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Religion in Brazil, I, 1899-2002

LAE006 9 boxes 2 linear feet
This collection contains ephemera concerning religious issues and events in Brazil, published between 1899 and 2002.

Augusto Pinochet Ugarte Case, 1998-2000

LAE047 604 items
This collection contains documents, declarations, correspondence and other public and private statements from Chilean as well as international organizations issued between 1998 and 2000 concerning the trial of Chilean president Augusto Pinochet Ugarte.

Alternative Press from Venezuela, I, 1998-2004

LAE007 2 boxes 2 linear feet
The material in this collection consists of newspapers from Venezuela that are published outside the mainstream and commercial press.

The Catholic Church in Cuba, 1996-2000

LAE051 99 items 1.5 linear feet
This collection contains pamphlets and serials published and distributed by the Catholic Church and affiliated organizations throughout Cuba between 1996 and 2000.

Brazilian Literature and Criticism: Pamphlets I, 1916-1991

LAE049 90 items
This microfilm contains pamphlets on Brazilian literature and criticism published in Brazil between 1916 and 1991.

Protestant Churches in Cuba III, 1947-2002

LAE042 8 boxes 4.5 linear feet
This microfilm contains materials published or distributed by Protestant organizations in Cuba. Many are published or printed by independent evangelical groups but distributed by various Protestant denominations or individual churches.

Environment and Ecology in Bolivia, I, 1985-2005

LAE005 11 boxes 6 items 5.5 linear feet
This collection consists of ephemera regarding the environment and ecology in Bolivia. The materials include reports, pamphlets, flyers, serials and posters produced primarily between 1998 and 2003.

Women in Central America, I, 1960-2004

LAE010 6 boxes 4 linear feet
This collection contains pamphlets, reports, serials, monographs, and posters concerning the rights and conditions of women in Central America.

Labor in Argentina, 1989-2002

LAE065 599 items 1 linear feet
This collection consists of pamphlets, flyers, and some serials issued between 1989 and 2002 by a wide variety of labor organizations in Argentina, including actors guild, state workers, financial sector employees, and industrial laborers; also included are publications from various research and academic centers.

Education in Brazil, 1940-2006

LAE055 4 boxes 2 items 1.7 linear feet
This collection of workbooks, reports, serials, pamphlets, and flyers documents the history of Brazilian educational initiatives and programs over the past six decades, from 1940 to 2006, with an emphasis on materials from the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Labor in Brazil, 1980-2005

LAE066 2 boxes 0.8 linear feet
This collection on labor-related issues and events in Brazil includes flyers, brochures, pamphlets, reports, serials, working papers, and other materials.

Non-denominational Christian Organizations in Cuba, 1955-2000

LAE067 232 items 1 linear feet
This microfilm contains materials published by Cuban Christian organizations which either have an ecumenical focus or for which no denominational affiliation can be identified. Most of the material consists of newsletters, small religious tracts, and educational materials, such as series of biblical lessons or books of hymns.

Church Materials from Uruguay, II, 1914-2001

LAE053 183 items
This microfilm is second in a series and consists of pamphlets, serials, and monographs either published by organizations in Uruguay or published by outside organizations but pertaining to the subject of religion in Uruguay.

Politics in Mexico, 1993-1999

LAE072 180 items 1 linear feet
This microfilm, entitled Politics in Mexico (1993-1999), contains, serials, monographs, and ephemeral materials pertaining to politics that are published by political parties, government bodies, and other politically and socially active institutions in Mexico.

Brazilian Poetry: Pamphlets I, 1948-1998

LAE050 72 items
This microfilm contains poetry pamphlets by Brazilians issued between 1948 and 1998.

Collection of Ephemera Relating to the Marketing of Books, 1742-2014

RBD2 15 boxes 26 items 21 linear feet
Collection of ephemera relating to the marketing of books, consisting of prospectuses, adverts, catalogs, etc.
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Grose, Francis: The antiquities of England and Wales: being a collection of views of the most remarkable ruins and antient buildings, accurately drawn on the spot. To each view is added, an historical account of its situation, when and by whom built, with every interesting circumstance relating thereto; collected from the best authorities, 1772

Folio, unpaged; 6 engraved half-page illustrations; self wrappers, edges a bit toned and spotted, faint stain at bottom right-hand corner of upper cover, else very good. Prospectus for a 6 volume work (1772-1787), in which are reproduced specimen illustrations from Canterbury, Ipswich, Odiam, Colchester, and Southampton, with detailed descriptions. The whole printed on exceptionally thick paper. Penn State and Toronto only of the prospectus in OCLC.

King, Edward: Vestiges of Oxford Castle., 1796

4to; pp. iv, 30; 5 plates from the work (pls. CXXVI-CXXX); prospectus for a piece described as "a small fragment of a work, intended to be published speedily; on the history of antient castles; and on the progress of architecture". Green boards, edges and corners worn, pages untrimmed.

Princeton University Library Collection of Mary Shepard and P. L. Travers Materials, 1900s (mostly 1960-1996)

COTSEN2 7 boxes 2 items 11.0 linear feet
A collection of correspondence, sketches, proofs, notes, personal writing, photographs, and legal documents related to the life and careers of P. L. Travers (1899-1996) and Mary Shepard (1909-2000).
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"The Shortest Stories in the World," Proof Copy for Games Magazine, 1977

Proof copy of "The Shortest Stories in the World," by P.L. Travers, for Games Magazine, November/December 1977. Note at top of first page reads "Earlier rough proof / (Artist's paste-up) / already seen by you". Several corrections copied from an earlier proof: "alone" for "along", "knew" for "new". New blue corrections (several x's) marked next to images and a few paragraphs.

"The Shortest Stories in the World," Games Magazine, 1977 November

"The Shortest Stories in the World," by P. L. Travers, published in Games Magazine, November/December 1977, Pages 52-54. Note on top of first page in P. L. Travers's(?) hand reading: "Written for "Games" New York."

