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In October 1867, the rector of Princeton's Trinity Episcopal Church called an informal meeting of students of the College of New Jersey who were members of the Protestant Episcopal Church. He suggested the formation of an organization "to promote the interests of the Church among us." The gathered students approved his proposed constitution, elected him president ex officio, and created a standing committee and a missionary committee.

Over the next several months the new Society raised money for facilities for the Episcopal chapel in Princeton Basin, organized Sunday Schools for Princeton Basin and Rocky Hill, and arranged for Episcopal worship services on campus. At its monthly meetings the Society also discussed topics--both historical and theological--as proposed by the Rector. Although it was a student organization, the Rector was very much in charge of the Society.

The Society's minutes stop in December 1868; the eventual fate of the Society is not known. Its most likely successor, the Saint Paul's Society, was founded in 1876; the Proctor Foundation continues its work.

Source: From the finding aid for AC319

  • Rector's Aid Society Minutes. 1867-1868 (inclusive).

    Call Number: AC319

    The Rector's Aid Society was an organization of students at the College of New Jersey who were members of the Protestant Episcopal Church. It provided opportunities for fellowship and theological discussion; it also organized Episcopal services on campus and supported the church's mission in the Princeton area. The Society met monthly to report on its work and discuss a theological topic; this minute book records the proceedings of those meetings.