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James S. Hall Collection of George Frideric Handel, 1714-1968 (mostly 1946-1968)

C0640 12 boxes 29 items
Consists (primarily) of manuscripts of works by Handel and his contemporaries but also of correspondence and subject files gathered by James S. Hall, the English surgeon who collected most of the manuscripts.

Thomas Hoving Papers, 1952-1998

C1312 44 boxes 45.5 linear feet
Consists of material relating to the career of Thomas Hoving, who was director of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City from 1967 to 1977, author, consultant, and the editor-in-chief of Connoisseur magazine from 1981 to 1991.

Thorne Collection of Elias Boudinot, 1734-1924 (mostly 1777-1819)

C0001 4 boxes
Elias Boudinot was an American lawyer and public official who represented New Jersey in the Continental Congress. This collection consists of correspondence, documents, and printed material relating to Boudinot and his family, collected by Langdon K. Thorne.

New Jersey Documents Collection, 1601-1983 (mostly 1750-1890)

C0522 4 boxes 1.5 linear feet
Westfield, New Jersey, was part of Elizabethtown from the time it was settled in late 1664 until 1794, when the Township of Westfield was created. The New Jersey Documents Collections, 1601 to 1983, consists of New Jersey legal documents, the bulk of which are from the town of Westfield, Union County, and include land records, financial records, estate records, and court records, many of which were created by various members of the Baker, Downer, Hetfield, Johnson, Miller, Pierson, Ripley, Ross, and Woodruff families. The majority of the collection material dates from 1750 to 1890.

Francis De Haes Janvier Family Papers, 1800-1922

C1399 6 boxes 3.6 linear feet
Francis De Haes Janvier was a Philadelphia businessman and poet. Consists of correspondence of civil war poet Francis Janvier and his family as well as drafts and autograph copies of his works.

Princeton University Library Collection of James and Dolley Madison Materials, 1770-1937 (mostly 1770-1838)

C0207 2 boxes 2.8 linear feet
Consists of an open collection of selected correspondence, writings, and documents created or signed by James Madison, fourth president of the United States, correspondence and a document of Dolley Payne Todd Madison, as well as a small amount of material by others about James Madison.

Alfred Goddard Kay Autograph Collection, 1753-1875

C0035 1 box 5 items
The Alfred Goddard Kay Autograph Collection consists of letters, documents, and other miscellanea signed by significant 18th and 19th century American and French figures collected by American stock broker Alfred Goddard Kay (Princeton Class of 1912).

Robert and Thomas Hartley Cromek papers, 1792-1872

C1313 2 boxes 176 items 0.8 linear feet
Consists of nine bound volumes of personal papers of English father and son R. H. Cromek and Thomas Hartley Cromek, engraver and painter, respectively.
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Leaf 22, undated

Proof engraving of George Cuitt of Richmond, Yorks, Landscape Painter, Born 1743, Died February 7th 1818. Engraving by his son George Cuitt the Younger. A striking image noted in pencil by T.H. Cromek as being given to him by Mrs. Cuitt in 1866.

Princeton University Library Collection on Slavery in the Americas, 1700-1888 (mostly 1790-1863)

C1210 4 boxes 6.1 linear feet
Consists of a closed collection of documents related to slavery, the trade of enslaved persons, and the colonial plantation economy, particularly in the United States, the Caribbean, and Brazil in the 18th and 19th centuries.
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Record of Recaptured Enslaved People in Cuba, circa 1858

Consists of a manuscript document titled "Relacion circumstanciada de los cimarrones existentes en el Deposito municipal...", which records information about runaway enslaved people, described in the document as "cimarrones," who were recaptured in Cuba between 1856 and 1858. The document lists their names, physical descriptions, nationalities, and details about enslavers. The ages of the people described in the document range from 18 to 33 with the exception of one person who is listed as being an octogenarian. The physical descriptions are very detailed, noting distinguishing features such as scars. While most of the people listed in the document are of African descent, several are listed as "Chino," making this important documentation of Chinese people in Cuba in the 19th century.

Nikos Pappas and Rita Boumē Papa Papers, 1932-1988

C0878 6 boxes 2.4 linear feet
Consists of personal papers of the Greek poets and writers, Nikos Pappas and his wife, Rita Boumē Papa, including correspondence, autograph manuscripts and typescripts of published and unpublished poetry, articles, talks, clippings, and other printed material.

