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Philip A. Crowl Collection on John Foster Dulles, 1873-1965

MC164 15 boxes
Philip A. Crowl (1914-1991) was a military historian who taught at universities and conducted research for the United States government, and also served as an intelligence officer. Crowl's Collection on John Foster Dulles is composed of Crowl's research materials for an unwritten biography on Dulles, including photocopies of correspondence, oral histories, and other materials about Dulles's entire career, as well as his family and personal life.

Selected Papers of George Alexander Thompson, 1797-1828

C0963 1 box 0.21 linear feet
Consists of corrected proofs, printed ephemera, and autograph letters of nineteenth-century English scholar and author George Alexander Thompson.
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American Civil Liberties Union Washington, D.C. Office Records, 1948-1970

MC190 35 boxes
This collection consists of the papers received and generated by the staff of the Washington, D.C. Office of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) during the 1950s and 1960s. The ACLU is a leading defender of civil liberties in the United States. Founded in 1920, it has been the recipient of sharp criticism for its willingness to defend unpopular causes and has participated in a majority of the landmark cases to come before the Supreme Court in the twentieth century. The Washington Office's primary responsibility is to monitor legislative issues. In the 1950s the office worked against abuses caused by McCarthyism, including loyalty oath requirements, powers of legislative investigating committees, and censorship of free speech and expression. In the late 1950s and early 1960s, the office focused on civil rights issues and the defense of alternative means of self expression. The Washington Office was also deeply involved with defending the civil liberties of those associated with the federal government and its agencies.

Quipfire! Records, 1992-1995

AC360 6 boxes 1 websites
Quipfire! is Princeton University's first student improvisational comedy group. The records contain promotional material, performances and founding documents for Quipfire!

Bruce C. Willsie Collection of William A. Newell, 1849-1928

C0518 1 box 0.4 linear feet
Consists of a small collection of material relating to physician and New Jersey Governor William A. Newell, acquired by Bruce Willsie (Princeton Class of 1986).

J. B. Rhine Collection on the New Frontiers of the Mind, 1937

C0011 1 box
The J. B. Rhine Collection on the New Frontiers of the Mind consists of galley proofs of the book by the American educator, psychologist, and author J. B. (Joseph Banks) Rhine (1895-1980).

K. Montgomery Ogden Papers, 1899-1938

C0533 3 boxes
Consists of photographs, scrapbooks, memorabilia, and newspaper clippings of Kneass Montgomery Ogden (Princeton Class of 1902). The bulk of the collection relates to his years as bursar of Canton Christian College in China.

Harvey Smith Novels, 1941-1965

C0638 3 boxes 1.8 linear feet
Consists of manuscripts and related material for four works of fiction by American novelist Harvey Smith (Princeton Class of 1917).

Archibald MacLeish Collection, 1925-1962

C0239 3 boxes 1.0 linear feet
Consists of selected manuscripts and correspondence of American poet/dramatist and Pulitzer Prize winner Archibald MacLeish.

John James Audubon Collection, 1788-1970

C0006 6 boxes 6 Volumes
John James Audubon (1785-1851) was a nineteenth-century ornithologist, artist, and naturalist who published his illustrations of American birds and quadrupeds. This collection includes several original manuscripts, transcripts and photostats of manuscripts, correspondence of John James and Lucy Bakewell Audubon (originals and copies), and other printed materials related to Audubon, which have been assembled from various sources.

Bunkley Research on Domingo Faustino Sarmiento, 1940s

C0505 1 box 0.4 linear feet
Consists of thirteen notebooks compiled by American biographer Allison Williams Bunkley while in South America doing research for his book The Life of Sarmiento (1952).
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Notebook labeled A: Book III: The Conception (1840-1846) with Pamphlet titled "Museo Historico Sarmiento", undated

I. Juan Manuel de Rosas by Carlos Ibarguren p. 1-15 II. Juan Facundo Quiroga by Ramón J. Cárcano p. 16-23 III. Quiroga by Carlos M. Urien p. 24-28 III. Obras, I Sarmiento pp. 1-23 p. 30-41 IV. Estudio de la Historia de Chile by Luis Galdames p. 43-52 V. Juicios de la Prensa sobre by Don Manuel Montt p. 53-55 VI. Cuatro Presdentes de Chile, I by Agustín Edwards Mac-Clure p. 57-70 VII. Biografía del General don Manuel Bulnes by Juan Bautista Alberdi p. 71 VIII. Juicios sobre el gobrierno de Bulnes by Diego Barros Arana p. 72 IX. Obras Completas by Sarmiento I p. 73-89 X. Dedication p. 90