Lloyd E. Cotsen Collection of Potter Family Photographs, 1865-1935

COTSEN5 1307 items 19 linear feet
This collection consists primarily of photographs taken by Rupert Potter (1832-1914), father of children's book author Beatrix Potter (1866-1944). It includes many portraits of Beatrix, of family members, and of friends. In addition, the collection includes studio portraits of Potter family members taken by various commercial photographers; a few photographs taken by Beatrix as aids for illustration; and photographs of animals and farmsteads in the Lake District related to Beatrix Potter Heelis' career as sheep farmer and land preservationist from the 1910s to 1940s.
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John Ennis Papers, 1935-2016 (mostly 1967-2016)

C1563 79 boxes 31.5 linear feet
Consists of writings, editorial files, correspondence, teaching materials, and other professional working files of Irish poet John Ennis (1944- ), including drafts of his published poetry and unpublished work from the late 1960s through 2016, editorial files related to anthologies of Irish and Canadian poetry he edited between 2002 and 2009, and materials documenting the activities of the Irish arts organization Poetry Ireland and its journal Poetry Ireland Review from its inception in 1978 through the 1990s.
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Education in Bolivia, I, 1982-2003

LAE020 11 boxes 29 items 5.5 linear feet
This collection of pamphlets, reports, instructional materials, posters and other ephemera, documents Bolivian educational programs and initiatives at the turn of the twenty-first century.

Economy, Industry, and Trade in Brazil, I, 1954-2005

LAE019 5 boxes 4 linear feet
This collection contains ephemera concerning the Brazilian economy, the external debt crisis, economic development, monetary policy, industry, technology, and trade.

Agrarian Issues in Bolivia, I, 1989-2004

LAE013 5 boxes 24 items 3 linear feet
This collection contains pamphlets, flyers, posters, and monographs pertaining to agrarian practices, land reform, sustainable development, the rights of campesinos and farmers, and rural conditions in general in Bolivia.

Children and Youth in Bolivia, I, 1986-2003

LAE017 5 boxes 2.5 linear feet
This collection contains pamphlets, periodicals, instructional materials, and other items addressing a range of issues related to the rights and conditions of youth and children in Bolivia.

Church Materials from Guatemala, II, 1913-2001

LAE003 309 items
This microfilm contains pamphlet materials published by Christian groups in Guatemala between 1929 and 2001.

Catholic Church in Cuba, III, 1995-2001

LAE015 4 boxes 2 linear feet
This collection contains materials published and distributed by various Catholic Church organizations in Cuba.

Children & Youth in Venezuela, I, 1992-2004

LAE016 2 boxes 2 items 1 linear feet
This collection contains pamphlets, periodicals, flyers and other materials addressing a range of issues related to the rights and conditions of youth and children in Venezuela.
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Hello to Bodega, 1976

Ellen Levine Literary Agency - first at Curtis Brown Aaron's book An American Ghost (what is the correspondence about?); Working on Spill and Calico jacket by Bob Ziering MKM's visit to Aaron in summer 1975 - where? both major and minor revisions Edwin Honig's poem "Bodega, Goodbye" film interest searching for British options; interest from Denmark; paperback reprinting lots of reviews; lots of stuff about sending author copies, Bodega Volunteer Fire Co fundraiser; problem about sending review copies; confusion about how many review copies would be sent - author upset interest from Denmark and film rights (Compass Productions) Judy Long's own book Volunteer Spring

Lloyd E. Cotsen Papers, 1949-2021

COTSEN6 71 boxes 109.85 linear feet
The Lloyd E. Cotsen Papers consist of papers and personal items of Lloyd Cotsen's related to his time as an executive at Neutrogena Corporation, his art and book collection practices, his philanthropic contributions, his archaeological interests, and photographs shot by Cotsen. Items related to the production of Cotsen Occasional Press publications are also included. Material dates from 1949 to 2021.
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Papers related to Neutrogena, 1949-2009 (mostly 1980-1995)

Materials included are related to Cotsen's time working at Neutrogena. Items include Cotsen's personal and business effects, photo albums, Neutrogena souvenirs and ephemera, awards and certificates given to Cotsen, and video cassettes related to the business. Material also includes documents related to Cotsen's contributions to Neutrogena's art collections and exhibitions as well as inventories of art stored at the Neutrogena offices (including documents related to art that Cotsen bought from Nuetrogena and added to his private collection after Johnson and Johnson bought Nuetrogrena in 1994).

Papers related to Lloyd Cotsen's private art collections, 1995-2021

The material included documents Cotsen's collection practices, exhibitions of his collection material, the subsequent donation of his collections, and philanthropic contributions to various organizations. The bulk of the material is related to the traveling exhibtion "Masterworks of Form and Texture: Japanese Baskets from the Lloyd Cotsen Collection" and documents related to the Cotsen Textile Traces Study Collection.

Cotsen Occasional Press records, 1996-2018

Comprises correspondence, production samples, proofs, photographs, and notes which document the production of Cotsen Occasional Press publications including: Japanese Bamboo Baskets (1999), Early Chinese Textiles from the Lloyd Cotsen Collection (2015), The Box Project (2016), Education in the Earliest Schools (2008), and Lloyd Cotsen Study Collection of Chinese Bronze Mirrors (2012).

Cuban Protestant Serials II, 1979-1999

LAE012 40 items 6.5 linear feet
This collection contains serial publications issued in Cuba by various Presbyterian churches and organizations between 1979 and 1999.

Princeton University Library Collection of Raymond Mortimer Materials, 1905-1990 (mostly 1925-1970)

C0271 13 boxes 5.2 linear feet
Consists of correspondence, notebooks, drafts and proofs of articles and reviews, photographs, documents, printed ephemera, and other papers of the English literary critic and editor Raymond Mortimer (1895-1980).

Modern Greek Studies Association Archives, 1968-2013

C0821 42 boxes
Consists jointly of the files of the Modern Greek Studies Association (MGSA), established in 1968, and its official publication, the Journal of Modern Greek Studies , which began in 1983.

Joseph O'Connor Papers, 1981-2020 (mostly 1989-2020)

C1652 23.2 linear feet 18 boxes 25.4 GB 762 digital files
Joseph O'Connor is an Irish novelist, screenwriter, playwright, journalist, broadcaster, poet, and professor of creative writing. The collection consists of drafts, research, publicity, and recordings related to O'Connor's books and plays for radio, screen, and stage; as well as notebooks and diaries, correspondence, business and publicity files, and photographs.
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Even the Olives Are Bleeding: The Life and Times of Charles Donnelly, 1992-1996

Consists of research materials for O'Connor's masters thesis on Charles Donnelly, which he published in 1992. There are also correspondence, notes, and legal documents related to a dispute with Donnelly's brother, Joe Donnelly.

