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C. T. Lanham Papers on Ernest Hemingway, 1945-1978

C0305 3 boxes 1.25 linear feet
Charles Trueman Lanham was a life soldier who retired as a general and was also friends with Hemingway. The papers consist of Xerox copies of correspondence between Lanham and Hemingway, a chronology of his time in World War II, correspondence about Hemingway, and a draft of Carlos Baker's biography of Hemingway.

Admission Office Records, 1854-2017 (mostly 1922-1998)

AC152 42 boxes 2 items 1 websites
The Admission Office has determined who should be allowed to enroll as undergraduates at Princeton University since 1922. The actual composition and the desired composition of each class have been contentious campus issues since the introduction of selective admission. The debates over the value of recruiting and admitting alumni sons, war veterans, athletes, disadvantaged students (especially racial minorities), and women are reflected in the records of the Admission Office. This collection includes a number of reports and minutes, some of which are restricted, news clippings and releases about Princeton admission, historical materials, and a series of Admission Office publications.

Blair Clark Papers, 1921-1997

MC195 3 boxes
Blair Clark was a journalist and political activist who held many positions in both spheres. His papers contain items related to his employment with CBS News, his role in the establishment of the Edward R. Murrow Chair at Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government, and personal correspondence.

John Howell Westcott Collection, 1915

C1267 1 box 0.2 linear feet
Consists chiefly of manuscript material for an edition of Einhard's Vita Caroli Imperatoris (or The Life Charlemagne) by classicist John Howell Westcott..

Ezra Pound Translations of Greek Drama, 1957

C0301 1 box 0.4 linear feet
Consists of typescripts, with holograph emendations, of American poet Ezra Pound's English translations of Sophocles' Electra and The Women of Trachis.

Princeton University Library Collection of Clarke Family Materials, 1732-1870

C0550 6 boxes 2.1 linear feet
Consists of correspondence and documents of the Clarke family of New Jersey, particularly of Elisha L. Clarke and Joseph Olden Clarke.

Mina Mauerstein-Bail Papers, 1985-2012

MC264 23 boxes
Mina Mauerstein-Bail is a development professional with extensive international experience in the links between health and economic development. These Papers include reports, study papers and background materials collected over the course of her career and reflecting her areas of expertise: HIV and development, water and sanitation, and supporting local government and community capacity to address HIV/AIDS issues.

James R. Vitelli Collection on Van Wyck Brooks and Elmer Adler, 1910-1993 (mostly 1951-1985)

C1164 3 boxes
This collection consists of materials collected by Dr. James R. Vitelli, an English professor at Lafayette College, during his research on American literary critic Van Wyck Brooks and American book designer Elmer Adler.

Sirleaf Market Women's Fund Records, 1998-2017

MC289 10 boxes 110 items
The Sirleaf Market Women's Fund (SMWF) was a non-profit organization dedicated to restoring the livelihoods of market women in post-war Liberia. The collection documents the operations of SMWF International, the fundraising arm of SMWF, including its administration, governance, outreach, finances, fundraising, and programming.

George Willing Clymer Papers, 1814-1919

C1417 6 boxes 3.87 linear feet
George Willing Clymer (1804-1881), Princeton Class of 1823, and his father-in-law, William B. Shubrick (1790-1874), together served in the United States Navy for more than fifty years during the nineteenth century. Clymer served as a naval surgeon to the Mediterranean, Pacific, African, West India and South Atlantic Blockading Squadrons from 1829 to 1866 and Shubrick served as an officer and naval diplomat from the time of his entry in the United States Navy in 1806 until his retirement in 1861. Their families (Clymer, Shubrick, Wethered, and Willing) maintained close communication during frequent separations and developed a strong network of extended family bonds. This collection provides documentation of the United States Navy during the early and mid nineteenth century; and in particular, naval medicine, diplomacy, and rank. In addition, the collection documents the families of naval officers, both from the perspective of the officer, and the family who remained at home, coping with typical family issues, as well as sickness and death.

John Foster Dulles State Department Records, 1953-1959

MC074 20 boxes 184 items
Consists of 192 reels of microfilm, totalling 131,000 frames, of selected U.S. State Department records from the years Dulles served as secretary of state, 1953-1959, under President Dwight D. Eisenhower.

