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Françoise Kestsman Durrell Collection of Lawrence Durrell Materials, 1932-2005

C1592 3 boxes
Consists primarily of Françoise Kestsman Durrell's collection of manuscripts, many of them unpublished, by British author Lawrence Durrell (1912-1990).

Thomas Daniels' Collations of F. Scott Fitzgerald's Short Stories, 1920-1978

C0363 5 boxes
Consists of collations by Thomas Daniels of over forty of short stories in American and British magazines by American novelist and storywriter F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Frederick Crafts Photographs Collection, 1788-1861

C0952 2 boxes
The Frederick Crafts Photographs Collection consists of ambrotype and tintype photographs, and a pony skin box of the American photographer Frederick Crafts (fl. 1850-1860s).

Luzern Humphrey Collection, circa 1838-2014 (mostly 1852-1854)

C1353 1 box 0.4 linear feet
Consists primarily of material relating to Ohio farmer Luzern Humphrey's overland journey from Kanesville, Iowa, to the Oregon Territory in 1852, his life there through 1853, and his return to Iowa in 1854, including his journal and 51 letters to his wife in Ohio. Also included are some papers relating to the family of William Miller, the founder of Adventism.

William Berryman Scott Papers, 1874-1946 (mostly 1910-1940)

C0265 21 boxes 10.6 linear feet
Consists of papers of William Berryman Scott (Princeton Class of 1877), an eminent vertebrate paleontologist and professor of geology at Princeton University.

Joanna Southcott Collection, 1793-1864

C0755 7 boxes 2.4 linear feet
Southcott, an English domestic servant, began hearing voices at the age of 42 and believed these to be divine communications prophesying the Second Coming of Christ. She dictated her prophecies primarily to her secretaries, Ann Underwood and Jane Townley, and these were often copied by others and then circulated among the believers. Consists of a collection of manuscripts of Southcott and material related to her. Included are 12 notebooks and 63 pamphlets or loose writings containing copies (1793-1814) in various hands of Southcott's divine communications, letters, poems, and prayers.

Harold Nicolson Papers, 1884-1962 (mostly 1925-1961)

C0913 2 boxes 6 items 0.83 linear feet
The Harold Nicolson Papers consists of papers of the English diplomat, journalist, and biographer Harold Nicolson (1886-1968). These papers primarily contain correspondence received by Nicolson, but there is also a large series of letters written by Nicolson to Richard Rumbold, as well as a few to others. Also included in the collection are manuscripts and/or working notes for four of Nicolson's published works. Furthermore, there is a small amount of papers of others, chiefly correspondence by and to Nicolson's wife, "Vita" (Victoria) Sackville-West.

Manuel Mujica Láinez Papers, 1901-1984 (mostly 1918-1983)

C0819 9 boxes 8 items 3.3 linear feet
The Manuel Mujica Láinez Papers consists of the papers of the Argentinian novelist, short story writer, biographer, and essayist Manuel Mujica Láinez (1910-1984). These papers primarily contain correspondence he received from Argentinian and Spanish writers, as well as family correspondence. Also included are a few manuscripts by Mujica Láinez, several poems and nonfiction manuscripts by others, and a small amount of photocopied or printed material.

John Butler Yeats Collection, 1909-1978 (mostly 1911-1922)

C0672 22 boxes 8 items 9.31 linear feet
Consists of original manuscripts, drawings, correspondence, miscellaneous materials, photographs and portraits, articles, clippings, and other printed material by and related to the Irish portrait painter John Butler Yeats.

Julian P. Boyd Papers, 1935-1980

C0392 73 boxes
Consists of works, correspondence, documents, notes, photographs, and printed matter of Julian Boyd, Princeton University Librarian (1940-1952) and professor of history, and the founding editor of the Papers of Thomas Jefferson publishing project.

Archivo de Jorge Díaz, circa 1910-2017 (mostly 1960-2007)

C1643 54 boxes 2 items
La colección consiste en manuscritos de las obras literarias de Jorge Díaz (particularmente obras teatrales, pero también incluye narrativa y poesía), guiones de radio y televisión, traducciones, correspondencia, fotografías, archivos digitales, documentos personales, y material impreso relacionado a su trabajo.

Margo Glantz Papers, 1956-2009 (mostly 1976-2003)

C1358 24 boxes
Consists of the writings, correspondence, and audiovisual recordings of the Mexican novelist, essayist, and literary scholar Margo Glantz (1930- ).