Words Press Records, 1970-2018

C1651 4.2 linear feet 5 boxes
Words Press is a British publishing imprint specializing in poetry that has been operated by Julian Nangle (1947- ) since the 1970s. The collection includes extensive correspondence with authors, publishers, and booksellers, submission and proof copies and other publishing materials related to serials produced by the press, author files, prospectuses and ephemera related to other small publishers, and administrative records.
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A-J, 1970-2018

Includes correspondence with Lyman Andrews, Denys Val Baker, Kenneth Baker, Nicholas Baker, George Barker, Julian Barnes, Emily Bearn, John Bell, Asa Benveniste, Anne Beresford, Sir John Betjeman, B. C. Bloomfield, Wilfrid Blunt, Martin Booth, Edgar Bowers, Richard Box, William Boyd, Glynn Boyd Harte, Jaroslav Bradac, Eve Branson, Richard Branson, Andreas Brown, Carter Burden, Jim Burns, Richard Burns, Nigel Burwood, Michael C. Caine, Sebastian Carter, Lucy Cawthron, Douglas Chambers, Jean-Louis Chevalier, Leonard Clarke, Douglas Cleverdon, Alan Clodd, Bob Cobbing, Margie Cohen, Vernon Coleman, Bruton Connors, William Cookson, Guy Cooper, Pierre Couistillas, Robert Cross, Andrew Crozier, Neil Curry, Ivor Cutler, Peter Dale, Michael De-la-Noy, Nick Dennys, Peter Dent, Jane Deverson, Patrick Dickinson, Peter F. Du Sautoy, Anthony Edkins, Royston Ellis, Gavin Eward, Ruth Fainlight, Peter Fallon, James Fergusson, Michael Ffolkes, Evelyn Fieuf-Henri, Michael Ffinch, Peter Finch, Hans Fletcher, Bryan Forbes, Clare Foges, John Fowles, Christina Foyle, Clive Francis, Antonia Fraser, John Fuller, Patrick Garland, Phillida Gili, Allen Ginsberg, Joseph Gold, Giles Gordon, Robert Greacen, Lizze Graves, Richard Perceval Graves, Tomas Graves, William Graves, John Greening, Harry Guest, Thom Gunn, Deirdre Gunnison-Wiseman, Jack Hagstrom, Michael Hamburger, James Hanley, Adrian Harrngton, Lee Harwood, Michael Hastings, Norman Hidden, Vera Hitchcock, Peter Hoida, David Holbrook, Bill Hoffer, Glenn Horowitz, Michael Horowitz, Olwyn Hughes, Patrick Hughes, G. E. Hutchinson, Nick Hughes, Ted Hughes, Elspeth Huxley, H. Montgomery Hyde, Nicki Jackowska, Alan Jackson, Rosie Jackson, Tom Jackson, David Jaffin, Clive James, Peter Jay, and David Jones.

K-Z, 1970-2018

Includes correspondence with P. J. and Kate Kavanagh, Brian Keeble, Harry Kemp, John Kerr, Geoffrey Keynes, Miles Kingston, James Kirkup, Jonathan Kooperstein, Catherine Lambert, Thomas Land, Simon Lawrence, George Lawson, Brendan Lehane, John Lehmann, Oliver Letwin, Grevel Lindop, Frank Lissauer, Raymond Lister, Christopher Logue, David Low, Alexis Lykiard, George MacBeth, Wes Magee, Liza Mann, Chris Miller, Huon Mallalieu, Sheila Markham, John Martin, Trevor McMahon, Edward Mendelson, James Merrill, James Methuen-Campell, Barry Miles, Spike Milligan, Sheena McCall, a folder labeled "Miscellaneous Minor Poets," Adrian Mitchell, Edwin Morgan, Bradford Morrow, Ian Mortimer, Eric Mottram, Paul Muldoon, Anthony Naumann, Dee Odell Foster, William Oxley, Arnold Palmer, Derek Parker, Brian Patten, Tom Paulin, Neil Pearson, Brian Pepper, Kevin Perryman, William Peskett, Paul Peter Piech, Barry Edgar Pilcher, Ann Playfair, Tully Potter, Omar Pound, Alan Powers, John Pudney, Eric Quayle, Christopher Priest, Kevin Raine, Paul Rassam, Peter Redgrove, Jeremy Reed, Ishmael Reed, Christopher Ricks, Robin Robertson, John Rolph, Tom Rosenthal, Anthony Rudolf, Keith Sagar, Clive Sansom, William Sansom, Maurice Saatchi, Tom Scott, Howard Sergeant, William Kean Seymour, Sandra Shevey, Penelope Shuttle, Henry Silcok, Jon Silkin, Alan Sillitoe, Iain Sinclair, Christopher Skelton, Frances Spalding, Jon Stallworthy, Timothy Steele, Bernard Stone, Tom Stoppard, Julian Symons, Tambimuttu, Michael Taylor, Neil Tennant, Paul Theroux, Donald Michael Thomas, Dylan Thomas, Ronald Stewart Thomas, Christopher Tugendhat, Richard Usborne, Jim Vollmar, Harriet Walter, Miriam Waddington, John Ward, Keith Waterhouse, Donald Weeks, Hellmuth Weissenborn, Eric White, George Whitman, Benjamin Whitrow, Whittington Press, Howard Woolmer, Michael York.

Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1970-2018

Miscellaneous correspondence with a variety of authors and booksellers, including Leo Rutherford, Andrew Samuels, Dr. Manon Williams (on behalf of Prince Charles), Brian Webb, John Stevenson, 10 Downing Street, Judy Welch (relative of Denton Welch), Margaret Drabble, Adrian Gray, Alison Seelye Howard, Julian Kitchener Fellowes, Peter Jolliffe, and Simon Heneage.

