Biography and History

Charles Carroll Marden was the first professor of Spanish in United States, teaching at Johns Hopkins from 1905 until 1917. His greatest scholarly contribution was as editor of ancient Spanish-language texts, such as Cuatro Poemas de Berceo, the works of the earliest known Castilian poet, Gonzalo de Berceo. Marden discovered parts of the text in a secondhand bookstore in Madrid then searched for the remaining portions of the manuscript and found the remaining thirty-two folios in a remote village in Spain. He then prepared the text for publication. In 1916, Marden became the newly created Emery L. Ford Chair of Spanish at Princeton University. After dividing his time between Johns Hopkins and Princeton, he moved to Princeton in 1917 and remained there until his death in 1932.

Source: From the finding aid for C0279

  • Charles Carroll Marden Collection of Spanish Documents. 1347-1887 (inclusive), 1505-1637 (bulk).

    Call Number: C0279

    The Charles Carroll Marden Collection of Spanish Documents consists of 637 Spanish documents, collected by philologist and university professor Charles Carroll Marden. The documents are divided into two groups: documents originating from the town of Burgos and several towns around Soria and documents from the town of Alarcon. Later additions to the collection include the earliest document in the collection, dated 1347.