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This series covers a variety of subjects in which the ACLU had a general interest, but that were not directed associated with individual cases in the states. The chief focus of this series is on the labor movement (including strikes, injunctions, industrial espionage, labor violence and IWW cases, among them the San Diego free speech case from 1912), conscientious objection, civil rights (including Japanese-American internment, lynchings, Negroes and racial discrimination), patriotic organizations, press coverage of civil liberties issues, religious freedom and government intrusions on civil liberties (including aliens, raids, deportations and wiretapping). A small number of clippings relating to the organization of the ACLU itself are also included.
This series relates principally to federal legislation, although there are several volumes which include state and local legislation as well, especially relating to the espionage acts enacted in the period during and after World War I. The principal legislative issues are labor unions, censorship, immigration and naturalization, anti-lynching bills, espionage and sedition, and Congressional investigative committees. In general the terms used by the ACLU to describe the legislative matters have been retained. Thus one should survey the entire list for matters which may relate to the same subject.