Biography and History

William Rossetti, brother to Dante Gabriel Rossetti and Christina Rossetti, as well as art critic and literary editor, was born on September 25, 1829. When he was sixteen years old, Rossetti started working in the Excise Office. In 1850 he started working for The Spectator as an art critic, and between the two jobs helped support the entire Rossetti family. In 1894, Rossetti stopped working at the Excise Office, by then known as the Inland Revenue Office. He was the diarist for the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood and editor of the associated journal The Germ. He also edited volumes of poetry by his siblings, and put together D.G. Rossetti: A Memoir with Family Letters in 1895. In addition to these editorial accomplishments, Rossetti also a sharp critic, generating early support and praise for Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass and William Blake. He passed away on February 5, 1919.

Source: From the finding aid for C0223

  • Janet Camp Troxell Collection of Rossetti Manuscripts. 1832-1965 (inclusive), 1860-1900 (bulk).

    Call Number: C0189

    Contains over 3000 manuscripts relating to the Rossetti's and their friends. While Dante Gabriel is the central figure, his brother and sisters (William Michael, Christina Georgina, Maria Francesca) are also represented, as are several other members of the Polidori/Rossetti families. The material in the collection was acquired by Janet (Camp) Troxell between 1930 and 1965.

  • William Michael Rossetti Collection. 1868-1907 (inclusive).

    Call Number: C0223

    The William Michael Rossetti Collection consists of manuscripts, correspondence, and miscellanea of the English art critic and essayist William Michael Rossetti (1829-1919).

  • Rossetti Family Letters to the Heimann Family. circa 1843-1896 (inclusive).

    Call Number: C0773

    The Rossetti Family Letters to the Heimann Family collection consists primarily of letters written over a period of almost five decades by Christina Georgina Rossetti to Mrs. Adolf Heimann, the wife of a professor of German at University College, London, who was a colleague of her father, Gabriele Rossetti, a professor of Italian at King's College, London. It also contains letters by her mother, Frances, and her three siblings, Dante Gabriel, Maria Francesca, and William Michael, to various members of the Heimann family.

  • William Holman Hunt Collection. 1853-1926 (inclusive).

    Call Number: C1071

    Consists primarily of selected correspondence of William Holman Hunt, the British painter and one of the founders of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood.

  • Thomas James Wise Collection. 1894-1932 (inclusive).

    Call Number: C1298

    Consists of selected correspondence of Thomas James Wise, the English bibliographer and noted forger of the early 20th century