William Morris Davis and Elizabeth M. Jacobs Davis Correspondence, 1829-1863

C1660 2 boxes 0.6 linear feet
Consists primarily of correspondence of Quaker abolitionists and husband and wife, William Morris Davis (1815-1891), member of the 37th U.S. Congress, and Elizabeth M. Jacobs Davis (1817-1904) of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, primarily documenting their activities during the antebellum and Civil War periods.
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Incoming Correspondence to Elizabeth M. Jacobs Davis, 1829 May 3 - 1842 December 1

The correspondence, 63 letters, from friends and family, most of whom appear to be members of the Society of Friends, contains considerable content on the abolition movement, abolition societies, lectures, meetings, conventions, discord amongst Quaker abolitionists, including division in the American Anti-Slavery Society, the Underground Railroad, women's rights, the rights of enslaved people, among other topics. There is also much content that documents the Quaker community of Philadelphia and its suburbs, including Bucks, Montgomery, Delaware, and Chester counties.

Muzio Pansa Manuscripts, circa 1586-1630

C1671 2.2 linear feet in two record center cartons and a half-manuscript box.
Consists of twelve mostly unpublished manuscripts from Renaissance scholar, Muzio Pansa. He was a medical doctor and humanist writer from the Abruzzo region in Italy, though he completed his studies in Rome. The works in this collection range from fragments to tomes, and range in subject matter as well; in addition to the lecture notes from his university days are Pansa's unpublished Latin treatise on pharmacology, his pious Italian tragedy, Il mundo redento (published posthumously), writings on theology, and the De osculo, a significant work in the history of Renaissance Neo-Platonism.
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Sectio Tertia: De variis urbis statuarum iconibus et earumdem declarationibus, circa 1586

Pansa studied at Perugia, before proceeding to the Collegio Romano in 1585. This manuscript, recording inscriptions of monuments in Roman churches - chiefly ecclesiastical, and often pontifical - probably dates from his earliest years in Rome. The manuscript is numbered in at least two sequences and fragmentary, but with a certain continuity. It appears to be the third section of a much longer work, and seems to be a precursor to Muzio's best known work, Della libreria Vaticana (1590). As they are now ordered, one of the quires, ends with the inscription on the monument to Alessandro Farnese, the Cardinal who funded the construction of the Church of the Gesù, and is followed by that of Ignatius of Loyala.

Tractatus Rerum Metaphysicarum de anima in comuni et de vegetativa in specie, Tomus IIII, 1587-1588

An example of sixteenth-century lecture notes as copied by Mutio Pansa. The author of the Treatise on Metaphysics is not named, and may or may not have been Paulus Valla (Paulus Vallius). Valla had begun teaching at the Collegio Romano in 1585-1586; in the following year he taught Metaphysics, while in 1587 or 1588 he was teaching Logic. This may then represent the tail-end of Valla's course on Metaphysics, though perhaps the second piece marks the beginning of his Natural Philosophy course in 1588-1589.

In Pm. Libm. Arist. [In Primum Librum Aristotelis], De generatione et corruptione, Questio Prima [and other texts], circa 1588

Consists of commentaries on Aristotle, in Questio format. Contains "De generatione et corruptione" (two books); "In Libros Arist. De anima"; and "In metaphysica Arist." The manuscript is in the style of Pansa's Collegio Romano notes, with his typical decorated initials, but without localization or date.

Alice Cort Holden Papers, 1870-1978 (mostly 1870-1919)

C1669 0.8 linear feet 2 boxes
Consists primarily of correspondence and printed material, along with two diaries from 1926, a matted postcard, a photogravure plate, and a piece of hair jewelry. These family papers primarily center on Alice Holden (née Cort), as the correspondence are letters between members of the Cort family, or letters to her from her children. The collection largely documents the relationships of the Holden and Cort families in New York state between the 19th and 20th centuries.

Flores and Viramontes Families Papers, 1880s-1989 (mostly 1900-1954)

C1670 0.4 linear feet 1 box
Consists of a group of family photographs, ephemera, and other papers belonging to the Flores and Viramontes families, two interconnected Mexican American families living in southwest Texas and New Mexico in the 20th century.

William A. Prickitt Papers Related to Company G of the 25th United States Colored Infantry Regiment, 1864-1869

C1657 0.4 linear feet 1 box
Consists of a group of military records collected by Captain William A. Prickitt (1839-1929) documenting the daily operations of African American soldiers in Company G of the United States Colored Infantry's 25th Regiment during the final year of the American Civil War.

John Sanderson, T. E. Pritt, and Henry Wade Trout Flies and Manuals, 1860-1872

C1672 0.4 linear feet 1 box
Consists of a small collection of 19th century trout flies and related manuals by John Sanderson, T. E. (Thomas Evan) Pritt, and Henry Wade.

Miscellaneous Screenplays, 1930-1980s

TC111 132 boxes 210 items 52.8 linear feet
Consists of miscellaneous screenplays and related materials, such as continuity, superimposed versions (i.e. script translations), release dialogue scripts, and revisions/drafts. There are also a few information packets--these include interviews with and/or biographies of stars, synopses, and various and sundry other materials meant for release.

Jimmy Stewart Collection, 1930-1979

TC133 4 boxes 107 items 2.0 linear feet
The Jimmy Stewart Collection consists of newspaper and magazine clippings about the life and career of American actor, James Stewart (Princeton Class of 1932). Also included in the collection are film stills and other photographs.

Sarah Bernhardt Collection, 1878-1969

TC134 5 boxes 230 items 2.0 linear feet
The Sarah Bernhardt Collection consists of newspaper and magazine clippings, theater programs and playbills, photographs, and other materials on French actress Sarah Bernhardt.

Joseph Jefferson Collection, 1823-1976 (mostly 1829-1905)

TC132 1 box 0.4 linear feet
Joseph Jefferson (1829-1905) was an American actor and author. His collection consists of biographical newspaper clippings, 2 copies of his Autobiography, theatrical criticism and approbation, and clippings on family matters.

Edmund Kean Collection, 1814-1933

TC131 1 box
Consists of theater programs, newspaper clippings, and articles on English actor Edmund Kean, as well as portraits of Kean in various dramatic roles.

Miscellaneous Dance Files Collection, 1940-1989

TC122 14 boxes 4.8 linear feet
The Miscellaneous Dance Files Collection contains printed programs, souvenir programs, clippings, and reviews of various ballet companies and choreographers.

Program in Hellenic Studies Collection of Modern Greek Theater Playbills, Second Series, 1933-1981

RCPXR-6386581 3 boxes 1.2 linear feet
This collection contains playbills mostly from Greece and a few from other countries.

