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Miscellaneous Dance Files Collection, 1940-1989

TC122 14 boxes 4.8 linear feet
The Miscellaneous Dance Files Collection contains printed programs, souvenir programs, clippings, and reviews of various ballet companies and choreographers.

Playbills Printed on Satin, 1803-1923

TC114 1 box 2 items 1.6 linear feet
The Playbills Printed on Satin collection comprises 46 playbills printed on satin fabric.

Gilbert and Sullivan Collection, 1879-1965 (mostly 1930-1960)

TC117 1 box 1 linear feet
Consists of playbills, programs, and some other printed material relating to the works of Gilbert and Sullivan.

Saint Louis Municipal Opera Collection, 1953-1954

TC143 2 boxes 2 linear feet
The Saint Louis Municipal Opera Collection consists of programs, souvenir books, press releases, publicity photographs, and miscellaneous items.

William C. and Cecil B. De Mille Collection, circa 1913-1940

TC142 1 box 0.4 linear feet
Willam Churchill De Mille (1878-1955) was an American playwright, producer, and lecturer. The William C. and Cecil B. De Mille Collection consists of playscripts by William, and some co-authored by his younger brother Cecil.
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A Play in Three Acts by William C. and Cecil B. de Mille, dates not examined

(in ms on cover page: "copy used by H.A.D.A for their production of same on March 6-1913 at Empire Theatre; Property of WwC de Mille, 230 West 107th St. – cover; William C. De Mille, 357 West 118th St. (crossed out, written in ms. 230 W. 107th St.) New York City)

William E. Potter Diary, 1859-1862

AC323 1 box
This diary was written by William E. Potter during his years at Harvard (law degree, 1861) and Princeton (B.A., 1863). For the most part the entries are daily with astute and observant comments on many of the public figures and events of this time. Among the more interesting entries are comments and descriptions of the Women's Rights Convention in Boston in 1860, the Massachusetts state prison; the election and inauguration of Abraham Lincoln; the surrender of Fort Sumter; the Battle of Bull Run; "pumping" (dunking) of Princeton students favoring secession; his religious awakening; and a final entry that reads simply "Enlisted."

Office of Development Donor Files, 1885-2014

AC240 204 boxes 4 items
The Office of Development is the centralized administrative unit which oversees Princeton University's many fundraising programs. Consists exclusively of closed donor files created and maintained by Princeton University's Office of Development. No other administrative records are included.

Livingston T. Merchant Papers, circa 1944-1972 (mostly 1954-1968)

MC095 29 boxes
Livingston T. Merchant was a diplomat and high-ranking government official. This collection consists of Merchant's papers, including correspondence, articles, notes, speeches, statements, interviews, clippings, printed matter, and personal papers.

War Service Bureau Records, 1940-1949

AC014 77 boxes
The records of the War Service Bureau include a wide range of documentation for Princeton men who served in World War II. Materials include biographical, military and school-related information, as well as correspondence between the students and Princeton University staff, faculty and students, and subject files for the War Service Bureau office.

William K. Selden Collection on the History of Health Services at Princeton University, 1880-1991

AC006 3 boxes
The William K. Selden Collection on the History of Health Services at Princeton University contains research materials gathered by Selden for the publication, The Heritage of Isabella McCosh (Princeton University Press, 1991). The collections contains drafts, comments on the drafts, photographs, manuscript notes and photocopies of documents made by Selden for the book.

Lesbian Gay Bisexual Alliance Records, 1972-2019

AC037 7 boxes 1 folder 1.9 GB
The Lesbian Gay Bisexual Alliance (LGBA), is the social and political organization for lesbian, gay, and bisexual students at Princeton University. The LGBA is the successor to the Gay Alliance of Princeton (GAP), Gay Women of Princeton (GWOP), the Lesbian and Bisexual Task Force (LBTF), and Gay and Lesbian Alliance of Princeton (GALAP). The records contain material regarding the LGBA's programs and its publications, as well as subject files assembled by the LGBA's officers and staff.

Emmet Hughes Papers, 1940-1976 (mostly 1952-1974)

MC073 22 boxes
Emmet John Hughes (1920-1982) was a journalist and speechwriter. The collection is primarily composed of drafts, research files, reviews, and other materials pertaining to various books and articles written by Hughes. The collection also documents Hughes's work as a speechwriter for Dwight D. Eisenhower in the presidential campaigns of 1952 and 1956 and the first year of Eisenhower's presidency, as well as his role as a political advisor and speechwriter for Governor Nelson Rockefeller's 1968 presidential bid.

Joseph Coy Green Papers, circa 1907-1977 (mostly 1931-1953)

MC065 41 boxes
Joseph Coy Green (Princeton Class of 1908) served in a number of State Department positions, including his appointment as special representative to the International Institute of Agriculture in Rome (1931), chairman of the Armaments Commission (1944-1946), member of the U.S. Mission to observe the elections in Greece (1946), director of the Foreign Service Board of Examiners, and ambassador to Jordan (1952-1953). Included in this collection are correspondence, journals, scrapbooks, diaries, reports, notes, and printed matter.