The Catholic Church in Cuba, 1996-2000

LAE051 99 items 1.5 linear feet
This collection contains pamphlets and serials published and distributed by the Catholic Church and affiliated organizations throughout Cuba between 1996 and 2000.

John Lott Phillips Collection, 1776-1987

C1290 1 box 0.2 linear feet
Consists of material by and about John Lott Phillips, a graduate of Princeton (1774), a clergyman of the Church of England, and a loyalist to the British Crown.

Boarded Hall Estate (Barbados) Plantation Records, 1676-1887 (mostly 1712-1845)

C1227 2 boxes 1.5 linear feet
Consists of eighteenth and nineteeth-century records of Boarded Hall Estate, a slave plantation in Barbados in the West Indies. The material was found on the estate in the 1820s by George Harnage, the son of its last English owner, and annotated by him in subsequent years.
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End papers, dates not examined

End papers of the original binding of the manuscripts. It contains notes by Harnage regarding a letter he received from "Mr. Crichlow," December 28, 1838, about the main house on the estate having been blown down by the hurricane of 1831, about Goring owning a store in Bridgetown, and about another letter from "Mr. Pyle," proprietor of Brighton Estate which is also in the Parish of St. George.

Edward D. Duffield Correspondence with Josephine Curtis, 1890-1903

C0810 13 boxes 6.2 linear feet
Edward D. Duffield (Princeton Class of 1892) was a general solicitor of the Prudential Insurance Company of America and eventually became president. The correspondence consists of letters between Duffield and Josephine Curtis, his future wife. The letters date primarily from their courtship, which a few later letters and two family photograph albums.

Miscellaneous European Documents Collection, 1500-1900

C1286 5 boxes 2 linear feet
Consists of miscellaneous documents and manuscripts from European and North African countries about politlcal, religious, or colonial matters between the 16th and 19th century. The countries include England, France, Switzerland, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Morocco, Ireland, and Poland.
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John Keats Memorial Volume Collection, 1920-1921

C0899 2 boxes
Consists of the original articles, essays, and poems written by prominent literary figures as contributions to the John Keats Memorial Volume (1921), edited by G. C. Williamson.

Max Beerbohm Caricatures, 1900

C0324 1 box 1.3 linear feet
Consists of six original drawings by English parodist Sir Max Beerbohm: caricatures of Sir Arthur W. Pinero, Harry Furniss, William Watson, Stephen Phillips, Hall Caine, and the Prince of Wales (Edward VII).

Elias Boudinot Collection, 1773-1950 (mostly 1777-1820)

C0230 1 box 0.4 linear feet
Elias Boudinot was a lawyer and Revolutionary statesman, serving as member of the Continental Congress (president, 1782), secretary of foreign affairs (1783-84), New Jersey congressman (1789-95), and director of the U.S. Mint (1795-1805). The collection consists of miscellaneous letters and documents of Boudinot, many of which concern his land dealings.

Princeton University Library Collection of Patrick Henry Materials, 1743-1796

C1165 1 box 0.2 linear feet
Consists of selected manuscript material by and about American attorney, politician, and planter Patrick Henry (1736-1799).
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William Couper Collection, 1769-1849 (mostly 1822-1844)

C0325 1 box 0.2 linear feet
Consists primarily of correspondence betwen American tea merchant William Couper and his family during the years (1831-1844) when he was traveling abroad to Europe and the Far East.

Georges Braive World War I Photographs of the Macedonian Front, 1917-1918

C1581 3 boxes 1.2 linear feet
Consists of over 1,000 military and ethnographic photographs of the Macedonian Front of World War I taken by French architect Georges Braive (1884-1963) during his service as a lieutenant commander of the Armée d'Orient's "Section sanitaire automobile 27."

Selected Papers of Smith Thompson, 1823-1949

C0354 2 boxes 2.0 linear feet
Consists of documents and correspondence of Smith Thompson (Princeton Class of 1788) covering, for the most part, the years (1823-1843) when he served on the U.S. Supreme Court.

Robert H. Barton Family Correspondence, 1849-1890

C1498 1 box 0.2 linear feet
Consists primarily of incoming correspondence to Robert H. Barton (1811-1898) of Providence, Rhode Island, from his family that begins in the winter of 1849 when Barton left his wife and four children to head to the California gold fields. The 70 plus letters, which continue until the early 1870s, are from various family members and friends all with the common theme of "come home." Also included are a few letters from Barton; some family photographs; and Barton's account statement from Gregory & Waite Groceries & Provisions (Nevada City).

