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Box b-001579
Consists of additional writings and correspondence that were gifted by the author in 2018, including a significant group of additional letters to Peter Pitzele, dated 1995-2002. Pitzele is the creator of Bibliodrama, a technique for interpreting the Bible through performance, now widely used in Germany and elsewhere in Europe and the United States, and the author of Our Fathers' Wells: A Personal Encounter with the Myths of Genesis (Harper 1995; rpt 2018), and Scripture Windows: Toward a Practice of Bibliodrama (Torah Aura 1998). There are also two copies of drafts of Waiting for the Light (University of Pittsburgh Press 2017), dated May 2016, one with a list of journals in which the poems appeared, one with comments by Judith Vollmer; letters from poet-critics Fran Adler, Marilyn Hacker, Donald Hall, Tony Hoagland, Harold Schweizer; and a group photograph from a 2013 Boston University conference "What is a Jewish Poem."
Box b-001580, Box b-001581
Consists of additional papers, including drafts of reviews, essays, and other writings. Contents include: Review for Women's R of Books; "Millennial Prayer" for Tikkun; Draft of "Eros and Metaphor" Zoom lecture for Dominican Univ.; Draft of "Muriel Rukeyser: Learning to Breathe Under Water" for Rukeyser conference; Draft of "Celan, TS Eliot, Goethe, The Song of Songs: Celan's Deathfugue and the Eternal Feminine," with photo of prisoners' band at Auschwitz; Multiple drafts of "Renascence: EdnaSt Vincent Millay Today" for American Poets, plus correspondence on Millay Today Celebration; Multiple drafts of review of Adrienne Rich essays for Tikkun; Multiple drafts of "The Return of the Repressed: women Poets and the Sacred," for 2019 AWP panel; Multiple drafts of "The Soul Selects: Dickinson and Me" for Dickinson conference and ED journal; Multiple drafts of "Does Poetry Make Nothing Happen?"; Multiple drafts of "Poetry and the City" for various occasions; Introduction for Wendy Barker poems; Miscellaneous short prose pieces; Photographs for chapbook: Ideas of Order and Disorder; Draft of "Eros and Metaphor" Zoom lecture for Dominican Univ.; Letter to Don Hall; Manuscript of The Volcano and After, with occasional comments by Peter Pitzele and Wendy Barker; Earlier Manuscript of "Selected and New Poems" with various suggested titles and occasional comments by Peer and Wendy; Manuscript of "new" section of The Volcano and After, with full comments by Toi Derricotte; Drafts of Book of Seventy and Other Poems with comments by Toi Derricotte; Manuscript of The Old Woman, the Tulip and the Dog, with working drafts of French translation by Jean Migrenne; Envelope containing Alicia Ostriker undergraduate reviews of Robert Frost and J.V. Cunningham in Brandeis student paper, 1958-59; Envelope containing photographs of poets at Dodge Poetry Festival, NJ 1998, and Berkeley, CA 2000, by J.P. Ostriker.
Box 40, Box 41, Box 42
Includes administrative and financial files of the Modern Greek Studies Association, including materials related to symposia and the association's official publication, the Journal of Modern Greek Studies. Specifically, files include reports for the journal with financial information and membership lists; general minutes and reports (2011-2013); hard-copy correspondence (2011-2013); symposium-related surveys and files (1993, 1995, 1997, 1999); corporate resolutions; taxes and other miscellaneous financial items; and publicity materials such as brochures.

Additional Papers, 1958-2021

4 boxes 18,032 digital files
This series includes additional papers, primarily drafts of writings, correspondence, photographs, and born-digital files acquired from Alicia Ostriker after 2016. Materials are minimally processed and remain in their original order.
The Additional Papers (1945-2012) are comprised of drafts of writings by Fuentes, including novels, articles, essays, reviews, and speeches; subject files relating to academic and cultural institutions, publishers, forums, embassies, editors, colleagues, artists, cultural and political figures, friends, and many others; speeches and talks given at conferences, convocations, awards ceremonies, lectures, and symposia; printed materials, including event invitations, programs, posters, book covers, publication proofs, photographs, published speeches, press kits, and essays by and about Fuentes; a large number of newspapers and press clippings containing articles by and about Fuentes, including reviews of his works; a few digital files; and other materials. Also included are 14 letters from Carlos Fuentes to Carolyn Pfeiffer written between 1969 and 1971, covering topics of film, including Fuentes' collaboration with Luis Buñuel, theater, literature, and personal matters.
The Provost chairs the Academic Planning Group. APG is composed of the senior academic leadership at the University. The group meets weekly during the academic year, excluding recesses and intersession. The APG reviews a variety of academic related proposals including, but not limited to: new degree and certificate programs; new departments, institutes, centers and other academic entities; proposed academic initiatives requesting permission for fundraising; agreements with other institutions; revisions to University policies and procedures; nominations for major academic prizes and awards; recommendations for Princeton's honorary degrees for emeritus faculty.

Academic Career, 1984-2011

13 boxes
SUNY Albany and Princeton University material consists of administrative files. Teaching files include all material relating to courses taught by Morrison at SUNY Albany, Princeton, and the University of Chicago, as well as both academic and administrative files from the Atelier program Morrison ran at Princeton.
Klionsky, Abigail
Abigail Klionsky is a member of the Princeton University undergraduate Class of 2014 who undertook an oral history project on Jewish student life at Princeton as part of her senior thesis. The collection consists of fifteen transcripts of Klionsky's interviews with Jewish alumni and also includes a copy of a transcript of Henry Morgenthau III's interview with David Frisch in 1979.

A-Bee, 2009

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Box 776
Some names include the following: Debra Adelaide, Carl Alasko, Sherwood Anderson, Patrick Andrews, Susannah Appelbaum, Gerald Astor, Jay Atkinson, Bat Boy, and Michael Beebe.