François Wahl Collection on Severo Sarduy, circa 1939-2013

C1470 20 boxes 8.5 linear feet
The collection contains edited typescripts and copies of Cuban writer Severo Sarduy's poems, essays, and translations, along with writings about Sarduy, interviews, notes, clippings, photographs, and other printed materials. Correspondence includes a group of postcards sent to Severo Sarduy and his partner François Wahl in the 1960s and 1970s from various European and Latin American writers and philosophers, including Roland Barthes, Alain Badiou, Reinaldo Arenas, Octavio Paz, and Jacques Lacan, and additional correspondence of French editor and structuralist François Wahl.

Joseph Frank Correspondence, 1930-2013 (mostly 1950-1987)

C1515 22 boxes 8.4 linear feet
Joseph Frank (1918-2013) was an American literary scholar best known for his five-volume biography of Russian novelist Fyodor Dostoyevsky, which he began in the early 1970s and completed in 2002. The collection consists of his personal and professional correspondence, including with Elizabeth Bishop, Yves Bonnefoy, Pierre Bourdieu, Ralph Ellison, Carlos Fuentes, Irving Howe, James Laughlin, Richard W. B. Lewis, Mary McCarthy, Allen Tate, and other writers, artists, and academics, as well as some family correspondence, writings, personal documents, and printed materials.

Jorge Edwards Collection, 1953-1982

C0069 10 boxes 198 items 4.10 linear feet
Jorge Edwards is a writer and former diplomat whose critical stance on oppressive dictatorships in Latin America has sparked controversy. This collection contains drafts of some of his novels, short stories, essays, and articles, as well as notebooks and correspondence with literary figures, politicians, and his extensive family.

Ricardo Piglia Papers, 1954-2016

C1513 73 boxes
Ricardo Piglia was an Argentine author and professor emeritus of the Department of Spanish and Portuguese Languages and Cultures at Princeton University. His papers contain handwritten and typewritten drafts of his writings, diaries and journals, notebooks, loose handwritten research notes, teaching files, correspondence, personal photographs, and born-digital materials.

Reinaldo Arenas Papers, 1959-1990 (mostly 1980-1990)

C0232 29 boxes 20 items
The Reinaldo Arenas Papers consists of typescripts and manuscripts of novels and novellas, short stories, plays and screenplays, poetry, nonfiction, correspondence, and miscellaneous and printed material.

Richard Halliburton Papers, 1900-1973 (mostly 1903-1940)

C0247 61 boxes 29.2 linear feet
Richard Halliburton traveled extensively in the first part of twentieth century after graduating from Princeton University in 1921. The collection contains autograph and typescript drafts of seven of Halliburton's books, short stories, essays, school notes, and other travel memorabilia, as well as Halliburton's correspondence with his parents and others, research materials about Rupert Brooke, and a significant group of photographs documenting his travels throughout Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East.

Nanos Valaōritēs Papers, 1928-2007

C0929 38 boxes 19.65 linear feet
The Nanos Valaōritēs Papers consists of the writings, notebooks, sketchbooks, correspondence, and printed matter relating to Pali of the Greek poet, novelist, playwright, and editor, Nanos Valaōritēs. There are also wtitings of other people.

Caroline Gordon Papers, 1868-1995 (mostly 1926-1979)

C0052 58 boxes
Caroline Gordon (1895-1981) was an American author. This collection consists of manuscripts of Gordon's work, including novels, lectures, and poetry. It also includes correspondence with authors and family members, writings of others, and photographs.

Conrad Richter Papers, 1801-1977

C0216 102 boxes
Consists of material relating to the American author Conrad Richter, including manuscripts, writing notebooks, notes, and galley proofs for several of his novels and other writings. Includes a substantial amount of personal and professional correspondence, as well as photographs.

Archives of George Braziller, Inc, 1960s-1995

C0795 59 boxes 24.6 linear feet
George Braziller, Inc., is an independent publishing firm founded by George Braziller in 1955. This collection consists of the firm's records, including press releases, reviews, correspondence and business files.

James Alexander Papers, 1688-1756

C0024 10 boxes
James Alexander was a lawyer in New Jersey and New York during the eighteenth century. This collection consists of correspondence, documents, and manuscripts of James Alexander, the bulk of which relate to the allocation and ownership of land, primarily in New Jersey and New York.

Richard K. Korn Papers, 1937-1981 (mostly 1959-1968)

C0275 13 boxes 5.20 linear feet
Richard K. Korn was a clarinetist, conductor, and founder of the Orchestra of America. He was also involved in the American Council for Judaism. His papers include correspondence with composers, photographs, and correspondence with other members of the American Council for Judaism.

Augusto Monterroso Papers, 1921-2003 (mostly 1972-1996)

C1109 53 boxes 24.6 linear feet
This collection contains the manuscripts, correspondence, drawings, and other papers of twentieth-century Guatemalan author Augusto Monterroso, who spent most of his life as a writer in Mexico.