Jan Valtin Papers, 1930s-1959

C0731 23 boxes 9.6 linear feet
Consists of papers of "Jan Valtin," the literary pseudonym of Richard Julius Herman Krebs.

Peter R. Decker Collection, 1830-1843

C0993 1 box 1.6 linear feet
Consists chiefly of a nineteenth-century diary of Peter R. Decker, resident of Shawangunk, N.Y.

Princeton University Library Collection of Frédéric Boissonnas Photographs, circa 1900-1920

C1147 1 box 1.7 linear feet
Consists of an open collection of photographs sites in Greece by Swiss photographer Frédéric Boissonnas.

Archivo de Salvador Novo, 1955-1996 (mostly 1955-1973)

C1685 1.67 linear feet 1 oversize folder
La colección consiste principalmente en correspondencia sostenida entre Salvador Novo y Carlos I. Guajardo. También se incluyen poemas, guiones teatrales, conferencias, recortes, separatas, tarjetas, invitaciones y algunas fotografías.

John S. Hart Papers, 1826-1875

C0308 3 boxes 2.8 linear feet
The John S. Hart Papers contains speeches, essays, English lectures, sermons, and poems written by Hart (Princeton Class of 1830), as well as family correspondence and letters which reflect Hart's professional role in teaching and administration at the Edgehill School, Central High School in Philadelphia, the State Normal School of New Jersey, and at Princeton University.

Thomas J. Kofodimos Papers, 1927-1998

C1706 2 boxes 0.6 linear feet
Consists of documentation that Thomas Kofodimos pulled together, when he was trying to find a United States publisher for his English translation of Lephousēs' book Asēmina Laiou. Also, includes letters from Ēlias Lephousēs to Thomas Kofodimos and to Joan Kofodimos, family photographs, and miscellaneous photographs of ELAS (Greek People's Liberation Army) leaders, materials related to Kofodimos' escape from Greece to the United States, information about his career after coming to the United States, various memoirs and personal history, death notices and obituaries of Kofodimos' published both in the United States and in Greece.
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Moe Berg Papers, 1866-1991 (mostly 1943-1958)

C1413 25 boxes 19 linear feet
Morris "Moe" Berg (1902-1972) was a Major League Baseball player, linguist, and lawyer who became a spy in World War II. The papers are comprised of correspondence, notes, photographs, and miscellaneous and printed materials covering all aspects of his life and work, but relating primarily to Berg's work with multiple government agencies.

Nassau Hall Iconography, 1760-1981

AC177 6 boxes 1 folder
The collection contains representations of Nassau Hall and other historic buildings of Princeton University. Most of them are reproductions, some photographic.

Patrick J. Kelleher Papers, 1942-1984

AC243 3 boxes
Patrick J. Kelleher was the Director of the Princeton University Art Museum from 1962-1973. Consists of correspondence, publications, notes, press releases, schedules, and photographs collected by Patrick J. Kelleher over the course of his directorship of the Princeton University Art Museum.

Theodore Ziolkowski Papers, 1964-2001

AC402 4 boxes
Theodore Ziolkowski was a Princeton University professor in the departments of Modern Languages and Literatures and Comparative Literature from 1964 to 2001, and Dean of the Graduate School from 1979 to 1992. The papers include teaching-related materials such as research notes, lectures notes, course syllabi and examinations, as well as materials relating to Ziolkowski's governance of the Graduate School.

Lyman Hotchkiss Atwater Papers, 1852-1883

C0792 4 boxes
Lyman Hotchkiss Atwater was a nineteenth century theologian and scholar. His papers include lectures, notes, published essays, printed matter, and some correspondence, as well as a volume of lecture notes from Atwater's son, Edward Atwater, and articles authored by various people for The Princeton Review.

Pershing Collection of Emily Dickinson, 1945-1972

C0294 2 boxes 0.8 linear feet
Consists of material related to the collection of Emily Dickinson works compiled by Margaret Jane Pershing.

