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Box 401
File: letters and cards to E.S. 1979, 1983, 1993, 1994, 1988, plus tape of interviews regarding "The Party" 1979 February 18-19; file: cards to E.S. 1990; file: card to E.S. 2002; file: emails and letters 2005; file: email to E.S. 2006; file: cards to E.S. 2007; file: 2008, Clark's poem on night Obama was elected; file: E.S. statement for Clark's book, "Feeling for the Ground," 2010.
Box 402
7 folders. 1. 1998 (broadside "Grateful"), 2. 2001, two cards to E. and M. Sanders; 3. 2002, E.S. statement on Kyger's collection "As Ever," plus letter from Kyger to E. and M. Sanders; 4. Kyger broadside; plus Bolinas Hearsay News with letter of E.S. to candidate John Kerry; 5. 2005, letter from Kyger, plus several publications; 6. 2007-2008, various emails back and forth Kyger to ES, and Kyger; 7. 2009, manuscripts and publications, sent to E.S.; 8. Kyger journals, fall of 2011; book by Donald Guravich, both sent to E. and M. Sanders, late 2011.