Brendan Behan Papers, 1943-1983 (mostly 1943-1963)

C1596 3 boxes
Consists of selected manuscript and typescript drafts, notebooks, and notes, of 20th-century Irish author Brendan Behan (1923-1964), as well as some correspondence and ephemera. The papers constitute the principal archives of the manuscripts of Behan's writings.
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Henry Simonis Correspondence, 1914-1919

C0857 2 boxes 0.6 linear feet
Consists of three volumes of correspondence of British journalist Henry Simonis concerning his literary, wartime, and charitable activities.

World War I in France Photographs, 1914-1918

C0925 5 boxes
Consists of a collection of photographs of World War I scenes in France that were tipped into photo albums. Some of them have appeared in published works.

Desmond Harmsworth Family Papers, circa 1870-1988

C1302 9 boxes 4.3 linear feet
Consists of selected papers of Desmond Harmsworth (1903-1990) and other members of the Harmsworth Family, including manuscripts, correspondence, and legal and business documents between Desmond Harmsworth Limited and The Nonesuch Press.

Roger Hinks Papers, 1932-1968

C0369 11 boxes
The collection consists of the original diaries (with typed transcriptions) of art historian Roger Hinks, with early and final drafts of The Gymnasium of the Mind: The Journals of Roger Hinks, 1933-1963 (1984), the publication edited by John Goldsmith that resulted from them. Included are some related correspondence, photographs, and estate material.

Princeton University Collection of George Egerton Correspondence, 1850-1958

C0105 2 boxes 0.80 linear feet
Mary Chavelita Dunne Bright (pseudonym George Egerton) was a writer and translator in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. She was influential in the late-nineteenth century "New Woman" movement as well as the early modernist movement in English-language literature. The collection primarily consists of correspondence between Bright and various friends, family members, and literary and theatrical colleagues. The collection also contains a small number of manuscripts which include prose, poetry, and biographical notes.

Rae Family Estate Collection, 1800-1857

C1222 4 boxes 1.4 linear feet
Consists of nineteenth-century legal and financial records relating to the estates of Scotchmen James Rae and his brothers, John and William, in England, Scotland, and Jamaica. These family records shed light on the economic conditions in Jamaica and the administration of estates there, which, in turn, reflect the island's social and racial conditions and the importance of trade between England and its colonies in the West Indies.

Emily Hale Letters from T. S. Eliot, 1895-1965 (mostly 1931-1940)

C0686 14 boxes
Consists mostly of letters from British-American poet T.S. Eliot to Emily Hale (1891-1969), a teacher, actress, and close friend of Eliot's. Also included are copies of typescripts by Eliot, photographs, ephemera, and a brief narrative of the relationship between the two penned by Hale.

Margaretta K. Mitchell Working Files on Ruth Bernhard, 1952-2001 (mostly 1983-2000)

C1591 4 boxes
Consists of photographer Margaretta K. Mitchell's working files on the life and work of Ruth Bernhard (1905-2006), a German-born American photographer known for her black-and-white still lifes and female nudes. The working files contain research materials, drafts, and recordings and transcripts of interviews for Mitchell's biography of Bernhard, Ruth Bernhard: Between Art and Life (2000); drafts of Mitchell's essays that appeared in Ruth Bernhard's book The Eternal Body (1986); as well as correspondence, proofs, financial documents, and publicity materials related to both projects.

John Witherspoon Collection, 1765-1903 (mostly 1767-1790)

C0274 4 boxes
Consists of selected manuscripts, correspondence, and documents of John Witherspoon, who was sixth president of the College of New Jersey (now Princeton University) and a signer of the Declaration of Independence.

William Denton Correspondence, 1633-1893 (mostly 1830-1893)

C1185 1 box 0.4 linear feet
Consists of about a hundred autograph letters by nineteenth-century British politicians, clergymen, and men of letters to clergyman and reformist William Denton.
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ELDON, John Scott (1751-1838), 1st Earl of, undated

Lord Chancellor. ALS to "Mr Dean" (probably George Pellew, Dean of Norwich). One page, 4to; with the last page of another letter. The first letter thanks his correspondent for sending him his sermon, and regretting that "this Corporation bill will be more prejudicial both to the Church State, than any, or almost any bill, that has passed the House of Lords during my long Life." The second (apparently fragmentary) letter laments the death of his dog.

PUSEY, Edward Bouverie (1800-1882), undated

Cleric and scholar. ALS to William Denton. 35 Grosvenor Square. Two pages, small 8vo. "It is a very hard case, but I do not see how Miss T. can profess to believe what she does not believe. It seems to me a case of bearing the Cross, part of the cost of having the truth. I suppose that she has made the offer of leaving home, if her presence there is painful" With: two pages of an autograph MS by Pusey, clearly relating to the Colenso case (probably late 1860s).

