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Box 261
Includes a beaded child's vest, a wallet, a handkerchief, six small framed drawings of women in Greek costume, a small amount of Syrian currency, a Class of 1948 P-rade button, and other small objects and momentos that Edmund Keeley collected.

Gabriela Mora Collection of Elena Garro, circa 1940s-1990s (mostly 1974-1980)

C0994 2 boxes 0.63 linear feet
Mora, Gabriela.
The collection includes correspondence to and from Mexican author Elena Garro and Chilean American critic and scholar Gabriela Mora, a handwritten testament by Elena Garro, and photographs of Gabriela Mora, Elena Garro, and Garro's family, friends, and colleagues. Also includes audio recorded interviews of Elena Garro conducted by Gabriela Mora in 1974 and 1979.
Box b-001761, Folder 3
Consists of an album containing fifty black-and-white photographs, all mounted on the pages of a notebook (8o, with 24 numbered pages). It most likely belonged to a German soldier during the Second World War in Greece. The images depict several places in Greece including Crete, soldiers in their leisure time, and scenes of air and land battlefields. Cover title: "Foto aus Griecheland und Kreta." The name of the photographer is unknown.
Box 22
This folder contains photoraphs and photography contact sheets of the Forrestal Campus before and after its 1951 dedication. Included are photographs of the Rockefeller Medical Center grounds on which the Forrestal Campus was built, buildings in which Project Matterhorn experiments were conducted, the construction of the Forrestal Campus, the dedication of the Forrestal Campus, the Plasma Physics Laboratory, the external proton beam building, the Princeton-Penn Accelerator, the chemical kinetics section, and an architectural rendering of the Tokamak Fusion Test Reactor (TFTR). Also included are photographs of the Cyclotron running schedule in Jadwin Hall and the Biochemical Sciences Laboratory (Hoyt). Photographs of the following individuals are included: Queen Elizabeth II (?), a bust of Secretary of Defense James Forrestal, Secretary of Defense Robert Lovett, Lewis Strauss, Peter Forrestal, Michael Forrestal, Dodds, Governor Alfred Driscoll, Assistant Secretary of Energy Robert D. Thorne, and Tokamak Fusion Test Reactor Project Manarger Paul J. Reardon.
This subseries contains notes on the genealogy of the family of Miriam Young Holden, which may be helpful for researchers examining family correspondence. It also contains working notes made by Miriam Holden on the histories of individual women, women in various countries, and women in various occupations. Some of these notes appear to be her own and some appear to be annotations and citations from works Holden used.
Box 126, Folder 1
Includes a notebook with autograph manuscripts of poems translated into English by Friar (including the poem "Louloudi tēs Monovasias" by Giannēs Ritsos accompanied by a sketch of a Byzantine church, in the last pages of the notebook); and Friar's class record booklet.
Box b-001856, Folder 19
Miyatake, Tōyō (1895-1979)
Consists of 11 photographs of the Manzanar War Relocation Center taken by Tōyō Miyatake while he was incarcerated there during World War II. Subjects include camp buildings, the camp entrance sign, and fellow incarcerees. Miyatake and Ansel Adams included several of these images in a collaborative exhibit and a book published in 1978. These images were printed after the war and stamped with the name of the studio Miyatake opened in 1947.
Box b-001856, Folder 20
Miyatake, Tōyō (1895-1979)
A black and white photograph of two children on tricycles pedaling down a dirt street at the Manzanar War Relocation Center. Tōyō Miyatake was among the more than 11,000 prisoners incarcerated at the camp during World War II. These images were printed after the war and stamped with the name of the studio Miyatake opened in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles, California in 1947.
Series IV. Photographs (ca.1942-1945) - Consists of one box of black and white photographs of authors such as Robert Lawson, Agnes Turnbull, Wendell Willkie, and Donald Hough; photographs of damaged cartons of books; group photographs of Council presentations, meetings, and radio interviews; and photographs of book displays and posters.
Folder 1
Manzanar Cooperative Enterprises, Inc.
Consists of a large panoramic photograph of the Manzanar War Relocation Center, a concentration camp in Manzanar, California, where the United States government incarcerated Japanese Americans during World War II. The image was taken from a tower along the fence line of the camp, likely by an outside photographer, as incarcerated people were not allowed to have cameras. The photograph is copyrighted by Manzanar Cooperative Enterprises, Inc., an organization owned, operated, and managed by the Japanese Americans incarcerated in the concentration camp, per an agreement with the War Relocation Authority dated March 1, 1943. It was likely commissioned by the cooperative and printed by a Japanese American photographic developer, probably Tōyō Miyatake.