Orlando F. Weber Collection, 1791-1903 (mostly 1820-1832)

C0458 1 box 0.4 linear feet
Consists of mostly nineteenth-century material collected by Orlando F. Weber, a prominent industrialist with an interest in the history of corporate practices and economics.
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Howard W. Ambruster Papers, 1927-1958

C0388 6 boxes 6.5 linear feet
The collection consists of American consulting engineer and newspaper columnist, Howard W. Ambruster's works, correspondence, miscellaneous material, and printed matter.

Selected Papers of Wilson Farrand, 1878-1941

C0155 3 boxes 2.9 linear feet
The collection contains selected papers of Wilson Farrand (Princeton Class of 1886), including correspondence, addresses, articles, and writings from his student days.

Wolcott Family Correspondence, 1763-1838

C0447 1 box 0.2 linear feet
Consists of copies of family correspondence of Frederick Wolcott of Litchfield, Connecticut. Wolcott was a son of Connecticult governor Oliver Wolcott, a signer of the Declaration of Independence.
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German Authors Collection, 1772-1930

C0095 1 box 0.25 linear feet
Cnsists of autograph letters and occasional manuscripts of various, primarily 19th-century, German writers, including Hermann Bahr, Richard Dehmel, Marie Ebner-Eschenbach, Carl Hauptmann, Arno Holz, Heinrich Laube, Max Mell, and Arthur Schnitzler.

Arturo Lagorio Correspondence, 1932-1984

C0864 1 box 0.5 linear feet
This collection consists of letters to Arturo Lagorio, Argentine poet and author, by various Latin American and Spanish writers, including Samuel Eichelbaum, Maria Granata, Nicolas Olivari, and Cesar Tiempo.

John Lott Phillips Collection, 1776-1987

C1290 1 box 0.2 linear feet
Consists of material by and about John Lott Phillips, a graduate of Princeton (1774), a clergyman of the Church of England, and a loyalist to the British Crown.

C. T. Lanham Papers on Ernest Hemingway, 1945-1978

C0305 3 boxes 1.25 linear feet
Charles Trueman Lanham was a life soldier who retired as a general and was also friends with Hemingway. The papers consist of Xerox copies of correspondence between Lanham and Hemingway, a chronology of his time in World War II, correspondence about Hemingway, and a draft of Carlos Baker's biography of Hemingway.

D. Van Nostrand Company Collection of Edward M. Crane, 1834-1969

C0719 26 boxes 15.1 linear feet
The D. Van Nostrand Company Collection of Edward M. Crane consists of correspondence, financial papers, documents, diaries, photographs, artwork, printed matter, and other papers of the American publishing consultant and former president of D. Van Nostrand Company Edward Matthews Crane (1922- ).

Vance Thompson Papers, 1894-1925

C0224 7 boxes 3.15 linear feet
The Vance Thompson Papers consists of manuscripts, writings for the press, letters, documents, photographs and miscellanea of author and playwright Vance Thompson, Princeton Class of 1883.

Thomas Colchie '64 Papers, 1968-2003

C1552 3 boxes 1.25 linear feet
Thomas Colchie (Princeton University alumnus, Class of 1964), is a translator, editor, and literary agent with a specialization in Latin America. His papers consists of correspondence from Jorge Amado, António Lobo Antunes, Guillermo Cabrera Infante, Carlos Drummond de Andrade, Oswaldo França Júnior, Ignácio de Loyola Brandão, Manuel Puig, Murilo Rubião, Ernesto Sábato, José Saramago, Moacyr Scliar, João Ubaldo Ribeiro, José Luandino Vieira, Néstor Almendros, Adolfo Bioy Casares, Elizabeth Bishop, João Cabral de Melo Neto, Joaquim Cardozo, Philip Roth, and Alan Warner.

Everett S. Wallis Papers, 1935-1964

C0464 12 boxes 12.5 linear feet
This collection consists of correspondence, reports, articles, lectures, notes, and printed matter of American chemist, Everett Stanley Wallis, dating primarily from his tenure as Princeton professor of chemistry (1930-1965) and chairman of its biochemical sciences program, and as a research consultant for Merck & Co. of New Jersey and for other pharmaceutical companies.

Richard Watson Gilder Collection, 1880-1920

C0311 3 boxes
Richard Watson Gilder was a nineteenth century poet and editor. The collection consists of Gilder's letters to Maria Hornor Lansdale, one of Gilder's addresses, photographs, pamphlets, programs, and newspaper clippings.

