Biography and History

Miguel Correa (b. 1956) is a Cuban novelist, poet, and translator who emigrated from Cuba in 1980. He arrived as one of the “Marielitos,” those Cubans who arrived on the coast of Florida as part of a boatlift which embarked from Mariel, Cuba. The Mariel boatlift was a large and rapid exodus of Cubans who left the country when the Cuban goverment allowed and, in some cases, encouraged Cubans to emigrate. Correa's first novel, Al norte del infierno (1983) won the Jesus Castellanos Prize for the Novel during the 1983 Miami Festival of the Arts Commemorating the Third Anniversary of Mariel. His novel Fragmentos del discurso humano was published in 2000, thirteen years after being written. He has also written two other unpublished works, “La arboleda de Dionisio” (novel) and “La enormidad del hacha” (poetry).

Publications by Correa: Al Norte de Infierno (Miami: Editorial SIBI, 1984), Fragmentos Del Discurso Humano (Mexico: Editorial ACD, 2000)

Source: From the finding aid for C0643

  • Miguel Correa Novels. 1980-1987 (inclusive).

    Call Number: C0643

    Miguel Correa is an author from Cuba. The collection consists of different manuscript version of two of Correa’s novels: Fragmentos del Discurso Humano (2001) and Al Norte de Infierno (1984). There are also some notes for an article in the papers.