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Virgilio Piñera Collection, 1941-1984

C0749 1 box 0.25 linear feet
Virgilio Pinera (1912-1979) was a Cuban novelist, playwright, and storywriter. The collection consists of his works, including manuscripts of various poems, an unfinished play, theatrical sketches, and prose essay. The collection also contains Piñera's extensive correspondence with Humberto Rodriguez Tomeu (1919-1994), a Cuban short story writer and translator, and Witold Gombrowicz's correspondence with Rodriguez Tomeu.

James Greene Correspondence, 1956-2006

C1604 1 box 0.2 linear feet
Consists of correspondence, comprising eighty-one letters, between poet and translator James Greene and other writers and artists, including Ted Hughes and Antony Gormley. The letters range in date from 1956 to 2006.

Selected Correspondence of Margaret Randall, 1977-1999

C0861 6 boxes 2 items 2.5 linear feet
The Selected Correspondence of Margaret Randall consists of letters exchanged between the American Marxist, poet, editor, author Margaret Randall, and many Latin American poets, writers, journalists, editors, and friends. Also included are subject files, articles, and printed matter relating to Cuba and Nicaragua. Randall was born in New York, but spent most of her adult life in Latin America. In 1961 she moved from Albuquerque, New Mexico to Mexico, then to Cuba in 1969, and from there to Nicaragua in 1980, returning to Albuquerque in 1984.

Steven Barclay Collection, 1904-2008 (mostly 1920-1940)

C1487 6 boxes 3.0 linear feet
A collection containing original manuscripts, letters, documents, photographs, association copies of books, and other printed material, chiefly by or pertaining to Adrienne Monnier (1892-1955) and Sylvia Beach (1887-1962), and their respective bookshops in Paris: La Maison des Amis des Livres and Shakespeare & Company.
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Peter Orton Collection of Screenplays and Television Scripts, 1941-2005

C1225 9 boxes 3.6 linear feet
Consists of a collection of screenplays and television scripts spanning a period of sixty-four years of film and television production, collected by the writer Peter Orton.
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Richard Schechner Papers and The Drama Review Collection, 1943-2012 (mostly 1960-2007)

TC071 360 boxes 2 items
The material in this collection pertains not only to an individual, Richard Schechner, but also to TDR, The Drama Review, a scholarly journal concerned with the broad range of performance in society and in the arts. Schechner, a renowned scholar, director, writer, and educator, edited The Drama Review from 1962-1969 and again from 1986 to the present date. Particularly in the 1960s, and again in the 1990s, both Schechner and TDR challenged traditional, prevailing ideas about theater-what it is, how it should be presented, and the ritual and ideals behind it. Schechner argued for thinking of "performance" as an all-encompassing genre with "theater" as one of its sub-categories. He is widely recognized as the founder of "performance studies" as an academic discipline. In the process of working out what performance studies is, Schechner and his colleagues at New York University created new ideas and new ways of thinking that still affect today's world of performance, theater, dance, and the social sciences. As "the journal of performance studies," TDR did much to shape the new discipline.

Margaretta K. Mitchell Working Files on Ruth Bernhard, 1952-2001 (mostly 1983-2000)

C1591 4 boxes
Consists of photographer Margaretta K. Mitchell's working files on the life and work of Ruth Bernhard (1905-2006), a German-born American photographer known for her black-and-white still lifes and female nudes. The working files contain research materials, drafts, and recordings and transcripts of interviews for Mitchell's biography of Bernhard, Ruth Bernhard: Between Art and Life (2000); drafts of Mitchell's essays that appeared in Ruth Bernhard's book The Eternal Body (1986); as well as correspondence, proofs, financial documents, and publicity materials related to both projects.

Sir Israel Gollancz Correspondence, 1890-1948 (mostly 1915-1929)

C1079 3 boxes 1.2 linear feet
Consists primarily of letters (approximately 500) from contemporaries of English editor and publisher Sir Israel Gollancz.

Rodolfo Alonso Correspondence and Photographs, 1910-2016 (mostly 1953-2016)

C1439 6 boxes 2.5 linear feet
Rodolfo Alonso is an Argentine poet, translator, essayist, and editor. The collection includes Alonso's correspondence with various Latin American writers including Carlos Drummond de Andrade, Raúl Gustavo Aguirre, Juan Gelman, Augusto Roa Bastos, Juan José Saer, Ernesto Sábato, Lêdo Ivo, Hector Tizón, Edgar Bayley, António Ramos Rosa, Milton de Lima Sousa, and Claudio Magris. In addition, the collection includes photographs of Alonso throughout his career with many Latin American figures as well as a personal collection of his family and travels.

