Biography and History

C. Hart Merriam was an American zoologist, ornithologist, entomologist, and ethnographer. In 1886, he became the first chief of the Division of Economic Ornithology and Mammalogy of the United States Department of Agriculture, predecessor to the National Wildlife Research Center and the United States Fish and Wildlife Service. He was one of the original founders of the National Geographic Society in 1888. In 1899, he helped railroad magnate E. H. Harriman to organize an exploratory voyage along the Alaska coastline. He died in Berkeley, California in 1942.

Source: From the finding aid for WC124

  • C. Hart Merriam Collection. 1891-1925 (inclusive).

    Call Number: WC124

    Consists of a fragment of the Merriam archive on the Harriman Alaska Expedition (1899) as well as other materials relating to documentation of Alaskan wildlife and native peoples in the early 1890s. Most of the material is the result of proofing the illustration of a series of published papers documenting the expedition and its findings.