Theodore Ziolkowski Collection on Literature, 1906-2018 (mostly 1960-2001)

C1618 7 boxes
Consists of correspondence and printed materials collected by German studies and comparative literature scholar Theodore Ziolkowski (1932- ). The majority of the collection comprises Ziolkowski's files on Hermann Hesse, particularly pertaining to the reception of Hesse's work in the United States in the 1960s and 1970s. Other materials relate more broadly to 20th and early 21st century literature, with a focus on modern German authors and authors writing in German.

Gawine Drummond Document Collection, 1701-1819

C1282 1 box 1.4 linear feet
Consists of miscellaneous legal documents of Gawine (also spelled Gavin, Gawen, and Gavine) Drummond, county clerk for Monmouth County Court House in the state of New Jersey, and several members of his family.

Clarke Family Papers, 1710-1906 (mostly 1802-1890)

C0403 1 box 0.45 linear feet
The Clarke family lived and farmed in the Stony Brook - Quaker Bridge area of Middlesex County, New Jersey, now known as Clarkesville of Mercer County. The collection includes documents of the Clarke family such as deeds, wills, and mortgages of various generations of Clarkes.

Program in Continuing Education records, 1970-1988

AC275 3 boxes
The Office of Community and Regional Affairs oversees a variety of programs geared towards strengthening ties between the University and the surrounding communities, including a continuing education program for area residents. The records contain advertisements, faculty committee minutes, fundraising reports, statistics on attendance, director's files, and scholarship applications.

Sir Israel Gollancz Correspondence, 1890-1948 (mostly 1915-1929)

C1079 3 boxes 1.2 linear feet
Consists primarily of letters (approximately 500) from contemporaries of English editor and publisher Sir Israel Gollancz.

Caroline Gordon Collection, 1939-1982 (mostly 1970-1980)

C0806 1 box 0.40 linear feet
Consists of selected papers of American novelist Caroline Gordon, including some of her correspondence with various family members, friends, and literary associates.

Saqui de Sannes Family Correspondence, 1756-1920

C1521 2 boxes 0.8 linear feet
Consists of professional and personal correspondence of an aristocratic family from Provence. Most of the letters date from 1756 to 1848 and illustrate how the family negotiated its place during France's Revolutionary era.
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Henry R. Labouisse Papers, 1785-2004 (mostly 1940-1987)

MC199 52 boxes 2 items
Henry R. Labouisse (1904-1987) was a distinguished American diplomat and international public servant. He served as director of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) from 1954 to 1958 and as executive director of the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) from 1965 to 1979. He also served as a United States government official working on the formation and implementation of foreign economic policies during World War II and the 1960s. Labouisse's papers document his career with the United Nations and with the State Department and include correspondence, speeches and publications, as well as biographical and genealogical material.

Floyd H. Black Papers, 1860-1983 (mostly 1939-1977)

C0651 3 items 4 Volumes 1.6 linear feet
Contains seven bound volumes of transcripts of Floyd H. Black's papers, including an unpublished autobiography, diaries, and correspondence.

Grover Cleveland Collection, 1860-1907

C0237 3 boxes
Consists of several holograph addresses, miscellaneous correspondence, and family photographs of American president Grover Cleveland.

Hanna Fantova Collection of Albert Einstein, 1945-1958

C0703 2 boxes 1.5 linear feet
Consists of Hanna Fantova's collection of Albert Einstein material, as well as some of her own personal papers.

Jean Clarence Lambert Collection of Octavio Paz, 1951-1992

C1314 1 box 0.2 linear feet
Consists of 122 letters (1952-1992) by Mexican poet Octavio Paz to French critic and translator Jean Clarence Lambert; approx. a dozen photographs; and "Carnet Bleu" (French, "vers" 1951), Lambert's blue notebook containing his French translations of Paz's "Libertad Bajo Palabra," bearing some holograph annotations by Paz.

C. Bernard Shea collection on Princeton University Athletics, 1869-1960

AC278 2 boxes
Christian Bernard Shea was a member of the Princeton Class of 1916 and an avid supporter of Princeton athletics. The collection consists of Princeton University athletics statistics and newspaper clippings compiled by C. Bernard Shea between approximately 1901 and 1960.

Selected Papers of Alfred H. Bill, 1956-1957

C0144 1 box 0.4 linear feet
Consists of selected manuscripts and correspondence of American author, Alfred H. Bill (1879-1964).