Boarded Hall Estate (Barbados) Plantation Records, 1676-1887 (mostly 1712-1845)

C1227 2 boxes 1.5 linear feet
Consists of eighteenth and nineteeth-century records of Boarded Hall Estate, a slave plantation in Barbados in the West Indies. The material was found on the estate in the 1820s by George Harnage, the son of its last English owner, and annotated by him in subsequent years.
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End papers, dates not examined

End papers of the original binding of the manuscripts. It contains notes by Harnage regarding a letter he received from "Mr. Crichlow," December 28, 1838, about the main house on the estate having been blown down by the hurricane of 1831, about Goring owning a store in Bridgetown, and about another letter from "Mr. Pyle," proprietor of Brighton Estate which is also in the Parish of St. George.

Albert Bensoussan Working Files on Latin American Writers, 1968-2017

C1561 5 boxes
Albert Bensoussan is a writer, translator, and professor emeritus of Spanish literature at the University of Haute-Bretagne in Rennes, France. This collection consists of correspondence to Bensoussan from various Latin American authors whose works he has translated. Also included are writings from Bensoussan and others, interview transcripts, typescripts, and collected articles and essays about Latin American authors.
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James Carnahan Collection, 1802-1858

C1029 1 box 0.2 linear feet
Consists of correspondence, documents, and a fragment of a sermon by James Carnahan, ninth president of the College of New Jersey (now Princeton).

Garland Publishing, Inc., Records, 1969-1991

C0850 38 boxes
This collection consists of correspondence of various Garland Publishing, Inc. staff members with authors, editors, and others, concerning permissions, copyrights, and production and editorial matters relating to their publication of facsimile and reprint editions of works by established writers. Also present are company catalogs and brochures arranged in two series, chronologically (1987-1996) and by subject.

Maurice Kelley Collection, 1935-1971

C0457 4 boxes 2.7 linear feet
Contains correspondence, photographs, memorabilia, and printed matter of American educator and librarian, Maurice Kelley (Princeton Class of 1934).

Princeton University Library Collection of William Cowper Materials, 1634-1877 (mostly 1770-1820)

C0137 1 box 0.2 linear feet
Consists primarily of the correspondence of renowned poet William Cowper as well as the correspondence of family, friends, and associates, much of which relates to Cowper.

James R. Vitelli Collection on Van Wyck Brooks and Elmer Adler, 1910-1993 (mostly 1951-1985)

C1164 3 boxes
This collection consists of materials collected by Dr. James R. Vitelli, an English professor at Lafayette College, during his research on American literary critic Van Wyck Brooks and American book designer Elmer Adler.

Evelyn Schuyler Schaeffer Family Papers, 1835-1969

C1565 3 boxes 1.2 linear feet
Consists primarily of manuscripts and correspondence of author Evelyn Schuyler Schaeffer (1846-1942). Also included in the collection are the papers of her father, George Washington Schuyler (1810-1888), and her maternal uncle, Charles Scribner (1821-1871), founder of the publishing firm Charles Scribner's Sons.

John Bright Letters, 1845-1908

C0203 1 box 0.2 linear feet
Consists of over forty letters by John Bright written while he was a member of Parliament and addressed to various individuals.

Max Gordon Papers, 1908-1971 (mostly 1950-1965)

TC024 37 boxes
Max Gordon (1892-1978) was an American theatrical producer. His collection contains personal correspondence with theater and film notables spanning the years 1942-1971. Also included are production materials, such as correspondence, contracts, summaries of earnings, financial sheets, and miscellaneous notes of plays Gordon produced, including Born Yesterday, The Solid Gold Cadillac, My Sister Eileen, and the film, Abe Lincoln in Illinois, as well as letters and script reports relating to Columbia Pictures.

Lyman Hotchkiss Atwater Papers, 1852-1883

C0792 4 boxes
Lyman Hotchkiss Atwater was a nineteenth century theologian and scholar. His papers include lectures, notes, published essays, printed matter, and some correspondence, as well as a volume of lecture notes from Atwater's son, Edward Atwater, and articles authored by various people for The Princeton Review.

Arthur Gläser Papers, 1919-1948

C0431 5 boxes 1.9 linear feet
Consists of the writings, notes, diaries, calendars, ledgers, and miscellanea of the German novelist, poet, and critic Arthur Gläser (b. 1895 ).

Selected Papers of Edward Naumburg, 1882-1993

C0561 4 boxes 3.04 linear feet
Consists of correspondence, files relating to collecting interests, and miscellanea of the American stockbroker and manuscripts collector Edward Naumburg (Princeton Class of 1924).

