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American Civil Liberties Union Records: Subgroup 2, Subject Files Series, 1947-1995

MC001-02-03 499 boxes 2 items
The American Civil Liberties Union Records document the activities of the Union in protecting individual rights from 1920 through 1995. The files contain materials on freedom of speech, expression, and association; due process of law; equality before the law; legal case files; and organizational records. Within these categories files reflect subject areas such as academic freedom, censorship, racial discrimination, aliens' rights, privacy concerns, labor concerns, amnesty, and government loyalty and security. The files reflect work on litigation, advocacy and public policy, and subject files on various areas of interest connected with civil liberties. Materials include correspondence, court documents, memoranda, printed matter, minutes, reports, briefs, and legal files. Also included are materials from ACLU affiliate organizations, and the Lawyers Constitutional Defense Committee. Subgroup 2, Series 3 has been digitized and is available for members of the Princeton community to view here. To view the database from outside Princeton University, please see the Guide to the American Civil Liberties Union Records.

American Civil Liberties Union Records: Subgroup 1, The Roger Baldwin Years, 1917-1950

MC001-01 22 boxes 46 items 5 Reels 1928 Volumes
The American Civil Liberties Union Records, The Roger Baldwin years, document the activities of the ACLU from 1917 through 1950. The files contain materials on conscientious objection, freedom of speech, academic freedom, censorship, and labor concerns. The files reflect work on litigation, advocacy, and public policy. Materials include correspondence and newspaper clippings. Subgroup 1 has been digitized in its entirety and is available for members of the Princeton community to view here. To view the database from outside Princeton University, please see the Guide to the American Civil Liberties Union Records.

Triangle Club Records, 1883-2020

AC122 50 GB 293 boxes 3 folders 4 items 93681 digital files 1 websites 345.58 linear feet (312 containers)
The Triangle Club Records consists of records of the Club and its predecessor, the Princeton College Drama Association, for productions performed by these organizations from 1883 to the present. Materials include correspondence, playbills, scripts, scores, newspaper clippings, posters, scrapbooks, and photographs as well as audio-visual recordings.

Princeton Nassoons Records, 1941-2012

AC412 6 boxes
The Princeton Nassoons are a close-harmony, all male, student a cappella group that formed in the late 1930s. The collection consists primarily of the Princeton Nassoons' original musical arrangements and correspondence.

Dillon Gym Library Collection, 1891-2003 (mostly 1930-1991)

AC446 8 boxes
The Dillon Gym Library was housed in Dillon Gym, which opened in 1947. Dillon Gym is now mainly used as the headquarters for the Campus Recreation program, and includes various administrative and varsity athletic coaches' offices. The majority of the collection is made up of published material such as athletic handbooks, rule guides and technique charts; athletic organization convention and conference reports; and university publications (sports schedules and programs, admissions material, faculty, staff, and alumni guides and fundraising publications). The collection contains several areas of focus—notably, material on women's sports at Princeton.
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Athletic Rulebooks, Handbooks and Publications, 1902-2003

General athletic files contain published rulebooks and guidebooks for individual sports, especially from the mid-twentieth century and the 1970s, many printed by the NCAA, as well as copies of periodicals such as Modern Gymnast and football programs from Princeton and elsewhere. There are also printed NCAA championship booklets, convention bulletins, manuals, rules and regulations. Much of the material is not specific to Princeton, but some Princeton programs and press releases are included in the football, basketball, hockey, soccer, track, and wrestling files.

Charles Black Hutchinson Papers, 1885-1951 (mostly 1935-1944)

AC432 3 boxes 4 items
The Charles Black Hutchinson Papers primarily include Charles Hutchinson's correspondence and schoolwork from the period 1935 to 1944, when Hutchinson was a student at the Lawrenceville School (1935 to 1939), at Princeton University (1939 to 1943), and serving in the Army's 681st Glider Battalion (beginning in 1943).
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Series 2: Schoolwork, 1897-1945

Schoolwork includes notes and notebooks as well as graded papers and exams from both the Lawrenceville School and Princeton University. Lawrenceville School material includes coursework in Mathematics, American History, English, and Latin. Hutchinson's school compositions include an essay on the "Pinies," people living in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey, as well as a tale about the "Jersey Devil." Other essays cover assigned topics such as the work of Shakespeare, Dickens, Browning, Shaw and Lytton Strachey, or the causes of the War of Independence.

