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Max Gordon Papers, 1908-1971 (mostly 1950-1965)

37 boxes
Max Gordon (1892-1978) was an American theatrical producer. His collection contains personal correspondence with theater and film notables spanning the years 1942-1971. Also included are production materials, such as correspondence, contracts, summaries of earnings, financial sheets, and miscellaneous notes of plays Gordon produced, including Born Yesterday, The Solid Gold Cadillac, My Sister Eileen, and the film, Abe Lincoln in Illinois, as well as letters and script reports relating to Columbia Pictures.

The Italian Madrigal, by Alfred Einstein, 1949

2 boxes
Consists of the German manuscript of, and other material related to, The Italian Madrigal (1949) by the German-American musicologist Alfred Einstein.

Sir Israel Gollancz Correspondence, 1890-1948 (mostly 1915-1929)

3 boxes
Consists primarily of letters (approximately 500) from contemporaries of English editor and publisher Sir Israel Gollancz.
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H General, 1903-1948

Hawkins, Anthony Hope: ALS, 1907Hales, John W.: ALS, 1903Hales, J. F.: ALS, 1919Halliday, W. R.: ALS, 1929Hamilton, Ian: ALS, 1918Harding, J. Rudge: ALS, 1918Hardy, Theodore: ALS, 1918Hare, M. H.[?]: ALS, undatedHarrison, Walter: TLS, 1919Herz, Carl: ALS, 1948Hill, Sir George Francis: ALS, 1918Hitchcock, Elsie Vaughan: ALS, 1919Holland, Sir Thomas Erskine: ALS, 1919Hunter, William T.: ALS, 1919Hilary (?): TLS, undatedHeat, James Raymond: TL, 1900Hoyes, N. (?): ALS, 1919

Roger Hinks Papers, 1932-1968

11 boxes
The collection consists of the original diaries (with typed transcriptions) of art historian Roger Hinks, with early and final drafts of The Gymnasium of the Mind: The Journals of Roger Hinks, 1933-1963 (1984), the publication edited by John Goldsmith that resulted from them. Included are some related correspondence, photographs, and estate material.

Erich Kahler Papers, 1900-1989 (mostly 1940-1970)

15 boxes
Consists of writings, correspondence, and printed matter of the Jewish scholar, author, and lecturer Erich Kahler, including some magazines and newspaper articles collected for his research purposes. There is also material and correspondence assembled after his death by his wife, Alice Loewy Kahler.

Jorge Ibargüengoitia Papers, 1923-2008 (mostly 1954-1984)

30 boxes
Consists of the writings, correspondence, photographs, and personal papers of the Mexican novelist, journalist, and playwright Jorge Ibargüengoitia as well as writings about him by others and adaptations and translations of his work.

Zelda Fitzgerald Papers, 1917-1997 (mostly 1920-1950)

12 boxes
The Zelda Fitzgerald Papers consists of manuscripts, correspondence, miscellaneous notes and related material, documents, pictures, clippings, and photographs of American author Zelda Fitzgerald.

Jack Iams Mystery Novels, 1946-1950

5 boxes
Jack Iams (Samuel Harvey Iams, Jr.), Class of 1932, was a noted mystery writer in the first part of the twentieth century. The collection includes notes, drafts, outlines, and typescripts for seven of Iams's mysteries, as well as several assorted items, such a book jacket proofs and page proofs.

R. Ellsworth Larsson Papers, 1929-1964

2 boxes
Consists of poetry manuscripts, drawings, and correspondence of the American poet R. Ellsworth Larsson (1901- ).

Kostas and Linda S. Myrsiades Papers, 1942-2017

4.0 linear feet
This collection consists of personal papers of Kostas and Linda S. Myrsiades, including correspondence, autograph manuscripts and typescripts, photographs, printed and audio material.
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Research Material: Resistance Theater, 1942-1998

Consists of xerox copies of typescripts and printed material of several one-act plays and short stories or poems on Greek Resistance with penciled annotations. Includes also a xerox copy of a resignation letter by Aimilios Veakēs to the Board of the National Theater dated 1942 and a bibliography of primary texts and short stories about the "Literature of the Greek Resistance."

Walter Houk Collection of Ernest Hemingway, 1946-2010

5 boxes
Consists of manuscripts, correspondence, stenographer's notebooks, photographs, and nautical charts associated with Walter and Juanita Houk's years in Havana, Cuba, documenting their friendship with the Nobel prize-winning author Ernest Hemingway and his wife, Mary.
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With Ernest and Mary Hemingway, 1946-1970

3-ring binder. Consists of 5 parts: 1) Ernest Hemingway Letters (1949-1950), 2) Mary Hemingway Letters (1950-1970), 3) Juanita Jensen Houk Letters and Memorabilia (1946-1964, 1989), 4) Nine Hemingway Christmas Cards (1949-1970), 5) Memorabilia from Mid-Century Cuba (1933-1952). All of the items are introduced, commented on, and/or annotated by Houk. Among the memorabilia are a 1949 Floridita Bar folder with an in-house photograph of Mary Hemingway and Juanita Jensen, a 1933 Sloppy Joe's Bar manual and map, several 1950s Havana newspaper clippings of Hemingway marlin tournament activities, and a late-1940s Esso road map of Cuba.

Sonja Karsen Papers, 1897-1993 (mostly 1950-1973)

4 boxes
Sonja Karsen, born in 1919, was a professor of Spanish at Skidmore College and intensively researched Jaime Torres Bodet and Guillermo Valencia, two Latin American politicians and poets. The Sonja Karsen papers contain much of her research on these two figures.

