Biography and History

Boarded Hall Estate was located in the parish of St. George on the island of Barbados in the West Indies. According to records in the collection, George Keyzar was probably the first owner of the estate when it consisted of one hundred forty acres of land and thirty "Negroes," or, according to historian John Camden Hotton (see Works Cited), forty-two "Negroes" and one white servant. The property was then sold to General Henry Peers (d. 1740), and in 1748 it was bequeathed to the Hon. John Lyte, a judge in Barbados, who in 1743 married Susannah Blackman, George Harnage's great-great aunt. An account dated 1748 (item no. 5) indicates that the estate, divided between John Lyte, Tobias Frere, and Peers Alleyne, was valued at £23,335 that year. In 1785 it became the property of John Lucie Blackman, Harnage's grandfather. At his death in 1799, the estate was passed down to George Harnage's father, in whose hands it remained until he fell into bankruptcy and mortgaged it to Admiral Sir Edmund Nagles and to Nathaniel Saxon, Esq., in 1823.

Sir George Harnage, Baronet, was a captain in the British Royal Navy.

Source: From the finding aid for C1227