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Esar Levine Collection of Frank Harris, 1908-1976 (mostly 1920-1930)

C0873 7 boxes 2 folders 4.8 linear feet
The Esar Levine Collection of Frank Harris consists of the writings, correspondence, and printed matter of, and relating to, Frank Harris (1855-1931) as collected by Esar Levine (1899-?), Harris's disciple, agent and friend. Harris, an Irish-born, naturalized American citizen, was a prolific writer and journalist/editor who is perhaps best known for his scandalous autobiography, My Life and Loves, which was censored in America and parts of Europe.
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Series 2: Correspondence, 1920-1955

Consists of over one hundred autograph and typed letters (chronologically arranged in 8 folders by date), mostly signed by Harris, to his friend and agent, Esar Levine, dating from 1920 to 1930 and discussing various publication and marketing strategies for My Life and Loves in both Mexico and America, as well as personal and financial matters. There are also letters to Harris and Levine from their mutual business associates, and from such notable persons as Otto Kahn, H.L. Mencken, Upton Sinclair, and G.S. Viereck, arranged by correspondent. Also present is a typed copy of a letter from G. Bernard Shaw to Harris's widow, Nellie O'Hara Harris, as well as one folder of her sporadic correspondence with Levine, ending with the news of her death in 1955

Albert Schweitzer Collection, 1896-1976 (mostly 1930-1965)

C0326 14 boxes 5.8 linear feet
The collection contains both original and printed material relating to Albert Schweitzer, the French missionary physician who founded the Lambaréné Hospital in French Equatorial Africa in 1913 and who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1953 for his philosophy of "reverence for life."
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Miscellaneous Items, 1949

DS (photostat), July 11, 1949, 1 p., from the University of Chicago, conferring the degree of Doctor of Laws on Dr. Albert Schweitzer, signed by Chairman of the Board of Trustees and Chancellor of the University; with mailing envelope; printed blank invitation (July, 1949) from Dr. and Mrs. Albert Schweitzer, to an informal tea during the Schweitzer's stay in New York, to be filled in by recipient with preferred day; booklets of clergy fare certificates to be used on railroad lines, sent (1949) to the Schweitzers from the Eastern Clergy Bureau and the Western Clergy Bureau; Strasburger Universitäs-Kalender for Winter 1910/1911, possibly used by Schweitzer

James S. Hall Collection of George Frideric Handel, 1714-1968 (mostly 1946-1968)

C0640 12 boxes 29 items
Consists (primarily) of manuscripts of works by Handel and his contemporaries but also of correspondence and subject files gathered by James S. Hall, the English surgeon who collected most of the manuscripts.
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Series 1: Manuscripts of Handel's Works and Works by Contemporary Composers, 1720-1958

A collection of 29 bound manuscripts including but not restricted to contemporary copies of Handel's musical works. Some of these copybooks include works by other contemporary composers. Also included are several indices of Handel's works and a scrapbook concerning 19th-century performances at various Handel festivals.

Series 5: Handel Societies and Festivals, 1784-1959

Includes files of the activities of the Deal and Walmer Handelian Society, founded by Hall in 1946, arranged by event, followed by files on other such societies, including one in Brisbane, Australia. Following the files on Handel societies is material on East German Handel festivals. At the end of the series is a box of commemorative medals, minted for various anniversaries and festivals in honor of the composer.

Stella Bloch Papers Relating to Ananda K. Coomaraswamy, 1890-1985 (mostly 1917-1930)

C0822 9 boxes 6.4 linear feet
The Stella Bloch Papers Relating to Ananda K. Coomaraswamy consists of manuscripts, correspondence, drawings, photographs, printed material, and postcards of the American dance critic, art historian, and artist Stella Bloch (1898-1999). This collection documents the relationship between Bloch and the Anglo-Indian art historian, philosopher, and author Ananda K. Coomaraswamy (1877-1947) who embodied the roles of mentor, husband, and friend. The papers primarily contain correspondence by Coomaraswamy to Bloch, as well as a small amount of other letters. Writing was a vital form of communication for Coomaraswamy and Bloch, especially during their marriage, since they always resided in different cities; he lived in Boston while she lived in New York. There are also drawings by Coomaraswamy and by Bloch, as well as photographs-some taken by Coomaraswamy-that include portraits and assorted images from their travels to India and Southeast Asia. The articles in both manuscript and printed form provide a sampling of Coomaraswamy and Bloch's writings on art, religion, and philosophy. Furthermore, there is a small selection of printed material about Coomaraswamy and Bloch, and a series of memento postcards.
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Subseries 3A: Ananda K. Coomaraswamy, 1919-1977

This subseries consists of both pen-and-ink and pencil drawings, as well as three prints and one tracing. The primary subject is female figures, but there are also two portraits and a small selection of miscellaneous drawings. Three drawings, "Relaxation," "Memory," and "Extension" [circa1919-1920], were published in Twenty-eight Drawings [see also Box 7, Folder 1]. Furthermore, this subseries contains three prints of drawings of Bloch. This subseries is organized by subject and then by medium, with miscellaneous material located at the end.

