Biography and History

Dante Gabriel Rossetti, poet and artist, was born on May 12, 1828 in London, England. He studied at King’s College and the Royal Academy, where he met fellow painters Sir John Everett Millais and Holman Hunt. The three men formed the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood. Rossetti developed his skill both as painter and poet. He created one of his best known paintings, Ecce Ancilla Domini, in 1850. Rossetti produced his two best known poems, "The Portrait" and "The Blessed Damozel" in 1842, and later published The Early Italian Poets, a collection of translations of Dante and other Italian writers. Later in life Rossetti struggled with depression, although he continued to be creatively productive. He married Elizabeth Eleanor Siddal in 1860, and for two years she inspired many of his paintings. She passed away in 1862, leaving Rossetti deeply depressed. Rossetti himself passed away on April 10, 1882.

Source: From the finding aid for C0185

  • Dante Gabriel Rossetti Collection. 1828-1881 (inclusive).

    Call Number: C0185

    Consists of an open collection for material by and about the English poet and artist Dante Gabriel Rossetti (1828-1882).

  • Janet Camp Troxell Collection of Rossetti Manuscripts. 1832-1965 (inclusive), 1860-1900 (bulk).

    Call Number: C0189

    Contains over 3000 manuscripts relating to the Rossetti's and their friends. While Dante Gabriel is the central figure, his brother and sisters (William Michael, Christina Georgina, Maria Francesca) are also represented, as are several other members of the Polidori/Rossetti families. The material in the collection was acquired by Janet (Camp) Troxell between 1930 and 1965.

  • Rossetti Family Letters to the Heimann Family. circa 1843-1896 (inclusive).

    Call Number: C0773

    The Rossetti Family Letters to the Heimann Family collection consists primarily of letters written over a period of almost five decades by Christina Georgina Rossetti to Mrs. Adolf Heimann, the wife of a professor of German at University College, London, who was a colleague of her father, Gabriele Rossetti, a professor of Italian at King's College, London. It also contains letters by her mother, Frances, and her three siblings, Dante Gabriel, Maria Francesca, and William Michael, to various members of the Heimann family.

  • H. V. Tebbs Collection of Pre-Raphaelite Photographs. 1866-1897 (inclusive), 1866-1868 (bulk).

    Call Number: C0988

    Consists of 76 cards of mounted photographs of drawings and paintings by Dante Gabriel Rossetti, his wife Elizabeth Eleanor Siddall, and a few other members of the Pre-Raphaelite circle. The group seems to have been put together by or for Henry Virtue Tebbs, lawyer and patron of the arts: he was a close friend and admirer of Rossetti.

  • Alfred C. Boswell Collection. 1912-1952 (inclusive).

    Call Number: C1015

    Consists of autograph musical compositions, diaries, notebooks, and related material of Boswell, an American composer.