Preston Beyer Collection of John Steinbeck, 1939-1995 (mostly 1970-1990)

C0768 19 boxes
Consists of correspondence, manuscripts, and ephemera by and relating to John Steinbeck collected by Preston Beyer, cofounder of the John Steinbeck Society of America. Included is a large amount of correspondence (circa 1939-1993) of Beyer with bibliographers, critics, collectors, biographers, universities, friends, and relatives concerned with the life and works of John Steinbeck.

Mario Vitti Papers, 1947-1992

C0809 5 boxes
Consists of papers of Mario Vitti, an Italian author, translator, and educator specializing in modern Greek literature. Included are letters (1947-1992) from Greek, Turkish, Italian, and other poets and authors, and manuscripts of Greek authors collected by Vitti.
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Bernard M. Dwork Papers, 1950-1992

C0983 10 boxes
Consists of a chronological series of 101 mathematical notebooks (1958-1997) of Princeton mathematician Bernard M. Dwork.

Liliane Hasson Collection of Latin American Writers, 1963-2005

C0807 6 boxes 2.0 linear feet
Contains the letters of Reinaldo Arenas and other Latin American authors to the French translator Liliane Hasson. Also includes copies of manuscripts by Arenas and others, photographs, and audio recordings of interviews with Latin American writers.

Thomas Hoving Papers, 1952-1998

C1312 44 boxes 45.5 linear feet
Consists of material relating to the career of Thomas Hoving, who was director of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City from 1967 to 1977, author, consultant, and the editor-in-chief of Connoisseur magazine from 1981 to 1991.
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Subseries 1C: Articles by Thomas Hoving, 1965-1997

The material in this subseries primarily consists of Hoving's magazine articles, including for Connoisseur, Town Country, Travel Leisure, Travel Holiday, Art Auction, and more (photocopies as well as some original tear sheets). The earliest is his 1965 Parks white paper (Hoving is uncredited on title page). Other articles and writings by Hoving can be found elsewhere in the collection.

Walker Bleakney Papers, 1920s-1961

C0604 27 boxes 16.30 linear feet
Walker Bleakney was a renowned physicist who served as a Princeton professor of physics (1932-1969) and chairman of the physics department (1960-1967). This collection consists of Bleakney's papers, including published and unpublished reports, drafts of articles, graphic data and photographs of experiments, and other material concerning Bleakney's defense-related research on shock waves at the Princeton Gas Dynamics Laboratory, as well as lecture notes and correspondence.
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P. J. Conkwright Collection, 1936-1985

C0665 21 boxes 8.8 linear feet
Designer and Typographer, P.J. Conkwright worked at the Princeton University Press from 1939 to 1970. His collection includes biographical material, correspondence, calendars, and other printed material about the Princeton University Press.

Irving Malin Papers, 1955-2013

C1587 7 boxes
Consists primarily of correspondence with authors such as Gordon Lish, James Purdy, Cynthia Ozick, and Paul Bowles, among many others, along with some writings and publisher files of American literary critic and professor of literature Irving Malin (1934-2014).

Leonard L. Milberg '53 Collection of Manuscripts, Correspondence, and Photographs, 1762-2001

C0962 6 boxes 3.4 linear feet
Consists of an open collection of manuscript material related to print collections of Leonard L. Milberg (Princeton Class of 1953): Leonard L. Milberg Collection of American Poetry, Leonard L. Milberg Irish Theater Collection, and the Leonard L. Milberg Collection of Jewish-American Writers.

Saint-John Perse Pléiade Edition Collection, 1966-1971

C1434 2 boxes
Saint-John Perse, pseudonym of Alexis Leger, was a major French poet, who won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1960. Consists of working editorial files and author letters for the Pléiade edition of Leger's complete works, published by the French publisher Gallimard in 1972.