William M. Armstrong Collection on E.L. Godkin, 1833-1978

C0560 14 boxes 6.5 linear feet
This collection consists of American historian William M. Armstrong's works and research material on Edwin Lawrence Godkin (1831-1902), a founder and editor of The Nation (1865-1881) and editor of the New York Evening Post (1883-1900). The collection contains typed manuscripts of Armstrong's biography on Godkin along with other writings, as well as photocopies, microfilms, and typescripts of correspondence.

James Penrose Harland papers, 1906-1969

AC239 3 boxes
James Penrose Harland was a graduate of the Princeton University Class of 1913. The collection consists of James Penrose Harland's diaries, as well as clippings, photographs, postcards, and some correspondence.

Roy Heath Class of 1954 Advisee Project Interviews, 1950-1979 (mostly 1950-1954)

AC004 19 boxes
Roy Heath was a member of the Princeton University class of 1939. He later served on the faculty as professor of psychology and was appointed director of a sweeping study of undergraduate education at Princeton, the results of which were published in The Reasonable Adventurer (1964). The collection comprises materials related to a study that Heath, a clinical psychologist, conducted on 36 members of the Class of 1954 during their years at Princeton.

W. Michael Blumenthal Papers, circa 1961-1979

MC246 81 boxes
W. Michael Blumenthal is a businessperson and economic adviser who served as Secretary of the Treasury in the Carter Administration. The W. Michael Blumenthal Papers document Blumenthal's service as Secretary of the Treasury.

Alba Houghton Warren Papers, 1864-1940 (mostly 1938-1940)

C0462 1 box 0.4 linear feet
Consists of selected papers of Alba Houghton Warren (Princeton Class of 1936), professor of English at Princeton (1945-1955), relating to his earlier work "Richard Hengist Horne: A Literary Biography," which apparently was never published.

Information Sciences and Systems Laboratory Technical Reports, 1966-1995

ENG010 22 Volumes 1.0 linear feet
Consists of technical Reports created by the Information Sciences and Systems Laboratory at Princeton University from 1966 to 1995. The Information Sciences and Systems Laboratory is a division of the Department of Electrical Engineering at Princeton University.

Norman Armour Papers, 1913-1983

MC028 2 boxes
The Norman Armour Papers are comprised primarily of Armour's correspondence with State Department officials, American presidents, and foreign leaders.Reports, telegrams, transcripts of speeches and newspaper clippings documenting Armour's diplomatic career, and personal correspondence are also preserved in the collection.

Firestone Library Architectural Drawings Collection, 1931-1963

AC411 4 boxes 1 folder
R. B. O'Connor & W. H. Kilham, Jr. is the New York City architictural firm that was appointed in 1944 to design Princeton University's Firestone Library, which opened in 1948. The collection includes architectural drawings, plans and photographs of Firestone Library (1948) and the later addition of the John Foster Dulles Library of Diplomatic History (1962).

Hale Family Collection, 1884-1945

C1069 1 box 0.2 linear feet
Consists of selected family papers of Princeton resident and historian Henry Ewing Hale.

Business Correspondence of Smith, Elder, and Co., 1850-1908

C0004 1 box
Consists, for the most part, of business correspondence of George Smith relating to the Cornhill Magazine, which he founded in 1859, and other publishing business of Smith, Elder, and Co., the London publishing firm.

Department of Mathematics Oral History Project records, 1984-1985

AC057 2 boxes 2 items
Princeton University's Department of Mathematics, founded in 1904 under the chairmanship of Henry Burchard Fine, saw the development of a unique mathematical community in the 1930s that was unlike any other in America before that time and perhaps afterwards, and that had important consequences for American mathematics. The collection consists of written transcripts of 42 interviews with surviving faculty and students of the mathematics community in Princeton in the 1930s, as well as recordings of the interviews, microfilm of interview transcripts, background information on the project, and an archived website that was created in 1999 to provide online access to the interview transcripts and related information.

Princeton Peace Network Records, 2001-2006

AC479 1 box 1 websites
The Princeton Peace Network (PPN) was a student organization that formed in September 2001. These records contain protest materials, flyers, news articles about the Iraq War, material used in the PPN's teach-ins, and their public website.

Dimitri H. Gondicas '78 Collection of Offprints Relating to Modern Greek Culture and Politics, 1940-2017

C1763 4 boxes 2.0 linear feet
Consists of offprints relating to Modern Greek literature, poetry, art and archaeology, theater, history, and politics.