Notebook labeled B: Sarmiento-Museo Mitre Correspondence, Works of Art, Letters in Collection of Carlos Sánchez Viamonte, Geographical Description by de Moussy, undated

I. Sarmiento-Mitre, Correspondence, 1846-1868 p. 1-7 II. Obras, I p. 8-59 III. Obras, II p. 61-79 IV. Obras, III "Mi Defensa" p. 81-84 V. Obras, IV Orthographic Reform p. 85-107 VI. Obras, IV Public Education p. 108-120 VIII. Letters in collection of Carlos Sánchez Viamonte (1837, 1866, 1867) p. 121-124 IX. Obras, V Viajes por Europa, Africa, i America p. 125 X. Obras, VI Politica Argentina p. 126-141 XI. Description Géographique by de Moussy p. 142-145 XII. Obras, VII Aldau, Quiroga, El Chacho p. 146-155 XIII. Obras, VIII Comentarios de la constitucion p. 156 XIV. Obras, IX Instituciones sud-americanos 1841-1845 p. 157-181

Notebook labeled C: The Conception (continued) + The Composition (after p. 68) + The Construction (after p. 99), undated

I. Obras, IX Instituciones sud-americanos 1847-1867 p. 1-5 II. Summary of Obras p. 6-7 III. Obras, X legislacion y progresos en Chile 1841-1845 p. 8-13 IV. Obras, X legislacion y progresos en Chile 1847-1852 p. 14-20 V.Obras, XXVIII Ideas pedogogicas 1841-1845 p. 22-33 VI. "El fraile Aldao" by Jorge A. Calle p. 37-38 VII. José Félix Aldao by Jorge A. Calle p. 39-42 VIII. "Barcala, el heroe negro" by Juan Pablo Eclague p. 43-44 IX. Obras, XXXIV "cuestiones americanas" p. 45-51 X. Obras, XLI Pagresos generales, vistas economicas p. 53 XI. Obras, XLIX Memoria p. 55-64 XII. Obras, LII Escritos diversos p. 65 XIII. Sarmiento Director de la Escuela Normal 1842-1845 p. 67 XIV. Obras, "Mi Defensa" p. 69-74 XV. Historia de los Gobernadores de les Provenciass Argentinas, IV by Zinny p. 75-84 XVI. Obras XLIX "Memorias" p. 85-89 XVIII. Obras LII "Escritos Diversos" p. 91-98 XVIII. El Zonda 1839 p. 99-104 XIX. Sarmiento-Posse Letters 1861-1870 p. 105-177 XX. Historia de los Gobernadores de les Provincias Argentinas by Zinny, III p. 179-180

Samuel Gillet Navy Journals, 1827-1834

C1464 1 box 0.4 linear feet
Samuel T. Gillet (1809-1890) served in the U.S. Navy in the Mediterranean, 1827-1837. This collection consists mostly of travel journals from Gillet's service in the Mediterranean, 1827-1834.

John Ellsworth Peters Papers, 1876-1918

C0544 3 boxes 1.35 linear feet
Consists of notes, correspondence, photographs, maps, and printed matter of John Ellsworth Peters (Princeton Class of 1870).
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Edwin Plimpton Adams Papers, 1900-1945

C0378 3 boxes 1.35 linear feet
Consists of writings, correspondence, notebooks, and printed matter of Princeton physicist Edwin Plimpton Adams relating to Meteor Crater (formerly Coon Mountain) in Arizona and the Elliptic Function Formula.
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Hans A. Widenmann Papers, 1915-1977 (mostly 1950-1977)

MC141 60 boxes
Hans A. Widenmann (1897-1976) was a stockbroker and economist with expertise in national and international monetary affairs. His successful business career was largely spent at Loeb, Rhoades & Company, and he was also frequently called upon to speak about international finance subjects. Widenmann's papers document his career at Loeb, Rhoades & Company and include his correspondence and writings, topical files, and biographical files.

Samuel Reber Collection, 1947-1957

C1255 1 box 0.2 linear feet
Consists chiefly of several official documents from the years just following World War II, when Samuel Reber was Acting Deputy Director for the Office of European Affairs with the U.S. Department of State and, later, Acting United States High Commissioner for Germany.

Carol Evans Collection on Adlai E. Stevenson, 1953-1979

MC127 6 boxes
Consists of papers retained by Carol Evans while she was secretary (1948-1961) of Stevenson and, later, assistant editor of The Papers of Adlai E. Stevenson (1972-1979), which were edited by Walter Johnson.