Rita Guibert Collection of Latin American Authors, 1957-2000 (mostly 1968-1971)

C1502 8 boxes 2.0 linear feet
Rita Guibert (1916-2007) was an Argentine American author, journalist, editor, and translator. Guibert is best known for Seven Voices Seven Latin American Writers Talk to Rita Guibert, published by Alfred A. Knopf in 1973. The collection includes audiocassette tapes containing Guibert's in-depth interviews with Pablo Neruda, Jorge Luis Borges, Gabriel García Márquez, Octavio Paz, Julio Cortázar, Miguel Ángel Asturias, Guillermo Cabrera Infante, Manuel Puig, Carlos Fuentes, José Donoso, and others. Other materials include correspondence with authors, photographs, and drafts of articles Guibert wrote for magazines including LIFE en Español, Nuestro, The Paris Review, and Revista Iberoamerica.
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Rita Guibert Collection of Latin American Authors, 1957-2000 (mostly 1968-1971)

Rita Guibert (1916-2007) was an Argentine American author, journalist, editor, and translator. Guibert is best known for Seven Voices Seven Latin American Writers Talk to Rita Guibert, published by Alfred A. Knopf in 1973. The collection includes audiocassette tapes containing Guibert's in-depth interviews with Pablo Neruda, Jorge Luis Borges, Gabriel García Márquez, Octavio Paz, Julio Cortázar, Miguel Ángel Asturias, Guillermo Cabrera Infante, Manuel Puig, Carlos Fuentes, José Donoso, and others. Other materials include correspondence with authors, photographs, and drafts of articles Guibert wrote for magazines including LIFE en Español, Nuestro, The Paris Review, and Revista Iberoamerica.

Exhibitions Collection, 1896-2013 (mostly 1951-2013)

C0918 109 boxes 46.5 linear feet
Consists of material from and about the exhibitions held by the Special Collections in Firestone Library, primarily concerning subjects relating to American and English literature and art.

Angelos Prokopiou photographs collection, 1901-1999

C1344 1 box 1 linear foot
Consists of an open collection of photographs by Prokopiou.
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Princeton University Library Collection of Spyros Meletzēs Photographs, 1900-1999

C1389 1 box 1 linear foot
Consists of an open collections of Spyros Meletzēs photographs.

Princeton University 250th Anniversary Celebration Collection, 1993-1997

AC180 105 boxes 4 folders 1 websites
The 250th anniversary of Princeton's founding as the College of New Jersey in 1746, also known by the coined term "Bicennquinquagenary", was celebrated in 1996-1997 with a yearlong series of events. The collection consists of the records of the office in charge of organizing all 250th anniversary celebration activities, as well as examples of the many publications, event programs, invitations, posters, audio and visual recordings, and commemorative artifacts created in conjunction with those activities.

Undergraduate Student Government Records, 1962-2018 (mostly 1982-1997)

AC185 7 boxes 6 items 2 websites 0.1 GB
The Undergraduate Student Government (USG), established in 1975, was founded on the principles of representation and independence fostered during the student agitation and institutional reforms of the previous decade. The bulk of the collection consists of the records and publications of the Undergraduate Student Government from 1982 to 1997. Campaign and publicity records from the Princeton University Democrats, and student activism files from the office of Princeton University Professor Stanley Kelley are included in the collection as well.

Office of Population Research Newsletters and Annual Reports, 1975-2007

AC487 1 box
The Office of Population Research (OPR) at Princeton University, founded in 1936, is one of the nation's oldest demographic research and training centers. The collection contains newsletters and annual reports published by the Office of Population Research.
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Department of Music Records, 1932-2015

AC151 21 boxes 2 items 1 websites
Since 1935 Princeton University's Department of Music has offered courses in composition, music history, and related areas to students at the graduate and undergraduate level. The records of the Department of Music document the department's wide range of activities including teaching, research, curriculum development, and the planning of music-related programs on campus.
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D. Hugh Peniston, Class of 1941, Papers, 1936-2013 (mostly 1935-1942)

AC496 3 boxes
D. Hugh Peniston graduated from Princeton University in 1941. This collection includes his course notes and coursework along with his letters home during his undergraduate years.
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Robert L. Patten Papers, 1961-1996 (mostly 1961-1962)

AC307 1 box
A scholar of nineteenth-century British literature, Robert L. Patten earned an M.A. in 1962 and a Ph.D. in 1965 in the the Department of English at Princeton University. These papers are the files he kept on coursework in the English Department, together with his correspondence with Professor E.D.H. (Dudley) Johnson.
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Correspondence with E.D.H. (Dudley) Johnson, 1963-1996

The majority of the correpondence was written by E. D. H. (Dudley) Johnson to Robert L. Patten as Patten completed independent work for his Ph.D. and saught positions in academia, first at Bryn Mawr and later at Rice University. Some letters from Patten to Johnson are interspersed. Sticky notes denote topics Patten identified in the letters as he worked on a eulogy for Johnson in 1996. Topics include work, reading, art collecting, and family.