Undergraduate Student Government Records, 1962-2022 (mostly 1982-1997)

AC185 7 boxes 6 items 2 websites 0.1 GB
The Undergraduate Student Government (USG), established in 1975, was founded on the principles of representation and independence fostered during the student agitation and institutional reforms of the previous decade. The bulk of the collection consists of the records and publications of the Undergraduate Student Government from 1982 to 1997. Campaign and publicity records from the Princeton University Democrats, and student activism files from the office of Princeton University Professor Stanley Kelley are included in the collection as well.

Gustave Bord Collection of French Historical Material, 1626-1877

C0429 12 boxes
Gustave Bord was a French historian. The collection consists of correspondence, documents, legal papers, notebooks, and notes relating to French history, particularly the French Revolution, collected by Bord.
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Hugh Lenox Scott Papers, 1898-1923

MC119 8 boxes
Consists of papers of Scott relating primarily to his mission as a military member of the Special Diplomatic Commission headed by Elihu Root, which was sent to Russia by Woodrow Wilson in 1917.

William Beebe Papers, 1830-1961 (mostly 1920-1959)

C0661 22 boxes 9.2 linear feet
Consists of papers of American naturalist William Beebe, primarily relating to his association with the New York Zoological Society (NYZS).

James Carnahan Collection, 1802-1858

C1029 1 box 0.2 linear feet
Consists of correspondence, documents, and a fragment of a sermon by James Carnahan, ninth president of the College of New Jersey (now Princeton).

Sutton and Cunliffe-Owen Collection, 1843-1947 (mostly 1890-1927)

C0487 23 boxes 15 linear feet
Consists of selected papers of E. F. H. Sutton (Princeton Class of 1895) and his collection of papers of his longtime friends, the former Countess Marguerite (de Godart) Cunliffe-Owen and her husband, Frederick Cunliffe-Owen.
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Wanted Outlaws Posters Collection, 1911-1915

WC127 1 box 1.5 linear feet
The Wanted Outlaws Posters Collection contains 10 wanted posters for horse theft, larceny, counterfeiting, and murder from Colorado, Idaho, Montana, South Dakota, Utah, and Wyoming.

William H. Short Collection on the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, 1956-1962

C0348 2 boxes 0.9 linear feet
Consists of papers relating to the building of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York City and Frank Lloyd Wright, its architect, collected by William H. Short (Princeton Class of 1946), the project supervisor for the building.

Religion in Perú, 1871-2001

LAE079 262 items
This microfilm consists primarily of pamphlets published in Peru relating to church and religion. Themes covered include history, indigenous peoples, internal church affairs, youth, social issues, politics, biographies and art. The bulk of the material was published during the 1990s.

Pre-Raphaelite collection, 1858-1931

C0181 1 box 0.2 linear feet
Consists of letters written by members of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood and by individuals associated with or interested in this movement.
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Melvin M. Tumin Papers, 1942-2007

C1396 5 boxes 1.6 linear feet
Melvin Tumin was a professor of sociology and anthropology at Princeton University. Consists of correspondence, articles, papers, and book reviews by Melvin Tumin, including his dissertation research on the ladino and Pokomám Maya population of San Luis Jilotepeque in Eastern Guatemala. The collection is especially notable for Tumin's correspondence with writers Saul Bellow, Iris Murdoch, and Philip Roth.

George Field Collection of Freedom House Files, 1933-1990 (mostly 1941-1969)

MC048 7 boxes
This collection contains George Field's files of the organization Freedom House (1933-1990; Bulk Dates 1941-1969). Freedom House was formed in October 1941 as an organization dedicated to the defense of freedom throughout the world--a cause perceived to be in great danger. Founding members included George Field, Dorothy Thompson, Wendell L. Willkie, Herbert Agar, Herbert Bayard Swope, and Rex Stout. These and other members had been involved in both Fight For Freedom and in the New York Chapter of the Committee to Defend America By Aiding the Allies. Freedom House carried on the spirit of these two organizations by acting as a clearing house of information. Its first agenda was to work, during World War II, to prepare the country for peace, and then after the war to continue to defend peace and freedom throughout the world. Throughout the period from 1941 to 1967 George Field was the Executive Director of Freedom House and was in charge of the day-to-day activities as well as the long-range planning for the organization. These records reflect Field's position in Freedom House during this time. The collection contains only the records that George Field retained from Freedom House, not the official records of the organization. Included in these records are Field's copies of Freedom House meeting minutes, correspondence, newspaper clippings, publications and writings, financial files, legal files, and photographs.