Robert F. Goheen Papers, 1889-2008 (mostly 1939-2000)

MC204 25 boxes 1 folder 2 items
The Robert F. Goheen Papers contain records that Robert F. Goheen kept mainly before and after he was president of Princeton University (1957-1972). They include files Goheen kept as a graduate student, instructor and professor in Princeton University's Department of Classics for the period 1939-1957. The collection also contains U.S. army records for 1942-1945, when Goheen had interrupted his studies for service in the Second World War, and for 1945-1956, when he served in the Officers Reserve Corps. The majority of the files concern Goheen's post-presidential years, when he was Chair of the Council on Foundations (1972-1977), Ambassador to India (1977-1980), and Director of the Mellon Fellowships in the Humanities (1981-1998), as well as Senior Fellow Public and International Affairs at Princeton's Woodrow Wilson School. In addition, the collection contains some speech notes Goheen kept and some photographs of Goheen from his tenure as President of Princeton University.

Brooks Emeny Papers, 1921-1980 (mostly 1940-1980)

MC047 57 boxes
The papers of Brooks Emeny (1901-1980, Class of 1924) consist of two separate collections: a collection of 28 boxes which he donated to Princeton University (Manuscripts Collection 047) and a bequest of 54 boxes to the Woodrow Wilson School of Princeton University (AM 16540). Brooks Emeny, author and lecturer, was a member of the advisory council of the Woodrow Wilson School 1957-1980.

George Adams Graham Papers, 1935-1995 (mostly 1935-1964)

MC061 5 boxes
George Adams Graham, faculty member in the Department of Politics at Princeton University from 1935 to 1958, specialized in the field of public administration. He was also active in public life, serving on the Citizens Federal Committee on Education; the Committee on Indian Affairs (a subcommittee of the Hoover Commission on Organization of the Executive Branch of Government); the Committee on Public Administration of the Social Science Research Council; and the second Hoover Commission's Task Force on Personnel and Civil Service. His papers consist of reports, notes, correspondence, and subject files from his service in these capacities.

Paix et Liberté Collection, 1950-1952

MC102 1 box 1 folder
French politician Jean-Paul David created Paix et Liberté, a French anti-Communist propaganda organization, in the fall of 1950 for the purpose of waging a poster campaign in direct opposition to political posters published by the French Communist Party since the end of World War II. The organization often used the words and themes of the French Communist Party's posters to ridicule their political agenda.

Phi Beta Kappa Records, 1896-1969

AC034 3 boxes 1 folder
The Princeton University Phi Beta Kappa Records consist of correspondence, reports, minutes, and other materials relating to the administration, membership, and finances of this organization.

Faculty and Professional Staff files, Subgroup 2: B, 1764-2014

AC107-02 93 boxes
Princeton University's Dean of the Faculty is the senior administrator responsible for the quality and well-being of the faculty and professional staff of the university. The collection consists of personnel files for nearly every individual at one time employed as a member of Princeton University's faculty or professional staff.

Historical Photograph Collection, Student Photographers Series, circa 1888-1891

AC163 5 boxes
The Student Photographers Series of the Historical Photograph Collection (HPC) contains photographs taken by Princeton University students in the late nineteenth century. These photographs comprise candid shots of fellow students, events, and images of the Princeton campus and town.

Princeton Draft Information Center records, 1960-1970

AC382 3 boxes
The Princeton Draft Information Center was a project of the Fellowship of Reconciliation during the Vietnam war era to provide counselling to young man subject to the draft.

Faculty and Professional Staff files, Subgroup 11: N, 1764-2014

AC107-11 220 boxes
Princeton University's Dean of the Faculty is the senior administrator responsible for the quality and well-being of the faculty and professional staff of the university. The collection consists of personnel files for nearly every individual at one time employed as a member of Princeton University's faculty or professional staff.

Faculty and Professional Staff files, Subgroup 12: O, 1764-2014

AC107-12 168 boxes
Princeton University's Dean of the Faculty is the senior administrator responsible for the quality and well-being of the faculty and professional staff of the university. The collection consists of personnel files for nearly every individual at one time employed as a member of Princeton University's faculty or professional staff.

Faculty and Professional Staff files, Subgroup 10: M, 1764-2014

AC107-10 397 boxes
Princeton University's Dean of the Faculty is the senior administrator responsible for the quality and well-being of the faculty and professional staff of the university. The collection consists of personnel files for nearly every individual at one time employed as a member of Princeton University's faculty or professional staff.