William C. and Cecil B. De Mille Collection, circa 1913-1940

TC142 1 box 0.4 linear feet
Willam Churchill De Mille (1878-1955) was an American playwright, producer, and lecturer. The William C. and Cecil B. De Mille Collection consists of playscripts by William, and some co-authored by his younger brother Cecil.

Gilbert and Sullivan Collection, 1879-1965 (mostly 1930-1960)

TC117 1 box 1 linear feet
Consists of playbills, programs, and some other printed material relating to the works of Gilbert and Sullivan.

Marie Bashkirtseff Collection, 1922-1937

TC135 10 items 0.4 linear feet
The Marie Bashkirtseff Collection consists of newspaper and book reviews about her published journal and later biographies about her; one engraved portrait; one engraved illustration.

Protestant Churches in Cuba, IV, 1929-2003

LAE014 15 boxes 2 items 7.5 linear feet
This collection contains church materials published or distributed by Protestant organizations in various Cuban cities and provinces.

Church Materials from Mexico, II, 1926-2004

LAE018 17 boxes 8.5 linear feet
This collection consists mainly of religious pamphlets published in Mexico.

Health and Society in Bolivia, 1986-2003

LAE026 10 boxes 3 items 5 linear feet
This collection contains ephemera concerning healthcare programs and practices in Bolivia from 1986-2003. The materials include flyers, pamphlets, posters, reports and working papers dating mostly from the late 1990s and early 2000s. Most were created and distributed by non-governmental organizations and by government agencies in this country.

Hudson Review Archives, 1863-2016 (mostly 1947-2014)

C1091 542 boxes 2 items
Consists of the records of The Hudson Review, one of the most notable and influential American literary quarterlies of the post-World War II era. Reflecting the history of this New York City-based magazine, the bulk of material dates from 1947 to 2014. In addition, there are extensive personal and family papers of founding editor Frederick Morgan (1922-2004), who was also a published poet and translator.

Edmund Keeley Papers, 1910-2013 (mostly 1960-2011)

C0763 278 boxes 12 items 134.8 linear feet
Edmund Keeley (1928-) is an author, translator, and Charles Barnwell Straut Professor Emeritus of English at Princeton University, best known for his translations and writings on Greek poets C. P. Cavafy, George Seferis, Odysseus Elytēs and Giannēs Ritsos. The papers consist of Keeley's drafts and proofs of translations, fiction, and nonfiction, including novels, articles, essays, introductions, reviews, and other writings, as well as for works he edited, along with personal and professional correspondence, faculty material, files of the P.E.N. American Center and other institutions with which he was involved, awards and speeches, biographical materials, family papers, scrapbook and other printed materials, manuscripts of others, and photographs and photograph albums.

Stanley Kunitz Papers, 1900-2006 (mostly 1960-2005)

C0837 209 boxes
The Stanley Kunitz Papers consists of the literary and personal papers of Stanley Kunitz (1905-2006). A prominent American poet, Kunitz was also a known editor, translator, essayist, and educator. Kunitz's diverse interests are evident in the collection, which includes manuscripts of his writings, extensive correspondence, special-interest files, teaching materials, travel files, documents, photographs, memorabilia, artwork, calendars, annotated books, audiocassettes, papers of others, and printed material.

Blair and Lee Family Papers, 1640-1946 (mostly 1812-1920)

C0614 474 boxes 253 linear feet
The collection consists of the personal and family papers of five members of the Blair and Lee families of Maryland, Washington, D.C., and Virginia -- Francis Preston Blair (1791-1876); his daughter, Elizabeth Blair Lee (1818-1906); her husband, Samuel Phillips Lee (1812-1897); their son, Blair Lee (1857-1944, Princeton Class of 1880); and his cousin, Andrew Alexander Blair (1848-1932) -- reflecting their various political, journalistic, naval, family, business, legal, and domestic interests.

Lewis Thomas Papers, 1941-1992 (mostly 1973-1983)

C0738 160 boxes
The Lewis Thomas papers consist primarily of files from the years (1973-1983) that Thomas (Princeton Class of 1933) spent as president and, later, chancellor, of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York City. These contain general correspondence with doctors, drafts and reprints of his essays and books, files of lectures, presentations, and awards, and files of scientific organizations with which he was involved. There are also drafts and reprints of early scientific papers (which pre-date his years at MSKCC).

Immanuel Velikovsky Papers, 1920-1996 (mostly 1930-1979)

C0968 162 boxes
The collection consists of manuscripts, writings, correspondence (both personal and professional), photographs, works of others, microfilm, printed material, and film reels, spanning more than 50 years, concerning Velikovsky's controversial ideas, the books that he wrote, and the history of opposition and criticism from the academic community that he received following the publication of his first book, Worlds in Collision, in 1950. Colleges and universities threatened to boycott the textbook division of the publisher, Macmillan & Co., which led to the transfer of the publishing rights to Doubleday & Co., even though the book had reached the number one spot on the best-sellers list. The book was eventually banned from a number of academic institutions, and several people lost their jobs because of it.

Ruth Bernhard Papers, 1910s-2013 (mostly 1938-2006)

C1468 79 boxes 61.7 linear feet
Correspondence, personal and business files, publicity materials, drafts, photography props, teaching materials, appointment books, and memorabilia of Ruth Bernhard (1905-2006), a German-born American photographer and teacher, active in the United States from the late 1920s through the early 2000s, best known for her complex black-and-white still lifes and classical photographs of the female nude. The papers contain professional correspondence and files, personal correspondence with friends and students, a small amount of photographic work and writings, some drafts and proofs for publications, publicity folios, exhibition catalogs and announcements, posters, props used for still life photography and teaching, planners, and a large collection of memorabilia, including snapshots of Bernhard, collected fine art photographs and artwork by others, photograph albums, gifts, personal effects, awards, and some audio and visual materials.

Sergio Ramírez Papers, 1916-2005 (mostly 1963-2002)

C1123 2 items 107.25 linear feet (187 containers)
Sergio Ramírez has been a leading Nicaraguan author and politician. In 1977 Ramírez became head of the "Group of Twelve", a group of prominent intellectuals who supported the struggle of the Frente Sandinista de Liberación Nacional (FSLN) against the dictatorship of Anastasio Somoza Debayle. With the triumph of the Revolution in 1979, he became part of the Junta of the Government of National Reconstruction and in 1984 he was elected vice-president under Daniel Ortega. The collection consists of manuscripts of his writings, source materials, personal, literary and political correspondence, papers and documents related to Ramírez's political career and to Nicaraguan political history, writings of others, photographs, and graphic and printed materials.

