Biography and History

Annette Covington was an American landscape artist, portrait painter, illustrator, and teacher. Her grandfather, Samuel Fulton Covington, aided in the development of the Ohio Valley. Covington was president of the Cincinnati Woman's Art Club, Cincinnati, Ohio, (1916.)

After receiving his Ph.D. from Princeton University in 1900, Luther P. Eisenhart was called to Princeton as instructor in mathematics where he contributed to the University's development in many ways: as a mathematician, teacher, chairman of his department; as chairman of the Committee on Scientific Research, dean of the faculty, dean of the Graduate School; and as father of the four-course plan.

The Baconian theory of Shakespearean authorship holds that Sir Francis Bacon wrote the plays normally attributed to William Shakespeare. The main Baconian evidence is founded on the presentation of a motive for concealment. The late 19th-century interest in the Baconian theory continued the theme that Bacon had secreted encoded messages in the plays. It was also believed that Bacon not only authored the Shakespearean works but that he was a child of Queen Elizabeth and the Earl of Leicester.

Source: From the finding aid for C1285