Biography and History

Albert Mathias Friend, Jr., was an officer and a scholar. After his undergraduate years (Princeton Class of 1915) and a few semesters of graduate study at Princeton, Friend served a tour of duty in the first World War. As a graduate student, he was permitted by the University to remain in Europe, studying and salvaging the great works of art and architecture that may have been damaged by the fighting. After he returned, Friend often spent summers or years abroad, studying manuscripts in the National Libraries of France and Italy. When he had completed his graduate studies, President Dodds offered him a research-intensive professorship in Art and Architecture. Concurrently, he was offered the Directorship of Harvard University's Dumbarton Oaks Research Library, where he had contributed immensely to their Byzantine research and collections. With ties to both Princeton and Dumbarton Oaks, it was a difficult decision. Friend chose the professorship but continued his relationship with Dumbarton Oaks, where he was later appointed Chairman of the Administrative Committee. In this position, he tried to strengthen the research relationship between Princeton and Harvard, putting special emphasis on the annual Dumbarton Oaks symposia.

Source: From the finding aid for C0924

  • Kurt Weitzmann Papers. 1930-1991 (inclusive).

    Call Number: C0777

    Kurt Weitzmann left his native Germany in 1935 for Princeton where he spent the remainder of his life, at the Institute for Advanced Study as a permanent member (1935-1972) and as a professor in Princeton University’s Dept. of Art and Archaeology (1945-1972). Included are personal and professional correspondence, related files, course outlines, lectures, manuscripts and notes for various published works, scrapbooks of clippings, and printed matter.

  • Albert Mathias Friend Papers. 1913-1955 (inclusive).

    Call Number: C0924

    Albert Mathias Friend, Jr. (Princeton Class of 1915), was an officer and a scholar. Friend served in World War I and then did his graduate studies in art and architecture in Europe, studying and salvaging the great works of art and architecture that may have been damaged by the fighting. He then worked with Harvard’s Dumbarton Oaks Research Library before becoming a professor at Princeton University. The collection contains notes and course materials from Friend’s time as a student and as a professor, correspondence, and some of his research materials, photographs, and negatives, focusing on medieval art and architecture in Greece, Rome, and other Mediterranean cultures.