Hilaire Belloc Letters to Maria Hornor Lansdale, 1898-1937

C0142 1 box 0.4 linear feet
Consists of selected letters and manuscripts of British author Hilaire Belloc.

George B. Bacon Civil War Correspondence, 1855-1936

C0383 2 boxes 0.6 linear feet
George B. Bacon served as a lieutenant commander in the U.S. Navy during the American Civil War. Serving in several blockading squadrons, Bacon was involved in notable battles and engagements, including the capture of New Orleans and the Battle of Morris Island, S.C. The collection consists primarily of detailed letters Bacon wrote to his wife during the war along with some official wartime correspondence, and biographical materials about Bacon.

Juan Abreu Papers, 1974-1975

C0999 1 box 0.2 linear feet
Consists of manuscripts of A la Sombra del Mar and Libro de los Exhortaciones al Amor, notes, and one letter from Abreu to Reinaldo Arenas.

Eli Field Cooley Papers, 1803-1910

C0410 9 boxes 5.3 linear feet
Consists of sermons, correspondence, documents, diaries, commonplace books, diplomas, and miscellaneous financial papers of nineteenth-century pastor Eli Field Cooley (Princeton Class of 1806).
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Daniel Gano Gold Rush Scrapbook, 1846-1850

C1398 1 box 0.2 linear feet
Consists of a scrapbook compiled by Daniel Gano, documenting the California Gold Rush (1849-1850), including his son Stephen's journey to the gold fields of California and his subsequent experiences in "the diggings" there. "Images of this collection are available online at Digital PUL.
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Notes, undated

"Notes from English History": a handwritten leaf (by Stephen Gano?) noting important dates in English history. A curious item [pasted in the scrapbook] appears to be a passage copied (by Daniel Gano?) from "D. I. Journal" offering the writer's reports on the health and good spirits of Col. Collier"s company as it approaches Santa Fe as well as details on the desert scenery, including "lizards, serpents and scorpions" and the news that he himself had killed several buffalo on the plains.

George Rippey Stewart "Storm" Collection, 1940

C0128 3 boxes 1.2 linear feet
Consists entirely of material relating to Storm, a novel by George Rippey Stewart (Princeton Class of 1917) published in 1941.

18th-century French Documents, 1700-1799

C0575 2 boxes 0.8 linear feet
Consists of approximately 100 miscellaneous eighteenth-century French documents.

Brazilian Literature and Criticism: Pamphlets I, 1916-1991

LAE049 90 items
This microfilm contains pamphlets on Brazilian literature and criticism published in Brazil between 1916 and 1991.

Robert B. Oakley Papers, 1986-2014

MC280 3 linear feet (3 containers) 2.25 GB
Robert B. Oakley (1931-2014) was a Foreign Service Officer who served as U.S. Ambassador to Zaire, Somalia, and Pakistan. The collection consists of a comprehensive oral history with Oakley, along with his various speeches, articles, and papers on the topics of U.S. diplomacy and foreign relations.

Office of the Vice President for Finance and Treasurer Records, 1930-2017 (mostly 1972-1997)

AC233 87 boxes 1 websites
The Office of the Vice President for Finance and Treasurer is the administrative office at Princeton University responsible for overseeing the university's budget, procurement services, tax compliance, risk management, and other general, non-investment related fiduciary responsibilities. The records in this collection primarily document the activities of three consecutive administrators who held the position of vice president for finance, either solely or in combination with the roles of treasurer and vice president for administration: Paul B. Firstenberg (1972-1976), Carl W. Schafer (1976-1987), and Richard R. Spies (1988-2001). Also included are the records of Laurel B. Harvey, who served as assistant vice president for finance and administration under Schafer and Spies.

Olden Family Papers, 1769-1847

C0531 1 box 0.2 linear feet
Consists mostly of eighteenth-century correspondence and documents of members of the Olden family of New Jersey and Pennsylvania, including Benjamin Olden, Ephraim Olden, John Olden, and Samuel Olden.

Thomas Colchie '64 Collection on Jorge Amado, 1946-1991

C1450 2 boxes 0.5 linear feet
The collection consists of twenty-four audiocassette recorded interviews conducted by Thomas Colchie (Princeton University alumnus, Class of 1964) of or about Brazilian writer Jorge Amado. Recordings include interviews with Jorge Amado and other writers and artists speaking about Amado. Also includes photocopy documents about Amado's political involvement as an elected representative in Brazil's National Constituent Assembly from 1945-1947, and photocopy documents of Brazil's National Intelligence Service (SNI) file on Amado.

