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William Griffith Collection, 1914-1944

C1339 1 box 0.2 linear feet
Consists of letters to William Friffith, an American author and editor, from various authors, poets, and editors.

Joseph Howard Scrapbooks, 1875-1908

C0452 14 boxes 16.5 linear feet
The Joseph Howard Scrapbooks collection consists of journalist Joseph Howard's scrapbooks of press clippings and articles he wrote over the years for several New York City newspapers.

J. L. Lundy Manuscripts, 1876-1886

C0485 2 boxes 1.4 linear feet
Consists of four book-length manuscripts by American clergyman J. P. Lundy (Princeton Class of 1846) regarding ancient Christianity and prehistoric American religion.

Ezra Pound Translations of Greek Drama, 1957

C0301 1 box 0.4 linear feet
Consists of typescripts, with holograph emendations, of American poet Ezra Pound's English translations of Sophocles' Electra and The Women of Trachis.

Gisèle Freund Correspondence, 1959-1986

C1541 4 boxes 1.4 linear feet
Correspondence of the German-born French photographer and photojournalist Gisèle Freund (1908-2000) with her New York-based literary agents, Marie Rodell, Frances Collin, and Joan Daves, as well as her literary agents' correspondence with others involved in the publishing of Freund's works and some related chapter drafts, publishing agreements, photograph lists, and publicity materials.
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Princeton University Library Collection of John Ruskin Materials, 1840s-1933

C0196 2 boxes 2.42 linear feet
Consists of correspondence, manuscripts, and miscellanea of the nineteenth-century English art critic, social reformer, and educator John Ruskin.

Grover Cleveland Collection, 1860-1907

C0237 3 boxes
Consists of several holograph addresses, miscellaneous correspondence, and family photographs of American president Grover Cleveland.

Melvin M. Tumin Papers, 1942-2007

C1396 5 boxes 1.6 linear feet
Melvin Tumin was a professor of sociology and anthropology at Princeton University. Consists of correspondence, articles, papers, and book reviews by Melvin Tumin, including his dissertation research on the ladino and Pokomám Maya population of San Luis Jilotepeque in Eastern Guatemala. The collection is especially notable for Tumin's correspondence with writers Saul Bellow, Iris Murdoch, and Philip Roth.

Selected Papers of Lemuel Cobb, 1753-1824

C0229 2 boxes 2.5 linear feet
Consists of surveying documents, deeds, correspondence, and other material of American surveyor Lemuel Cobb relating, for the most part, to the Boudinot family, particularly the brothers Elias and Elisha and their nephew Tobias.

Frederic Vinton Correspondence, 1847-1899

C0344 1 box 0.2 linear feet
Consists of selected correspondence of Frederic Vinton, librarian at Princeton from 1873 to 1890.

Selected Papers of Alfred S. Dashiell, 1921-1967

C0212 3 boxes 1.35 linear feet
Alfred S. Dashiell was an American writer and editor. His papers relate primarily to his time as editor of Scribner's and Reader's Digest. Letters, memorabilia, and incomplete manuscripts of Thomas Wolfe appear, along with letters from other authors, assorted correspondence, and papers dealing with the Princeton matters of Terrace Club, Graduate Council, Hibben Fund, and Class of 1923 reunions.

Grace L. J. McClure Papers, 1850-1952

C0489 5 boxes 2.08 linear feet
Consists of the selected writings and correspondence of American educator and writer, Grace Latimer Jones McClure. Materials primarily relate to her unpublished book, A Clippership Honeymoon, which centers around the diaries of Malvina "Mallie" McClure, the wife of a mid-19th century New England sea captain.

German Authors Collection, 1772-1930

C0095 1 box 0.25 linear feet
Cnsists of autograph letters and occasional manuscripts of various, primarily 19th-century, German writers, including Hermann Bahr, Richard Dehmel, Marie Ebner-Eschenbach, Carl Hauptmann, Arno Holz, Heinrich Laube, Max Mell, and Arthur Schnitzler.

Elmer W. Engstrom Papers, 1902-1970

C0366 3 boxes 3.25 linear feet
Consists of photocopies and photographs of Elmer W. Engstrom's diplomas, certificates, and honors (1902-1970), as well as copies of addresses delivered and papers written (1933-1970) for both scholarly and popular periodicals during his career as an electrical engineer.

Ezra Pound Collection on Japanese Drama, circa 1916-1917

C0658 1 box 0.2 linear feet
Contains five typescript translations by American poet Ezra Pound of Japanese Noh plays by Zeami Motokiyo (1363-1443), H. Monogatei, and others, and several essays and miscellaneous notes by Pound.

