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Leroy Lansing Janes Papers, 1874-1938

24 boxes
Consists of works, letters, photographs, and printed matter of Leroy Lansing Janes, a teacher at the Kumamoto Yogakko (Kumamoto School for Western Learning) in Japan (1871-1876).

Donald Ross Hamilton Papers, 1946-1970

13 boxes
Conists of selected papers of Princeton physicist Donald Ross Hamilton.

James Boyd Papers, 1915-1944

16 boxes
Consists of manuscripts of novels, articles, stories, and verse by the American historical writer James Boyd.

Raymond Holden Papers, 1924-1973

9 boxes
Raymond Holden was a noted author and publisher, who worked for a variety of publications, including the New Yorker, Fortune, Newsweek, and Reader's Digest. His papers include various copies and notes from his own works, correspondence with friends, some work of other people, and assorted documents.
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Raymond Holden Papers, 1924-1973

Raymond Holden was a noted author and publisher, who worked for a variety of publications, including the New Yorker, Fortune, Newsweek, and Reader's Digest. His papers include various copies and notes from his own works, correspondence with friends, some work of other people, and assorted documents.

Patrick Hemingway Papers, 1927-1961

5 boxes
Consists of correspondence, documents, photographs, and miscellanea of Ernest Hemingway's middle son, Patrick (1928- ), and the Hemingway family.

Ginevra King Collection Relating to F. Scott Fitzgerald, 1913-1949

1 box
Consists of material relating to Ginerva King's romantic relationship with American author F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Kenneth McKenzie Fable Collection, 1898-1949

2 boxes
Consists of papers of Kenneth McKenzie (1870-1949), a former professor of Romance languages at Princeton, relating to fables.

Albert Mathias Friend Papers, 1913-1955

12 boxes
Albert Mathias Friend, Jr. (Princeton Class of 1915), was an officer and a scholar. Friend served in World War I and then did his graduate studies in art and architecture in Europe, studying and salvaging the great works of art and architecture that may have been damaged by the fighting. He then worked with Harvard's Dumbarton Oaks Research Library before becoming a professor at Princeton University. The collection contains notes and course materials from Friend's time as a student and as a professor, correspondence, and some of his research materials, photographs, and negatives, focusing on medieval art and architecture in Greece, Rome, and other Mediterranean cultures.
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Notebooks, notes, papers, course materials, photographs, 1934-1951

Includes binders containing research notes on iconography, along with small drawings of border ornaments, notes on "Stuttgart Psalter", Friend's 1946 contribution to the Dumbarton Oaks Symposium on "Mosaics of Basil I in Hagia Sophia," along with a program and summaries of papers for various symposia from 1948 to 1951, teaching and lecture notes and a syllabus for a course on Modern Painting (Spring 1943 ART 312), lectures in Modern Painting February-May 1934 Vol. III, Dumbarton Oaks Lectures, Rabula Gospels and the Church of Sion, Mosaics of Basil I in Hagia Sophia I and II (1945 April 2-4 and 1946 May 3), along with files of writings on "Basis on Style," "Ancient Ornament (Archit. 509)," "Northern Renaissance," "Dürer and Hercules Borghese," "Rubens and the Antique," "Baroque," "Romantic and Realistic Spirit in Art," "Fact and Interpretation (Short form) D.P.H. 1944 (Aug 9, 1944)," "Art - [?] and meaning, Sept 1 1943," "Style," "Ancient Portraiture," and "Lecture (Bryn Mawr College Feb 21, 1950, 8:30 pm) The Holy Apostles Church, Restoration of Mosaics."

Notebooks and notecards, PULC, 1916-1950

Includes various notes, writings, drawings, and lectures, including files labeled, "Holy Apostles Church Restoration of the Mosaics, A. M. Friend, Jr., Bryn Mawr Lecture, Feb. 21, 1950 (Feast of Orthodoxy, Feb. 26, 1950), St. Tarasius," a brown notebook labeled "Notes, Greek, MSS Paris, GR 70," notecards on various topics, mostly greek philosophers and writers, and notebooks labeled "Evangelists, Standing Type, Alexandria, Greek, Syriac, Antioch, Armenian, Slavonic, Russian," "Evangelists, Seated, Type, Greek, Ephesus," Greek, Ephesus", "Evangelists, Old Latin, Irish", "Evangelists, Cassiodorus, Alcuin," "Ancient, PTG., 1917," and "Ital. Paint., A M Friend Jr, 3A Campbell."