Kurt Weitzmann Papers, 1930-1991

C0777 60 boxes
Kurt Weitzmann left his native Germany in 1935 for Princeton where he spent the remainder of his life, at the Institute for Advanced Study as a permanent member (1935-1972) and as a professor in Princeton University's Dept. of Art and Archaeology (1945-1972). Included are personal and professional correspondence, related files, course outlines, lectures, manuscripts and notes for various published works, scrapbooks of clippings, and printed matter.

R. Ellsworth Larsson Papers, 1929-1964

C0320 2 boxes 0.8 linear feet
Consists of poetry manuscripts, drawings, and correspondence of the American poet R. Ellsworth Larsson (1901- ).

Georges Braive World War I Photographs of the Macedonian Front, 1917-1918

C1581 3 boxes 1.2 linear feet
Consists of over 1,000 military and ethnographic photographs of the Macedonian Front of World War I taken by French architect Georges Braive (1884-1963) during his service as a lieutenant commander of the Armée d'Orient's "Section sanitaire automobile 27."

Walter Houk Collection of Ernest Hemingway, 1946-2010

C1390 5 boxes 3.25 linear feet
Consists of manuscripts, correspondence, stenographer's notebooks, photographs, and nautical charts associated with Walter and Juanita Houk's years in Havana, Cuba, documenting their friendship with the Nobel prize-winning author Ernest Hemingway and his wife, Mary.
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A Sailor Looks at Hemingway's Islands, undated

Revised text of a work published in North Dakota Quarterly (2006). Houk writes about the islands, waters, boats, patrols, and the "At Sea" part of Hemingway's novel Islands in the Stream. Includes transcriptions of Hemingway's log (1942-1943) aboard the Pilar. In pocket: large NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) nautical chart (1988) of "Straits of Florida and Approaches." 3-ring binder, 131 pp. Note: this enlarged version of the published work contains items omitted from it: one of four detailed maps, two appendices, and photos of U-boats active during Hemingway's north coast patrols.

"Ambassador Ellis O. Briggs on Hemingway's World War II Years in Cuba", undated

This is Houk's commentary on an intended chapter, "Man of War," from Ambasador Ellis O. Briggs's memoir Proud Servant, that was omitted from the version published in 1998 by Kent State University Press. Foreign Service Officer Briggs knew Hemingway during World War II years in Cuba. Included is a copy of the Ellis chapter. TMs, 5 pp. (plus 24 pp. of the Ellis chapter).

Theatrical Autographs Collection, 1798-1949 (mostly 1870-1935)

C0613 4 boxes 1.3 linear feet
Consists of a collection of letters and autographs of over 120 English, American, and a few European actors, actresses, playwrights, theatrical managers, directors, critics, and others connected with the theater from the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Charles Woodruff Shields Papers, 1839-1905

C0343 8 boxes 4.2 linear feet
Consists of personal papers of Charles W. Shields (Princeton Class of 1844), professor of philosophy and history at Princeton from 1865 to 1903.
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Selected Correspondence of Margaret Randall, 1977-1999

C0861 6 boxes 2 items 2.4 linear feet
The Selected Correspondence of Margaret Randall consists of letters exchanged between the American Marxist, poet, editor, author Margaret Randall, and many Latin American poets, writers, journalists, editors, and friends. Also included are subject files, articles, and printed matter relating to Cuba and Nicaragua. Randall was born in New York, but spent most of her adult life in Latin America. In 1961 she moved from Albuquerque, New Mexico to Mexico, then to Cuba in 1969, and from there to Nicaragua in 1980, returning to Albuquerque in 1984.

Steven Barclay Collection, 1904-2008 (mostly 1920-1940)

C1487 6 boxes 3.0 linear feet
A collection containing original manuscripts, letters, documents, photographs, association copies of books, and other printed material, chiefly by or pertaining to Adrienne Monnier (1892-1955) and Sylvia Beach (1887-1962), and their respective bookshops in Paris: La Maison des Amis des Livres and Shakespeare & Company.

Sidney P. Clay Family Collection, 1783-1846 (mostly 1800-1844)

C0404 1 box 0.45 linear feet
The Sidney P. Clay Collection consists of correspondence, documents, and photographs of Clay (Princeton Class of 1821) and members of his family, and includes some correspondence of the Reed family.

Briton Rivière Family Correspondence, 1853-1910 (mostly 1872-1901)

C1637 1 box
Consists of letters to Briton Rivière (1840-1920), the Victorian artist and illustrator, and to his family members, including from many contemporary artists and writers.