Booth Tarkington Papers, 1812-1956 (mostly 1899-1946)

C0062 281 boxes 131.9 linear feet
Consists of extensive writings -- novels, plays, short stories, articles, film scenarios, radio scripts -- and correspondence of "The Gentleman from Indiana" Booth Tarkington, noted American author and winner of the Pulitzer Prize.

Stewart M. Robinson Collection of Colonial Sermons, 1615-1960 (mostly 1745-1785)

C0513 42 boxes 16.2 linear feet
Consists of a collection compiled by American clergyman Stewart M. Robinson (Princeton Class of 1915), including photostats of sermons, letters, pamphlets, and communications to newspapers by clergymen in colonial America, which he used as research material for a proposed book entitled "The Political Thought of the Colonial Clergy."

James Ramsey Ullman Papers, 1915-1971 (mostly 1935-1970)

C0268 111 boxes 37.03 linear feet
Consists of the extant papers of James Ramsey Ullman (Princeton Class of 1929), American novelist, theatrical producer, world traveler, and mountain climber. Included are manuscripts of most of his major works, many shorter works, correspondence, and subject files.

Princeton University Art Museum Teaching Materials, Spring 2024, January 2024

PUAM001 692 items flat works
Consists of approximately 692 flat works from the collections of the Princeton University Art Museum, temporarily transferred to the Princeton University Library for use in Princeton University courses during the Spring 2024 semester.
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Archivo de Roberto Gottardi, circa 1960-2016

C1593 16.71 linear feet
La colección consiste mayormente en materiales relacionados con los diversos proyectos/obras de Roberto Gottardi y materiales relacionados con sus actividades docentes como profesor de arquitectura. Incluye apuntes, modelos y esquemas, planes de clases y material de estudio, material impreso, correspondencia, material fotográfico, planos arquitectónicos y otros materials.

Stuart Mills Papers, 1956-2017

C1654 5.4 linear feet 9 digital files 0.01 GB
Consists of notebooks, manuscripts, correspondence, photographs, and ephemera documenting the working career of the poet and small-press publisher, Stuart Mills (1940-2006).
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Notebooks, 1950s-1990s

This series of materials contains notebooks that Stuart Mills kept through his career, beginning in the 1950s as an art student at Birmingham College of Art. Dating through to the 2000s, the notebooks also include a scrapbook with clippings of the Hertford Exhibition where Mills was an exhibiting artist, and a scrapbook of ephemera related to Trent Book Shop, Tarasque, and the Bux Gallery. The bulk of the materials are from the 1960s, when Mills' first began experimenting with poetry.

Writings, circa 1957-2006

This series of materials consists primarily of drafts of Mills' poetry and prose, as well as essay drafts, autobiographical pieces, short stories, reflections, a radio play script, fragments, notes, lists, and numerous drafts of correspondence. Some of these draft letters were addressed to Peter Quartermaine, Robin Crozier, Alan Halsey, Adrian Mitchell, Marjorie Perlof, Jonathan Williams, and Pia Simig, among several others. A small portion of the notes and fragments pertain to novel ideas that Mills was developing and researching. The essays pertain to the works of poets and artists (e.g. Ian Hamilton Finlay, Roy Fisher, David Prentice, and Peter Berry), as well as broader topics, such as the "world of little magazines." Additional materials pertaining to Mills' writing include mockups and layouts of works such as poetry booklets and maquettes, but most significantly the board mockups of "30 Signatures to Silver Catches" by Ian Hamilton Finlay, Margot Sandeman, and Stuart Mills, which Tarasque Press printed in 1971 and also likely put on exhibition. To a lesser extent, the series also contains drawings, paintings, and collages; a small amount of teaching notes; and material related to to Tarasque, Aggie Weston's, and Poet's Poems. Mills' drawing of the Tarasque bird that became the magazine's front cover design is in this series. Some of these publications-related materials include catalogue lists, a note to subscribers, and planning notes.

Violette Leduc Manuscripts and Correspondence with Simone de Beauvoir, 1945-1972

C1676 1.6 linear feet 4 boxes
Consists of nearly 300 letters from Simone de Beauvoir to Violette Leduc documenting their literary friendship spanning four decades, along with 23 notebooks containing manuscript drafts of Leduc's autobiography, La Bâtarde (1964).

John Willis "Mni Wiconi, Honoring the Water Protectors" Photographs, 2016-2017

C1674 3 linear feet
Consists of 31 archival exhibition prints from the Mni Wiconi, Honoring the Water Protectors portfolio by John Willis.

George H. Hoyt Papers on John Brown, 1859-1893

C1675 0.2 linear feet 1 box
Consists of affidavits, clippings, correspondence, and photographs, mostly related to abolitionist lawyer George H. Hoyt's work as an attorney for John Brown (1800-1859). Materials shed light on the Virginia v. John Brown trial that followed Brown's raid on Harpers Ferry, as well as Hoyt's participation in the American Civil War and abolitionist movements.

United Spanish War Veterans Mrs. Edmund Rice Auxiliary Meeting Records, 1906-1922

C1673 1 box 2.0 linear feet (1 container)
Consists of three meeting ledgers documenting the activities of the Mrs. Edmund Rice Auxiliary of the United Spanish War Veterans, an American women's organization run by suffragists and philanthropists that advocated for veterans and their families during the first two decades of the 20th century, including during World War I.

Joaquín Villalobos - Archivo de la insurgencia salvadoreña, circa 1970-2005 (mostly 1978-1994)

C1603 107.29 linear feet
El archivo se compone de material referente a la insurgencia salvadoreña que documenta los acontecimientos políticos, sociales y militares ocurridos durante y después del conflicto armado en El Salvador. Incluye folletos, textos de estudio, entrevistas, reportes, informes, boletines, artículos, partes de guerra, cuadernos y libretas, cartas, agendas, comunicados, publicaciones, recortes de prensa, cartografía, afiches, fotografías y negativos.

