Biography and History

The Bache family is directly related to Benjamin Franklin. Sarah Franklin Bache, born on September 11, 1743, was the daughter of Benjamin. In 1767 she married Richard Bache against her father’s will. However, after the birth of her first son, Benjamin Franklin reconciled himself to the match. That first son went on to be a political actor like his grandfather. Sarah’s grandson through her first son was a physician, chemist, and author, who served as a military doctor from 1813 to 1816. Before her death in October of 1808, Sarah had eight children with Richard.

History of the Wistar Family

The Wistar family was another Philadelphia family. Richard Wistar, a glass manufacturer, had a son Caspar. Caspar became a doctor, and after spending time in Edinburgh and touring continental Europe, he returned to Philadelphia. There he was connected with the University of Pennsylvania Medical School for thirty years, and became a prominent and popular personality in the Philadelphia social circle. One of eight children, Caspar was part of a large network of Wistars.

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Biography and History

The Bache and Hodge families were prominent families of Princeton and Philadelphia. Richard Bache was married to Sarah Franklin, daughter of Benjamin Franklin, and served as Postmaster General (1776-1782).

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