Gilbert Chinard Papers, 1911-1965

C0671 20 boxes
Gilbert Chinard was a Franco-American scholar who taught at Princeton University and was affiliated with the Institut Français de Washington. The organization, established in 1926 to promote the study of French civilization and culture, endeavors to recognize the French influence in North American culture. The collection houses documents and letters concerning the Institution and an autograph manuscript of James Dunn Hufman's translation of Andre Lasseray's Les Français Sous Les Trieze Etoiles.

Parke Godwin Papers, 1830-1900 (mostly 1850-1880)

C0019 10 boxes 3.96 linear feet
Consists of a wide range of published and unpublished manuscripts of Parke Godwin (Princeton Class of 1834).

Peter Orton Collection of Screenplays and Television Scripts, 1941-2005

C1225 9 boxes 3.6 linear feet
Consists of a collection of screenplays and television scripts spanning a period of sixty-four years of film and television production, collected by the writer Peter Orton.
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After School, undated

Screenplay of a 1987 American high-school comedy film, directed by Phil Joanou, written by Richard Christian Matheson and Thomas Szollosi, and produced by Aaron Spelling; also known as 3 O'clock High. Undated typewritten draft, with autograph correction and annotations in pencil. 119 leaves.

Chocolat, undated

Screenplay for the 2001 Miramax Films film, based on the novel by the same name written by Joanne Harris, adapted by the screenwriter Robert Nelson Jacobs, and directed by Lasse Hallström. Tipped in is a circular sent to members of the "Writers Guild of America" from Miramax with the screenplay. This is an undated printed copy. 130 leaves.

S. S. Van Dine Scrapbooks, 1916-1939

C0346 68 Volumes 7.21 linear feet
Educated in California and at Harvard, Willard Huntington Wright became editor of The Smart Set (1913-1914). After suffering a serious illness in 1925, he turned to writing detective novels under the pseudonym of "S. S. Van Dine". His papers consist of scrapbooks reflecting the professional and private life of Van Dine, including articles by and about him (1926-1930), reviews of his books, motion pictures, and radio plays, his literary and art criticism, and miscellaneous and general notes (1926-1937).

Eli Field Cooley Papers, 1803-1910

C0410 9 boxes 5.3 linear feet
Consists of sermons, correspondence, documents, diaries, commonplace books, diplomas, and miscellaneous financial papers of nineteenth-century pastor Eli Field Cooley (Princeton Class of 1806).
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The Rochester Courier Collection, 1850-1903

C1100 1 box 0.20 linear feet
The Rochester Courier was a weekly, local newspaper published on Friday nights in Rochester, New Hampshire, beginning in 1864. The collection consists of manuscript speeches, articles, editorials, and correspondence from the newspaper, reflecting some of the national issues which dominated American political life leading up to and following the Civil War, including the antislavery movement, the Missouri Compromise, and temperance.
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Claude-Henri Dufour Art Course Materials, 1797-1822

C1507 2 boxes 1.5 linear feet
The collection consists of course planning materials, manuscripts for an illustrated treatise on art and design, speech drafts, and drawings of French professional designer and art teacher Claude-Henri Dufour (1766-1845), dating from the period during and following the French Revolution, related to an art course he developed and taught at l'École Centrale d'Allier in the Auvergne region of central France. Dufour's writings depict an ardent republican who promoted the value of design education for artists during the Industrial Revolution and early years of industrial design. Course materials cover elements of design and perspective, anatomy and proportion of the human figure, aesthetics, composition, and ornamental design, as well as touch on architecture and natural history.
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Part I: Méthode pour apprendre le dessin à l'usage des élèves des Écoles centrales, undated

17 leaves and 3 half leaves with illustrations, stitched together. The 19 illustrations include geometrical figures and solids in pen and red chalk, pen and ink drawings of a leaf ornament, a flower and classical head, samples of tonal systems, cross-hatching in charcoal, pen and ink, and color wash, and a drawing of the head of Minerva in four progressive stages.

Princeton University Library Collection of Julian Street Materials, 1904-1967

C1220 2 boxes 2.2 linear feet
Consists of selected correspondence, manuscripts, photographs, printed material, and family papers belonging or related to the American author and playwright Julian Street .

Princeton University Library Collection on Ford Madox Ford, 1906-1939

C0158 1 box 0.25 linear feet
Ford Madox Ford was a noted British author, poet, and editor. This collection consists of selected manuscripts and correspondence of Ford.

Princeton University Library Collection of John Davidson Materials, 1879-1945 (mostly 1890-1909)

C0215 4 boxes 1.4 linear feet
John Davidson was a late nineteenth- and early twentieth-century Scottish poet hailed for his provincial, melancholy body of work. This collection contains letters, manuscripts, reports, galley proofs with Davidson's holograph corrections, documents, and clippings pertaining to his literary career.