Series 3: Event Programs and Ephemera, 1896-1951

Event programs point to some of Hutchinson's pursuits between 1940 and 1942—church services, theatrical productions, a debutante ball, a museum exhibit. Ephemera include items such as membership cards, game tickets, and railroad schedules from the early 1930s through 1944, as well as playing cards, a pen nib, and advertisements. Also included in Series 3 are printed programs from the Lawrenceville School (for commencement 1938 and 1939, for instance), as well as printed materials from the Army, such as the booklet "The Construction of Models for Protective Concealment" (1942) and a Field Artillery School Instruction Memorandum (1942).

Princeton Institute for International and Regional Studies Records, 1935-2017

AC448 5 boxes 1 websites
The Princeton Institute for International and Regional Studies (PIIRS) is Princeton University's international and regional studies center. The PIIRS Records document the institute's activities and include material from its precursor organizations, the Yale Institute of International Studies and the Center of International Studies at Princeton University.

Dick Kazmaier Papers, 1949-2002 (mostly 1949-1952)

AC434 5 boxes 1 folder
Dick Kazmaier was a Princeton University student and football player from 1948 to 1952. The Dick Kazmaier Papers include Kazmaier's course materials (class notes, exams, and thesis research material), as well as football team photographs, award certificates, and a scapbook of newspaper clipplings from 1949 to 1953.

Archives of Charles Scribner's Sons, 1786-2004 (mostly 1880-1979)

C0101 1492 boxes 66 items 151 Volumes 750 linear feet
This collection consists of virtually all of the surviving records of Scribners (1846-1984), the New York City publisher, and reflect aspects of all of its publishing functions (soliciting and acquiring books, editing manuscripts, printing and manufacturing books, advertising and publicizing publications) and business concerns (book and magazine publisher, retail bookstore, subscription books department, educational books department, printing press and bindery, rare books department). Included are files of editorial correspondence with authors, manufacturing records about book production, advertising records, author contracts, a collection of dust jackets, book catalogs, ledgers, and photographs. While there are gaps in most of the series or record groups, there are records representative of all of the firm's former permutations: Baker & Scribner, Charles Scribner & Co., Scribner, Armstrong & Co., Scribner, Armstrong & Welford, Scribner & Co., Charles Scribner's Sons. The bulk of the material (1880s-1970s), however, dates from the period when the publisher bore its most familiar name, "Charles Scribner's Sons." There is also material related to early publishers' organizations and international copyright.

James G. Smith Papers on New Jersey Industry, 1930-1949

C0493 11 boxes
Consists of papers of James G. Smith (Princeton Class of 1920), professor of economics at Princeton, related to New Jersey industrial history.

William Tipping Papers, 1688-2001

C1462 4 boxes 2.4 linear feet
Conists of personal papers of William Tipping Esq, of Brasted Park, Sevenoaks, in Kent, and Avray near Paris. He was the son of the successful Liverpool merchant John Tipping, who in his twenties traveled extensively in Europe and the Middle East before turning to Tory politics and serving as director of the London and North Western Railway.
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Miscellaneous, 1821-1978

Includes correspondence between William Tipping and Edward Ford; one letter from Edward Ford to Isaac Taylor; one letter form William Tipping to Griffith; one letter from J. Holmes to John Tipping; one letter to John tipping fromn his cousin Th. Bewley (?); one letter from grandmother Fearon to Jane; two letters from unidentified senders (one in French); one letter from Anthony Titley to William Tipping (July 9, 1866); one letter from Henry Avaray Tipping to Joan (26.7.1921); a few letters sent to William Tipping from unidentified senders; one letter in Arabic.