Hugh MacNair Kahler Papers, 1900-1964 (mostly 1900-1950)

C0042 9 boxes 5.4 linear feet
Consists of writings, correspondence, documents, photographs, and other miscellanea of the American editor, novelist, and storywriter Hugh MacNair Kahler.

Kit and Ilse Barker Collection of Elizabeth Bishop, 1952-1984

C0270 1 box 0.4 linear feet
Consists primarily of over 250 letters and postcards (1952-1979) written by American poet Elizabeth Bishop to her English friends Ilse and Kit Barker, and includes many photographs of Bishop's home in Brazil.
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Dolores Koch Collection of Reinaldo Arenas, 1974-2005 (mostly 1982-1993)

C0984 2 boxes 0.8 linear feet
Dolores Koch is a noted translator and reviewer of Latin American literature. The materials in this collection were accumulated during her work with Reinaldo Arenas, a Cuban writer living in New York City. Koch translated two of Arenas's books and worked as part of a team handling publication and rights for his work after his death in 1990.

Markos Veremēs Papers, 1908-1970

C1378 3 boxes 1.2 linear feet
Consists of personal papers of Markos Veremēs, a Greek engineer. Included are photograph and postcard albums of Greece, the United States, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, France, England, Turkey, and Romania; lantern slides and glass-plate negatives of Alaska, correspondence (professional and personal), typed manuscripts, official documents, and printed matter.
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Alexander Chambers Papers, 1864-1938

C0612 4 boxes 1.5 linear feet
Consists of papers of American commodities agent Alexander Chambers, much of which deals with his commercial agent, H. H. Steel, in Guatemala.

"We Saw It Happen" Collection, 1937

C0007 2 boxes
Consists of the typed manuscripts of We Saw It Happen (1938), edited by Hanson W. Baldwin and Shepard Stone, each chapter contributed by a different correspondent of the New York Times. The work details major news stories chronicled by important journalists of the day.

Frederic Dennis Papers on Sylvia Beach, 1890s-1988 (mostly 1955-1988)

C1540 5 boxes 4.09 linear feet
This collection consists of selected papers of Frederic Dennis regarding Sylvia Beach, including correspondence of Sylvia Beach and members of her family, as well as letters from Noël Riley Fitch from 1977-1988, photographs of Sylvia Beach, Shakespeare and Co., her friends and family, and assorted clippings and other miscellany.

Jesse Smith Blydenburgh Papers, 1856-1900

C0390 7 boxes 3.8 linear feet
Consists of correspondence, both personal and business, five ledgers (1859-1880), two photographs, and a diary (1869) of Jesse Smith Blydenburgh, a nineteenth-century importer-exporter in New York City.
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John Jay by Frank Monaghan, 1935

C0332 2 boxes 0.8 linear feet
Consists of the original typescript of history professor Frank Monaghan's John Jay (1935), a biography of the American founding father.

Aaron Burr (1716-1757) Collection, 1750-1761

C0090 1 box 0.4 linear feet
This is an open collection for accessions of Aaron Burr (1716-1757) manuscripts, letters, documents, and related material.
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A. Jacobi Papers, 1794-1955 (mostly 1880-1919)

C0724 6 boxes 2.3 linear feet
The A. Jacobi Papers consists of offprints of writings and lectures, correspondence, memorials, and other miscellanea of the German physician, pediatrician, author, and first professor of children's diseases in the United States Abraham Jacobi (1830-1919).

John Lott Phillips Collection, 1776-1987

C1290 1 box 0.2 linear feet
Consists of material by and about John Lott Phillips, a graduate of Princeton (1774), a clergyman of the Church of England, and a loyalist to the British Crown.

William Davenport Adams Correspondence, 1882-1904

C1000 1 box 0.2 linear feet
Consists of correspondence between British journalist and critic William Davenport Adams and well-known British authors and poets.

Elizabeth Dodge Clarke Collection of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern Postcards and Photographs, circa 1908-1974

C1635 3 boxes
Consists of postcard correspondence, photographs, blank postcards, and some ephemera and small paintings collected and received by Elizabeth Dodge Clarke during her time in Istanbul, Turkey and after her return to the United States.

Archibald MacLeish Collection, 1925-1962

C0239 3 boxes 1.0 linear feet
Consists of selected manuscripts and correspondence of American poet/dramatist and Pulitzer Prize winner Archibald MacLeish.

Condit Family Papers, 1750-1883

C0408 6 boxes
Consists of account books and ledgers, a diary (1750), documents, photographs, a few letters, and printed material of the Condit family of East Orange, N.J.