Princeton University Library Collection of Kōstas Zēmerēs Photographs, 1900-1999

C1342 1 box 1.7 linear feet
Kostas Zēmerēs was born in 1886 in Katēchōri Pelion. He studied at the Commercial School of Volos, where he took his first lessons from the painter Iōannēs Poulakas. In 1904 he went to the United States where he worked in photo labs collaborating with painters and photographers. There he had the opportunity to study at the Art Institute of Saint Louis. He returned to Greece in 1912 where he was recruited during the Balkan Wars. Later, after the World War I, he remained in Athens working with great photographers, such as George Bouka and Nelly's. Finally he returned to Volos where he worked as a professional photographer and painter. He participated in many exhibitions in Greece and abroad, such as in Calais (France) in 1925 and Liverpoool (England) in 1926. He received the gold medal at the International Exhibition of Thessalonikē (Greece) in 1932 and 1936. Zēmerēs gave us the unique photographs of the painter Theophilos Chatzēmichaēl. He died at the age of 96. Consists of an open collection of silver prints depicting Greek landscapes by Kōstas Zēmerēs.
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Woody Allen Papers, 1955-2012

TC002 56 boxes 10 items 26.8 linear feet
This collection contains writings by filmmaker and author Woody Allen. It includes copies of short stories, essays, articles, and the majority of Allen's films, along with original and various drafts of his prose work, plays and screenplays, some of which are either unpublished or unproduced.

Historical Photograph Collection, Class Photographs Series, 1851-1998

AC181 61 boxes 1 folder 6 items
The collection consists of group portraits and other photos of Princeton University classes. Though some photographs depict the classes while their members were students, the majority of the photographs are from alumni reunions.

School of Architecture Records, 1935-2015

AC137 29 boxes 1 websites
The School of Architecture, previously known as the School of Architecture and Urban Planning, is Princeton University's academic unit dedicated to the teaching and study of architecture and related topics. The records include subject files, correspondence, course descriptions, and other administrative materials, as well as records from the Bureau of Urban Research and its successor, the Research Center for Urban and Environmental Planning.

Collection of Ephemera Relating to the Marketing of Books, 1742-2014

RBD2 15 boxes 26 items 21 linear feet
Collection of ephemera relating to the marketing of books, consisting of prospectuses, adverts, catalogs, etc.
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[TLs from the Press's publisher, providing a list of titles from the press], 1995

TLs on Press letterhead; order form and prospectuses for John Runk's photo book "Stillwater: Minnesota's Birthplace"; Eastman Johnson's "Lake Superior Indians"; and Patricia Condon Johnson's "The Shape of Things: the Art of Francis Lee Jaques".

Anton Tedesko Papers, 1913-2005 (mostly 1922-1990)

C1478 44 boxes 42.0 linear feet
Anton Tedesko (1903-1994) was a German-born American structural engineer, best known for his extensive work in reinforced thin-shell concrete design, often on significant industrial, institutional, and government construction projects, largely in the United States during World War II and the Cold War. The papers consist of Tedesko's writings, correspondence, calculations, engineering drawings and designs, personal papers, photographs, reference materials and technical journals, along with some film reels and glass lantern slides, including materials from his time at the Dyckerhoff & Widmann and Roberts & Schaefer firms, representing his professional work and activities from the 1920s through the 1990s.
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Pennsylvania, Haverford Arena-Skating Hall (Dyckerhoff & Widmann, 3719), 1937-2005 (mostly 1937-1939)

Includes some original calculations for the project and clippings. Materials from the 21st century include correspondence between Professor David P. Billington and Ed Saliklis of Lafayette College, along with Saliklis's research and writings on the skating hall.