ROSE, William Stewart (1775-1843), undated

Poet. ALS to "Mac Farlane." Two pages, 4to, slightly torn at fold. Giving him the address of Mansfield (a mutual friend), but advising him to apply to Murray's as to whether or not he is in London. On the more general points of his direction in life, regrets that he has little influence and that "emigration to Canada, in the absence of better prospects, would be your best resource." Some jokes about "the HOG rampant" seem to concern James Hogg the poet: "I detest pig in all its shapes; but would willingly have seen your Hog upon the table. Many thanks for the sauce with which you have served him up cold." The recipient is probably Charles Macfarlane (1799-1858), historian and miscellaneous writer, who travelled much in Italy where he met Shelley in Naples; W.S. Rose was older than him, hence the reference to his having "youth strength to friend you." Rose himself inspired Byron with the works which he wrote, with J. H. Frere, under the pseudonym of William and Robert Whistlecraft.

E. Stanley Atkinson Autograph Collection, 1748-1889

C0034 1 box
Consists of letters and documents signed by historical figures from both the Revolutionary War and the pre-Civil War periods of American history, collected by E. Stanley Atkinson, a member of the Princeton Class of 1910.

Sir Israel Gollancz Correspondence, 1890-1948 (mostly 1915-1929)

C1079 3 boxes 1.2 linear feet
Consists primarily of letters (approximately 500) from contemporaries of English editor and publisher Sir Israel Gollancz.

Julio Cortázar Papers, 1927-1980

C0888 5 boxes 1.9 linear feet
The Julio Cortázar Papers consists of the manuscripts, notes, and notebooks of the Argentine novelist and short story writer Julio Cortázar (1914-1984). These papers primarily contain unpublished prose and poetry, as well as some manuscripts of published materials. Though Cortázar is not generally thought of as a poet, poetry is heavily represented in the collection, including a notebook of poems he wrote at the age of 12 (1927). There are also Spanish translations of some of Jean Cocteau's poetry, and lecture notes from two courses that Cortázar taught. Furthermore, the papers contain a small selection of quotations collected from the work of others, and notebooks that include an assortment of prose, poetry, and notes.

William R. Barricklo Collection, 1700s-1931

C0387 3 boxes 0.6 linear feet
The William R. Barricklo Collection consists of American Revolution era documents and letters and Barricklo family genealogy materials, all belonging to the American lawyer and collector William R. (William Reed) Barricklo (1857-1933).

Irving Malin Papers, 1955-2013

C1587 7 boxes
Consists primarily of correspondence with authors such as Gordon Lish, James Purdy, Cynthia Ozick, and Paul Bowles, among many others, along with some writings and publisher files of American literary critic and professor of literature Irving Malin (1934-2014).

Miscellaneous European Documents Collection, 1500-1900

C1286 5 boxes 2 linear feet
Consists of miscellaneous documents and manuscripts from European and North African countries about politlcal, religious, or colonial matters between the 16th and 19th century. The countries include England, France, Switzerland, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Morocco, Ireland, and Poland.
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Henry Dallas Thompson Papers, 1886-1925 (mostly 1910-1920)

C0509 3 boxes
Consists primarily of correspondence of Henry Dallas Thompson (Princeton Class of 1885) relating to the planning of reunions for the Class of 1885, of which he was secretary.

Isaac Plumb, Jr. Family Papers, 1767-1929 (mostly 1859-1864)

C1432 8 boxes 3.0 linear feet
Captain Isaac Plumb, Jr. (1842-1866) served in Company A of the 61st New York Infantry of the Union Army during the Civil War from his enlistment in the fall of 1861 until his death at the Battle of Cold Harbor in 1864, and saw action at Fair Oaks, the Seven Days Battle, Antietam, Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, the Wilderness, and Cold Harbor. During his experience as a Union soldier, Plumb's attitudes towards politics, the War, the North and South, and slavery underwent enormous transformations, from wild patriotism, to bitterness, and finally to a more realistic patriotism. This collection documents the Civil War from the soldier's perspective as well as the home front, detailing the day-to-day life of a Union soldier, with vivid descriptions of camp life, marches, battles, aftermath of battles, upheaval of the ranks, morale issues, and disillusionment; and from the perspective of family and friends not involved in the fighting, but actively offering opinions of politics and military tactics, and expressing their fear and worry about their loved ones.

