Biography and History

  1. 1877: Henry Norris Russell is born in Oyster Bay, New York (October 25).
  2. 1897: A.B., Princeton University, insigne cum laude. Honors in mathematics.
  3. 1900: Ph.D., Princeton University, Department of Astronomy. Dissertation entitled, “The General Perturbations of the Major Axis of Eros by the Action of Mars.”
  4. 1902-1903: Research student, King's College, Cambridge, England.
  5. 1903-1905: Instructor in astronomy, Princeton University.
  6. 1908-1911: Assistant professor, Princeton University.
  7. 1908: Married Lucy may Cole (November 24).
  8. 1911-1947: Professor of astronomy, Princeton University.
  9. 1912-1947: Director of Princeton University Observatory.
  10. 1918-1919: Consulting and experimental engineer, Bureau of Aircraft Production, Army Aviation Service.
  11. 1921-1942: Research associate, Mt. Wilson Observatory, Carnegie Institute of Washington.
  12. 1947: Research associate, Lick Observatory.
  13. 1947-1952: Research associate, Harvard University.
  14. 1957: Died in Princeton, New Jersey (February 18).

Source: From the finding aid for C0045


  • Astronomers -- 20th century..
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  • Henry Norris Russell Papers. 1894-1956 (bulk), 1894-1980 (inclusive).

    Call Number: C0045

    Consists of personal papers of American astronomer Henry Norris Russell (Princeton Class of 1897), including notes kept by Russell as a student at Princeton (1894-1898), lecture notes when a professor at Princeton, and working notes on scientific and military problems.