Joaquín Villalobos - Archivo de la insurgencia salvadoreña, circa 1970-2005 (mostly 1978-1994)

C1603 107.29 linear feet
El archivo se compone de material referente a la insurgencia salvadoreña que documenta los acontecimientos políticos, sociales y militares ocurridos durante y después del conflicto armado en El Salvador. Incluye folletos, textos de estudio, entrevistas, reportes, informes, boletines, artículos, partes de guerra, cuadernos y libretas, cartas, agendas, comunicados, publicaciones, recortes de prensa, cartografía, afiches, fotografías y negativos.
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Folletos y otros materiales, alrededor de 1970-2001

Esta serie consiste de material referente a los objetivos y sistema de organización del FMLN (Frente Farabundo Marti para la Liberación Nacional), la política interior y exterior, estrategias militares, comunicados internos del FMLN, documentos de análisis coyuntural y material sobre las negociaciones y acuerdos de paz. Incluye comunicaciones, textos de estudio, entrevistas, reportes, informes, propuestas, ponencias, boletines, estatutos, manifestos, publicaciones, artículos, recortes de periódico, revistas, panfletos, separatas, partes de guerra, documentos relacionados con las transferencias de tierras, manuales de armamento y transcripciones de programas realizados por Radio Venceremos.

Publicaciones, alrededor de 1981-2005

Esta serie consiste mayormente en recortes de prensa de varios periódicos nacionales e internacionales, tales como "El Mundo", "Diario Latino", "La Noticia", "El Diario de Hoy", "La Prensa", "Nacionales" y otros. También incluye revistas, artículos, boletines y documentos de propaganda. Uno de los temas destacados en estas publicaciones son las divisiones en el FMLN durante los años 1994-1995, particularmente los conflictos internos entre el FMLN y la Resistencia Nacional (RN) liderada por Eduardo Sancho y la Expresión Renovadora del Pueblo (ERP) liderada por Joaquín Villalobos. Otros temas incluyen los acuerdos de paz, la formación del Partido Demócrata (PD), la demanda por difamación contra Villalobos y otros asuntos económicos, sociales y culturales.

Archivo de Roberto Gottardi, circa 1960-2016

C1593 16.71 linear feet
La colección consiste mayormente en materiales relacionados con los diversos proyectos/obras de Roberto Gottardi y materiales relacionados con sus actividades docentes como profesor de arquitectura. Incluye apuntes, modelos y esquemas, planes de clases y material de estudio, material impreso, correspondencia, material fotográfico, planos arquitectónicos y otros materials.
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Proyectos y obras, alrededor de 1962-2015

Esta serie consiste mayormente de materiales relacionados con los diversos proyectos y obras de Roberto Gottardi, tales como la "Escuela de Artes Dramáticas" en el conjunto de "Escuelas Nacionales de Arte", el restaurante-cafetería "A Prado y Neptuno", la pizzería "La Maravilla" y el "Puesto de Mando Nacional de la Agricultura". Otros materiales incluyen intervenciones, escritos, artículos y una entrevista a Gottardi sobre el proyecto de construcción de las "Escuelas de Arte".

Joseph O'Connor Papers, 1981-2020 (mostly 1989-2020)

C1652 23.2 linear feet 18 boxes 25.4 GB 762 digital files
Joseph O'Connor is an Irish novelist, screenwriter, playwright, journalist, broadcaster, poet, and professor of creative writing. The collection consists of drafts, research, publicity, and recordings related to O'Connor's books and plays for radio, screen, and stage; as well as notebooks and diaries, correspondence, business and publicity files, and photographs.
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Even the Olives Are Bleeding: The Life and Times of Charles Donnelly, 1992-1996

Consists of research materials for O'Connor's masters thesis on Charles Donnelly, which he published in 1992. There are also correspondence, notes, and legal documents related to a dispute with Donnelly's brother, Joe Donnelly.

Romus Broadway Photographs of the Witherspoon-Jackson Community of Princeton, New Jersey, circa 1955-2005 (mostly 1970-2005)

C1689 49 linear feet 24 boxes
Consists of 90 photograph collage boards, 30,000 photographic negatives, 760 color slides, and several hundred loose photographic prints, comprising Romus Broadway's body of work documenting the history of the Black community in the Witherspoon-Jackson neighborhood of Princeton, New Jersey, from the late 1950s through the early 2000s.