Princeton University Library Collection of George Washington Materials, 1750-1799

C0235 3 boxes 1.2 linear feet
Consists of photostats of over 100 George Washington letters in the private collection of Edward Ambler Armstrong, as well as 14 original Washington letters and documents, and several supplementary items.

Adolf Hitler Collection, 1912-1946 (mostly 1933-1940)

C0735 5 boxes
Consists mostly of correspondence among members of the NSDAP (Nationalsozialistiche Deutsches Arbiterspartei) and with Hitler's adjutants Wiedemann and Brückner. Original material from Hitler himself is limited and of no real contextual importance (birthday wishes, New Year's wishes, thanks for wishes made unto him, etc.). There are a few letters concerning Nazi "Judenpolitik" (Jewish policy), some regarding arrests and camp conditions, others concerning scandalous associations with Jews. Military concerns are few and interspersed throughout. The majority of the material, mostly directed to Hitler, consists of wishes of health, happy birthdays, thank you's. Most of the Nazi officers present at the Nuremburg Trials are featured in the collection.

Alvaro Yunque Correspondence, 1921-1981 (mostly 1924-1979)

C0784 2 boxes 0.9 linear feet
The Alvaro Yunque Correspondence consists of letters, manuscripts of poems, essays and other printed and miscellaneous material by Alvaro Yunque and others.

Princeton University Library Collection of Stockton Family Materials, 1701-1942 (mostly 1750-1820)

C0491 2 boxes 0.8 linear feet
Consists of selected material of various members of the prominent Stockton family of Princeton, New Jersey, currently ranging from a 1701 deed to notes on Nassau Inn written in 1942.

Von Hemert Autograph Collection, 1752-1908 (mostly 1780-1803)

C0472 2 boxes 0.8 linear feet
Consists of photostats of a collection compiled by A. Philippe Von Hemert.

Vodrey Collection of Arthur Machen Papers, 1915-1972

C0240 4 boxes 120 items 2.74 linear feet
Consists of manuscripts and correspondence of Welsh writer Arthur Machen collected by Joseph Kelly Vodrey. It also contains an equal amount of manuscripts and correspondence of Machen admirers and collectors, particularly the members of the Machen Society, founded in 1948 after Machen's death.

Edward Julian Nally Papers, 1812-1953 (mostly 1905-1948)

C0251 13 boxes 4.25 linear feet
The personal papers of Edward Julian Nally, an American radio industrialist, trace the development of his career in the communications industry, from his earliest days with the Western Union Telegraph Co. (1875-1890), through his tenure with the Postal Telegraph Cable Co. (1890-1913), to his years with the Marconi Wireless Telegraph Co. of America (1913-1919); the bulk of the collection, however, covers his years with the Radio Corporation of America (RCA), for which he served as first president (1919-1923) and director.

Aaron Marc Stein Mystery Novels, 1930-1984

C0255 30 boxes 9.7 linear feet
Contains manuscripts for 47 mystery novels written by American detective fiction writer Aaron Marc Stein.

Abbott Family Collection, 1707-1890

C0377 4 boxes 1.7 linear feet
The Abbott Family Collection consists of correspondence, poetry, documents, and miscellanea of the Abbott family of New Jersey.

Lewis Center for the Arts Records, 1969-2017

AC398 18 boxes
The Lewis Center for the Arts was created in 2006 to serve as the organizational home of several of the University's academic programs, including creative writing, dance, music theater, theater, visual arts, and the Princeton Atelier. The records currently contain files of the Princeton Atelier, photographs of dance at Princeton, recordings of public lectures, and books to commemorate visual arts thesis shows.

Office of Development Communications Records, circa 1970-2017

AC211 25 boxes 2 items
The Office of Development Communications creates a wide range of publications and other materials to support Princeton's fund-raising initiatives and to keep alumni, parents, and friends closely connected and well-informed about the life of the University. Consists of photographs, promotional materials and VHS tapes created for fundraising activities and publications.

Princeton AlumniCorps Records, 1962-2012 (mostly 1989-2011)

AC414 12 boxes
Princeton AlumniCorps is a 501(c)3, non-profit organization that was created in 1989 by the Princeton Class of 1955. Originally named Princeton Project 55, Ralph Nader '55 and Charlie Bray '55 were instrumental in the group's founding and development. The Princeton AlumniCorps Records document the organization's first two decades of prominent initiatives intended to foster civic engagement and public interest amongst Princeton (college) alumni. Administrative documents, board correspondence, and planning materials for the respective initiatives comprise most of the collection.

