Biography and History

Lewis French Stearns graduated from the College of New Jersey (now Princeton University) in 1867. He obtained his A.M. degree from the Princeton Theological Seminary in 1870 and his D.D. in 1881. He was Professor of Symantic Theology at Bangor Seminary, 1879-1892.

Lewis's brother Seargent Prentiss Stearns graduated from the College of New Jersey in 1864, and obtained an A.M. degree from there in 1867. He was U.S. Consul for British North America between the years 1882 and 1885.

Their father, Rev. Jonathan French Stearns, was a minister at the First Presbyterian Church (Newark, N.J.), the first church in Newark, N.J.

Source: From the finding aid for C1257

  • Lewis French Stearns Correspondence. 1862-1866 (inclusive).

    Call Number: C1257

    Consists of correspondence of Lewis French Stearns (Princeton Class of 1867) from the American Civil War years. The letters shed light not only on general student life at the University in the mid-nineteenth century, but also on the local effects of the war--on the University, its students, and on the town of Princeton, N.J.