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Andrew Jackson Collection, 1821-1841

C1092 1 box 1.7 linear feet
Consists of selected correspondence and documents of Andrew Jackson, seventh president of the United States, the bulk of which dates from the time of his presidency (1829-1837).
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Robert Garrett Collection of Samaritan Manuscripts, 1200s-1903

C0744-06 3 boxes 5 items 116 items
This collection contains 52 manuscripts written in the Samaritan alphabet, a writing system used by the Samaritans for religious writings in Hebrew, Aramaic, and occasionally Arabic. Contents include fragments from the Samaritan Pentateuch and liturgical pieces.
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Kurt Gödel Papers, 1905-1980 (mostly 1930-1970)

C0282 30.75 linear feet 54 boxes, 22 items, and 9 reels
The papers comprise documents relating to all periods of the life of Kurt Gödel, foremost mathematical logician of the twentieth century, including scientific correspondence, notebooks, drafts, unpublished manuscripts, academic, legal, and financial records, and all manner of loose notes and memoranda.
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Vicente Llorens Collection of Blanco White Family Materials, 1713-1930 (mostly 1798-1841)

C0075 19 boxes 28 items 7.4 linear feet
The collection contains manuscripts related to four generations of the Blanco White family, spanning two centuries: including works, diaries, correspondence, documents, accounts and expense records, and printed material. Joseph Blanco White, the Spanish-English writer and religious figure, remains the focus of the collection; however, his brother Fernando, a politician and intellectual of 19th-century Seville, also accounts for a substantial part of the material. Of particular interest are autograph manuscripts of several of Joseph's literary efforts, as well as other genealogical material relating to the Blanco White family.
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Barringer Family Papers, 1817-1979 (mostly 1900-1979)

C1250 113 boxes 1 folder
Consists of over 100 cartons and boxes containing correspondence, legal documents, photographs, printed matter, and other material, which document both the careers and personal lives of Princeton graduates Daniel Moreau Barringer and his son, Brandon Barringer. Much of the material about Daniel Moreau Barringer focuses on the Meteor Crater in Arizona, which he spent a large part of his career studying and promoting.

Gaines Post Photostat Collection of 13th-Century European Manuscripts, 1210-1290

C0530 4 boxes 3.5 linear feet
Consists of photostats of various 13th-century European manuscripts compiled by Gaines Post, a professor of history at Princeton (1964-1970). Most of the works are commentaries in Latin on Aristotle's Ethics and treatises on law and philosophy.
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Richard Schechner Papers and The Drama Review Collection, 1943-2012 (mostly 1960-2007)

TC071 360 boxes 2 items
The material in this collection pertains not only to an individual, Richard Schechner, but also to TDR, The Drama Review, a scholarly journal concerned with the broad range of performance in society and in the arts. Schechner, a renowned scholar, director, writer, and educator, edited The Drama Review from 1962-1969 and again from 1986 to the present date. Particularly in the 1960s, and again in the 1990s, both Schechner and TDR challenged traditional, prevailing ideas about theater-what it is, how it should be presented, and the ritual and ideals behind it. Schechner argued for thinking of "performance" as an all-encompassing genre with "theater" as one of its sub-categories. He is widely recognized as the founder of "performance studies" as an academic discipline. In the process of working out what performance studies is, Schechner and his colleagues at New York University created new ideas and new ways of thinking that still affect today's world of performance, theater, dance, and the social sciences. As "the journal of performance studies," TDR did much to shape the new discipline.

Princeton Collection of Syriac Manuscripts, 1239-1900 (mostly 1600-1709)

C0941 7 Volumes 1.5 linear feet
Consists of an open collection of manuscripts written in the Syriac alphabet.
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Archives of George Braziller, Inc, 1960s-1995

C0795 59 boxes 24.6 linear feet
George Braziller, Inc., is an independent publishing firm founded by George Braziller in 1955. This collection consists of the firm's records, including press releases, reviews, correspondence and business files.

Delafield Family Papers, 1393-1985 (mostly 1800-1950)

C0391 164 boxes 1 oversize folder 70 linear feet
The Delafields were avid collectors of family history and family-related memorabilia in the Hudson River Valley region of New York state. This collection consists of the papers of the Delafield family and related families, most prominently the Livingstons, containing both personal papers and papers collected for their genealogical and historical significance.
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Series 15: Miscellaneous Papers and Genealogical Materials, 1275-1971

This series consists of miscellaneous papers, ranging in date from the late-13th to the mid-20th century, amassed primarily by John Ross Delafield reflecting his interest in history, particularly his interest in collecting family history family-related memorabilia. Similar to a subject file, the series includes papers created by as well as research and genealogical materials about families related to the Delafields and various other persons (particularly political figures) as well as miscellaneous materials documenting various places and subjects. There are as little as one item or up to several folders associated with each name and topic represented; and while a good number of items are original, a significant amount are copies of original documents. Found throughout this series is the correspondence of John Ross Delafield relating to his research and collecting efforts.

Document Relating to the Consanguinity and Inheritance of John Rame from the Village of Doddershall, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, 1382-1383

Fulk de Penebrugg, Edmund de Mussendene, Thomas Gyffard, John Neyrnuyt, and John Chastylonn, who are all knights, as well as others who are not knights, give notice that they have made an inquiry into the consanguinity and inheritance of John Rame, son of William Graunt of Bertone, in the village of Doddershall, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, dated 13 December 1392/93, during the 16th year of the reign of King Richard II of England. The document has three wax seals (some missing) affixed to each of nine tags.