David Wilkinson Papers, 1957-2002 (mostly 1961-2001)

C0945 16 boxes
The David Wilkinson Papers consists of the scientific writings, professional correspondence, and subject and project files of David T. Wilkinson (1935-2002), the renowned experimental physicist and cosmologist who taught and conducted research in the Department of Physics at Princeton University from 1963 until his retirement in 2002. Wilkinson was a pioneer in the study and analysis of cosmic microwave background radiation, the nature and existence of which have yielded, through his lifetime's work, solid evidence for the Big Bang theory of the universe's birth. This collection contains the administrative (including his NASA and/or National Science Foundation funding and accounting paperwork) and background history of two of Wilkinson's main projects -- the Cosmic Background Explorer (COBE) and Microwave Anisotropy Probe (MAP) -- as well as evidence of the many and varied academic activities in his career.

William McElwee Miller Collection of Bābī Writings and Other Iranian Texts, 1846-1923

C0723-1-47 47 Volumes
Consists of 47 bound volumes of chiefly Babi texts in Arabic and Persian composed or copied between 1846 and 1923 and purchased by William McElwee Miller, a Presbyterian clergyman and a missionary in Iran from 1919 to 1962.
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Khuṭbah qahrīyah, dates not examined

Incipit: بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم الحمد لله الذى تقهر بتقهير تقهّر اقتهار قهر قهاريته على كينونيات المشركات من الممكنات ... اما بعد فاعلم ايها الكافر بالله والمشرك باياته والمعرض عن جنابه

Short treatise on the disconnected letters of the Qurʼān (al-ḥurūf al-muqaṭṭaʻah), dates not examined

Incipit: بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم الحمد لله الذى جعل طراز الواح الاختراع اسرار الابداع التى عيّنت قبل ما شيّئت واقضت بعد ما قدّرت

Review: Latin American Literature and Arts Author Files, 1964-1994 (mostly 1965-1985)

C0812 45 boxes
Consists of author files of Review: Latin American Literature and the Arts.

Faculty and Professional Staff files, Subgroup 3: C, 1764-2014

AC107-03 403 boxes
Princeton University's Dean of the Faculty is the senior administrator responsible for the quality and well-being of the faculty and professional staff of the university. The collection consists of personnel files for nearly every individual at one time employed as a member of Princeton University's faculty or professional staff.

Faculty and Professional Staff files, Subgroup 16: Other, Unknown, and Multiple Departments, 1764-2014

AC107-16 231 boxes
Princeton University's Dean of the Faculty is the senior administrator responsible for the quality and well-being of the faculty and professional staff of the university. The collection consists of personnel files for nearly every individual at one time employed as a member of Princeton University's faculty or professional staff.

Faculty and Professional Staff files, Subgroup 13: P, 1764-2014

AC107-13 384 boxes
Princeton University's Dean of the Faculty is the senior administrator responsible for the quality and well-being of the faculty and professional staff of the university. The collection consists of personnel files for nearly every individual at one time employed as a member of Princeton University's faculty or professional staff.

Veterans of Future Wars Collection, 1936-1947 (mostly 1936-1937)

AC010 8 boxes
The Veterans of Future Wars Collection, consists of materials dating from the organization's parodical foundation as a Princeton-based student movement in 1936 through its eventual petering-out in 1937. The materials beyond the organization's cessation of activities deal with the Veterans of Future Wars' short but emphatic existence. The collection consists primarily of correspondence of the National Council members (all Princeton University undergraduates), the organization's nation-wide Posts, and its various auxiliary support groups. Also included are speeches and debates, press releases, poems, plays and songs written for the organization, photographs of both official and personal nature, and newspaper clippings.

U.S.S. Princeton [C.V.L.-23] Collection, 1941-1990

AC008 2 boxes
The U.S.S. Princeton [C.V.L.-23] Collection, located in the University Archives, contains research materials for the book, Carrier Down, by Marcia Clark in which the history of the U.S.S. Princeton is chronicled.

Faculty and Professional Staff files, Subgroup 1: A, 1764-2014

AC107-01 367 boxes
Princeton University's Dean of the Faculty is the senior administrator responsible for the quality and well-being of the faculty and professional staff of the university. The collection consists of personnel files for nearly every individual at one time employed as a member of Princeton University's faculty or professional staff.

George Macloskie Papers, 1857-1906

C0498 7 boxes 7.5 linear feet
George Macloskie was a Princeton professor of biology (1875-1906) and an ordained Presbyterian minister and lawyer. His collection consists of notebooks related to his class lectures and papers, scrapbooks, printed material, and a commonplace book (1906).

Nelson R. Burr Papers, 1917-1956

C0399 18 boxes
The Nelson R. Burr Papers consists of works, correspondence, documents, photographs, scrapbooks, juvenilia, and printed matter of American historian, Nelson R. Burr (Princeton Class of 1927). The collection contains materials from his book Education in New Jersey, 1630-1871 (1942), as well as notes, essays and personal correspondence from his undergraduate and graduate school years at Princeton.

