Biography and History

Jared Ingersoll, was born in New Haven, Conn. He studied law and established himself as a lawyer in Philadelphia. A signer of the Constitution of the United States, Ingersoll had a successful career in public office, and served as attorney general of Pennsylvania (1791-1800, 1811-1817); until his death he was one of the leaders of the Philadelphia Bar. His eldest son, Charles Jared Ingersoll, entered the College of New Jersey in 1796, but his college career ended in his third year. He wrote a four-volume history of the War of 1812 and was U.S. district attorney for Pennsylvania (1815-1829). He was also one of leaders of the Philadelphia Bar. Jared's other son, Joseph Reed Ingersoll, Princeton Class of 1804, was also well known at the Philadelphia Bar. He was minister to England during President Millard Fillmore's administration.

Source: From the finding aid for C1090