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Joseph O'Connor Papers, 1981-2020 (mostly 1989-2020)

C1652 23.2 linear feet 18 boxes 25.4 GB 762 digital files
Joseph O'Connor is an Irish novelist, screenwriter, playwright, journalist, broadcaster, poet, and professor of creative writing. The collection consists of drafts, research, publicity, and recordings related to O'Connor's books and plays for radio, screen, and stage; as well as notebooks and diaries, correspondence, business and publicity files, and photographs.
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Words Press Records, 1970-2018

C1651 4.2 linear feet 5 boxes
Words Press is a British publishing imprint specializing in poetry that has been operated by Julian Nangle (1947- ) since the 1970s. The collection includes extensive correspondence with authors, publishers, and booksellers, submission and proof copies and other publishing materials related to serials produced by the press, author files, prospectuses and ephemera related to other small publishers, and administrative records.
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A-J, 1970-2018

Includes correspondence with Lyman Andrews, Denys Val Baker, Kenneth Baker, Nicholas Baker, George Barker, Julian Barnes, Emily Bearn, John Bell, Asa Benveniste, Anne Beresford, Sir John Betjeman, B. C. Bloomfield, Wilfrid Blunt, Martin Booth, Edgar Bowers, Richard Box, William Boyd, Glynn Boyd Harte, Jaroslav Bradac, Eve Branson, Richard Branson, Andreas Brown, Carter Burden, Jim Burns, Richard Burns, Nigel Burwood, Michael C. Caine, Sebastian Carter, Lucy Cawthron, Douglas Chambers, Jean-Louis Chevalier, Leonard Clarke, Douglas Cleverdon, Alan Clodd, Bob Cobbing, Margie Cohen, Vernon Coleman, Bruton Connors, William Cookson, Guy Cooper, Pierre Couistillas, Robert Cross, Andrew Crozier, Neil Curry, Ivor Cutler, Peter Dale, Michael De-la-Noy, Nick Dennys, Peter Dent, Jane Deverson, Patrick Dickinson, Peter F. Du Sautoy, Anthony Edkins, Royston Ellis, Gavin Eward, Ruth Fainlight, Peter Fallon, James Fergusson, Michael Ffolkes, Evelyn Fieuf-Henri, Michael Ffinch, Peter Finch, Hans Fletcher, Bryan Forbes, Clare Foges, John Fowles, Christina Foyle, Clive Francis, Antonia Fraser, John Fuller, Patrick Garland, Phillida Gili, Allen Ginsberg, Joseph Gold, Giles Gordon, Robert Greacen, Lizze Graves, Richard Perceval Graves, Tomas Graves, William Graves, John Greening, Harry Guest, Thom Gunn, Deirdre Gunnison-Wiseman, Jack Hagstrom, Michael Hamburger, James Hanley, Adrian Harrngton, Lee Harwood, Michael Hastings, Norman Hidden, Vera Hitchcock, Peter Hoida, David Holbrook, Bill Hoffer, Glenn Horowitz, Michael Horowitz, Olwyn Hughes, Patrick Hughes, G. E. Hutchinson, Nick Hughes, Ted Hughes, Elspeth Huxley, H. Montgomery Hyde, Nicki Jackowska, Alan Jackson, Rosie Jackson, Tom Jackson, David Jaffin, Clive James, Peter Jay, and David Jones.

K-Z, 1970-2018

Includes correspondence with P. J. and Kate Kavanagh, Brian Keeble, Harry Kemp, John Kerr, Geoffrey Keynes, Miles Kingston, James Kirkup, Jonathan Kooperstein, Catherine Lambert, Thomas Land, Simon Lawrence, George Lawson, Brendan Lehane, John Lehmann, Oliver Letwin, Grevel Lindop, Frank Lissauer, Raymond Lister, Christopher Logue, David Low, Alexis Lykiard, George MacBeth, Wes Magee, Liza Mann, Chris Miller, Huon Mallalieu, Sheila Markham, John Martin, Trevor McMahon, Edward Mendelson, James Merrill, James Methuen-Campell, Barry Miles, Spike Milligan, Sheena McCall, a folder labeled "Miscellaneous Minor Poets," Adrian Mitchell, Edwin Morgan, Bradford Morrow, Ian Mortimer, Eric Mottram, Paul Muldoon, Anthony Naumann, Dee Odell Foster, William Oxley, Arnold Palmer, Derek Parker, Brian Patten, Tom Paulin, Neil Pearson, Brian Pepper, Kevin Perryman, William Peskett, Paul Peter Piech, Barry Edgar Pilcher, Ann Playfair, Tully Potter, Omar Pound, Alan Powers, John Pudney, Eric Quayle, Christopher Priest, Kevin Raine, Paul Rassam, Peter Redgrove, Jeremy Reed, Ishmael Reed, Christopher Ricks, Robin Robertson, John Rolph, Tom Rosenthal, Anthony Rudolf, Keith Sagar, Clive Sansom, William Sansom, Maurice Saatchi, Tom Scott, Howard Sergeant, William Kean Seymour, Sandra Shevey, Penelope Shuttle, Henry Silcok, Jon Silkin, Alan Sillitoe, Iain Sinclair, Christopher Skelton, Frances Spalding, Jon Stallworthy, Timothy Steele, Bernard Stone, Tom Stoppard, Julian Symons, Tambimuttu, Michael Taylor, Neil Tennant, Paul Theroux, Donald Michael Thomas, Dylan Thomas, Ronald Stewart Thomas, Christopher Tugendhat, Richard Usborne, Jim Vollmar, Harriet Walter, Miriam Waddington, John Ward, Keith Waterhouse, Donald Weeks, Hellmuth Weissenborn, Eric White, George Whitman, Benjamin Whitrow, Whittington Press, Howard Woolmer, Michael York.

Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1970-2018

Miscellaneous correspondence with a variety of authors and booksellers, including Leo Rutherford, Andrew Samuels, Dr. Manon Williams (on behalf of Prince Charles), Brian Webb, John Stevenson, 10 Downing Street, Judy Welch (relative of Denton Welch), Margaret Drabble, Adrian Gray, Alison Seelye Howard, Julian Kitchener Fellowes, Peter Jolliffe, and Simon Heneage.

Stuart Mills Papers, 1956-2017

C1654 5.4 linear feet 9 digital files 0.01 GB
Consists of notebooks, manuscripts, correspondence, photographs, and ephemera documenting the working career of the poet and small-press publisher, Stuart Mills (1940-2006).
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Princeton University Art Museum Teaching Materials, Spring 2024, January 2024

PUAM001 692 items flat works
Consists of approximately 692 flat works from the collections of the Princeton University Art Museum, temporarily transferred to the Princeton University Library for use in Princeton University courses during the Spring 2024 semester.

Paul Merchant Papers, 1963-2011

C1636 0.6 linear feet 2 boxes
Consists of Merchant's manuscript drafts, correspondence, photographs, inscribed books, and other materials relating to the Greek poet Helenē Vakalo (1921-2001), and his English translation of Genealogia. The collection also contains writings by Giannēs Ritsos, Kimon Friar, and materials of other authors and publishers.
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Miscellaneous, 1979-2011

Consists of one email printout from Miltos Frangopoulos and letters from the publishers, John Stathatos (Oxus Press) and W.S. Merwin. Paul Merchant's handwritten note found in the file states: "Note from W.S. Marwin after a dinner with him and Dorothy Stafford (William Stafford's widow), when we talked about his friends, Stafford and Ted Hughes, and about Ritsos, whom he admired."

Paul Merchant Papers, 1963-2011

Consists of Merchant's manuscript drafts, correspondence, photographs, inscribed books, and other materials relating to the Greek poet Helenē Vakalo (1921-2001), and his English translation of Genealogia. The collection also contains writings by Giannēs Ritsos, Kimon Friar, and materials of other authors and publishers.

Princeton University Library Collection of Robert H. Taylor, 1900-2023 (mostly 1910-1986)

C1750 1 linear foot 3 boxes 2 folders
Consists of drafts of speeches, articles, and other writings; correspondence; obituaries and tributes; photographs; and interviews of Robert H. Taylor, a collector of books and manuscripts of English and American literature.
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Interviews, 1954-2010

Includes seven audiocassettes and a CD-ROM. Three audiocassettes are labeled, "Robert H. Taylor's BBC interview, 1984," and one of these three tapes additionally has "Other side: Max Beerbohm reading 'The Crime' and 'London Revisited'" written on it. The CD-ROM contains the 1984 BBC interview recording. Two tapes are labeled "Robert Taylor," one of which also has a note about creating copies of the recording. One tape has "Bob Taylor 7-21-89" written on it. One tape is labeled "'Bob Taylor in Princeton' with Al Perrin / 7-21-89," though the reverse notes "Continuation Perrin RHT interview at RHT's home in Princeton 1965."

Dimitri H. Gondicas '78 Collection of Offprints Relating to Modern Greek Culture and Politics, 1940-2017

C1763 4 boxes 2.0 linear feet
Consists of offprints relating to Modern Greek literature, poetry, art and archaeology, theater, history, and politics.

Edward T. Cone and Frances A. Kleeman Correspondence, 1954-2008

C1757 0.2 linear feet
Consists of correspondence from Edward T. Cone to Frances A. Kleeman, a language and music educator and translator.

Miscellaneous Dance Files Collection, 1940-1989

TC122 14 boxes 4.8 linear feet
The Miscellaneous Dance Files Collection contains printed programs, souvenir programs, clippings, and reviews of various ballet companies and choreographers.

Politics in Venezuela, I, 1978-2004

LAE011 2 boxes 1 linear feet
This collection consists of pamphlets, flyers, posters and serials documenting political activities and organizations in Venezuela from 1978 to 2004.