James Barnes Papers, 1894-1936 (mostly 1930-1936)

C0051 3 boxes
James Barnes, Class of 1891, was a writer and military historian. The collection consists primarily of correspondence to Barnes from friends and contemporary writers, such as Joseph Choate, William Lyon Phelps, and Edith Wharton. Also included are carbons of some of Barnes's letters, memorabilia and papers of other persons.

William M. Armstrong Collection on E.L. Godkin, 1833-1978

C0560 14 boxes 6.5 linear feet
This collection consists of American historian William M. Armstrong's works and research material on Edwin Lawrence Godkin (1831-1902), a founder and editor of The Nation (1865-1881) and editor of the New York Evening Post (1883-1900). The collection contains typed manuscripts of Armstrong's biography on Godkin along with other writings, as well as photocopies, microfilms, and typescripts of correspondence.

Joseph Howard Scrapbooks, 1875-1908

C0452 14 boxes 16.5 linear feet
The Joseph Howard Scrapbooks collection consists of journalist Joseph Howard's scrapbooks of press clippings and articles he wrote over the years for several New York City newspapers.

Louis O. Coxe Collection, 1941-1977

C0210 14 boxes 5.4 linear feet
Louis O. Coxe (Princeton Class of 1940) was a noted twentieth-century poet, playwright, and critic. The collection contains autograph and typescript versions of Coxe's poetry and sixteen of Coxe's notebooks. Also included are materials for the play Billy Budd, such as notes, drafts, worksheets, galley proofs, and production notes.

R. D. Blackmore Collection, 1630-1956 (mostly 1873-1899)

C0201 1 box 0.45 linear feet
The collection contains 120 letters, which is mostly personal correspondence, by English novelist and poet R. D. Blackmore.

C. T. Lanham Papers on Ernest Hemingway, 1945-1978

C0305 3 boxes 1.25 linear feet
Charles Trueman Lanham was a life soldier who retired as a general and was also friends with Hemingway. The papers consist of Xerox copies of correspondence between Lanham and Hemingway, a chronology of his time in World War II, correspondence about Hemingway, and a draft of Carlos Baker's biography of Hemingway.

Everett S. Wallis Papers, 1935-1964

C0464 12 boxes 12.5 linear feet
This collection consists of correspondence, reports, articles, lectures, notes, and printed matter of American chemist, Everett Stanley Wallis, dating primarily from his tenure as Princeton professor of chemistry (1930-1965) and chairman of its biochemical sciences program, and as a research consultant for Merck & Co. of New Jersey and for other pharmaceutical companies.

Felice and Mildred Morris Autograph Collection, 1876-1961 (mostly 1895-1915)

C0093 1 box 0.45 linear feet
The Felice and Mildred Morris Autograph Collection consists of letters from numerous 19th- and early 20th-century actors, actresses, playwrights, and others associated with the theater, collected by the Morrises. Included are James Matthew Barrie, Edwin Booth, Dion Boucicault, Frances Hodgson Burnett, Wilkie Collins, Charlotte Cushman, Clyde Fitch, Charles Dana Gibson, Laurence Hutton, Louis Napoleon Parker, Adelina Patti, William Seymour, Otis Skinner, and Kate Wiggin.

Eugene O'Neill Collection, 1913-1993 (mostly 1913-1944)

C0281 1 box 0.45 linear feet
Eugene O'Neill, the celebrated American playwright, was a director of the Provincetown Players and a founder of the Theatre Guild. He won the Pulitzer Prize for Strange Interlude (1928) and, posthumously, for Long Day's Journey Into Night (1956). The collection consists of fifteen manuscripts of O'Neill, most of which are first drafts of plays and include preliminary notes.

Ian Hamilton Working Papers for J. D. Salinger: A Writing Life, 1934-1988 (mostly 1984-1987)

C0714 3 boxes 1.35 linear feet
Consists of papers of British poet and literary critic Ian Hamilton that were used in preparation of his biography J. D. Salinger: A Writing Life, which was never published as a result of judicial decisions in the case of J. D. Salinger vs. Random House and Ian Hamilton (1987).

N. Howell Furman Papers, 1903-1961

C0426 21 boxes 22.5 linear feet
N. Howell Furman (Princeton Class of 1913) was a professor of analytical chemistry at Princeton. His collection consists of scholarly papers, correspondence, miscellaneous material relating to the teaching of chemistry at Princeton.

Marion Eppley Collection of World War I Photographs, 1914-1918

C0803 1 volume 1.75 linear feet
This collection consists of an album of 38 photographs (5" x 7" and 9" x 11") taken during World War I and collected by Marion Eppley (Princeton Class of 1906).