Princeton University Student Organization Websites Collection, 1996-2018

AC476 1 websites
The collection, assembled by staff of the University Archives, contains captures of public websites created and maintained by various student organizations at Princeton University. The collection does not contain exhaustive captures of all public student organization websites.
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Anime-Manga Princeton Public Website, 2018

This website, which is intended for Princeton students and the general public, contains information about the Anime-Manga Princeton, an undergraduate student group that for fans of Japanese animation and manga. They meet for weekly showings, as well as for monthly events such as field trips, karaoke, and cosplay and manga workshops.

Black Arts Company-Dance Public Website, 2018

This website, which is intended for Princeton students and the general public, contains information about the Black Arts Company (BAC) Dance, an undergraduate student group that explores new styles of hip-hop, builds creative artistic visions, and strives to maintain their ties to the black arts and incite cultural dialogue on movement from the diaspora. To find more archival records about the Black Arts Company (BAC) Dance, visit the finding aid at AC459.

Faculty Oral History Project, 1995-1998

AC475 2 boxes
The Faculty Oral History Project was conducted by Richard Challener, Class of 1944, under the direction of Princeton University Archivist Ben Primer. The collection consists of audio files of interviews with faculty members of Princeton University about their experiences at Princeton.

Graduate School Records, 1870-2015 (mostly 1890-1995)

AC127 77 boxes 6511 digital files 1 websites
The Graduate School at Princeton offers masters and doctorate programs in the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, and engineering. The Graduate School Records consist of minutes, correspondence, reports, writings, applications, surveys, and memoranda, as well as forms, course listings, and information on examinations and fees.

McCarter Theatre Records, 1922-2016

AC131 209 boxes 1 folder 6 items
The McCarter Theatre was conceived as a permanent home for the Princeton University Triangle Club. McCarter began as a booking theater but ultimately moved into producing its own performances. The McCarter Theatre records document the history of the McCarter Theatre, including administration, performances and productions, and the building itself.

Department of Politics Records, 1921-2017 (mostly 1921-1978)

AC166 39 boxes 4 items 1 websites
The Department of Politics at Princeton University is one of the University's largest academic departments, offering undergraduate and graduate courses touching on nearly every aspect of the discipline of political science. The Department of Politics records document the activities of the Department of Politics and its faculty from the time of its founding in 1924 until the mid-1960s, and contain correspondence, course syllabi and notes, examinations, and subject files.

H. Hubert Wilson Collection on the Princeton University Department of Politics, 1924-1977 (mostly 1967-1977)

AC167 12 boxes
H. Hubert Wilson was a professor in Princeton University's Department of Politics from 1943-1977. The collection consists primarily of published sources on topics of interest to Wilson, as well as materials originating in Wilson's teaching at Princeton, and drafts of a publication titled "This Isn't Princeton".

Humanities Council Records, 1935-2021

AC143 6 boxes 1 websites .03 GB
The Council of the Humanities was founded in 1953 at Princeton University to foster teaching, research and intellectual exchange. Consists of materials collected and generated by the Council of the Humanities, including materials pertaining to the Ford Foundation Project.

Department of Biology Records, 1892-2007 (mostly 1910-1969)

AC142 18 boxes 2 items
The study of biology began at the College of New Jersey with the appointment in 1830 of botanist John Torrey into a part-time faculty position; it expanded with the formation of the School of Science in the 1870s; and was established as a department in 1904. The collection primarily consists of the records of the Department of Biology assembled during the tenures of Department Chairmen Edwin G. Conklin and Elmer Butler. Included are correspondence, general subject files, and records pertaining to grants, research endowments, publications, and administrative matters such as budgets and staffing. Also includes sponsored research reports and student grade cards.

Pyne-Henry Collection, 1747-1947

AC125 3 boxes
The Pyne-Henry Collection is a diverse group of documents, letters and writings relating to Princeton University, covering an array of topics primarily concerning student life and administrative activities. The collection consists of letters, essays and orations, reports, memoranda, minutes, proclamations, accounts and class lists, and other documents written by students, faculty and administrators which, along with other administrative records and Trustee Minutes, constitute the earliest records and documentary history of the University. Most of these papers and records were amassed by Princeton alumni Moses Taylor Pyne (Class of 1877) and Bayard Henry (Class of 1876) during the latter half of the nineteenth century.