Philosophy Papers of George Tapley Whitney, 1920-1936

C0448 5 boxes
Consists of notes and lectures prepared by George Tapley Whitney while he was a professor of philosophy at Princeton University (1916-1936).

Office of Government Affairs Records, 1976-2003

AC213 38 boxes
The Office of Government Affairs is Princeton University's primary representative in Washington, D.C., acting as a liaison between University administration and Capitol Hill politicians. The records document the activities of the Office of Government Affairs, and contain correspondence, event files, chronological files, news clippings, and materials pertaining to the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory.

Politics in Peru, IV, 1976-2003

LAE041 3 boxes 5 items 1.5 linear feet
This collection contains pamphlets, articles, bulletins, pronouncements, flyers, posters, and other miscellaneous items addressing a range of political issues in Peru, including the electoral process, electoral education, corruption, impunity, privatization, and rondas campesinas (sometimes translated as peasant patrollers).

Princeton University Commencement Records, 1748-2022

AC115 30 boxes 1 folder
The Commencement Records contain programs, bulletins, announcements and newspaper clippings which document commencement activities from 1748 to the present. Files are arranged chronologically by year. In addition there are separate series consisting of bound programs, electrical broadcast transcriptions, bound commencement notices, oversize material, and audio recordings of various commencement, class day, and baccalaureate activities.

Steven Barclay Collection, 1904-2008 (mostly 1920-1940)

C1487 6 boxes 3.0 linear feet
A collection containing original manuscripts, letters, documents, photographs, association copies of books, and other printed material, chiefly by or pertaining to Adrienne Monnier (1892-1955) and Sylvia Beach (1887-1962), and their respective bookshops in Paris: La Maison des Amis des Livres and Shakespeare & Company.

World War I in France Photographs, 1914-1918

C0925 5 boxes
Consists of a collection of photographs of World War I scenes in France that were tipped into photo albums. Some of them have appeared in published works.

Frothingham Family Collection, 1850-1950

C0303 7 boxes 2.8 linear feet
Consists mainly of correspondence between family members of Arthur L. Frothingham, who was a Princeton professor of archaeology (1886-1905). The collection includes correspondence and family photographs from his father, Arthur L. Frothingham, mother, Jessie Peabody Frothingham, and sister, Jessie Peabody Frothingham. Also present are manuscripts concerning Arthur L. Frothingham's study (ca.1912) on arches in the Roman Empire.

Lecture Notes Collection, 1772-1990

AC052 80 boxes
This collection contains over 600 sets of student notes taken from lectures given by members of Princeton's faculty. They represent the broad range of courses taught at Princeton University (known as the College of New Jersey prior to 1896) and include the works of numerous famous faculty and students.

Danubio Torres Fierro Papers, 1952-2003 (mostly 1971-2003)

C1229 1 box 0.2 linear feet
Consists of selected correspondence of the Uruguayan writer and editor Danubio Torres Fierro.

WPRB Records, 1939-2019

AC306 18 boxes 4 items
WPRB is the student-operated FM radio station of Princeton University, providing music and live sports broadcasts to the Princeton campus community and surrounding areas. The records consist of various materials which document the origins and development of WPRB, including constitutions, by-laws, photographs, membership lists, clipped articles, board minutes, correspondence, and financial reports.

Jimmy Tarlau Collection on the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), 1965-1975

AC495 1 box 1.0 linear feet (1 container)
Jimmy Tarlau, Class of 1970, was a member of the national Students for a Democratic Society and other student activist activities at Princeton. This collection contains personal records of Princeton's chapter from Tarlau, The New Left Notes newspaper, and subject files of local and national activist movements.

Charles W. Tinckam Collection, 1866-1873

C1234 1 box 0.2 linear feet
Consists of correspondence of nineteenth-century English editor Charles W. Tinckam with about 45 poets, authors, songwriters, or their representatives, seeking permission to use their poems in his anthology The Poets' Year, Being Pastoral Pictures of the Season, which was published in 1874.