D. Van Nostrand Company Collection of Edward M. Crane, 1834-1969

C0719 26 boxes 15.1 linear feet
The D. Van Nostrand Company Collection of Edward M. Crane consists of correspondence, financial papers, documents, diaries, photographs, artwork, printed matter, and other papers of the American publishing consultant and former president of D. Van Nostrand Company Edward Matthews Crane (1922- ).

Vance Thompson Papers, 1894-1925

C0224 7 boxes 3.15 linear feet
The Vance Thompson Papers consists of manuscripts, writings for the press, letters, documents, photographs and miscellanea of author and playwright Vance Thompson, Princeton Class of 1883.

Richard Watson Gilder Collection, 1880-1920

C0311 3 boxes
Richard Watson Gilder was a nineteenth century poet and editor. The collection consists of Gilder's letters to Maria Hornor Lansdale, one of Gilder's addresses, photographs, pamphlets, programs, and newspaper clippings.

Selected Papers of William B. Smith, 1918-1971

C0200 1 box 0.45 linear feet
Consists primarily of correspondence between childhood friends William B. Smith and Ernest Hemingway, the American author and Nobel Prize winner.

Princeton University Library Collection of John Davidson Materials, 1879-1945 (mostly 1890-1909)

C0215 4 boxes 1.4 linear feet
John Davidson was a late nineteenth- and early twentieth-century Scottish poet hailed for his provincial, melancholy body of work. This collection contains letters, manuscripts, reports, galley proofs with Davidson's holograph corrections, documents, and clippings pertaining to his literary career.

China Papers of Grace Newton, 1864-1915

C0520 2 boxes 0.8 linear feet
The China Papers of Grace Newton consists of letters and assorted papers of the American Presbyterian missionary and teacher Grace Newton (1860-1915) related to her missionary work in China.

Arthur Gläser Papers, 1919-1948

C0431 5 boxes 1.9 linear feet
Consists of the writings, notes, diaries, calendars, ledgers, and miscellanea of the German novelist, poet, and critic Arthur Gläser (b. 1895 ).

Peter Schwed Correspondence, 1948-1994 (mostly 1982)

C0825 1 box 0.2 linear feet
Consists of 40 letters by various authors to Peter Schwed on the occasion of his retirement in 1982 as editor, publisher, and vice-president (1945-1982) of Simon and Schuster, Inc. Also present are brief comments on these letters by Schwed and a copy of his self-published Plum to Peter: Letters of P. G. Wodehouse to his Editor Peter Schwed (1996).

Charles Greene Rockwood Collection on Earthquakes, 1872-1907

C0802 6 boxes 3.25 linear feet
Charles Greene Rockwood was a professor of mathematics from 1877 to 1905 at Princeton Unviersity, and had many interests in seismology and general scientific study. Consists of scrapbooks of newspaper clippings, letters, notes, and printed matter compiled by Charles Greene Rockwood, relating to earthquakes, tidal waves, volcanos, and unusual astronomical occurrences.

Selected Correspondence of Margaret Randall, 1977-1999

C0861 6 boxes 2 items 2.5 linear feet
The Selected Correspondence of Margaret Randall consists of letters exchanged between the American Marxist, poet, editor, author Margaret Randall, and many Latin American poets, writers, journalists, editors, and friends. Also included are subject files, articles, and printed matter relating to Cuba and Nicaragua. Randall was born in New York, but spent most of her adult life in Latin America. In 1961 she moved from Albuquerque, New Mexico to Mexico, then to Cuba in 1969, and from there to Nicaragua in 1980, returning to Albuquerque in 1984.

Sidney P. Clay Family Collection, 1783-1846 (mostly 1800-1844)

C0404 1 box 0.45 linear feet
The Sidney P. Clay Collection consists of correspondence, documents, and photographs of Clay (Princeton Class of 1821) and members of his family, and includes some correspondence of the Reed family.

Gerald Eades Bentley Papers, 1927-1980s (mostly 1940-1970)

C0754 9 boxes
Shakespearean scholar Gerald Eades Bentley was a professor of English at Princeton University (1945-1970) and assistant librarian for Special Collections (1971-1973). His papers consists of notes, typescripts, and galleys for three published works, The Jacobean and Caroline Stage (1941-1968), The Profession of Dramatist in Shakespeare's Time, 1590-1642 (1971), and The Profession of Player in Shakespeare's Time, 1590-1642 (1984), as well as various speeches, articles, and correspondence about his works.

Charles Homer Haskins Papers, 1834-1960 (mostly 1909-1937)

C0702 34 boxes 16.8 linear feet
Consists of selected papers of American historian Charles Homer Haskins reflecting his academic career and government appointments.

Ruth E. and Edward M. Brecher Collection on William F. Mannix, 1950-1965

C0675 4 boxes 4.5 linear feet
Consists of papers gathered and generated by Ruth E. and Edward M. Brecher while researching the life of William Francis Mannix (1870?-1920), a journalist, soldier of fortune, grafter, and literary forger, for a proposed biography that was never completed. Included are manuscript drafts, correspondence and documents relating to Mannix's background, psychopathic personalities, and literary forgeries.