Broom Correspondence of Harold Loeb, 1920-1956 (mostly 1921-1924)

2 boxes
Consists of correspondence files of Harold Loeb (Princeton Class of 1913), one of the founding editors of Broom, An International Magazine of the Arts.
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Civil War Letters of Adam Badeau, 1862-1909

1 box
Consists of 79 autograph letters from Adam Badeau to Union general James Harrison Wilson, dated 1862 to 1865, most of which were written while Badeau was General Ulysses S. Grant's military secretary in the Civil War.
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Letters Not Addressed to James Harrison Wilson and Related Material, 1870-1965

This last series consists of material not written by Badeau but related to his life and Wilson's. A great newsletter from the Ulysses S. Grant Association that provides a short biography of Badeau. A letter from Badeau while he is serving as a diplomat in England after the war, a letter concerning his work on Grant's writing, a letter of Wilson's. There are also newspaper clippings about Wilson after the war.

Esar Levine Collection of Frank Harris, 1908-1976 (mostly 1920-1930)

7 boxes
The Esar Levine Collection of Frank Harris consists of the writings, correspondence, and printed matter of, and relating to, Frank Harris (1855-1931) as collected by Esar Levine (1899-?), Harris's disciple, agent and friend. Harris, an Irish-born, naturalized American citizen, was a prolific writer and journalist/editor who is perhaps best known for his scandalous autobiography, My Life and Loves, which was censored in America and parts of Europe.
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Series 2: Correspondence, 1920-1955

Consists of over one hundred autograph and typed letters (chronologically arranged in 8 folders by date), mostly signed by Harris, to his friend and agent, Esar Levine, dating from 1920 to 1930 and discussing various publication and marketing strategies for My Life and Loves in both Mexico and America, as well as personal and financial matters. There are also letters to Harris and Levine from their mutual business associates, and from such notable persons as Otto Kahn, H.L. Mencken, Upton Sinclair, and G.S. Viereck, arranged by correspondent. Also present is a typed copy of a letter from G. Bernard Shaw to Harris's widow, Nellie O'Hara Harris, as well as one folder of her sporadic correspondence with Levine, ending with the news of her death in 1955

Nancy Crawshaw Papers, 1930s-1996

24 boxes
The Nancy Crawshaw Papers contains the correspondence, photographs, and writings of Nancy Crawshaw, as well as copies of her published work. Her writings include work on her book The Cyprus Revolt (1978), lectures, broadcasts and articles from her career as a journalist, and her notes and other writings.
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Thomas Baird Papers, 1924-1990 (mostly 1941-1990)

35 boxes
The Thomas Baird Papers consists of the working and personal papers, primarily manuscripts, of the American educator and author Thomas Baird (1923-1990). Also included, and related to both his published and unpublished works, are idea files, notes, writing journals, correspondence with his publishers and editors, and reviews. Furthermore, the collection contains the following materials that encompass Baird's adult life: talks, addresses, and lectures; general, family and travel correspondence; diaries; personal journals; interviews; documents; photographs and audio recordings.
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Subseries 1B: Novels and Short Stories, 1919 May 30-1990 March 28

This sub-series consists primarily of manuscripts of Baird's published and unpublished works between 1932 and 1990, including Controlled Substances, the novel Baird was working on at the time of his death. Many of the works also contain notes, writing journals, correspondence between Baird and his publishers and editors, fan mail, and reviews. Within some of the notes files there are clippings of articles and advertisements that inspired Baird, as well as hand-drawn maps that he used to construct fictional settings. The published works found in the collection include Triumphal Entry (1962), The Old Masters (1963), People Who Pull You Down (1970), The Way to the Old Sailors Home (1977), Poor Millie (1978), Villa Aphrodite (1984) and Smart Rats (1990) [young adult]. Some of these works include author's proofs, galley proofs, and folded and gathered sheets. This sub-series is arranged alphabetically by title and then chronologically by date.

Naumburg Collection of Ford Madox Ford, 1871-1992 (mostly 1910-1970)

13 boxes
Ford Madox Ford, formerly "Ford Madox Hueffer", founded The English Review, a literary journal, in 1908 and published novels (such as The Good Soldier, 1915) and critical works. The collection consists jointly of letters and works of Ford and letters and works about Ford collected by Edward Naumburg (Princeton Class of 1924).

Diamela Eltit Papers, 1943-2012

9 boxes
A collection of manuscript and typescript drafts of and notebooks related to Eltit's works, personal and work-related correspondence mostly from the mid-1980s to 1990s, and other miscellaneous personal and work-related papers.
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Personal Documents, 1943-2012

Includes two nominations for literary prizes, and prize and other certificates; clippings of articles, reviews, and interviews; invitations to conferences and conference programs; identification and other papers of Eltit and family members; and photographs of Eltit, family members, and various literary and political figures.

Diamela Eltit Papers, 1943-2012

A collection of manuscript and typescript drafts of and notebooks related to Eltit's works, personal and work-related correspondence mostly from the mid-1980s to 1990s, and other miscellaneous personal and work-related papers.

Lulu Glaser Papers, 1821-1966 (mostly 1895-1917)

95 boxes
The Lulu Glaser Papers contains various artifacts, letters, photographs, and other items belonging to Lulu Glaser, a popular singer and actress during the early 1900s. Glaser starred in a couple Broadway plays in the 1890s and later opened the Lulu Glaser Opera Company in 1900, where she produced a number of operas before retiring from performing in 1917. Collection includes materials relating to Glaser's many productions as well as offers insights into her personal life before and after retirement.