Remsen Family Collection, 1764-1835

C1188 1 box 0.2 linear feet
Consists of selected correspondence and documents of members of the Remsen family of New York.

Student Academic Work Collection, 1862-2009

AC374 9 boxes 1 folder
This collection consists of essays, notes on readings, laboratory notebooks, drawings and similar academic work products created by Princeton students.

William O. Baker Papers, 1912-2008

MC218 65 boxes
William O. Baker (1915-2005) was a prominent research chemist, head of Bell Laboratories, and a frequent advisor to the government on scientific affairs and technology. His government service spanned from the Truman administration through the Bush administration and focused on intelligence gathering and national security issues. Baker's papers document his government service beginning with President Eisenhower, as well as his career at Bell Labs, and include correspondence, writings, and reports.

John Everett Millais Letters to His Daughter Effie, 1874-1889

C1471 1 box 0.2 linear feet
Consists primarily of a series of over forty autograph letters by the English artist John Evereet Millais to his daughter Effie.

Henry Wikoff Collection, 1836-1884

C1270 1 box 0.2 linear feet
Consists of correspondence and other material by and about nineteenth-century American author and adventurer Henry Wikoff.

G. P. R. James Letters to Richard Bentley, 1829-1852

C1374 1 box 0.2 linear feet
Consists of 139 letters by English novelist and historian G. P. R. James to his London publisher, Richard Bentley.

University Players Collection, 1948-1961

AC381 18 boxes
The collection consists mainly of playbills, photographs, and clippings of press announcements and reviews of the University Players, a youthful group of Princetonians aspiring toward careers in the performing arts. Not entirely comprised of Princeton alumni and undergraduates, however, the organization provided experience and training for many hopefuls who have in fact succeeded in that goal. Taking its name from an earlier group with the same ambitions and who also made great contributions to American theatre and film, it provided the Princeton community with some exciting and meritorious summer theatre for more than a decade.

Karl L. Rankin Papers, 1916-1973

MC110 20 boxes
The Karl L. Rankin Papers consist of correspondence, writings, memoranda, diaries, scrapbooks, and photo albums kept by Mr. Rankin which span his lifetime and career as an ambassador.

Jesse Smith Blydenburgh Papers, 1856-1900

C0390 7 boxes 3.8 linear feet
Consists of correspondence, both personal and business, five ledgers (1859-1880), two photographs, and a diary (1869) of Jesse Smith Blydenburgh, a nineteenth-century importer-exporter in New York City.
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Enrique Lihn Collection, 1965-2006 (mostly 1966)

C1170 1 box 0.2 linear feet
Consists primarily of letters written to Nathalie Waag by Enrique Lihn, a Chilean poet.

Paul D. Taylor Papers, 1965-2017

MC294 3 boxes
Paul D. Taylor (1939-) is a career Foreign Service official who served as the U.S. ambassador to the Dominican Republic from 1988-1992. The collection documents Taylor's ambassadorship, his prior role as Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Inter-American Affairs, and his other State Department positions in the form of correspondence, memoranda, and speeches.

Renée Weiss Papers, 1939-2006

C1655 3 boxes 2.42 linear feet
Consists of professional and personal correspondence, travel diaries and related ephemera, notebooks, writings, and files relating to the Quarterly Review of Literature (QRL) of editor and writer Renée Karol Weiss (1923-2021). Some materials relate specifically to Renée's husband, poet and professor Theodore Weiss (1916-2003).
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Carter Godwin Woodson Correspondence with Charles H. Wesley, 1925-1950

C1310 1 box 0.2 linear feet
Consists, primarily, of a life-long series of correspondence between Carter Godwin Woodson, founder of the Association for the Study of Negro Life and History, and Charles H. Wesley, African-American historian and college president.

Norm Flayderman Collection of George E. Albee Materials, circa 1864-2007

C1558 4 boxes 2.4 linear feet
Consists primarily of United States Army officer George E. Albee's correspondence along with other papers, including a diary documenting his service with the 41st Infantry Regiment during the Indian Wars of 1869, which earned him the Medal of Honor. Some research files on Albee and his antiquean arms collection are also included.

Roger Senhouse Correspondence, 1919-1931

C1093 1 box 0.2 linear feet
Consists of selected correspondence of English editor and publisher Roger Senhouse.

Kenneth H. Rockey papers, 1912-1959 (mostly 1940-1945)

MC112 11 boxes
Consists of selected papers of Rockey (Princeton Class of 1916), including memoranda, correspondence, and reports from the period when he served as chairman (1942-1944) of the Navy Price Adjustment Board on the development and administration of defense contract renegotiations during World War II and post-war economic policy and planning.