Series 1. Correspondence, 1755-1988

This series consists of approximately one hundred and forty family letters, comprising some 450 pages, written on tours of Europe and the Middle East around 1840, several nicely illustrated. Includes a copius run of retained drafts of letters to Isaac Taylor, the publishers Houlston and Wright, Dr. Robert Trail, the painter Josiah Gilbert, and others, concerning publication of plates after drawings made on his tours. The present letters - many of which, written on large extended sheets of paper, are very long - display the élan of a young Englishman on the Grand Tour and provide the reader with a vivid view of Middle Eastern travel in the first half of the nineteenth century.

Samuel Shellabarger Collection, 1916-1956

C0218 7 boxes 2.5 linear feet
Samuel Shellabarger attended Princeton University as member of the Princeton Class of 1909 and was an English professor between 1914-1923. The collection contains Samuel Shellabarger's manuscripts for two biographies and five works of historical fiction, as well as a small amount of miscellaneous material related to his writings.
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Samuel Shellabarger Collection, 1916-1956

Samuel Shellabarger attended Princeton University as member of the Princeton Class of 1909 and was an English professor between 1914-1923. The collection contains Samuel Shellabarger's manuscripts for two biographies and five works of historical fiction, as well as a small amount of miscellaneous material related to his writings.

Pershing Collection of Emily Dickinson, 1945-1972

C0294 2 boxes 0.8 linear feet
Consists of material related to the collection of Emily Dickinson works compiled by Margaret Jane Pershing.

Broom Correspondence of Harold Loeb, 1920-1956 (mostly 1921-1924)

C0110 2 boxes 0.6 linear feet
Consists of correspondence files of Harold Loeb (Princeton Class of 1913), one of the founding editors of Broom, An International Magazine of the Arts.
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B, General, 1920-1947

Includes correspondence with Albert Coombs Barnes (1872-1951), Djuna Barnes (1892-1982), Léon Bazalgette (1873-1928), Sylvia Beach (1887-1962), Carlton Beals (1893-1979), Laura Benét (1884-1979), Maxwell Bodenheim (1893-1954), Gwendolyn Brooks (1917-2000), Winifred Bryher (1894-1983), Kate Buss, Mary Francis Butta (1892-1937), and Witter Bynner (1881-1968).

Mixsell Collection of Autographs of Musicians, 1825-1937

C0085 2 boxes 2.5 linear feet
Consists of letters and/or autograph manuscripts of several bars of music (some signed and inscribed) by such composers as Beethoven, Brahms, Cui, Puccini, Ravel, and Strauss. Materials were collected by American physician and composer Raymond B. Mixsell (Princeton Class of 1903).

Kostas and Linda S. Myrsiades Papers, 1942-2017

C1623 4.0 linear feet 7 boxes
This collection consists of personal papers of Kostas and Linda S. Myrsiades, including correspondence, autograph manuscripts and typescripts, photographs, printed and audio material.
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Research Material: Resistance Theater, 1942-1998

Consists of xerox copies of typescripts and printed material of several one-act plays and short stories or poems on Greek Resistance with penciled annotations. Includes also a xerox copy of a resignation letter by Aimilios Veakēs to the Board of the National Theater dated 1942 and a bibliography of primary texts and short stories about the "Literature of the Greek Resistance."

Bache and Hodge Family Papers, 1783-1957 (mostly 1790-1890)

C0650 3 boxes 1.2 linear feet
Consists primarily of correspondence representing five generations of the Bache and Hodge families as well as members of the Scott and Wistar families of Princeton and Philadelphia.
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Chester W. Burton Family Papers, 1809-1956 (mostly 1850-1910)

C1523 8 boxes 4.0 linear feet
Consists mostly of correspondence along with some financial records, legal documents, such as deeds and land indentures, ephemera, and photographs dating from the 19th and early 20th centuries that relate to Chester W. Burton, a farmer from Chautauqua County, New York, and his family. Among other topics, the collection documents aspects of the Civil War and early settlement and gold mining in the west.
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Correspondence and Documents, 1809-1956

Though primarily correspondence, some documents, such as deeds and indentures, financial papers, such as receipts, invoices, and inventories, are interspersed throughout, especially in earlier correspondence. Also included are a few ephemeral materials as well as writings by various family members, including those of Chester W. Burton and Clarissa Harris, both of whom wrote articles for publication in local newspapers and journals.