Gustave Bord Collection of French Historical Material, 1626-1877

C0429 12 boxes
Gustave Bord was a French historian. The collection consists of correspondence, documents, legal papers, notebooks, and notes relating to French history, particularly the French Revolution, collected by Bord.
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Drake Bros. Studio Photograph Collection, 1863-1969

C1427 5 boxes 4.5 linear feet
Consists of photographs (and related material) by June D. Drake, which provides a visual record of Silverton, Oregon, and surrounding areas in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Edwin H. Denby Papers, 1823-1942 (mostly 1900-1939)

C0625 7 boxes 5.13 linear feet
Consists of drawings, correspondence, photographs, documents, a genealogy, financial papers, and printed matter of Edwin H. Denby.

Selected Papers of William Meredith, 1937-1967

C0175 5 boxes 2.5 linear feet
Consists, for the most part, of letters to American poet William Meredith (Princeton Class of 1940) from American authors, most of whom have been associated with Princeton.

Carl Van Vechten Photographs, 1923-1942

C0877 2 boxes
Consists of photographs taken and printed by Carl Van Vechten, primarily during the 1930s to 1940s, following his career as a music critic, journalist, and author.

David Gelston Family Correspondence, 1761-1864

C1547 4 boxes 2.0 linear feet
Primarily includes correspondence kept by New York merchant and politician, David Gelston, during his time as Collector of Customs for the Port of New York along with some correspondence of Floyd and Delafield family members.

Thomas H. Johnson Papers, 1919-1984

C0468 4 boxes 1 folder 1.7 linear feet
The Thomas H. Johnson Papers consists of correspondence, subject files, notes, printed matter, diplomas, and other miscellanea of the American educator and editor Thomas H. Johnson (1902-1985).

Ernest Hemingway Collection, 1918-1974

C0068 2 boxes 0.8 linear feet
Consists of selected material by and about the American author and Nobel Prize winner Ernest Hemingway.

J. M. Langford Correspondence, 1848-1881

C0944 1 box 0.2 linear feet
The J. M. Langford Correspondence consists of letters received by J. M. (Joseph Munt) Langford from an assortment of English authors and noblemen, as well as the indenture for Langford's apprenticeship as a stationer. Langford was born in 1809, the son of John Langford, a farmer in Wallingford, County of Berks, England. In 1825, Langford began a seven-year stationer's apprentice to James Nesbit, for which his brother paid £250. Later, Langford became the trusted assistant to John Blackwood, the head of William Blackwood and Sons publishing and the editor of Blackwood's Magazine. He died in 1884.

Brewster Ghiselin Papers, 1936-1991

C0759 3 boxes 1.5 linear feet
Brewster Ghiselin was an English professor, literary critic, editor, and poet. The collection contains some of Ghiselin's works and correspondence. Typescripts, proofs, galleys, Italian translations, phonograph records, a few books, and notes represent his works, while the correspondence consists of letters from his literary friends and colleagues.

Charles Thomson Letters, 1783-1988

C0892 1 box 0.4 linear feet
Consists of letters and miscellanea of the educator, merchant, and first secretary of the Continental Congress Charles Thomson (1729-1824).

Ann Tashi Slater Collection of Cuban Writings, 1979-1987

C0799 2 boxes 0.7 linear feet
Consists of typescript drafts by Cuban writers collected by American author, translator, and educator Ann Tashi Slater (Princeton Class of 1984) on a trip to Cuba in 1987, with some later additions. Included are drafts of short stories and novels, primarily science fiction, by more than twelve different authors, one audio recording of Cuban writer Reinaldo Arenas, and some letters.

Jack Iams Mystery Novels, 1946-1950

C0049 5 boxes
Jack Iams (Samuel Harvey Iams, Jr.), Class of 1932, was a noted mystery writer in the first part of the twentieth century. The collection includes notes, drafts, outlines, and typescripts for seven of Iams's mysteries, as well as several assorted items, such a book jacket proofs and page proofs.

Princeton University Department of Near Eastern Studies Faculty Research Materials, 1882-1965

C1568 2 boxes 2 linear feet
Consists of research materials of faculty members of Princeton University's Department of Near Eastern Studies, most likely Philip Khuri Hitti (1886-1978) and/or his son-in-law, R. Bayly Winder (1920-1988). Materials include photocopied materials relating to Jurji Zaydan (Georgie Zeidan) (1861-1914), and Aramco records, primarily Arabian Research Division, Government Relations Division translations of Current Affairs Radio Broadcasts from 1954 to 1956.

Caroline Gordon Collection, 1939-1982 (mostly 1970-1980)

C0806 1 box 0.40 linear feet
Consists of selected papers of American novelist Caroline Gordon, including some of her correspondence with various family members, friends, and literary associates.