Office of General Counsel Records, 1865-2016 (mostly 1971-1997)

AC283 343 boxes 1 websites
The Office of General Counsel, established in 1972, provides legal counsel to officers and departments of the University, and serves as legal representative for the University in litigation, administrative matters, and transactions. The records contain correspondence, memoranda, interview transcripts, administrative material relating to the Office of General Counsel and other departments, legal documents, grant and tax reports, legal briefs, affidavits, depositions, as well as litigation material involving estates, trusts, gifts, University employees, and various individuals and corporations.

James Croxall Palmer Collection, 1858-1860

C0970 1 box 0.2 linear feet
Consists of an autograph manuscript journal kept by naval surgeon, Dr. James Croxall Palmer (1811-1883), during his tour aboard the Macedonian as a member of the Mediterranean Squadron from 1858-1860.

William A. Fleet Papers, 1894-1983 (mostly 1916-1918)

C0775 1 box 0.4 linear feet
Consists of selected papers of William Fleet, the first American Rhodes Scholar.

Henry Clay Stewart Collection, 1882-1884

C1258 1 box 0.4 linear feet
Consists mostly of letters (1882-1884) Henry Clay Stewart sent to his parents while he was a student at the College of New Jersey (now Princeton University), providing an inside look at the life of a Princeton student towards the end of the nineteenth century.

Iōannēs Despotopoulos Collection of Photographs, circa 1920-1929

C1733 1 box 0.4 linear feet
Consists of a collection of (440) black-and white photographs (six photograph albums and a few loose photographs) of Iōannēs Despotopoulos, a Greek architect, with several family members, friends and colleagues in Athens, Chios, Mytilēnē, Delphi and other places in Greece; Constantinople and Prince island in Turkey; Berlin, Leipzig, and Munich in Germany; buildings in Romania; street scenes in Bulgaria; and Paris. They are mounted and bear handwritten captions in Greek either on the negative or the mount (measure from 1.5 x 3.5 cm to 13 x 18.2 cm.).
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University Chapel Stained Glass Windows Restoration records, 1999-2001

AC231 76 boxes
The Office of Physical Planning is one of several branches that together comprise the University's Department of Facilities. Consists of architectural surveys of the University Chapel with details of the window bays and the exterior facade, as well as photographs, slides, and microfilm documenting the work done on each window and sculpture during the 2000-2001 restoration, and day logs recording daily progress.

General John J. Pershing Expedition Photographic Postcard Collection, 1916-1917

C1359 1 box 0.2 linear feet
Photographic scenes of military camp life, soldiers, equipment, and battle scenes, including the identification and disposal of Mexican causalities during General John J. Pershing's Punitive Expedition into Mexico in 1916.

Mary Jane and Daniel Woodward Collection of M. F. K. Fisher Letters, 1946-1988

C1226 1 box 0.2 linear feet
Consists of selected letters by M. F. K. Fisher, a prolific writer of books dealing with food and the culture of cuisine.

Havelock Ellis Correspondence, 1931-1932

C0859 1 box 0.2 linear feet
Consists of 12 letters by Havelock Ellis, the British pioneering sexologist, to author Mrs. William B. D. Field, and three drafts of Mrs. Field's letters to Ellis.

Alice Raphael Collection of Faust Materials, 1938-1960

C1431 1 box 1.2 linear feet
The Alice Raphael Collection of Faust Materials contains photographs and epherema relating to the Yale bicentennial of Goethe's Faust , for which Alice Raphael's translation was used, as well as information about other productions of Faust and about Raphael's other work.

Thomas Maxwell Henry Translations, 1911

C0582 1 box 0.2 linear feet
Consists of English translations of Edmond Rostand's Cyrano de Bergerac and three of Theophile Gautier's short stories by Thomas Maxwell Henry (Princeton Class of 1879), an American lawyer.

Edmund Yates Collection, 1865-1926 (mostly 1876-1894)

C0376 3 boxes 1.1 linear feet
Consists of Edmund Yates's correspondence, photographs, and memoranda, as well as papers of others, relating to his founding and editorship of the London newspaper The World.

Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory Records, 1958-2021

AC332 6 boxes 988 digital files
The U.S. Department of Energy Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory (PPPL) is a Collaborative National Center for plasma and fusion science. Its primary mission is to develop the scientific understanding and the key innovations which will lead to a new fusion energy source. The PPPL Records include digitized historical negatives and publications from the PPPL Communications Office, documenting the people, projects, events, activities and physical grounds of the laboratory through a span of 49 years.