W. J. Linton Collection, 1840-1897

C0174 1 box 0.4 linear feet
William James Linton was an English-born engraver and political activist. The collection consists of 36 of Linton's letters, related correspondence, and other miscellaneous materials. Three manuscripts of poems, possibly Linton's, a manuscript of a novel by Elizabeth Fitzgerald, and unidentified artwork complete the collection.

Robert Granville Caldwell Autograph Collection, 1823-1902

C0096 1 box 0.25 linear feet
The Robert Granville Caldwell Autograph Collection consists of correspondence and memorabilia of Caldwell, an American professor and public official.

Edward D. Duffield Correspondence with Josephine Curtis, 1890-1903

C0810 13 boxes 6.2 linear feet
Edward D. Duffield (Princeton Class of 1892) was a general solicitor of the Prudential Insurance Company of America and eventually became president. The correspondence consists of letters between Duffield and Josephine Curtis, his future wife. The letters date primarily from their courtship, which a few later letters and two family photograph albums.

Harold Ruland Papers on Sebastian Munster, 1934-1961 (mostly 1950-1960)

C0512 4 boxes 4.5 linear feet
Consists of research material of American educator and historian Harold Ruland relating to his study of Sebastian Munster (1489-1552) and the history of cosmography and early cartography.

Selected Papers of Thomas W. Hotchkiss, 1891-1935

C0166 1 box 0.4 linear feet
The Selected Papers of Thomas W. Hotchkiss consists of articles, notes, correspondence, and clippings of the American lawyer, editor, magazine writer, professional researcher, and Princeton graduate (Class of 1889) Thomas W. (Thomas Woodward) Hotchkiss (1867-1953).

Ira Owen Wade Collection, 1914-1969

C0374 13 boxes
Ira Owen Wade (Princeton Class of 1924) was a professor of French in Princeton's Department of Romance Languages and Literatures. His collection consists of typescript of his writings on Voltaire, professional correspondence, research notes, and some student work.

William F. Shellman Papers, 1930s-1980s

C0906 20 boxes
William F. Shellman was a member of the Dept. of Architecture faculty at Princeton University faculty forty years (1946-1986). He taught introductory courses in architecture and the visual arts and courses designed to heighten architectural students' visual sensitivity. His collection consists of his papers, primarily lectures and notes for his classes, but including matted illustrations and photographs of sample forms of architecture, cassette tapes of lectures, slides, architectural drawings, and watercolors.

Benjamin Kennicott Collection, circa 1762

C0852 1 box 0.5 linear feet
Benjamin Kennicott was a biblical scholar who specialized in the collation, translation, and publication of Hebrew texts. He held positions as Vicar of Culham (1753-1783) and Radcliffe librarian at Oxford (1767-1783). Collection consists of selected manuscripts by or related to Kennicott.

Helmut Meyer Papers, 1938-2000

C1039 16 boxes 16.4 linear feet
Helmut Meyer was a German-born American citizen who fought for the United States in World War II and founded the Helmut Meyer Literary Agency in New York City. The collection contains files from the Helmut Meyer Literary Agency, propaganda from both the Allies and the Axis from World War II, manuscripts of Meyer's own work, and correspondence from friends and clients.

Morris W. Croll Collection, 1905-1930

C0312 8 boxes 3.5 linear feet
Consists of the notes for lectures, articles, and books of Morris W. Croll, who taught literature at Princeton.

James B. Rankin Autograph Collection, 1834-1931

C0120 1 box 0.4 linear feet
The Autograph Collection includes letters from nineteenth and early twentieth century English, French, and American illustrators. A few manuscripts and illustrations are included as well.

Alexander and Kenneth McKenzie Correspondence, 1867-1917

C0206 1 box 0.25 linear feet
The collection consists of letters addressed to McKenzie, a Boston clergyman, and his son Kenneth (1870-1949), an educator, from a variety of prominent persons in the late 1800s and early 1900s.

P. Voorhoeve Collection of Batak Manuscript Translations, 1953-1985

C0936 2 boxes 0.8 linear feet
The P. Voorhoeve Collection of Batak Manuscript Translations consists primarily of English translations of Batak manuscripts by Petrus Voorhooeve. Also includes some related articles (drafts) and catalogue descriptions.

Student Notebooks of John Preston Hoskins, 1891-1892

C0445 2 boxes 0.8 linear feet
The Student Notebooks of John Preston Hoskins consists of notebooks of the American educator and German linguist John Preston Hoskins (1867-1935) covering the period that he was a graduate student in Germany. Hoskins later had a lengthy career as a professor of German at Princeton University, teaching from 1895 to 1935.