Chester W. Burton Family Papers, 1809-1956 (mostly 1850-1910)

Consists mostly of correspondence along with some financial records, legal documents, such as deeds and land indentures, ephemera, and photographs dating from the 19th and early 20th centuries that relate to Chester W. Burton, a farmer from Chautauqua County, New York, and his family. Among other topics, the collection documents aspects of the Civil War and early settlement and gold mining in the west.

Booksellers' League of New York Records, 1895-1967

C1369 2 boxes 0.8 linear feet
Founded in 1895, the Booksellers' League of New York was an organization aimed at promoting a professional and collaborative spirit among members of the book trade. The bulk of the collection consists of meeting minutes of the annual meetings and Board of Managers meetings, 1895-1932 (5 vols.) and of materials relating to the League's monthly dinners and other social events, 1901-1958 (invitation cards, programs, menus, handbills, and related membership mailings).

Carl Van Vechten Photographs, 1923-1942

C0877 2 boxes
Consists of photographs taken and printed by Carl Van Vechten, primarily during the 1930s to 1940s, following his career as a music critic, journalist, and author.

Laurence Pollinger Ltd. Files Concerning D. H. Lawrence's Lady Chatterley's Lover, 1931-1979

C0956 3 boxes 1.3 linear feet
Consists of manuscripts, correspondence, contracts, and clippings of the literary agency Laurence Pollinger Ltd. relating to the firm's involvement with the literary estate of D. H. Lawrence.
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Series 3: Contracts, 1931 February 27-1959 September

This series consists of fourteen contracts regarding English and foreign language versions of Lady Chatterley's Lover (1931-1959). Some of the contracts include copies of related correspondence. This series is organized chronologically by date, with an undated contract located at the beginning.

William Dean Howells Collection, 1863-1919

C0168 1 box 0.2 linear feet
Consists of correspondence and selected manuscripts of the American critic, novelist, poet, and playwright William Dean Howells.

Norma Spector Papers, 1947-2009

C1379 1 box
Consists of papers relating to post-World War II Greek history and politics, 1940s-1970s, collected by Norma Spector in her role as the public relations liaison of the Federation of Greek Maritime Unions (FGMU) in New York City.
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Documents, 1947-1955

Consists of a petition/letter in very small handwriting in Modern Greek of an anonymous political prisoner accompanied by a document in the type of a diary that was smuggled out of the Gyaros detention camp. It is an account of the sufferings of the prisoners from 1947 to 1950: it describes the daily activities in the camp, the living conditions, and more importantly, it names the prisoners being tortured and the guards carrying out the abuse. Also, present are typed transcriptions of letters in English smuggled out in this handwriting from the detention camps and prisons of Aē-Stratēs, Corfu, and Gyaros, dated in 1954 and 1955.

Theodore Holmes Papers, 1949-1976 (mostly 1951-1971)

C0805 24 boxes
Consists primarily of published and unpublished poetry manuscripts, as well as correspondence with various publishers, of American poet Theodore Holmes (Princeton Class of 1951).
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Rafael Fuentes Papers, 1928-1966 (mostly 1936-1956)

C0791 4 boxes 3.5 linear feet
Consists of personal and working papers of Mexican diplomat Rafael Fuentes.

Whitney Jennings Oates Correspondence, 1949-1959

C0871 7 boxes 2.8 linear feet
Consists primarily of correspondence of Whitney Jennings Oates (Princeton Class of 1925) during his tenure as a professor of Classics at Princeton University.