John Cleve Green Collection, 1866-1989

AC354 1 box
John Cleve Green was a Princeton-area businessman and investor who was a notable benefactor of Princeton College primarily during the administration of President James McCosh. The John Cleve Green Collection consists of research materials compiled regarding the life of John Cleve Green and his contributions to Princeton University.

Peggy Liss Collection on Carlos Fuentes, circa 1970s-1992

C1627 2 boxes
The Peggy Liss Collection on Carlos Fuentes consists of photographs, public relations materials, newspaper clippings, reviews, articles, publications, and program outlines pertaining to the collaboration between Peggy K. Liss and Carlos Fuentes on the television documentary series, The Buried Mirror.

Twining Family Papers, 1778-1934 (mostly 1845-1900)

C0817 1 box 0.6 linear feet
Consists of correspondence received by various members of the Twining family, originally of New Haven and Litchfield, Connecticut, and later of New York. There are letters both personal and professional in nature.

Woodrow Wilson Additional Materials, 1761-1974

MC215 5 boxes 1 folder
The Woodrow Wilson Additional Materials consist of materials that the Seeley G. Mudd Manuscript Library has acquired on Woodrow Wilson since the mid-1990s.

Ernest Hemingway Letters to Charles T. Lanham, 1944-1961

C0067 1 box 0.4 linear feet
Consists primarily of letters that American novelist Ernest Hemingway sent to his friend General C. T. Lanham during and after World War II, with related photographs.

Erwin Panofsky Letters to the Burrages, 1938-1969

C0647 1 box 0.2 linear feet
Consists primarily of letters by Erwin and Dora Panofsky to the artist Mildred Burrage and her sister Madeleine ("Bob").

Clarence Brown Papers, 1907-2005

C1571 5 boxes 2.0 linear feet
Consists primarily of correspondence, travel diaries, and photographs of former Princeton University comparative literature professor Clarence Brown (1929-2015) relating primarily to his scholarship on Russian writers Osip Emilyevich Mandelstam (1891-1938) and Nadezhda Mandelstam (1899-1980). Correspondence with writer and illustrator Guy Davenport as well as with poet W. S. Merwin, Princeton Class of 1948, is also included.

Sonja Karsen Papers, 1897-1993 (mostly 1950-1973)

C0813 4 boxes
Sonja Karsen, born in 1919, was a professor of Spanish at Skidmore College and intensively researched Jaime Torres Bodet and Guillermo Valencia, two Latin American politicians and poets. The Sonja Karsen papers contain much of her research on these two figures.

William Meredith and Robert Drew Papers, 1949-1972

C0780 1 box 0.4 linear feet
Consists of 167 letters by American poet William Meredith to his intimate friend Robert Drew from 1949 to 1972, postmarked Princeton, N.J., New London, Conn., and other places.

Edmund Wilson Letters to Margaret Rullman, circa 1900-1977 1950-1971 (mostly 1950-1971)

C0186 1 box 0.2 linear feet
Consists of over thirty letters and cards from American literary critic Edmund Wilson (Princeton Class of 1916) to Margaret Rullman, a childhood friend.
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Emily Treslove Diaries, 1818-1910

C1544 2 boxes 0.83 linear feet
Diaries spanning several years that belonged to Emily Treslove, wife of prominent English Barrister Thomas Crosby Treslove, as well various miscellaneous materials.

Duffield Family Papers, 1838-1948

C0421 5 boxes 2.25 linear feet
Consists of selected papers of the Duffield family of Princeton, N.J.
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Tennent Family Papers, 1755-1936 (mostly 1770-1795)

C0482 2 boxes 0.65 linear feet
Consists of miscellaneous eighteenth-century papers of several members of the Tennent family of New Jersey and South Carolina.

Selected Papers of Neilson Abeel, 1916-1947

C0559 1 box 0.4 linear feet
Consists of selected papers of poet Neilson Abeel (Princeton Class of 1924).

Gisèle Freund Correspondence, 1959-1986

C1541 4 boxes 1.4 linear feet
Correspondence of the German-born French photographer and photojournalist Gisèle Freund (1908-2000) with her New York-based literary agents, Marie Rodell, Frances Collin, and Joan Daves, as well as her literary agents' correspondence with others involved in the publishing of Freund's works and some related chapter drafts, publishing agreements, photograph lists, and publicity materials.
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William Joseph Ibbett Collection, 1903-1917

C0976 1 box 0.2 linear feet
Consists of selected manuscript material of English poet William Joseph Ibbett.