Mario Vargas Llosa Papers, 1944-2010 (mostly 1958-1995)

C0641 230 linear feet 362 boxes 60 items
The Mario Vargas Llosa Papers consists of notebooks, manuscripts of novels, plays and screenplays, short stories, nonfiction, documents, correspondence, and printed and recorded material.
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Madison Smartt Bell Papers, 1940s-2021 (mostly 1986-2003)

C0771 85 boxes 60 linear feet
Madison Smartt Bell (1957-) is an American novelist best known for his trilogy of novels about Toussaint Louverture and the Haitian Revolution, published between 1995 and 2004. His papers consist of writings, personal and professional correspondence, family documents, memorandum books, printed materials, and subject files, including drafts, galleys, and proofs for his novels, short stories, and other writings.

P.E.N. American Center Records, 1922-2008 (mostly 1930-1989)

C0760 294 boxes 130 linear feet
Consists of files created by P.E.N. American Center as part of its regular business operations since its founding in 1922. Includes material on governance and policies, programs, awards, and financial aid granted to authors, and the center's involvement with International P.E.N. and other P.E.N. organizations worldwide. The collection is especially notable for its extensive author correspondence and occasional original manuscripts, as well as audio and video recordings of P.E.N. programs and events.

Eugène de Beauharnais Collection, 1788-1849 (mostly 1805-1814)

C0645 146 boxes 14 items 67.22 linear feet
This collection contains correspondence, reports, and documents of Eugène de Beauharnais relating to European military affairs during the Napoleonic era, which were primarily accumulated by him in his capacity as viceroy of the Napoleonic Kingdom of Italy (1805-1814). Also included are papers documenting Beauharnais' position at the Congress of Vienna (1814-1815), his establishment in the Bavarian duchy of Leuchtenberg (1817), and his later life as Prince d'Eichstätt (1817-1824).

Christian Gauss Papers, 1863-1952 (mostly 1900-1951)

C0310 94 boxes
Christian Gauss was one of Woodrow Wilson's original preceptors, the first Class of 1900 Professor of Modern Languages, and the third Dean of the College. The Christian Gauss papers include personal and professional writings, correspondence, photographs, memorabilia, and assorted ephemera and printed matter, as well as numerous documents related to the Gauss family.
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Kimon Friar Papers, 1926-1993

C0713 158 boxes 66.6 linear feet
The collection consists of personal papers of Kimon Friar, one of the first and most prolific translators of modern Greek poetry into English. His work helped bring modern Greek literature to the attention of the international public.

Philip Wylie Papers, 1920-1984 (mostly 1930-1971)

C0059 304 boxes 162.0 linear feet
A writer of fiction and nonfiction, Philip Gordon Wylie (Princeton Class of 1924), authored hundreds of short stories, articles, serials, syndicated newspaper columns, novels, and works of social criticism. His collection consists of manuscripts and correspondence representing his life work, ranging from Dormitory Ditties, published during his college days (circa 1920), to The End of the Dream, a novel published posthumously in 1972.

Princeton Cuneiform Collection, 2012 B.C.-1595 B.C.

C0848 94 boxes 115 items
Consists of approximately 1,350 cuneiform tablets from Mesopotamia, the bulk dating from the Third Dynasty of Ur (Ur III).
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Samuel Miller Papers, 1754-1898 (mostly 1800-1849)

C0277 15 boxes 5.9 linear feet
Contains writings and correspondence of and relating to Samuel Miller, a nineteenth-century American Presbyterian clergyman and author.
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Princeton Ethiopic Manuscripts, 1600s-1900s

C0776 95 items
An open collection of bound Ethiopic manuscripts with texts in Ge'ez and occasionally in Amharic.

Edward Livingston Papers, 1683-1877 (mostly 1764-1836)

C0280 178 boxes 120 linear feet
The Edward Livingston Papers document the career of American lawyer, diplomat, statesman, and legal theorist Edward Livingston. The collection also contains domestic, financial, and property records of some three dozen others, mostly members of the Livingston/Beekman branch of the Hudson River Valley Livingstons and the Montgomery, Davezac, Barton, and Hunt families; the family surveyor/agent John Cox, Jr.; and an Albany-area merchant Benjamin French, whose forfeited estate ended up in Edward Livingston's hands for debt collection.

Anton Tedesko Papers, 1913-2005 (mostly 1922-1990)

C1478 44 boxes 42.0 linear feet
Anton Tedesko (1903-1994) was a German-born American structural engineer, best known for his extensive work in reinforced thin-shell concrete design, often on significant industrial, institutional, and government construction projects, largely in the United States during World War II and the Cold War. The papers consist of Tedesko's writings, correspondence, calculations, engineering drawings and designs, personal papers, photographs, reference materials and technical journals, along with some film reels and glass lantern slides, including materials from his time at the Dyckerhoff & Widmann and Roberts & Schaefer firms, representing his professional work and activities from the 1920s through the 1990s.
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Exhibit to the Z-D System of Construction for the New York Board of Standards and Appeals, 1944 December 5

Includes correspondence, clippings of articles, summaries of reports, photographs, drawings, and calculations presented as an appeal, led by Tedesko on the behalf of Roberts Schaefer, to the New York Board of Standards and Appeals to authorize the construction of buildings following the Zeiss-Dywidag System in New York City.

David Lloyd Agency Records on Pearl S. Buck, 1928-1958 (mostly 1934-1952)

C0060 72 boxes 1 folder 28.8 linear feet
The David Lloyd Agency Records on Pearl S. Buck Collection consists of correspondence, publication and translation rights, financial records, and other publishing-related material collected by the David Lloyd Agency regarding their client, the American novelist Pearl S. Buck.

Alonzo Church Papers, 1924-1995

C0948 85 boxes 35.1 linear feet
The Alonzo Church Papers consists of the writings, correspondence, notebooks, notes, and subject files of Alonzo Church (1903-1995, Princeton Class of 1924), the renowned mathematical logician who taught at Princeton University from 1929-1967 and the University of California at Los Angeles from 1967 to 1990, and who was editor of the Journal of Symbolic Logic from 1936 to 1979.

George Segal Papers, 1936-2010 (mostly 1970-1999)

C1303 126 boxes
Business files, correspondence, photographs, artwork, writings, and clippings of George Segal (1924-2000), 20th-century American sculptor, artist, and photographer active from the late 1950s until 1999. The papers contain photographs taken by and of the artist, correspondence and all business files relating to exhibitions, records of the production of public commissions, writings by and about Segal, audio and visual media, and exhibition catalogs.