Benjamin Taylor Collection of Philip Roth Materials, 1951-2017 (mostly 1987-2014)

C1609 6 linear feet 5 boxes
Consists of a group of writings and speeches, biographical materials, correspondence, photographs, and medical records of American author Philip Roth (1933-2018) collected by his close friend and literary collaborator Benjamin Taylor (1952- ).
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Photographs of Philip Roth and Others, circa 1951-2009

Photographs include: "(1951) Bradley Beach, NJ. Stan Pressman, Jerry Lechter [, Philip Roth];" "Two tall kids. Maxine Groffsky. P.R. Back of Roth Moorestown house. 1956;" "England, Summer 1968. Photo by Ann Mudge, used on inside back leaf of Portnoy's Complaint jacket;" [Roth drinking tea]. Stamped "Property of Time Incorporated;" [Roth making a point]. Stamped "Property of Time Incorporated;" "With Mel Tumin, Conn. 1974. Mel was a perpetual pedagogue and here, once again, he is straightening me out. But gently;" "Prague. Milan Kundera, Barbara Sproul, P.R. 1974;" "In my First Grade classroom at Chancellor Ave. School [Newark, NJ]."

Henry Martin Papers, 1949-2003 (mostly 1980-1999)

C1686 9 boxes 1 folder
Consists of scrapbooks of tearsheets and clippings, original artwork in pencil and in pen and ink, correspondence, financial documents, periodicals, permission agreements, and contracts spanning Henry Martin's career as a cartoonist and illustrator.

José Emilio Pacheco Papers, circa 1940s-2010s

C1619 58 boxes
Consists of the papers (circa 1940s-2010s) of Mexican poet, essayist, novelist and short story writer, José Emilio Pacheco. Materials include notebooks, diaries and journals, writings, correspondence, printed materials, and other items.

Peter A. Bien Papers, 1902-2016

C1527 17 boxes 16 archival boxes and 1 oversize box
Consists of incoming letter from writers, scholars, and friends (circa 1958-2016), along with nine binders containing photocopied letters (1902-1957) of the Greek novelist Nikos Kazantzakis collected by Bien. There are also (9) photocopied Kazantzakis's own notebooks; Bien's notebooks (general and miscellaneous) containing clippings and other materials that relate to Kazantzakis's works and career; notebooks containing Bien's reading notes from secondary and primary materials or both; small notebooks with material he read. There are also typescripts; a copy of Kazantzakis's "Vios kai politeia tou Alexe Zorba" with marginal notes by Bien and three printed bibliographies: Katsimpale bibliography N. Kazantzakē A 1906-1948, Perantonakē bibliography N. Kazantzakē 1973-2002, and Mantatophoros #5 November 1974. There are also two small file boxes.
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Dhoruba Bin Wahad & Robert Boyle Collection of FBI Files Related to the Black Panther Party, 1966-1999 (bulk 1970-1975)

C1702 70 linear feet (70 boxes)
Dhoruba Bin Wahad is an African American writer and activist, formerly a leader in the Black Panther Party. Robert J. Boyle is a criminal defense attorney in New York City who has worked in appeals and post-conviction motions, and has also been involved in civil rights and police misconduct litigation. The collection consists of approximately 110,000 pages of redacted FBI and NYPD photocopies about the Black Panther Party (BPP) and its top leaders, obtained pursuant to a court order in the legal case Bin Wahad v. FBI, et al.
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NYPD Files, 1966-1995

Photocopies of NYPD index cards tracking people; information on a housing crimes trial put on by the BPP; information on a planned attack on a military installation near Los Angeles; materials on the Attica uprising; early BPP surveillance; photocopies of BPP literature; materials on H. Rap Brown; a boycott of Coney Island; material on the BPP shooting of NYPD officer James Howard in the Bronx; mentions of protests going on at Columbia University and other NYC protests; photocopies of BPP threats to Mayor Lindsay; daily reports of following BPP members; summaries of conversations and information on police shootings; an undercover officer report on being inside a BPP meeting; etc.

Dhoruba Bin Wahad & Robert Boyle Collection of FBI Files Related to the Black Panther Party, 1966-1999 (bulk 1970-1975)

Dhoruba Bin Wahad is an African American writer and activist, formerly a leader in the Black Panther Party. Robert J. Boyle is a criminal defense attorney in New York City who has worked in appeals and post-conviction motions, and has also been involved in civil rights and police misconduct litigation. The collection consists of approximately 110,000 pages of redacted FBI and NYPD photocopies about the Black Panther Party (BPP) and its top leaders, obtained pursuant to a court order in the legal case Bin Wahad v. FBI, et al.