Chalfant Robinson Collection, 1198-1935

C0339 3 boxes 4.75 linear feet
Consists mainly of original manuscripts, photostats, and transcripts of German, French, and Italian Medieval and Renaissance legal documents, including papal bulls, passports, wills, deeds, petitions, wax seals, and manor rolls collected by Chalfant Robinson.

Jelal A. Azal Papers, 1967-1971

C0384 2 boxes 0.8 linear feet
Consists of letters by Jelal A. Azal, an Iranian Bayani scholar in Cyprus, to William McElwee Miller, Presbyterian missionary, regarding the Babi-Bahai movement, documents referred to in the letters, and photographs of Bahai houses of worship in Israel and Chicago.

Edward P. Djerejian papers, 1972-2010

MC255 11 boxes
Edward Peter Djerejian is a former United States diplomat. This collection includes speeches, appointment books, and clippings documenting Ambassador Djerejian's life and career.

World War I Letters of George W. Glover, 1915-1918

C0432 1 box 0.2 linear feet
Consists of letters written by George W. Glover from England to a Princeton, N.J., friend, George Madison Priest, during World War I.

Isaac Plumb, Jr. Family Papers, 1767-1929 (mostly 1859-1864)

C1432 8 boxes 3.0 linear feet
Captain Isaac Plumb, Jr. (1842-1866) served in Company A of the 61st New York Infantry of the Union Army during the Civil War from his enlistment in the fall of 1861 until his death at the Battle of Cold Harbor in 1864, and saw action at Fair Oaks, the Seven Days Battle, Antietam, Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, the Wilderness, and Cold Harbor. During his experience as a Union soldier, Plumb's attitudes towards politics, the War, the North and South, and slavery underwent enormous transformations, from wild patriotism, to bitterness, and finally to a more realistic patriotism. This collection documents the Civil War from the soldier's perspective as well as the home front, detailing the day-to-day life of a Union soldier, with vivid descriptions of camp life, marches, battles, aftermath of battles, upheaval of the ranks, morale issues, and disillusionment; and from the perspective of family and friends not involved in the fighting, but actively offering opinions of politics and military tactics, and expressing their fear and worry about their loved ones.

Gertrude Smith Collection, circa 1895

C1202 1 box 0.2 linear feet
Consists of material related to Arabella and Araminta Stories, a collection of short children's stories written by Gertrude Smith, an American writer of fiction and children's books, and illustrated by Ethel Reed, an American book illustrator, poster designer, and painter.

John Newton Collection, 1763-1801

C0192 1 box 0.2 linear feet
Consists of selected manuscripts and letters of eighteenth-century English clergyman and hymnist John Newton.

John R. Krueger Collection of Gennadiĭ Aĭgi and Chuvash Poetry, 1972-1992

C1167 1 box 0.2 linear feet
Consists of Krueger's correspondence with Peter France and Gennadiĭ Aĭgi regarding a Chuvash poetry anthology (published by UNESCO in 1991) and Kreuger's Chuvash language manual, as well as poems (in Russian and English) used in the anthology.

Eileen B. Simpson Papers, 1941-1991 (mostly 1979-1991)

C0834 3 boxes 1.2 linear feet
Consists of papers primarily related to Eileen Simpson's book, Poets in their Youth: A Memoir, about her married years with poet John Berryman.

Eugene M. Becker Papers, 1944-2013 (mostly 1965-1972)

MC125 39 boxes
The Eugene M. Becker Papers consist primarily of planning documents, position papers, articles, addresses, correspondence, and scrapbooks which document Becker's career in public service as Budget Director of New York City under Mayor John Lindsay; Assistant Secretary of the United States Army during the Johnson and Nixon administrations; and Chairman of the Advisory Board of the Mentor Group, a research institute focusing on constitutional, legal-economic comparative studies and sponsor of the Forum for US-EU Legal-Economic Affairs, the Forum for Russian Legal-Economic Affairs, and the Central European Forum for Legal-Economic Affairs.

Mark Twain Collection, 1872-1921 (mostly 1872-1908)

C1036 1 box 0.2 linear feet
Collection consists of material by or about the celebrated American writer Mark Twain, including correspondence, photographs, and ephemera.

Oliver Ellsworth Collection, 1775-1883

C1049 1 box 0.2 linear feet
Consists of correspondence, engravings, documents, and printed material related to Oliver Ellsworth, the eighteenth-century Connecticut senator and jurist.

Dean Mathey Papers, 1896-2010 (mostly 1906-1972)

AC369 7 boxes
Dean Mathey (d. 1972), Class of 1912, was a member of the Board of Trustees and an ardent supporter of the University. The collection documents Mathey's familial relationships, service to Princeton, tennis career and other activities from his undergraduate days to the end of his life.