Selected Manuscripts of Rudolf Ladenburg, 1889-1953 (mostly 1935-1952)

C0264 7 boxes 2.35 linear feet
Rudolf Ladenburg was a German-born scientist who became a nuclear physicist at Princeton University until his retirement in 1950. The collection contains some of Ladenburg's manuscripts, lecture and course notes, and notes on nuclear physics.
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William McElwee Miller Papers, 1931-1979

C0385 4 boxes 1.2 linear feet
Consists of articles, correspondence, notes, miscellaneous material, and printed matter of William McElwee Miller, a Presbyterian clergyman and a missionary in Iran from 1919 to 1962.
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Phillips Family Papers, circa 1880-1973 (mostly 1900-1940)

C1387 6 boxes 4.0 linear feet
Consists of photographs, manuscripts, diaries, and ephemera relating to Edward H. Phillips (1868-1944), his wife Marie Kempton Phillips (1881-1946), and their daughter Jean Sarah Phillips (1908–1985) that document ranch life in and around Montana around the turn of the 20th century as well as Ed Phillips' involvement in Wild West shows, including Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show, and his career as a Hollywood actor.
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Philip James Bailey Collection, 1855-1946

C0148 1 box 2 items 0.4 linear feet
The Philip James Bailey Collection consists of correspondence, clippings, and miscellanea of the English poet Philip James Bailey (1816-1902).
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David Graham Phillips Manuscripts, 1902-1950

C0124 14 boxes 5.6 linear feet
Consists of selected manuscripts of novels, plays, short stories, essays, and articles of American journalist and author David Graham Phillips (Princeton Class of 1887).
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Gilbert Chinard Papers, 1911-1965

C0671 20 boxes
Gilbert Chinard was a Franco-American scholar who taught at Princeton University and was affiliated with the Institut Français de Washington. The organization, established in 1926 to promote the study of French civilization and culture, endeavors to recognize the French influence in North American culture. The collection houses documents and letters concerning the Institution and an autograph manuscript of James Dunn Hufman's translation of Andre Lasseray's Les Français Sous Les Trieze Etoiles.
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Peter Orton Collection of Screenplays and Television Scripts, 1941-2005

C1225 9 boxes 3.6 linear feet
Consists of a collection of screenplays and television scripts spanning a period of sixty-four years of film and television production, collected by the writer Peter Orton.
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Champagne For Caesar, 1949 August

Screenplay written by Fred Brady and Hans Jacoby for a 1950 Cardinal Pictures, Inc., comedy about a trivia quiz show. The movie was directed by Richard Whorf and produced by George Moskov. This is an undated photocopy with some pages bearing revision dates of August 14 or 15, 1949. 135 leaves.

Princeton University Library Collection of Albert Einstein Materials, 1913-1975 (mostly 1930-1955)

C1022 5 boxes 3.7 linear feet
Consists of a wide range of miscellaneous material by or about the Nobel Prize-winner and world famous physicist Albert Einstein, including correspondence, manuscripts, photographs, drawings, ephemera, medical records, and printed material.

Chambers Family Papers, 1772-1962

C0402 22 boxes 9.4 linear feet
Consists of diaries, correspondence, documents, scrapbooks, and printed matter of the Chambers family of Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

Steven Barclay Collection, 1904-2008 (mostly 1920-1940)

C1487 6 boxes 3.0 linear feet
A collection containing original manuscripts, letters, documents, photographs, association copies of books, and other printed material, chiefly by or pertaining to Adrienne Monnier (1892-1955) and Sylvia Beach (1887-1962), and their respective bookshops in Paris: La Maison des Amis des Livres and Shakespeare & Company.
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La Maison des Amis des Livres: Miscellaneous, 1920-1953

Includes two copies of an invitation announcing Marie Monnier "Broderies" exhibit 1935 (1 with insert invite card; the admission card designated for André Gide for a April 11 Paul Valery event with Leon-Paul Fargue; two copies of the exhibit guide of 1926-27 Paul-Emile Becat Painting exhibit at LMDADL; exhibit guide and personal invitation ticket to the E-M Burgun exhibit at LMDADL; eExhibit guide to the C. F. Winzer exhibit at LMDADL; aAnnouncement card for the Camille Bryen exhibit at LMDADL 1953; LMDADL blank note letterhead; announcement for subscription to Le Navire d'Argent; 1926 LMDADL guide with Andre Gide essay of "Le Peintre Cornilleau"; and 1920 Membership appeal with S Co ad on verso

Selected Papers of William Meredith, 1937-1967

C0175 5 boxes 2.5 linear feet
Consists, for the most part, of letters to American poet William Meredith (Princeton Class of 1940) from American authors, most of whom have been associated with Princeton.