French Press Photographs, 1930s-1990s

C1740 1 linear foot 1 box
Consists of several hundred print photographs (most are captioned) primarily from various French news outlets and agencies documenting people and events of numerous countries and geographic regions spanning the mid to late 20th century.
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Yanni Posnakoff Papers, 1953-2005

C1731 2.15 linear feet 2 boxes
Consists of correspondence, original sketches by Yanni Posnakoff, personal documents, photographs, exhibition catalogs, and printed material regarding the life and work of the artist in the United States.
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Correspondence, 1965-1997

Consists of correspondence with art gallery "Nees Morphes" in Athens (1), with Panagiotis Binioris (one outgoing letter), with the Galerie Internationale, New York (1), and the Intercommunity Council, Morningside Heights, Inc., NY (1). Included also is a handwritten letter from Posnakoff to Iōannēs Chatzopoulos with a text (14 pages) and a sketch in Greek kept in an envelope with another sketch on it (dated 6/3/1997).

Haynes McMullen Data Cards for American Libraries before 1876, circa 1960-2000

C1666 11 boxes 25.21 linear feet
Consists of librarian Charles Haynes McMullen's data cards (numbering about 10,000) that McMullen compiled for his publication American Libraries before 1876 (2000).

Stuart Mills Papers, 1956-2017

C1654 5.4 linear feet
Consists of notebooks, manuscripts, correspondence, photographs, and ephemera documenting the working career of the poet and small-press publisher, Stuart Mills (1940-2006).
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Notebooks, 1950s-1990s

This series of materials contains notebooks that Stuart Mills kept through his career, beginning in the 1950s as an art student at Birmingham College of Art. Dating through to the 2000s, the notebooks also include a scrapbook with clippings of the Hertford Exhibition where Mills was an exhibiting artist, and a scrapbook of ephemera related to Trent Book Shop, Tarasque, and the Bux Gallery. The bulk of the materials are from the 1960s, when Mills' first began experimenting with poetry.

Writings, circa 1957-2006

This series of materials consists primarily of drafts of Mills' poetry and prose, as well as essay drafts, autobiographical pieces, short stories, reflections, a radio play script, fragments, notes, lists, and numerous drafts of correspondence. Some of these draft letters were addressed to Peter Quartermaine, Robin Crozier, Alan Halsey, Adrian Mitchell, Marjorie Perlof, Jonathan Williams, and Pia Simig, among several others. A small portion of the notes and fragments pertain to novel ideas that Mills was developing and researching. The essays pertain to the works of poets and artists (e.g. Ian Hamilton Finlay, Roy Fisher, David Prentice, and Peter Berry), as well as broader topics, such as the "world of little magazines." Additional materials pertaining to Mills' writing include mockups and layouts of works such as poetry booklets and maquettes, but most significantly the board mockups of "30 Signatures to Silver Catches" by Ian Hamilton Finlay, Margot Sandeman, and Stuart Mills, which Tarasque Press printed in 1971 and also likely put on exhibition. To a lesser extent, the series also contains drawings, paintings, and collages; a small amount of teaching notes; and material related to to Tarasque, Aggie Weston's, and Poet's Poems. Mills' drawing of the Tarasque bird that became the magazine's front cover design is in this series. Some of these publications-related materials include catalogue lists, a note to subscribers, and planning notes.

Archivo de Salvador Novo, 1955-1996 (mostly 1955-1973)

C1685 1.67 linear feet 1 oversize folder
La colección consiste principalmente en correspondencia sostenida entre Salvador Novo y Carlos I. Guajardo. También se incluyen poemas, guiones teatrales, conferencias, recortes, separatas, tarjetas, invitaciones y algunas fotografías.
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Anne Buchanan Crosby Collection of Galway Kinnell Letters and Manuscripts, circa 1957-2006 (mostly 1957-1995)

C1680 2 boxes 0.63 linear feet
Consists of letters from American poet Galway Kinnell (1927-2014) to English artist Anne Buchanan Crosby (b.1929), together with several annotated poetry typescripts and manuscripts authored by Kinnell.