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The Italian Madrigal, by Alfred Einstein, 1949

2 boxes
Consists of the German manuscript of, and other material related to, The Italian Madrigal (1949) by the German-American musicologist Alfred Einstein.

William Irvine Letters from Jerusalem, 1911-1946

3 boxes
Consists of typescript copies of letters sent from Jerusalem by evangelist William Irvine to his followers.

Walter Savage Landor Correspondence, 1797-1887

1 box
Walter Savage Landor was an English poet and prose writer. This correspondence includes some of his letters to family members and friends and a collection of transcribed letters to and from Landor.

Sonja Karsen Papers, 1897-1993 (mostly 1950-1973)

4 boxes
Sonja Karsen, born in 1919, was a professor of Spanish at Skidmore College and intensively researched Jaime Torres Bodet and Guillermo Valencia, two Latin American politicians and poets. The Sonja Karsen papers contain much of her research on these two figures.

Ginevra King Collection Relating to F. Scott Fitzgerald, 1913-1949

1 box
Consists of material relating to Ginerva King's romantic relationship with American author F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Kenneth McKenzie Fable Collection, 1898-1949

2 boxes
Consists of papers of Kenneth McKenzie (1870-1949), a former professor of Romance languages at Princeton, relating to fables.

Edwin Plimpton Adams Papers, 1900-1945

3 boxes
Consists of writings, correspondence, notebooks, and printed matter of Princeton physicist Edwin Plimpton Adams relating to Meteor Crater (formerly Coon Mountain) in Arizona and the Elliptic Function Formula.
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Correspondence, 1924-1945

Professional correspondence of Professor Adams. Subject matter includes conformal projecion; the consideration of Professor W. Gordon for an International Rockefeller Fellowship; the principle of steepest descents; the elliptical function formula and the publication of "Smithsonian Mathematical Formulae and Tables of Elliptic Functions"; contribution to the Standard Handbook for Electrical Engineers.

T. S. Eliot Collection, 1929-1962

1 box
Consists of selected material of Nobel prize-winning poet T. S. Eliot, primarily of correspondence but including several photographs, typescripts of poems, and corrected proofs.
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James Green Correspondence, 1837-1871

1 box
The James Green Correspondence consists of letters received from various correspondents by the 19th-century English poet James Green (of Bath).
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José Martínez Sotomayor Papers, 1929-1960 (mostly 1930-1932)

3 boxes
José Martínez Sotomayor was a Mexican lawyer, judge, and writer who published novels, short stories, and nonfiction. His personal papers includes correspondence and autograph and typescript manuscripts of three of Martínez Sotomayor's books.
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The Life and Writings of James Wilson (1742-1798), by Burton Alva Konkle, 1946

2 boxes
Consists of an unpublished manuscript by history professor Burton Alva Konkle on the American Revolutionary activist and Supreme Court Justice, James Wilson.

Ruth E. and Edward M. Brecher Collection on William F. Mannix, 1950-1965

4 boxes
Consists of papers gathered and generated by Ruth E. and Edward M. Brecher while researching the life of William Francis Mannix (1870?-1920), a journalist, soldier of fortune, grafter, and literary forger, for a proposed biography that was never completed. Included are manuscript drafts, correspondence and documents relating to Mannix's background, psychopathic personalities, and literary forgeries.

Arturo Lagorio Correspondence, 1932-1984

1 box
This collection consists of letters to Arturo Lagorio, Argentine poet and author, by various Latin American and Spanish writers, including Samuel Eichelbaum, Maria Granata, Nicolas Olivari, and Cesar Tiempo.

Donald L. Derrom Papers, 1941-1952

2 boxes
Consists of selected papers of American engineer, Donald L. Derrom; the bulk of which deals with the building of a rock crushing plant for the Rock Products Corp., Ltd., of Tel Aviv, Israel.
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Eliseo Diego Papers, 1940-1990

1 box
This collection consists of papers of Diego, Cuban poet, author, and translator. Included are correspondence between Diego, his wife, various friends and other writers.
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Ralph Freedman Correspondence, 1947-2013 (mostly 1980-2010)

80 digital files
Consists primarily of professional correspondence of literary scholar, author, and novelist Ralph Freedman (1920-2016).
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Paul Frankl Papers, 1900-1974

12 boxes
The Paul Frankl Papers consists of correspondence, writings, notebooks, photographs, and printed matter of the Czech art historian, architect, author, and educator Paul Frankl (1878-1962). A native of Prague, Frankl came to the United States in 1938, and shortly afterwards settled in Princeton, New Jersey, where he was associated with the Institute for Advanced Study.
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William Griffith Collection, 1914-1944

1 box
Consists of letters to William Friffith, an American author and editor, from various authors, poets, and editors.

Liu Binyan Papers, 1988-2006

8 boxes
Consists of papers of Chinese journalist and political dissident Liu Binyan, including manuscripts, notes, drafts of speeches, reviews, correspondence, audiocassettes of interviews, and other material.

Heath Bowman Papers, 1923-1989

5 boxes
Heath Bowman was a member of the Princeton University Class of 1931. After graduating, Bowman traveled extensively and later became a public affairs officer involved in Chile, Italy, France, and Yugoslavia. The papers consist of Bowman's 68 diaries from 1923 to 1989 and some of his photographs from the West Indies and South America.