Archery Papers of Robert P. Elmer, 1914-1952

C0425 21 boxes 9.1 linear feet
Consists of manuscripts, correspondence, photographs, scrapbooks, and printed matter of Archery Hall of Fame member Robert P. Elmer (Princeton Class of 1899) related to archery.

Princeton University Library Collection of Logan Pearsall Smith Materials, 1897-1953

C0293 4 boxes 1.4 linear feet
Consists of selected papers, including manuscripts, research materials, and correspondence, of American-born British essayist and critic Logan Pearsall Smith.

Landon T. Raymond Papers on the Class of 1917, 1913-1973

C0751 4 boxes 2 folders
Consists of typescripts of letters by Landon T. Raymond (Princeton Class of 1917) to his parents and other family members while at Princeton University and overseas during World War I; a diary for 1918; a file of correspondence related to his collection of books by and about members of the Class of 1917, especially F. Scott Fitzgerald.

John Story Gulick Collection of American Statesmen, 1785-1884

C0964 1 box 0.4 linear feet
Consists of autograph letters of Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, John Hancock, Henry Clay, John Quincy Adams, and other American statesmen, collected by John S. Gulick and his wife, Elizabeth Milligan Gulick.
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F. Marion Crawford Novels, 1887-1897

C0151 2 boxes 0.6 linear feet
Consists of four autograph manuscripts of novels by American writer F. Marion Crawford.

Signers of the Declaration of Independence Collection, 1765-1813

C0197 1 box 0.4 linear feet
Contains one or more letters and/or documents of each of thirty-six signers of the Declaration of Independence.

Howell Family of New Jersey Papers, 1703-1919

C0456 5 boxes 1.4 linear feet
Consists of papers of various members of the Howell family of Morris County, New Jersey.

Norma Spector Papers, 1947-2009

C1379 1 box
Consists of papers relating to post-World War II Greek history and politics, 1940s-1970s, collected by Norma Spector in her role as the public relations liaison of the Federation of Greek Maritime Unions (FGMU) in New York City.
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Resolution, Inc.- A Non-Profit Educational Corporation, undated

Includes correspondence with Norma Spector relating to the fundraising project for the documentary film: The Greek Struggle - Neo-Colonialism and Liberation. It is accompanied by a typescript draft of the film treatment and a copy of a typed letter (July 1973) signed by Andreas Papandreou, leader of the Panellēnio Apeleutherōtiko Kinēma (P.A.K.) [National Liberation Movement], in English.

Princeton University Library Collection of Félix Bonfils Photographs, 1867-1885

C0942 2 boxes 1.8 linear feet
The Félix Bonfils Photographs Collection consists of photographs taken by Bonfils in the second half of the 19th century of images and people in the eastern Mediterranean.

Collected Memorabilia of William Sidney Porter [O. Henry], 1897-1916

C0116 3 boxes 2.8 linear feet
The Collected Memorabilia of William Sidney Porter consists of unpublished articles, reminiscences, and correspondence of the American storywriter William Sidney Porter (1862-1910), better know by his pseudonym "O. Henry."

Jackson Mathews Collection of Sylvia Beach, 1921-1965

C0141 1 box 2 items 0.2 linear feet
Consists of letters and other material related to Sylvia Beach (1887-1962), the American proprietress of the Paris bookshop Shakespeare and Company, collected by Jackson Mathews (1907?-1978).

Andrews Circulating Library and Booksellers Correspondence, 1822-1852

C1425 1 box 0.4 linear feet
Andrews Circulating Library and Booksellers was a bookstore, publisher, and subscription library in London in the early to mid-19th century. Consists of an archive of 113 original notes and letters largely composed by British aristocrats or their personal secretaries and addressed to Messrs. Andrews, Booksellers, at 167 New Bond Street, requesting or returning books from the circulating library. The collection contains single letters addressed to Mr. Lodge, Mr. Rooke, and Messrs. Harding. The correspondence also includes requests for stationery, music, and the purchase of new books.

Princeton University Library Collection of Albert Einstein Materials, 1913-1975 (mostly 1930-1955)

C1022 5 boxes 3.7 linear feet
Consists of a wide range of miscellaneous material by or about the Nobel Prize-winner and world famous physicist Albert Einstein, including correspondence, manuscripts, photographs, drawings, ephemera, medical records, and printed material.

Chambers Family Papers, 1772-1962

C0402 22 boxes 9.4 linear feet
Consists of diaries, correspondence, documents, scrapbooks, and printed matter of the Chambers family of Bucks County, Pennsylvania.