Notes, photographs, correspondence, 1915-1954

Includes a report from Friend to Professor Paul J. Sachs, Chairman of the Administrative Committee, Dumbarton Oaks, November 2, 1946, along with files on materials on "Byzantine Studies at Dumbarton Oaks, A.M. Friend Jr., Saturday, April 26, 1947," "Iconography: Anastasis," "The Iconography of the Crucifixion, Part I., Evolution of the Byzantine Type, April 1916, A.M. Friend Jr., Princeton University," "Iconography: Metamorphosis (Sinai)," "Pskov – Mirozhsky Ch of Transfiguration," "Sion Church, Apse," "Constant Rhodes," "Mesarites," "Dumbarton Oaks Symposium of Iconoclasm (1951 April 26-28)," "Symposium 1946, Dumbarton Oaks," "Summaries of Symposium Papers for 1951 Symposium on Iconoclasm," which primarily contain handwritten notes along with some photographs.

Edwin Plimpton Adams Papers, 1900-1945

3 boxes
Consists of writings, correspondence, notebooks, and printed matter of Princeton physicist Edwin Plimpton Adams relating to Meteor Crater (formerly Coon Mountain) in Arizona and the Elliptic Function Formula.
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Correspondence, 1924-1945

Professional correspondence of Professor Adams. Subject matter includes conformal projecion; the consideration of Professor W. Gordon for an International Rockefeller Fellowship; the principle of steepest descents; the elliptical function formula and the publication of "Smithsonian Mathematical Formulae and Tables of Elliptic Functions"; contribution to the Standard Handbook for Electrical Engineers.

Thomas Colchie '64 Collection on Jorge Amado, 1946-1991

2 boxes
The collection consists of twenty-four audiocassette recorded interviews conducted by Thomas Colchie (Princeton University alumnus, Class of 1964) of or about Brazilian writer Jorge Amado. Recordings include interviews with Jorge Amado and other writers and artists speaking about Amado. Also includes photocopy documents about Amado's political involvement as an elected representative in Brazil's National Constituent Assembly from 1945-1947, and photocopy documents of Brazil's National Intelligence Service (SNI) file on Amado.

Archives of George Braziller, Inc, 1960s-1995

59 boxes
George Braziller, Inc., is an independent publishing firm founded by George Braziller in 1955. This collection consists of the firm's records, including press releases, reviews, correspondence and business files.

Laurence Hutton Photograph Albums, 1800s

7 boxes
The Laurence Hutton Photograph Albums consists of several hundred photographs and numerous portraits of prominent 19th-century artists and literary, political, and historical figures, compiled by editor and essayist Laurence Hutton.

Donald L. Derrom Papers, 1941-1952

2 boxes
Consists of selected papers of American engineer, Donald L. Derrom; the bulk of which deals with the building of a rock crushing plant for the Rock Products Corp., Ltd., of Tel Aviv, Israel.
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Eliseo Diego Papers, 1940-1990

1 box
This collection consists of papers of Diego, Cuban poet, author, and translator. Included are correspondence between Diego, his wife, various friends and other writers.
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The Life and Writings of James Wilson (1742-1798), by Burton Alva Konkle, 1946

2 boxes
Consists of an unpublished manuscript by history professor Burton Alva Konkle on the American Revolutionary activist and Supreme Court Justice, James Wilson.

Ruth E. and Edward M. Brecher Collection on William F. Mannix, 1950-1965

4 boxes
Consists of papers gathered and generated by Ruth E. and Edward M. Brecher while researching the life of William Francis Mannix (1870?-1920), a journalist, soldier of fortune, grafter, and literary forger, for a proposed biography that was never completed. Included are manuscript drafts, correspondence and documents relating to Mannix's background, psychopathic personalities, and literary forgeries.

Lovett Fielding Edwards Papers, 1948-1970s

2 boxes
Consists of selected papers of English author Lovett F. Edwards.
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James Green Correspondence, 1837-1871

1 box
The James Green Correspondence consists of letters received from various correspondents by the 19th-century English poet James Green (of Bath).
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José Martínez Sotomayor Papers, 1929-1960 (mostly 1930-1932)

3 boxes
José Martínez Sotomayor was a Mexican lawyer, judge, and writer who published novels, short stories, and nonfiction. His personal papers includes correspondence and autograph and typescript manuscripts of three of Martínez Sotomayor's books.
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Rudolph, the Tragedy of Mayerling by Karoly Lonyay, 1947

1 box
Consists of the typed manuscript, with holograph corrections, of historian Karoly Lonyay's biography Rudolph, the Tragedy of Mayerling (1949), which centered around the 1889 suicidal death of the heir to the Austrian crown.