Biography and History

Richard Baillie Roe, Irish stenographer and writer, was the son of James Roe of Grantstown, County of Tiperary, Ireland. Roe was interested in the principles of order and harmony in their application to music, poetry, linguistics, and theology. His career started as a church cleric. He later became disenchanted with religion in Ireland and entered into business. However, he did not succeed as a merchant and lost all of his money. He started a teaching academy, but that, too, was doomed to failure. He then traveled to London, partnered with a bookseller, and engaged in selling books, another career in which he did not succeed. In 1802, Roe started tutoring students in Dublin. In 1800-1801 his first book, Elements of English Metre Both in Prose and Verse, was both printed and published by him in London. He did not want to give another publisher the rights to his book; as a result the book was not very successful in this first edition. Other books written by Roe include The Principles of Rhythmn Both in Speech and Music, and Radiography, or a System of Easy Writing (1823).

John Thelwell was an author during the "Romantic period" of writing in the late 18th and early 19th centuries.

Source: From the finding aid for C1195