Biography and History

Emily Hale was attending Harvard University when she met T. S. Eliot, also a Harvard student, who developed a romantic attachment to her. After Eliot separated from his wife in 1934, he reestablished communication with Emily Hale. Out of his reminiscing of their former relationship, Eliot composed "Burnt Norton" published as the last poem in his Collected Poems 1909-1935 (1936).

James Juvenal Hayes was the Irish literary critic for the Sunday New York Times, Boston Globe, The Independent, and the Saturday Evening Post. At the end of any of his editorials, Hayes always signed with the phrase "And this from J.J. Hayes, the New York Times's man in Dublin". Hayes also assisted in founding The Little Theatre of Newark, New Jersey, and the Drama Guild of the Oranges, for which he was secretary.

Source: From the finding aid for C1294