Thomas H. Johnson Papers, 1919-1984

C0468 4 boxes 1 folder 1.7 linear feet
The Thomas H. Johnson Papers consists of correspondence, subject files, notes, printed matter, diplomas, and other miscellanea of the American educator and editor Thomas H. Johnson (1902-1985).

Ernest Hemingway Collection, 1918-1974

C0068 2 boxes 0.8 linear feet
Consists of selected material by and about the American author and Nobel Prize winner Ernest Hemingway.

William Berryman Scott Papers, 1874-1946 (mostly 1910-1940)

C0265 21 boxes 10.6 linear feet
Consists of papers of William Berryman Scott (Princeton Class of 1877), an eminent vertebrate paleontologist and professor of geology at Princeton University.
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Charles Thomson Letters, 1783-1988

C0892 1 box 0.4 linear feet
Consists of letters and miscellanea of the educator, merchant, and first secretary of the Continental Congress Charles Thomson (1729-1824).
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John Insley Blair Family Papers, 1843-1961 (mostly 1891-1910)

C0934 13 boxes 1 folder 12.5 linear feet
Consists primarily of travel diaries, scrapbooks, and photograph albums composed by railroad industrialist John Insley Blair and his family. There is also a small selection of letters of Clinton Ledyard Blair regarding a fight over Woodrow Wilson's reforms at Princeton University and Blair's relationship with the University's Board of Trustees.
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Max Gordon Papers, 1908-1971 (mostly 1950-1965)

TC024 37 boxes
Max Gordon (1892-1978) was an American theatrical producer. His collection contains personal correspondence with theater and film notables spanning the years 1942-1971. Also included are production materials, such as correspondence, contracts, summaries of earnings, financial sheets, and miscellaneous notes of plays Gordon produced, including Born Yesterday, The Solid Gold Cadillac, My Sister Eileen, and the film, Abe Lincoln in Illinois, as well as letters and script reports relating to Columbia Pictures.

José Martínez Sotomayor Papers, 1929-1960 (mostly 1930-1932)

C0830 3 boxes
José Martínez Sotomayor was a Mexican lawyer, judge, and writer who published novels, short stories, and nonfiction. His personal papers includes correspondence and autograph and typescript manuscripts of three of Martínez Sotomayor's books.
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Archibald MacLeish Collection, 1925-1962

C0239 3 boxes 1.0 linear feet
Consists of selected manuscripts and correspondence of American poet/dramatist and Pulitzer Prize winner Archibald MacLeish.

Paul Frankl Papers, 1900-1974

C0779 12 boxes
The Paul Frankl Papers consists of correspondence, writings, notebooks, photographs, and printed matter of the Czech art historian, architect, author, and educator Paul Frankl (1878-1962). A native of Prague, Frankl came to the United States in 1938, and shortly afterwards settled in Princeton, New Jersey, where he was associated with the Institute for Advanced Study.
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John Lott Phillips Collection, 1776-1987

C1290 1 box 0.2 linear feet
Consists of material by and about John Lott Phillips, a graduate of Princeton (1774), a clergyman of the Church of England, and a loyalist to the British Crown.
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H. R. Hays Correspondence with Latin American Writers, 1922-1981 (mostly 1940-1955)

C0847 1 box 0.2 linear feet
H. R. Hays was a writer, anthropologist, and educator. The collection contains his correspondence with ten Latin American writers and poets, primarily about literary and research issues. Also included are typescripts of an article about Jorge Carrera Andrade's poetry and Antenor Orrego's prologue to Trilce (1922).

William Charles Smith Correspondence, 1935-1971

C1203 1 box 0.4 linear feet
Consists chiefly of correspondence of British musicologist William Charles Smith related to music and to George Frederic Handel.

D. Van Nostrand Company Collection of Edward M. Crane, 1834-1969

C0719 26 boxes 15.1 linear feet
The D. Van Nostrand Company Collection of Edward M. Crane consists of correspondence, financial papers, documents, diaries, photographs, artwork, printed matter, and other papers of the American publishing consultant and former president of D. Van Nostrand Company Edward Matthews Crane (1922- ).