Massachusetts Elementary School Student Compositions Collection, 1866-1880

C0969 1 box 0.2 linear feet
The Massachusetts Elementary School Student Compositions Collection consists of short, nineteenth-century essays on a variety of topics written by children from Wilbraham, Massachusetts.

Essays by Jewish-American Immigrant Women, circa 1925-1929

C0880 1 box 0.5 linear feet
This collection consists of essays written by mainly Jewish women immigrants to the United States, regarding their lives and experiences. They were written in connection with English language classes given by the National Council of Jewish Women's Department of Immigrant Aid, and initially collected through a contest sponsored by the same organization. The winning essays were originally published in the journal The Immigrant, a publication of the Council.

Norman Walter Haring Papers, 1918-1923

C0438 4 boxes 1.7 linear feet
The Norman Walter Haring Papers consists of lecture notes, manuscripts, and a diary fragment of the American art historian, professor, and Princeton graduate (Class of 1919) Norman Walter Haring (1898-1944).

Julia Burt Atteberry Papers, 1829-1979 (mostly 1911-1973)

C0226 5 boxes 1.8 linear feet
Julia Burt Atteberry was the daughter of Maxwell Struthers Burt (Princeton Class of 1904) and Katharine Newlin Burt, who were both writers and established one of the first "dude" ranches in the West. This collection consists of correspondence between various members of the Burt family and some of their manuscripts, miscellaneous correspondence, documents, and journals.

Bernardo Canal Feijóo Correspondence, 1922-1981 (mostly 1930-1945)

C0690 1 box 0.25 linear feet
Bernardo Canal Jeijóo was a lawyer and poet in Argentina during the twentieth century. His correspondence consists of letters with other writers and artists about both the arts and everyday life.

James M. Ludlow Manuscripts, 1886-1931

C0347 2 boxes 0.6 linear feet
The James M. Ludlow Manuscripts consist of assorted manuscripts and a small selection of miscellaneous material of the American Presbyterian clergyman, author, and Princeton graduate (Class of 1861), James Meeker Ludlow (1841-1932).

William Malliol Papers, 1967-1986

C0510 33 boxes 14.75 linear feet
William Malliol (the pseudonym of William T. McInenly) was a native of London, England. He joined the U.S. Marine Corps in 1950 and served in Korea, where he became a sergeant and received three Purple Hearts. He joined the French Foreign Legion in 1954 and served in the Algerian War. He was also in the Royal Air Force from 1956 to 1958. His papers consist of diaries, notes, literary manuscripts, photographs, and art work.

Charles A. and Anne Morrow Lindbergh Papers, 1940-1958

C0697 6 boxes 2.3 linear feet
Charles A. Lindbergh and Anne Morrow Lindbergh were a famous twentieth-century aviation couple. The papers consist of manuscripts of Charles's A Letter to Americans and Anne's The Wave of the Future, A Confession of Faith, with related correspondence.

Selected Papers of Alfred S. Dashiell, 1921-1967

C0212 3 boxes 1.35 linear feet
Alfred S. Dashiell was an American writer and editor. His papers relate primarily to his time as editor of Scribner's and Reader's Digest. Letters, memorabilia, and incomplete manuscripts of Thomas Wolfe appear, along with letters from other authors, assorted correspondence, and papers dealing with the Princeton matters of Terrace Club, Graduate Council, Hibben Fund, and Class of 1923 reunions.

Theodore Holmes Papers, 1949-1976 (mostly 1951-1971)

C0805 24 boxes
Consists primarily of published and unpublished poetry manuscripts, as well as correspondence with various publishers, of American poet Theodore Holmes (Princeton Class of 1951).

Frederick Crafts Photographs Collection, 1788-1861

C0952 2 boxes
The Frederick Crafts Photographs Collection consists of ambrotype and tintype photographs, and a pony skin box of the American photographer Frederick Crafts (fl. 1850-1860s).

Clarke Family Papers, 1710-1906 (mostly 1802-1890)

C0403 1 box 0.45 linear feet
The Clarke family lived and farmed in the Stony Brook - Quaker Bridge area of Middlesex County, New Jersey, now known as Clarkesville of Mercer County. The collection includes documents of the Clarke family such as deeds, wills, and mortgages of various generations of Clarkes.

S. S. Van Dine Scrapbooks, 1916-1939

C0346 68 Volumes 7.21 linear feet
Educated in California and at Harvard, Willard Huntington Wright became editor of The Smart Set (1913-1914). After suffering a serious illness in 1925, he turned to writing detective novels under the pseudonym of "S. S. Van Dine". His papers consist of scrapbooks reflecting the professional and private life of Van Dine, including articles by and about him (1926-1930), reviews of his books, motion pictures, and radio plays, his literary and art criticism, and miscellaneous and general notes (1926-1937).