Samuel J. Bayard Papers, 1830-1886

C0083 2 boxes 0.6 linear feet
Consists, for the most part, of autograph manuscripts in prose and verse of Bayard (Princeton Class of 1820) and correspondence of Bayard, the Bayard family, John B. Guthrie, and Bayard Guthrie.

Eva Maria Garrick Estate Papers Concerning David Garrick, 1750-1832

C1590 9 boxes
Consists primarily of printed materials, as well as correspondence, documents, objects, and ephemera concerning British actor David Garrick from the estate of his wife, Eva Maria Garrick.

Sarah Anne Vinton Papers on Leonard Alden, 1816-1889

C1400 1 box 0.4 linear feet
Consists largely of correspondence between Sarah Anne Vinton and her cousin Leonard Case Alden, a Harvard graduate and lieutenant in the Civil War.

Thomas Burnside Morris Papers, 1861-2000

C1416 1 box 0.4 linear feet
Thomas Burnside Morris graduated from New York University in 1861 with a degree in civil engineering. He was a chief engineer of the Long Island Railroad, 1863; a division chief of the Panama Railroad, 1864-1865; a division chief of the Union Pacific Railroad, 1867-1869; and a division chief of the Northern Pacific Railroad, 1870-1874. He died in Oakland, California, on November 8, 1885. The collection consists primarily of material relating to Morris's role in the construction of the Union Pacific Railroad and the Northern Pacific Railroad.

Charles Henry Smyth Journals, 1892-1908

C0823 2 boxes 0.6 linear feet
Consists of journals kept by Princeton geology professor Charles Henry Smyth, from 1905 until his retirement in 1934.

John Beatty Family Collection, 1768-1804

C1010 1 box 0.2 linear feet
Consists primarily of 18th-century letters and documents of Princeton graduate (Class of 1769) and New Jersey politician John Beatty and other Beatty family members.

George Adams Graham Papers, 1935-1995 (mostly 1935-1964)

MC061 5 boxes
George Adams Graham, faculty member in the Department of Politics at Princeton University from 1935 to 1958, specialized in the field of public administration. He was also active in public life, serving on the Citizens Federal Committee on Education; the Committee on Indian Affairs (a subcommittee of the Hoover Commission on Organization of the Executive Branch of Government); the Committee on Public Administration of the Social Science Research Council; and the second Hoover Commission's Task Force on Personnel and Civil Service. His papers consist of reports, notes, correspondence, and subject files from his service in these capacities.

Allan H. Stevenson Papers, 1950-1968

C0630 8 boxes 3.2 linear feet
Consists of papers of Allan H. Stevenson relating to watermarks, papermaking, and block-books of the 15th and 16th centuries.
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Lindley M. Garrison Papers, 1850-1971 (mostly 1913-1916)

MC060 28 boxes
Lindley M. Garrison (1864-1932) was a lawyer who served as Secretary of War for President Woodrow Wilson from 1913 to 1916. Garrison's papers document his service as Secretary of War and include correspondence, writings, and newspaper clippings.

Historical Novels of Jere Wheelwright, 1948-1954

C0449 5 boxes
Consists of signed typescripts and galley proofs for four works of historical fiction by author Jere Wheelwright (1905-1961), (Princeton Class of 1927).

General Manuscripts Collection, 1765-2016 (mostly 1836-2016)

AC001 1.9 linear feet 5 boxes 1 folder
The General Manuscripts Collection consists of manuscripts and small collections of papers and records which are related in some way to the history of Princeton University. While most documents in the General Manuscripts collection were produced by alumni or student organizations, there are several documents produced by trustees, faculty, and other members of the University community.

Charles H. Schultz Collection, 1952-1958

AC387 3 boxes
Charles H. Schultz is a member of the Princeton Class of 1954. The collection consists of scripts, sides, photographs, reviews, programs, clippings, and miscellaneous material relating to the University Players, Theatre Intime, and the Triangle Club of Princeton during the years Schultz was a participant in these groups.

Elizabeth Benson Papers, 1966-2016

AC467 1 box
Elizabeth P. Benson is a curator and historian of Pre-Columbian art who has published and edited many works on the art of the ancient Americas. This small collection of Benson's papers contains material that reflects Benson's relationship with her friend and colleague Gillett G. Griffin, whose papers are also housed in the Princeton University Archives.