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Box 77, Box 78
Consists of eight 3 x 5" bibliographical card files Florovksy kept with notes and reference information on various texts he studied, primarily in the areas of philosophy, religion, and church history, and they appear to pertain to a combination of books Florovsky personally owned and those he borrowed from libraries. Information written on the cards is in multiple languages, including English, French, Spanish, and Russian. Some card file boxes contain index cards at the end that list additional information about each file's contents.
This series includes any photographic work and publications produced by Ruth Bernhard that are included with the papers, as well as publicity materials related to her activities as a professional photographer. This series documents the appearance of Bernhard's photographs in her own portfolios and monographs, as well as in major publications, advertisements, and exhibitions, with a single image often appearing and reappearing in these various contexts throughout its lifespan. Some items, such as her publicity folios, provide both evidence of her photographic work in print, as well as her efforts to promote and publicize it. Due to this overlap, and to the fact that Bernhard often stored these materials together, this series includes both works and publicity in order to preserve context.
Box 8, Folder 6
Includes reviews of work by Mortimer J. Adler, Arthur Leonard Bacon, Witter Brynner, Lauro de Bosis, Edward Dors, John Dos Passos, Richard Eberhardt, Dudley Fitts, John Gould Fletcher, Ford Maddox Ford, Horace Gregory, Harold G. Henderson, Aldous Huxley, Vincente Blasco Ibañez, Edgar Johnson, Joseph Kallinikov, Wyndham Lewis, Harper Lee, F.L. Lucas, and Archibald MacLeish.
Box 15, Folder 1-3
Includes official department portraits and photographs of Morey using the Index of Christian Art and at art gallery shows. Also includes photographs of Charles Rufus Morey at cultural events and meetings in Rome, Italy, including at the American Embassy in Rome.
Mason, Alpheus Thomas, 1899-1989.
Alpheus T. Mason taught in the Dept. of Politics at Princeton University beginning in 1925 and authored a number of legal works as well as biographies of Supreme Court justices Harlan Fiske Stone and Louis D. Brandeis. This collection consists of papers of Mason, including material relating Stone, Brandeis and Woodrow Wilson.
The Field Notes subseries includes notebooks detailing travel to various countries, particularly throughout the Middle East; including four notebooks documenting the United States Agricultural Mission to Saudi Arabia, which Twitchell led between 1943-1944. Twitchell used these diaries to record daily occurrences, field observations related to mining and other projects, lists, memoranda, expenses, historical and political references, and personal observations. Similar unbound writings may also be located within country and/or project files in Series 3: Topical Files.
consists of photographs removed from correspondence located in Series I as well as photographs of Hitler at various functions, and members and officers of the NSDAP in portraits. An addition consists of 3 photograph albums prepared for Hermann Goring by Lutz Heck containing 183 black and white photographs of Goring, other officers, friends and family mainly on hunting trips in the Bavarian mountains.
Box 24
This folder contains photographs of the town of Princeton. Included are photographs of houses on Williams Street and Fitzrandolph Road; properties on 128 Fitzrandolph Road, 138 Fitzrandolph Road, 10 Mercer Street, and the Wilson House on 25 Cleveland Lane; Bainbridge House; DE Ardis' Delicatessen; Nassau Inn; the Princeton Public Library; the Morven estate; Nassau Presbyterian Church; Borough Hall; a fire on Witherspoon Street; the Princeton Battle Monument and Battlefield; the Old Barracks on Edgehill Road; the D+R Canal; the Harrison Steet Bridge; Palmer Square; Princeton Junction Station; Thomson Hall; and Prospect Apartments. Also included is a duplicate of a 1781 map of Princeton.
Box 8, Folder 8
Includes reviews of edited volumes about the following individuals and their work: Mrs. Henry Adams, Samuel Butler, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, William Cowper, Emily Dickinson, Gerald Manly Hopkins, Anne Hutchinson, Henry James, Stephane Mallarme, William Vaughn Moody, Matthew Prior, Saint Augustine, Leo Tolstoy, and William Butler Yeats.