidavits, depositions, as well as litigation material involving estates, trusts, gifts, University employees, and various individuals and corporations.

  • Princeton Inn Records. 1922-1970 (inclusive).

    Call Number: AC288

    Princeton Inn was conceived of by a group of University alumni and trustees in 1914 who recognized the need for a hotel to comfortably house the families of students and other visitors in close proximity to campus. Consists of the minute books of the Princeton Inn and a sample form book.

  • Grover Cleveland Collection. 1879-1984 (inclusive).

    Call Number: AC348

    Grover Cleveland was the twenty-second (1885-1889) and twenty-fourth (1893-1897) president of the United States. After leaving the White House he retired to Princeton, N.J where he was a Trustee of Princeton University. The Grover Cleveland Papers consist of collected research materials regarding Grover Cleveland, his life in Princeton, and his relation to the University.

  • Dean Mathey Papers. 1896-2010 (inclusive), 1906-1972 (bulk).

    Call Number: AC369

    Dean Mathey (d. 1972), Class of 1912, was a member of the Board of Trustees and an ardent supporter of the University. The collection documents Mathey's familial relationships, service to Princeton, tennis career and other activities from his undergraduate days to the end of his life.

  • Harold R. Medina Papers regarding Service to Princeton University. 1942-1966 (inclusive).

    Call Number: AC392

    Harold R. Medina was a well-known judge and active Princeton alumnus. These records document Judge Harold Medina's role as a trustee of Princeton University, a member of the Graduate Council, and a member of the advisory council for modern languages and literatures.

  • Joseph Bloomfield Collection. 1794-1813 (inclusive).

    Call Number: C1011

    Consists chiefly of correspondence between New Jersey mayor and governor Joseph Bloomfield and Nicholas Biddle, David Brearley, Aaron Burr, Thomas P. Johnson, Samuel McLane, Edward Miller, and Rev. Andrew Hunter.