William Dean Howells Collection, 1863-1919

C0168 1 box 0.2 linear feet
Consists of correspondence and selected manuscripts of the American critic, novelist, poet, and playwright William Dean Howells.

Dora Marsden Collection, 1907-1961 (mostly 1909-1914)

C0283 4 boxes 1.60 linear feet
Dora Marsden was an English author, editor, and suffragette. The collection contains correspondence about Marsden's books and periodicals, manuscripts sent to the periodicals, correspondence with other feminists, part of James Joyce's A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, and correspondence with contemporary literary figures.

Charles Richard Williams Papers, 1863-1927 (mostly 1900-1927)

C0231 9 boxes 9.9 linear feet
Charles Richard Williams, Princeton Class of 1875, was an author and editor of the Indianapolis News between 1892-1911. The collection consists of selected holograph and typescript manuscripts of nonfiction, lectures, essays, poetry, translations, and paraphrases of Williams, as well as correspondence and documents pertaining to him, correspondence of other persons, and some of his works in print.

Ellen McCarter Doubleday Papers, 1930s-1978

C0747 13 boxes
Ellen McCarter Doubleday was the wife of Nelson Doubleday (1889-1949), president of the publishing firm Doubleday & Company, and daughter of Thomas N. McCarter (Princeton Class of 1888), president of the Public Service Co. of New Jersey and a Princeton University benefactor. After her husband's death, she served on the board of directors of Doubleday until she moved to Hawaii in 1965. Papers consist of personal and business correspondence of Ellen McCarter Doubleday.

Boudinot Family Collection, 1772-1852

C0725 2 boxes 0.6 linear feet
The collection consists of correspondence and documents of various members of the Boudinot family of New Jersey, regarding family, business, and political affairs. Most of the correspondence is related to Elias Boudinot IV (Trustee of Princeton University, 1772-1821) and his brother Elisha but many other family members are also represented.

John Daggett Collection, 1880s-1914

C0954 1 box 0.8 linear feet
The John Daggett Collection consists primarily of 41 photographs taken by Daggett documenting his mining life in the Black Bear, Siskiyou County, California, area in the late 1800s.

Robert M. McClung Manuscripts, 1969-1980

C0372 10 boxes 2 items 3.6 linear feet
Robert M. McClung (Princeton's Class of 1939) was an American writer of children's fiction and non-fiction, especially about animals and natural history. His papers contain five manuscripts of published works by McClung on wildlife conservation and endangered species. The collection includes the original edited typescripts, outlines, workbooks and notes, page and galley proofs, Xerox copies, reference material, maps, and illustrations of the books, as well as related correspondence.

Lewis B. Stilwell Papers, 1886-1939

C0584 49 boxes 22.5 linear feet
The collection consists of American electrical engineer and Princeton trustee Lewis B. Stillwell's engineering reports, correspondence, photographs, blueprints, maps, and printed matter. His professional correspondence relates to his work as an electrical engineer with several energy companies, while his personal papers contain material related to his service as a Princeton trustee.

Jack Iams Mystery Novels, 1946-1950

C0049 5 boxes
Jack Iams (Samuel Harvey Iams, Jr.), Class of 1932, was a noted mystery writer in the first part of the twentieth century. The collection includes notes, drafts, outlines, and typescripts for seven of Iams's mysteries, as well as several assorted items, such a book jacket proofs and page proofs.

Heath Bowman Papers, 1923-1989

C0762 5 boxes 4.4 linear feet
Heath Bowman was a member of the Princeton University Class of 1931. After graduating, Bowman traveled extensively and later became a public affairs officer involved in Chile, Italy, France, and Yugoslavia. The papers consist of Bowman's 68 diaries from 1923 to 1989 and some of his photographs from the West Indies and South America.

Boarded Hall Estate (Barbados) Plantation Records, 1676-1887 (mostly 1712-1845)

C1227 2 boxes 1.5 linear feet
Consists of eighteenth and nineteeth-century records of Boarded Hall Estate, a slave plantation in Barbados in the West Indies. The material was found on the estate in the 1820s by George Harnage, the son of its last English owner, and annotated by him in subsequent years.
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End papers, dates not examined

End papers of the original binding of the manuscripts. It contains notes by Harnage regarding a letter he received from "Mr. Crichlow," December 28, 1838, about the main house on the estate having been blown down by the hurricane of 1831, about Goring owning a store in Bridgetown, and about another letter from "Mr. Pyle," proprietor of Brighton Estate which is also in the Parish of St. George.

Garland Publishing, Inc., Records, 1969-1991

C0850 38 boxes
This collection consists of correspondence of various Garland Publishing, Inc. staff members with authors, editors, and others, concerning permissions, copyrights, and production and editorial matters relating to their publication of facsimile and reprint editions of works by established writers. Also present are company catalogs and brochures arranged in two series, chronologically (1987-1996) and by subject.