Series 3: Drawings, 1919-1977

Consists of both pen-and-ink and pencil drawings, as well as three prints and one tracing. The primary subject is female figures, but there are also two portraits and a small selection of miscellaneous drawings. Three drawings, "Relaxation," "Memory," and "Extension" [circa1919-1920], were published in Twenty-eight Drawings [see also Box 7, Folder 1]. Also consists of unbound pencil drawings and two sketchbooks from Bloch's travels, one each from Bali (1919) and Java (1919-1920). The primary subject of the unbound drawings is Coomaraswamy and Bloch, while that of the sketchbooks is indigenous people and dancers of Bali and Java. Also included in the Bali sketchbook are two drawings of Coomaraswamy, one of him wearing a typical Balinese hat, and two prints of a Balinese dancer, one hand-colored [see also Box 8, Folder 1].

Selected Records of Harper & Brothers, 1909-1960 (mostly 1939-1955)

C0103 34 boxes 2 folders 5.95 linear feet
The Selected Papers of Harper & Brothers consist primarily of the editorial and business correspondence of Harper & Brothers, a distinguished publishing firm, between 1909 and 1960.

Bernard M. Dwork Papers, 1950-1992

C0983 10 boxes
Consists of a chronological series of 101 mathematical notebooks (1958-1997) of Princeton mathematician Bernard M. Dwork.

H. L. Mencken Correspondence with Dent Smith, 1938-1945

C1429 1 box 0.2 linear feet
Consists of 108 letters by Mencken to Dent Smith between the years 1938 and 1945, with Smith's side of the correspondence present in carbon copies.
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Raymond Mortimer Letters to Edward Sackville-West, 1925-1963

C0800 1 box 0.2 linear feet
Consists of 73 letters (1925-1961) by English author and literary critic Raymond Mortimer to his life-long friend Edward Sackville-West, both members of the "Bloomsbury Group."
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Platform Magazine Collection, 1927-1957

C1161 1 box 0.2 linear feet
Consists of miscellaneous papers related to the short-lived, twentieth-century British literary periodical Platform.
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Borgese Family Collection, 1937-1970

C1016 1 box 0.2 linear feet
Consists of manuscripts, correspondence, photographs, postcards, and clippings of Elizabeth Mann Borgese, her husband, Giuseppe Antonio Borgese, and her mother, Katia Mann.

Hermann Broch Collection, 1938-1972

C1021 1 box 0.2 linear feet
Consists of mostly English correspondence and manuscripts of the Austrian author Hermann Broch.

David N. Rowe Correspondence, 1944-1948

C1259 1 box 0.2 linear feet
Consists of correspondence between David Nelson Rowe, a professor in Princeton University's School of Public and International Affairs, and five of his Princeton University students who had joined the U.S. Army, Navy, or the Marines, during World War II.
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Alonzo Gore Oakley Diaries, 1899-1948

C1345 1 box
Consists of 50 diaries of Alonzo Gore Oakley, a manager of the New York City office of the United States Fidelity and Guaranty Company.
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Barton Wood Currie Collection, 1918-1948

C1321 1 box 0.2 linear feet
Consists of selected letters by authors and publishers addressed to American reporter and editor Barton Currie and his wife, Florence.
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Floyd H. Black Papers, 1860-1983 (mostly 1939-1977)

C0651 3 items 4 Volumes 1.6 linear feet
Contains seven bound volumes of transcripts of Floyd H. Black's papers, including an unpublished autobiography, diaries, and correspondence.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Collection, 1753-1771

C1064 1 box 0.2 linear feet
Consists of selected correspondence and documents of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, the noted German poet and dramatist, author of Faust.

Selected Papers of Wright Morris, 1930-1958

C0205 2 boxes 1.2 linear feet
Consists of selected papers of award-winning American novelist and photographer Wright Morris, including many letters written to his friend and fellow Western writer Robert J. Horton.

Robert H. Davis Collection, 1907-1929

C1319 1 box 0.2 linear feet
Consists primarily of correspondence of American writer and editor Robert H. Davis with his friend, lawyer Thomas Baskerville, who was amassing a collection of autographs of famous individuals.

Eliseo Diego Papers, 1940-1990

C0863 1 box 0.25 linear feet
This collection consists of papers of Diego, Cuban poet, author, and translator. Included are correspondence between Diego, his wife, various friends and other writers.
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Gilbert Troxell Correspondence, 1939-1949

C0179 1 box 0.2 linear feet
Consists of letters to Gilbert Troxell from Sinclair Lewis, John O'Hara, and Carlotta Monterey O'Neill, the wife of Eugene O'Neill, discussing the donation of manuscripts to the Sterling Memorial Library at Yale University.
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