Juan Gelman Papers, 1927-2014

C1511 72 boxes 3575 digital files
Juan Gelman (1930-2014) was an Argentine poet, translator, journalist, and human rights activist. His papers contain handwritten, typewritten, and printouts of his writings, correspondence, notes, research files, awards and certificates, and personal photographs. A significant portion of the papers feature analog and born-digital investigative files relating to human rights investigations and campaigns Gelman conducted with his spouse, Mara La Madrid, on the forced kidnapping and death of his son and pregnant daughter-in-law, Marcelo Gelman and María Claudia García Irureta Goyena. Also included are files on his search to find his missing granddaughter, Macarena Gelman. Additional materials consist of original drafts and documents related to Juan Gelman's writing; letters; publishing contracts; documents about Juan Gelman's work as a translator; materials related to the campaign to lift the ban on Juan Gelman's entry into Argentina and his return to Buenos Aires; newspaper and magazine clippings related to the ban on Juan Gelman's entry into Argentina, as well as celebrating his return; materials related to Marcelo and Paulina, including photographs of Gelman and the family; works by other writers; and audio cassettes.

William H. Tower Philatelic Collection, 1380-1950 (mostly 1700-1949)

C0911 20 boxes 15.4 linear feet
Consists of envelopes both used and unused (also known as covers), letters, postcards, documents, postage stamps, and a variety of other philatelic material from around the world as collected and annotated by the Reverend William Hogarth Tower (1871-1950). The collection spans the topics of English Postal History, United States Postal History, War Covers, Philatelic Miscellany, and Franking.

William Jovanovich Papers, 1815-2006 (mostly 1950-1996)

C1505 61 boxes 32.8 linear feet
William Jovanovich (1920-2001) was an American publisher, author, and businessman, who led the publishing firm Harcourt Brace Jovanovich from 1954 to 1991, as president and later as chief executive officer. The collection consists of Jovanovich's author and publisher files, including an extensive file on Charles A. Lindbergh, along with correspondence, writings, personal and family papers, memorabilia, and other files documenting his career as a major American publisher in the 20th century, his creative pursuits in fiction and nonfiction, and his interest in Yugoslav literature and textbook publishing.

James Gould Cozzens Papers, 1878-1978 (mostly 1940-1969)

C0061 50 boxes 22.50 linear feet
The collection illustrates the literary and military careers of James Gould Cozzens in manuscripts, notebooks, diaries (1920-1970), war journals (1911-1945), correspondence (general, family, and business), documents, memorabilia, clippings, and photographs.

Charles Allen Munn Collection of World War I Photographs, 1914-1918

C1360 11 boxes 12.4 linear feet
Consists of photographs, newspaper clippings, cartoons, and printed ephemera related to World War I, compiled by Charles Munn (1859-1924), publisher and editor of Scientific American.

T. A. Barron Papers, 1965-2021

C1522 25 boxes 22 linear feet
T. A. Barron (1952-) is an American writer of fantasy literature, books for children, and nature books. The collection consists of his literary and personal papers, including manuscripts and other draft materials, copies of his books and related promotional materials, international editorial correspondence, articles and speeches, personal journals and letters, fan mail, videos, and correspondence with other authors.

Women and Gender Issues in Bolivia, II, 1991-2003

LAE034 6 boxes 9 items 5.5 linear feet
This collection contains pamphlets, serials, monographs, and posters concerning the rights and conditions of women in Bolivia. Most of the material was published in Bolivia itself, between the years 1991 and 2003. Topics covered include women's rights, women in politics, domestic violence, women's health, indigenous women, and women in the labor force.

Non-denominational Christian Organizations in Cuba, II, 1961-2002

LAE030 7 boxes 3.5 linear feet
This collection contains materials published or distributed in Cuba by ecumenical or otherwise non-denominational Christian organizations - organizations which are not known to be affiliated with the Catholic Church, the Christian Orthodox Church, or any specific Protestant denomination. The publications in the collection include church bulletins, evangelical tracts, children's educational items, serials, monographs, pamphlets, and flyers, and the bulk of them date from the 1990s and 2000s.

Human Rights in Argentina, III, 1978-2004

LAE028 3 boxes 2 linear feet
This collection contains pamphlets, flyers, and serials pertaining to human rights in Argentina. Most of the materials are about human rights abuses that took place during the 1976-1983 military dictatorship. Other materials have to do with a broader understanding of human rights that includes issues such as discrimination, police brutality, and the rights of children, immigrants, consumers, and workers. The majority of the ephemera was published by non-governmental human rights activist groups in Argentina between the early 1990s and 2004.

Education in Chile, II, 1967-2005

LAE021 3 boxes 2 items 1.5 linear feet
The collection consists of pamphlets, reports, flyers, workbooks, and other materials relating to educational policies and their implementation, to social activism and political participation, and to alternative views on the role of education in Chilean society.

Women in Chile, V, 1989-2002

LAE043 3 boxes 1.5 linear feet
This microfilm is the fifth in a series of collections of pamphlet materials relating to issues concerning women in Chile. The subjects of the pamphlets vary widely and include such topics as women's health, gender in the labor market, violence in the family, indigenous women, and the legal and civil rights of women. The materials are published by a wide variety of organizations, including non-governmental organizations, religious groups, and government bodies.

Women in Peru, III, 1986-2003

LAE044 3 boxes 3 items 1.6 linear feet
This collection contains pamphlets, articles, declarations, posters, and other miscellaneous items addressing a variety of women's issues in Peru, such as health, violence, labor, prostitution, ethnicity, grass-roots organizing, and political participation.

Politics in Peru, IV, 1976-2003

LAE041 3 boxes 5 items 1.5 linear feet
This collection contains pamphlets, articles, bulletins, pronouncements, flyers, posters, and other miscellaneous items addressing a range of political issues in Peru, including the electoral process, electoral education, corruption, impunity, privatization, and rondas campesinas (sometimes translated as peasant patrollers).

Arts and Culture in Brazil, 1962-2007

LAE046 3 boxes 4 items 1.0 linear feet
This collection on the arts and culture in Brazil includes flyers, pamphlets, reports, working papers, and serials.