P. Voorhoeve Collection of Batak Manuscript Translations, 1953-1985

C0936 2 boxes 0.8 linear feet
The P. Voorhoeve Collection of Batak Manuscript Translations consists primarily of English translations of Batak manuscripts by Petrus Voorhooeve. Also includes some related articles (drafts) and catalogue descriptions.

McFarlane Family Papers, 1832-1928

C0592 1 box 0.4 linear feet
Consists of correspondence, deeds, indentures, genealogical notes, and other documents of the McFarlane, Buchanan, and Haslett families who came to Somerset County, New Jersey, from England and Canada in the 19th century.

George B. Bacon Civil War Correspondence, 1855-1936

C0383 2 boxes 0.6 linear feet
George B. Bacon served as a lieutenant commander in the U.S. Navy during the American Civil War. Serving in several blockading squadrons, Bacon was involved in notable battles and engagements, including the capture of New Orleans and the Battle of Morris Island, S.C. The collection consists primarily of detailed letters Bacon wrote to his wife during the war along with some official wartime correspondence, and biographical materials about Bacon.

Daniel Gano Gold Rush Scrapbook, 1846-1850

C1398 1 box 0.2 linear feet
Consists of a scrapbook compiled by Daniel Gano, documenting the California Gold Rush (1849-1850), including his son Stephen's journey to the gold fields of California and his subsequent experiences in "the diggings" there. "Images of this collection are available online at Digital PUL.
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Notes, undated

"Notes from English History": a handwritten leaf (by Stephen Gano?) noting important dates in English history. A curious item [pasted in the scrapbook] appears to be a passage copied (by Daniel Gano?) from "D. I. Journal" offering the writer's reports on the health and good spirits of Col. Collier"s company as it approaches Santa Fe as well as details on the desert scenery, including "lizards, serpents and scorpions" and the news that he himself had killed several buffalo on the plains.

Duffield Family Papers, 1838-1948

C0421 5 boxes 2.25 linear feet
Consists of selected papers of the Duffield family of Princeton, N.J.
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Igor Stravinsky Collection, 1964-1967

C1219 1 box 0.2 linear feet
Consists of correspondence and documents relating to the Princeton commission of Requiem Canticles by Russian composer Igor Stravinsky, considered by many in both the West and his native land to be the most influential composer of 20th-century music.

Howard W. Ambruster Papers, 1927-1958

C0388 6 boxes 6.5 linear feet
The collection consists of American consulting engineer and newspaper columnist, Howard W. Ambruster's works, correspondence, miscellaneous material, and printed matter.

Alexander Family Collection, 1815-1914

C0323 2 boxes 0.6 linear feet
Consists of miscellaneous material relating to various members of the Alexander family, many of whom lived and worked in Princeton, N.J.

R. D. Blackmore Collection, 1630-1956 (mostly 1873-1899)

C0201 1 box 0.45 linear feet
The collection contains 120 letters, which is mostly personal correspondence, by English novelist and poet R. D. Blackmore.

American Civil War Collection, 1861-1865

C1288 2 boxes 2.1 linear feet
Consists of selected correspondence and documents related to the American Civil War.

William H. Shehadi Collection of Kahlil Gibran, 1918-1991 (mostly 1918-1931)

C1178 3 boxes
Consists of manuscripts, photographs, and ephemera by and about the Lebanese-American philosophical essayist, novelist, mystical poet, and artist Kahlil Gibran, who, by fusing elements of Eastern and Western mysticism, achieved lasting fame with such poetic works as The Prophet (1923) and Jesus, the Son of Man (1928). This material was collected by William H. Shehadi.

Princeton University Library Collection of Abraham Lincoln Materials, 1849-1945

C0094 4 boxes 4 linear feet
Consists of selected material by and about Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president of the United States.

Woodruff Family Collection, 1795-1896 (mostly 1803-1850)

C0740 3 boxes 2.6 linear feet
Consists of selected papers of George Woodruff (Princeton Class of 1785), a lawyer, and various members of his family of Trenton, N.J.

Richard Watson Gilder Collection, 1880-1920

C0311 3 boxes
Richard Watson Gilder was a nineteenth century poet and editor. The collection consists of Gilder's letters to Maria Hornor Lansdale, one of Gilder's addresses, photographs, pamphlets, programs, and newspaper clippings.

Marion Eppley Collection of World War I Photographs, 1914-1918

C0803 1 volume 1.75 linear feet
This collection consists of an album of 38 photographs (5" x 7" and 9" x 11") taken during World War I and collected by Marion Eppley (Princeton Class of 1906).