Lloyd E. Cotsen Papers, 1949-2021

COTSEN6 71 boxes 109.85 linear feet
The Lloyd E. Cotsen Papers consist of papers and personal items of Lloyd Cotsen's related to his time as an executive at Neutrogena Corporation, his art and book collection practices, his philanthropic contributions, his archaeological interests, and photographs shot by Cotsen. Items related to the production of Cotsen Occasional Press publications are also included. Material dates from 1949 to 2021.
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Papers related to Neutrogena, 1949-2009 (mostly 1980-1995)

Materials included are related to Cotsen's time working at Neutrogena. Items include Cotsen's personal and business effects, photo albums, Neutrogena souvenirs and ephemera, awards and certificates given to Cotsen, and video cassettes related to the business. Material also includes documents related to Cotsen's contributions to Neutrogena's art collections and exhibitions as well as inventories of art stored at the Neutrogena offices (including documents related to art that Cotsen bought from Nuetrogena and added to his private collection after Johnson and Johnson bought Nuetrogrena in 1994).

Papers related to Lloyd Cotsen's private art collections, 1995-2021

The material included documents Cotsen's collection practices, exhibitions of his collection material, the subsequent donation of his collections, and philanthropic contributions to various organizations. The bulk of the material is related to the traveling exhibtion "Masterworks of Form and Texture: Japanese Baskets from the Lloyd Cotsen Collection" and documents related to the Cotsen Textile Traces Study Collection.

Cotsen Occasional Press records, 1996-2018

Comprises correspondence, production samples, proofs, photographs, and notes which document the production of Cotsen Occasional Press publications including: Japanese Bamboo Baskets (1999), Early Chinese Textiles from the Lloyd Cotsen Collection (2015), The Box Project (2016), Education in the Earliest Schools (2008), and Lloyd Cotsen Study Collection of Chinese Bronze Mirrors (2012).

Health and Society in Bolivia, 1986-2003

LAE026 10 boxes 3 items 5 linear feet
This collection contains ephemera concerning healthcare programs and practices in Bolivia from 1986-2003. The materials include flyers, pamphlets, posters, reports and working papers dating mostly from the late 1990s and early 2000s. Most were created and distributed by non-governmental organizations and by government agencies in this country.

Weidenfeld & Nicolson Records, 1917-2012 (mostly 1960-2005)

C1615 403 boxes
Consists of the publishing and administrative records of Weidenfeld & Nicolson, a British publishing company founded by George Weidenfeld (1919-2016) and Nigel Nicolson (1917-2004), which specialized in literary fiction and nonfiction, with an emphasis on history, biographies and memoirs, books by world leaders and political figures, glossy illustrated books, travel guides, and reference books. The collection documents the operations of the firm from its establishment in 1948 through its sale in 1991, and also includes some later records from as recent as 2012 related to its continued operation as an imprint of the Orion Publishing Group.

Princeton University Press Records, 1905-2014 (mostly 1940-1999)

C0728 554 boxes
The Princeton University Press Records document the business acitivities of Princeton University Press. They include extensive files on works published by the press, as well as staff files, review files, editorial board and board of trustees files, financial information, production files, and publications.

Toni Morrison Papers, 1908-2017 (mostly 1970-2015)

C1491 337 boxes 16 items
Toni Morrison (born Chloe Ardelia Wofford, 1931-2019) was a Nobel prize-winning American author, editor, and Professor Emeritus at Princeton University. The material described in this finding aid consists of manuscripts, drafts, galleys, and proofs of Morrison's novels and other writings; personal correspondence; editorial files relating to Morrison's work at Random House and later publication of two posthumous works by Toni Cade Bambara; academic and teaching files, particularly pertaining to SUNY Albany and Princeton University; working files; press clippings; published books, photographs, audiovisual materials, and awards and memorabilia.

The Library of Jacques Derrida, Studio Series, 1686-2010

RBD1 327 boxes 1 folder 6 items
Consists of the personal library of French philosopher Jacques Derrida and members of his household.
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Studio, 1686-2010

Contains books shelved by Derrida in his Studio, an addition to the house that served as Derrida's principal work environment from the time it was built in 2001 up to his death in 2004. Books are represented here as inventoried in 2011. Also includes books not inventoried in 2011 (hence presumably not shelved in the Studio at the time) but located in the Studio at the time of packing the Library for shipment to Princeton University Library.

H. Alexander Smith Papers, 1897-1966 (mostly 1920-1966)

MC120 665 boxes 13 items
H. Alexander Smith served as the executive secretary of Princeton University and was later elected to the United States Senate representing New Jersey. Smith made contributions to United States foreign policy while serving on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. The bulk of documentation focuses on his tenure in the Senate and the period immediately after his retirement; reports, correspondence, and printed material from his work at Princeton are also included. The papers contain diaries, correspondence, speeches, notes, photographs, and memorabilia.

Human Rights in Mexico and Central America, 1979-2008

LAE106 5 boxes 1.9 linear feet
This collection contains pamphlets, flyers, working papers, reports, and periodicals pertaining to human rights in Mexico and Central America during the past thirty years, from 1979 to 2008.

Politics in Mexico, II, 1968-2008

LAE098 11 boxes 7.6 linear feet
This collection of ephemera from Mexico consists of pamphlets, flyers, serials, and election paraphernalia printed between 1968 and 2008, but the bulk of the materials dates from the early 1990s to 2006.