The Princeton Tiger Records, 1920-1985

AC266 4 boxes 1 folder 2 items
The Princeton Tiger is the nation's second oldest college humor magazine. The collection consists of the administrative records of The Princeton Tiger.

Bruce C. Willsie Collection of Ethiopic Magic Scrolls, 1700-1900

C0943 12 boxes 2702 items 20.5 linear feet
Consists of an open collection of Ethiopic magic scrolls, chiefly dating from the 18th to 20th centuries, collected by Bruce C. Willise (Princeton Class of 1986).

Princeton University Library Collection of George Washington Materials, 1750-1904 (mostly 1750-1793)

C1264 1 box 1.7 linear feet
Consists of selected correspondence and documents by and about George Washington, first president of the United States, as well as some items of members of his family.

Princeton Ethiopic Manuscripts, 1600s-1900s

C0776 95 items
An open collection of bound Ethiopic manuscripts with texts in Ge'ez and occasionally in Amharic.

Princeton: A Search For Answers outtakes collection, 1973-1974

AC284 23 boxes 28 items
Princeton: A Search for Answers is a 1973 recruiting film produced for the Princeton University Undergraduate Admissions Office by Julian Krainin and DeWitt Sage. The collection consists of outtakes and film trims created during the editing process for Princeton: A Search for Answers, as well as a small number of documents related to the making of the film.

Princeton Summer Theater Records, 1968-2008

AC295 4 boxes
Princeton Summer Theater was founded in 1968 by three members of Theatre Intime who sought to continue acting during the summer offseason. The collection consists of organizational records and promotional materials which document the activities of Princeton Summer Theater dating back to its inception as Summer Intime.

Holland Donan, Class of 1951, Papers, 1952-1994

AC390 2 boxes
Holland "Hollie" Donan, class of 1951, played defensive tackle for the Princeton Tigers from 1948-1950. Collection consists of newspaper clippings, correspondence, and photographs relating to Donan's football career at Princeton and his 1984 induction into the National Football Hall of Fame.

Princeton Women's Lacrosse Records, circa 1975-2010

AC415 13 boxes
Formed in the fall of 1972 under the direction of Coach Penny Hinckley, the Princeton Women's Lacrosse team was the first women's team at Princeton to reach an NCAA Final. The collection documents the history of the Princeton Women's Lacrosse team and contains a variety of records including clippings, statistics, schedules, practice notes, and a number of videorecordings of games. Also included are a limited amount of videorecordings, photographs and publications on women's field hockey.

Nancy Mitford Collection, 1966-1973

C1204 1 box 0.2 linear feet
Consists of letters by Nancy Mitford, Britsth novelist and biographer, to Elizabeth Forbes, manager of the London bookstore G. Heywood Hill, Ltd.

Alfred Eisenstaedt Photographs of the Class of 1973, 1969

AC497 7 boxes
Alfred Eisenstaedt was a photojournalist known for work published in LIFE Magazine. The collection consists of prints made from digital copies of photographs taken by Alfred Eisenstaedt for LIFE Magazine in 1969, when women undergraduates admitted as part of the coeducational Class of 1973 were arriving on campus.

Steering Committee for the 20th Anniversary of Coeducation Records, 1988-1990

AC182 2 boxes
In the Fall of 1998, President Harold T. Shapiro, recognizing that many groups, individuals, and organizations were interested in planning events and projects related to the 20th anniversary of undergraduate coeducation, appointed a Steering Committee to coordinate and help support these activities. These records document the planning, implementation, and assessment of the actions of the Steering Committee.

Alfred Thayer Mahan Collection, 1883-1977 (mostly 1883-1913)

C1126 1 box 0.2 linear feet
Consists chiefly of letters by Alfred Thayer Mahan to his publisher regarding his writings about United States naval history. Mahan was a U.S. naval officer in the Civil War, and his work on the importance of adequate navies and merchant marines influenced the policies and philosophies of national leaders across the globe, including those of the 26th president of the United States, Theodore Roosevelt.

Howard C. Rice Collection on Saint-Mémin, 1951-1970

C0752 1 box 0.4 linear feet
Consists of research notes, correspondence, photographs, and drafts for three articles by Howard C. Rice (1904-1980), published in the Princeton University Library Chronicle (autumn 1951, summer 1959, spring 1971), concerning the French engraver, Charles Balthazar Julien Fevret de Saint-Mémin (1770-1852)